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Sparano blames self, defends Ginn (sort of)

Coach Tony Sparano has just finished his day-after press conference and he started it by confirming that cornerback Will Allen is out for the year with a torn ACL on one of his knees. Allen will be placed on injured reserve and the team has called William Kershaw to add him to the roster.

Kershaw helps on special teams but is also an insurance policy for the fact ILB Channing Crowder is nursing a left arm/shoulder injury suffered against the Saints.

Sparano also took the blame for the screw-up just prior to halftime on Sunday versus the Saints. In that situation, the Saints were lined up for a field goal with five seconds left and no timeouts. The Dolphins called one of their time outs to make sure they had the right personnel on the field. The Saints then brought the field goal unit to the sideline, trotted out the offense and used the time remaining to score on a Drew Brees dive over the top.

It gave New Orleans seven points instead of three.

"I want my players to do this, I need to it myself," Sparano said. "I have to take ownership of the situation that happened at the end of the half yesterday. I always have the power of trump and I did not do that. [I] should have lived with what was out on the field in that situation. So it was a bad decision on my part."

If you've seen my column in today's Miami Herald and the previous post on this blog, I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.

"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.

"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.

"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."

I also asked if Ginn should have caught the pass that he instead tipped up in the air and was intercepted by Darren Sharper and returned for a touchdown. Sparano called the pass, "a very good ball," but said he wasn't sure if someone got a hand in Ginn's face to cause him to miss the pass.

Ginn was in the locker room today playing dominoes. After cruising from the locker room without talking on Sunday, he declined to speak with the media again today. He told a Dolphins media relations person he would speaking on Wednesday.

Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)

"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

Discuss while I get you more stuff ...


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There is nothing to discuss.ginn sucks. He's a constint reminder of the terrible personel moves during the cam Cameron era. He must go.

Release Ted Ginn Jr.!

maybe not!!!

Come on guys you knew T. Sparano wasn't going to get up there and throw his guys under the bus!!! That part of coaching he has down!!! Now if we can just get his 2minute coaching skills up we'll be GOOD!!!!

It Ted Ginn could catch, we would've beaten the Colts, and might have beaten the saints and would be 4-2 instead of 2-4. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...it's over. I'll forget it all as long as the Dolphins beat the crap out of the Jets next week.

What would be the harm in activating Patrick Turner to see what he's capable of? It's not like they'd have to bench someone who's making plays. Let Ted sit and stew on the sidelines this Sunday and give Turner a chance.

Just bench his candy ass...or keep him as part of the secondary...He used to be a CB so play his strenghts not his weaknesses...

that's what I was saying during the game yesterday - Hartline should be replacing Ginn

I think it is obvious when a first year player is already playing better than our three year project

i find it amazing that fasano skates by and no one mentions his big dropped pass from ronnie brown, fasano needs to be cut, who cares what he did last year, he has done nothing this year.

ted ginn will not be a true number one receiver. he drops too easy of passes. he dropped a touchdown three weeks ago and one yesterday. Miami should use Hartline, Bess and Camarillo. three quick, great hands, tough receviers..


If the referees would have gotten the call right at the end of the half, Sparano wouldn't have called time-out. The Saints were out of time-outs and the remaining five seconds would have ticked off the clock with Miami leading 24-3. We can blame poor officiating on that one. The referees gave the Saints an extra time-out and a free play.

The referees also gave the Saints a touchdown that should have been called a touchback resulting in Miami's ball on the 20, early in the third quarter.

That's 14 point for the Saints by coutesy of the referees. The last interception would have been a punt had the refs got right. 21 pints by referee.

And WTF was that "illegal forward pass" call against Camarillo? What a CROCK!

New Orleans won by referee, period!

From out here in California I could have made that catch in the 4th. Come on.. Give Hartline the starting job

Cant blame Henne! he put the ball on the money ginn gave it away for a pick 6. the other pick was 4th down and the call play action? there was a free blitzer in his face so he had to throw it up nothing he could have done. Get a fcking receiver!

