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Jets all hot and bothered by Ronnie quote

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To get his little minions all excited about Sunday's game against the Dolphins, Jets coach Rex Ryan used a quote that appeared on this blog following the first Miami beatdown of the Jets on Oct 12.

"Coming into the game we're watching how they blitz and we were like, 'OK we'll just sit back and play football then, and let's see who has the tougher 11 people on the field,' " Ronnie Brown said on Oct. 14.

Well, you'd think Brown had stolen Ryan's buffet ticket because the coach was so vexed he actually read the quote aloud to his players during a team meeting on Wednesday.

So the Jets, who wanted revenge against the Dolphins before hearing the quote, now reeeaaaaalllly want revenge against the Dolphins. Oooooh, now they're reeeeaaaallly, reeeaaallly motivated. Now that Brown's incendiary quote has set the Jets' collective britches on fire, they're going to reeaaaallly study their game plans and reeeealllly practice reeeaaaally super duper hard.

"I got the quote and it's a great quote," Ryan said without attributing it properly. "Obviously, they must have thought they were the tougher team on that Monday night. We'll see who the tougher one is this week."

Hear the silence? That's the Dolphins' knees not rattling one against another in fear. I saw no sign of apprehension, consternation, panic or trepidation in the Dolphins locker room Wednesday. (Also saw no sign of Ted Ginn Jr. either, but that's another story.)

The Dolphins, to be succinct, seem to be simply going about their business this week.

“I think we’re definitely going to look back at that tape and anticipate what we can attack them on, and what did work for us," said quarterback Chad Henne. "We’re going to take bits and pieces from that game, but obviously there are going to be adjustments. There’ are going to be some change-ups for us, and we will try to keep them off guard.”

Anyway, Rexy seems to want his team on guard (even if it was only Wednesday) and they came out of that team meeting spewing anger over that Brown quote.

"It's kind of like he disrespected our defense in a way," cornerback Darrell Revis told the New York Post. "That shows what they think about our defense, that we're not tough enough and we're not strong enough. It hurts. I think a lot of guys are taking it personally on this team, because we don't want to be looked at like that as a defense.

"We believe we're a tough group and that's what we're going to show."

Outsider looking in observation: Brown did not say the Jets are not tough. He did make it quite clear the Dolphins thought prior to the game they could challenge the Jets and they would be happy to play and see which was the tougher team.

This just in: The Dolphins were the tougher team that night. They plowed the field with that defense Revis plays on, rushing for a 151 yards and two touchdowns.

And doesn't Revis have other concerns? Last we saw him, he was chasing Ginn, by no means a stud, into the end zone on the embarrassing end of a 53-yard touchdown pass.

The Jets on Sunday will be without their best defensive lineman and run stuffer Kris Jenkins, who went out of the lineup with a knee injury in the Buffalo game two weeks ago and is out for the remainder of the season.

And yet, the Jets don't seem concerned. They've got their macho attitude on this week.

"The toughest 11? We'll see this week," defensive end Shaun Ellis told The Post. "There's no doubt about it, that we have tough players on this team. Everybody was watching that last game and it was like, 'Wow, we laid an egg.'"

Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs like a duck ... it's a duck.


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I don't think they should run the wildcat as much. Just line them up behind henne in I formation.

Also send that bum Jason Allen along with Teddy.

with Kris Jenkins out, Dolphins will pound the ball up the middle all day.

Rex ripped the wildcat for being a college offense, now he's using the wildcat hammers quotes to get his team motivated. Doesn't that sound like stuff coaches do in college.

This Ryan coach acts a lot like his father did. He awakens the worst in me.

I know we played well, on offence....but we only won by 4 points and that was with the Jets D not playing well....I just hope our D shows up, we should be beating a team like the Jets by more than 4 points!!

Let's get it going -


bunch of overated loud mouth punks!!! just like thier fat ass coach,who cant even read!! how do you even get a head coaching job(only in ny),when you cant read??? he belongs in ny with the rest of the idiots!!!! i just wish they would quit moving to my state!!! if ny so is fing great,then stay there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There you go again, really Ginn still? Write something news worthy, like why are we giving up so many yards on defens?. I don't get you or the blog? You harp on an issue all week!

If the secondary can't stop the passing attack( you have to believe that Sanchez is going to throw the ball right where manning and brees threw it), no? I'm not a coach, but that our obvious flaw, so why not exploit it?

Don't get me wrong, Ginns not producing enough. I for one hope he has a break out game, if he plays!

Let's talk some defense man, this stuff with ginns getting old.

Looks like rainy weather on Sunday. Good game to run, run, run.