Normally don't like to be harsh about players but Ginn just doesn't seem to want to play football, he shys away from hits and you can't be that way and be a big time receiver no matter how fast you are, it is time for a change!

Did Sprano explain why we abandonded the run during the second half??? Or why the defense seemed to change??? I'm interested in if he takes ownership for that second half debalacle! We coached ourself to a loss yesterday...

Trade Ginn-Wilson-W. Allen-Joey Porter

Play Hartline, Turner, Davis, Smith, and Wake.

Henne has been throwing the ball very well. The players around him need to step up. They make those catches we are celebrating a victory today.

At least we're not Raider Fans...lol

Mando do ask him. Tell him that the fan gave up on this guy. WE don't ever want to see him a gain. Cut his SORRY ASS.

Mando start a petition we will all sign it to get him and Wilson Cut.

We need to give Ronnie the BALL on Sunday and let him run. Don't stop giving him the ball. 50 touches this week we owe him for last week.

Think we could get anything on ebay for Ginn-Wilson- W. Allen?

I'm all for cutting Ginn and all, but the ENTIRE "D" did a crap job the whole 2nd half

amazing http://www.tedginnsucks.com/

We can't cut Ginn but we should limit his time on the field (KR and PR) Give the young WRs a chance to show what we need in the next draft. I think Wilson had a good first half but ruined it with the Shocky catastrophe. The problem with benching Wilson is that the more chemistry the FS and SS have the better and bring in someone new starts the process all over. Giving Clemons a few snaps each game would benefit in the long run and make a statement to Wilson. Crowder always impresses and depresses every game. If we bench Crowder we will lose an aspect of the run defense (which happened last year when Crowder was out) I think Crowder was better as a LILB instead of the Mike. We need to pick up a Mike LB in the offseason and move Crowder to Ayodeles position. Ayodele would be a good backup.

Is there a full transcript Mando? Or is there only that one statement where he mentions you by name?

We definitely want to read your spin on the press conference, but for posterity's sake you need to at least link the full transcript.

Don't give up, guys. We are only a C, a TE. 2 WRs, an NT, 2 LBs, an S, and a legitimate KR/PR threat away from not sucking!

agree with at least one post I saw above----Fasano is also a major disappointment.....that drop onthe wildcat pass killed any hope on the last meaningful drive.

Hey we were 2-4 at this point last year. I am really not concerned at least not yet. We tighten up our defense, no team in this league will want to play us.

if ginn makes that catch in the 4th quarter. we would have won the game period!!! That was the drive stopper and the final nail in our casket

The Dolphins should try to trade Ginn to the Ravens in the offseason. Don't worry, Clueless Cam will put in a good word for him. We'll throw in the rest of the Ted Ginn family, too.

Teams now know that even if Ginn is on a patern,we won't throw to him..A. He can't catch on a regular basis..B.He is now a non-factor on the field.......Truely a shame

Do we even have a count for how many dropped balls yesterday by how many players? Ricky, Fasano, and the family that shall not be named spring to mind, but I think there were other culprits too, right?

Isn't the Parcells the same guy who once called Terry Glenn a SHE?

He doesn't strike me as a guy who is blind to Ginns ineptness?

Sparono is a players coach? Maybe he needs to do whats good for ALL the players and start calling this guy out.

This team can't get a first down in the air due to DROPS!

This isn't Hennings fault. Way too many drops and fumbles by receivers.

No-one and I mean no-one on this receiving corp is indespensable. Shut one or two of these guys down and send a friggen message.

This team has been viewed as soft for way too long. The O-lone has been shedding that reputation along with the RBs. This team isn't close to winning it all. So step up and call these guys out. Cut someone! Get their friggen attention.

Go Phins!

Yeah, what in tarnashions was up with that call on Camarillo all about?I saw some of the game on Justin tv, but the reception was not up to par,and this game stings more than the Colts game.I don't think we will get any respect until the refs give us some.Damn you Ted Ginn!

Ginn played awful yesterday but I think everyone is overreacting. I mean he was TERRIBLE and a reason we lost the game but he still rolls coverage his way and keeps the safety honest and deep (which helps our running game). For you and other (most) Fin fans to say he needs to go is a little premature. I mean definitely less playing time, but not out of the starting line-up. Lets keep in mind this is only his third year and while he will never live up to his #9 overall pick, he can still be a solid player.

At least we know we have put an end to the QB search. Henne is a stud.

And Wilson should be cut. He has given up at least 1 HUGE play every game. I don't understand why he is on the team still, let alone starting. He is a sunk cost and dead weight, cut him already

I agree Wilson is killing us!

Dave Wannestedt version 2.0

We need a real TE and WR.

No one seems to mention the Bess fumble near the end of the half. THAT was the momentum changer in my opinion. We go in at halftime with a 24-3 lead, at the least. It's possible that it could have been 27 or 31 to 3. We go in with the momentum instead of the Saints. That's when everything changed. Plus he nearly fumble another time. NO TURNOVERS! We aren't good enough yet to overcome turnovers.

I love when people start calling for cuts in the middle of the season. I agree some of these people need to be replaced (Ginn and Wilson)..but wait till the end of the year to cut people. Why even bother right now bringing in someone from a practice squad or their couch to learn the offense and defense. We have what we have right now people, and there isn't much else out there to replace with at this point.

I'm still surprised that more and more people don't despise Randy Mueller for his drafts. If you look back at both the 2006 and 2007 drafts, all we really got from them were special teams players. Jason Allen in 2006 and Ginn and Fields in 2007.

Man, just think how good this team could be if we had the receivers from the 2001 Patriots instead of they guys we have.

Where is Patrick Turner? I mean is he that bad, is Ginn really that much better than Turner. At least Turner has some height that our team can take advantage of on certain plays.

I just dont understand, we are not closing like we did last year, very painful year so far. We had the potential for this game and Indy. Why did we abandon the run this game?

Anyways, we will be lucky to be even mentioned for a playoff shot, if we win these two division games back to back, we will be in good shape.

We had those boys backed up to the wall and we gave up on the running game?That makes no sense to me.Every one on here agreed that if we got the lead,we would run the ball down their throat and take time off the clock.Henne will be a great QB, but he's not ready to single handidly win games yet,especially if he has piss-poor receivers.

Sparano is so concerned to not call out his players in the media that he always speaks in riddles. You need a PhD to just determine what he says - Does Ginn stink or not - I think we all can read into that riddle. I know how parcells loves draft picks like Rex Ryan likes donuts but would you not give up a #1 for Bouldin in the offseason - do we take Dez Bryant with the #1 and hope he stays out of trouble.

I a got question if a RB gets the ball placed in his Gut then he runs with and get positive yards then he did his job what will we do to a RB the everytime the ball gets placed in his gut he drops it? Oh there was a LB coming at me! the NT distracted me with a scream! my first hole wasn't open so I dropped to my knees or droped the the ball! What would we expect the coach to do with this RB? Bench him right! Well we have a WR with these issues with the duties of his job the ball hit both his hands and bounced of them to the defenders hand and they catched it and ran it for a TD his hand was cover my face for gods sayke man it hit your hands! and when it doesn't hit your hand it hits you in the numbers and you grap air and there goes our first down it sounds like this can fit ALMOST every game we played this year are we going to be chasing the Red Dragon (that sad fluke of a catch that he had againt the jets for us) he loses games for us leave him returning ball and as a backup WR

The Bess fumble did suck and it was absolutely a game changer. And as much as the refs sucked it up yesterday, I think that was actually the correct call. Bess made a mistake, and we need to hold him accountable for that.

Now, all that considered, it's the FIRST MISTAKE I CAN EVER REMEMBER HIM MAKING. His tools are limited, but this is the first time he has ever underperformed. Any one of 10 things could have gone different and we probably would have won the game. The Bess fumble, and possible the Ricky drop, are on that list... but they are not repeat offenders.