This will be our most viscious opponent this year on our schedule..the other teams will be tough but the Jets are drinking Uncle T-Rex's koolaid from the Meadowlands swamp...that is toxic waste my Fin fans and he's infusing it daily. We need to throw everything we have at them.

I wish someone would slap Rex Ryan's fat face. Ronnie said nothing bad. The words that the jets players uttered make them look like idiots. Wonder what they will say when Miami beats them this week? Probably something like "We're obviously the better team and Miami has a fluke offense." I hope Sparano punches Ryan in his fat stomach. He truly is lower than dog crap. someone needs to pull a water boy and tackle him.

Hi Gadawgphinphan. I've not watched the Dolphins as long as you... but they didn't look too physical in the 2nd half vs. NO.

I hope they stay tough this week.

Ultimately a more critical gm than the one vs. Saints.


seems the jets need something to fire them up so they will settle for anything. the problem is that often times these kind of things go to work on the subconscious mind of a player and could cause that player to play above his ability. I think the loss to the Colts should be on the secondary to allow that last drive with long passes. Dropped passes don't help but this secondary is really only slightly over subpar. I'm surprised it took the Saints a whole half to realize going over the middle with a tight end was the way to go.

rex has won the dicky do award.

his stomach sticks out further than his dicky do.

Rex Ryan is a joke. I haven't seen a coach run his mouth as much since Jerry Glanville.It didn't even look like Ronnie was really talking trash, he was just complementing his line. Whatever becomes of this somewhat dissapointing season, just please beat down the Jets. A sweep of them would make this season worthwhile. By the way, even though we have had a couple dissapointing losses, anyone who can't see we are on the right track isn't watching. The Oline should be good for awhile, Henne is going to be good, Ronnie and Ricky are the best 1-2 in football, and Smith and Davis are going to be really good.This team is already good enough to play with the best in the league and are a couple pieces away from beating them.

Well said.

dolphins win again jets are all talk!

Is it just me or did anyone else notice how mark sanchez ran around like a complete tool in the Mon night game after the jets scored points? Shaun Ellis, the Super Bowl really? Are u serious? Coming from a team that prepared for the new england game like it was the super bowl. I knew when ryan became their coach they would become bigger tools than they already were. I'm glad we have a coach that doesn't act like him and actually prepares his team for a game.

Reeeeeeeeeally funny AS. They're just upset that we are still better than they are and they know we're coming to NY unafraid, regardless of all the NY hype. I like the other post that says that it would be nice if Porter and Crowder can keep their mouths shut. Beating them handily with class is something worthy of hoping for.

rex's schtick, empty bravado or whatever you want to call it, gets dull-especially when your team isn't all that!
To take a quote out of context of a 2-4 rival to motivate his team to play better says a lot about moby dick. All one can do is laugh: LOL!!!!

The last 2 time dolphins been in position where they have to beat jets to save season they win. Why ruin this new tradition?

I predict Ted Ginn Jr. will be cut by Sun. or Mon. the very latest. Cutting his p*ssy Cinderella a*s*s will at least send a message to the team. Thats about the only value we have left with Ginn....shock value! This punk b*i*t*c*h ain't no football player...he belongs up on a Harlem street corner selling his a*s*s for crack money. Lord knows he'll have plenty of customers. Rex Ryan for one would pay good money to get a crack at that a*s*s. Marc Sanchez could give him a lesson on the finer points of putting a weiny in his mouth.
The word would get out that Ted and those soft hands of his are in town and the whole Jets football team will come a running, maybe pay Leon Washington a visit in the hospital so they can each ponder their lives after football. Either way with Tedd in the room, Leon and his busted, protruding thru the skin leg bone is assured a "happy ending"! Cut this bee-otch already!!!!!!

I think that the Wet's are more "hot and bothered" by their own team than they are regarding any comments that Ronnie Brown made. Simply pathetic. Jets = Losers.

Phinz phanz calm down. The Jets game is only one game and when you guys win, its like your Superbowl in 72' and I doubt most of you were born yet. Nothing sense but fast starts and fizzle finishes. Broken records, broken promises, faded dreams, and no playoffs wins in 6 or 7 years. Thats all you guys talk about in 72'. What have Da Phinz done since? I'll tell you! Nathan, nada a dam thing. So sit back Sunday and watch Da' Phinz fizzle. GO PACK GO. PHINZ SUCK FOREVER

Ok I'll be at the game fellas let go phins I can't wait to see them cry better yet I think it's gonna rain and that means they already lost cause that's there tears falling from the sky!!!

I am Carlito and the Dolphins must beat the Jets

Flounders 2-4 Jets 4-3 nuff said

Brad, you come on here and talk about the Pack really? I guess when you win a super bowl every 50 years and a consistently crap team every year in between, it gived you bragging rights.

Every 50 years, pack should be renamed haley's comet or some other rare sighting one of see once in our lifetime.

Hey we should be afraid of the J E T S . After all they destroyed OAKLAND!

would any one tells me how the fins worst defense in history will do on sunday .thank you

"fins worst defense" will only get three int and one fumble from turnover machine sanchito

You're irresponsible reporter has you guys all riled up. Go listen to the press conference and you will see that the tone of this article completely misrepresents anything Rex Ryan said.

Anyway, this is going to be a fun game to watch.

Hey Brad, ever hear of Maino, Duper or Clayton? How about Aj Duhie? Until recently, Marino owned every record as a qb. Yes, the dolphins haven't won the big one in years, no doubt,

It's still better than da jets, when was the last time 1969? We're getting there. We may be 2-4, but we played great games against 2 premier teams.

jet fans are pathetic....they have to deal with the fact that chad henne is a much better quarterback than mark sanchez...because sanchez is in new york, the fans and media think they have the greatest quarterback of all time...you dont, and deal with the fact that the fins and the pats have much better quarterback and teams!!!

It's so funny how insecure the Jets are. They have to act and talk tough because underneath it all they are scared sh!#less.

Hey Salguero, do you work for the miami herald or the miami dolphins? It has been a long time since I have witnessed such bias in sports reporting. I thought sports reporters were supposed to be subjective in the news they report. YOU sound as though you are a member of the team.

Just what will you people say when the Jets beat you down with their best offensive player and best defensive player out? I am willing to bet 90% of you will not show your face on these blogs, you will jump off the bandwagon just like you did two years ago with that sorry 1-15 team. But then again, THAT is miami.

The Jets have been a thorn in our side for years hope we sweep them. As far as Ginn, We are stuck. If we let him go what a -cap. We've already took a little cap hit earlier with WR or maybe you can play TE guy. Building a good team now and a great team later. Next draft just talk to D. Sanders about D. Bryant that's what we need. Best WR coming out next draft from OK State Cowboys.

Redundant much?

This is why education is so important. So that you can understand what was said in plain English. If the leader of the team could not decifer what said by Ronnie Brown. What does that say for the rest of the team.

leave it to the stinkin' jets. to take an innocent quote out of context so they can APPEAR to be really really mad. Armondo, you put it perfectly..

" Oooooh, now they're reeeeaaaallly, reeeaaallly motivated. Now that Brown's incendiary quote has set the Jets' collective britches on fire, they're going to reeaaaallly study their game plans and reeeealllly practice reeeaaaally super duper hard."

LOL.. if that's what they need to 'get it up'... then all the power to them. Until then, Fin's fans are laughing directly AT them. and YES... THAT"s disrespect!

BTW... wasn't it the sour grapes J-E-T-S players calling our offense, the same one that just marched up and down the field on their "tough" defense a GIMMICK! I'm renting a billboard and posting that comment....OOOOOO i'm sooooo offended!

Here's some motivation for you J-E-T-S...
STOP THE GIMMICK. or at least TRY!



who are the putz's that comment about other teams on a FINS post. get a life!

an innocent comment stating the obvious gets the jets all riled up... is that what it takes?.. LOOSERS!

best post yet on this board, "Rex Ryan gets paid in cheesburgers" LOL!


This Sunday's game is going to be great !! Go Dolphins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who the hell was that reporter and what game was he watching saying Sanchez played well in the 1st matchup? Another stupid fat new yorker...scheez... and oh yeah, calling Henne a clown? Like that isn't trash talking. JETS SUCK SUCK SUCK a big one

wow rex must be really desperate. its going to be funny when we run all over them and chad henne has the same kind of game he had last time

Stole Rexy's buffet ticket hahahaha...*** the fat clown! GO PHINS!

I'm still so upset about NO that really I don't care for this game. I'll watch sure but I mean, whatever. Go phins

Who cares about the jets, honestly I don't care about the jets really. I think the dolphins are seriously a better team than them. I want revenge at NO

Truth hurts. We have the tougher more physical team. Pets were whining before the game and still are whining. All they can do is talk before a game because they can't back it up gametime. They r a sad little team

the jets are personalizing getting hit for 413 yards .
whatever it takes to motivate though.
the reality is, it's all about one thing.
the wildcat. if it works, fish win. if it doesn't, jets win.
follow tj on the jets on twitter@thejetreport

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