Fasano, Grove, Crowder, Porter, bad clock management, questionable coaching and playcalling, suspicious refereeing, and ESPECIALLY the Ginn and Wilson families are chronic offenders.

So while the Bess play should be remembered, it's still fair to think of it as an anomaly, whereas much of the rest of the list should warrant a more profound consideration.

I loved the Ted Ginn pick back in 2007. However, I now admit I cannot take him anymore.

Give Henne sure targets that short to intermediate and try to fix the problem this offseason.

A true number one receiver has this team at 4-2 like stated before in the blog.

Today we Drafted the Ted Ginn Family !!! Thanks so much Camy !!!!

if it wasn't for Ginn, the 72' dolphins would probably be cracking open the champange by next weekend.

bench him! Though he still remains the best options to utilize when Henne goes deep, such as what we saw in the Jets game.

I agree MMMTravis.Of course this game is gonna be on NFL Network Tuesday night at 8:00.....we have a 2-4record,but we seem to be a big hit with the Network.I'll probably watch it and drink a beer for every TD by both teams.

Ted Ginn is a puss. Makes me sick every time I see him duck out of bounds for a gain of nine, instead of trying to get the frist down. He doesn't catch anything because he is a major puss and is afraid of getting hit. I'm tired of Gibril Wilson not knowing how to tackle or do anything out on the field. I hate how our two ILBs have the biggest mouths of anyone in the world, but they can't tackle or make a big play, plus they're slow as hell. And finally, the play calling was just terrible. On Offense, how does Henne get like 10 mins of playing time? They take him out of the game more than he's in it. I know that the wildcat was working, but he needs to get comfortable playing qb, not on the sidelines while the pat white experiment is on the field getting sacked. He did hand off to Ronnie Brown for a td, but couldn't Henne do that? On defense, in the first quarter, they were blitzing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Then they come out in the second half and defend NOTHING! I don't know how many times I've seen this team be up at half time, and blow the game. Everyone was probably already planning to get wasted and pick up chicks at Mansons after the game by half-time. You're up 24-10, and you lose 46-34. Nice. This team is giving me an ulcer, lol.

Stop using Ginn as a scapegoat. He didnt lose the game for us. Simple question: Why is the #1 rushing team in the league (with a 14 point lead coming into the 3rd qtr), start by throwing it 3 times for a 3 and out. That's Bad coaching...We went away from what we are. We thought we were something that were not. If we had put together a bruising 80 yard drive at the begining of the 3rd qtr we would have been in the drivers seat for the rest of the game. Simply put...Bad coaching lost this game...

Was Ginn able to hold on to the dominoes or did they fall to the floor causing his team to lose?

1. Bench Ginn
2. Bench Wilson
3. Fire Special Teams Coach
4. Stop Playing White

Glad to see Ginn is perfecting his domino skills since he'll need them...

Ah yes... Brett 144. your so right.. We really need to stop play Pat White...wait and draft Tebow in the 3rd next year. But Pat White is a CFL / Arena league player at best. He shouldnt be in the NFL..

hey Mando,

What do you think will happen with the spot Allen opens up? Will they just use it for Roth or are they looking into bringing someone else?


A few nice tidbits from coach. He manned up and took responsibility for his mistake. I didn't comment last night until I got a chance to see the game again. That timeout right before halftime killed us :::::waving bye bye to momentum :::::

I was watching ESPN and Tom Jackson looked at Dolphin hater Berman and said one thing "too many drops by Ted Ginn Jr." After looking at other games, it seems Ginn can't catch a ball at it's highest point, he always waits for the ball to hit his body or basket catch it. Apparently, someone with the Dolphins or Ohio State didn't tell Ginn that you catch the ball its highest point. Must be just a pop warner thing I guess. I give Ginn credit for hustling and causing Sharper to fumble before he crossed the goal line but as usual the officiating sucked. I defended Ginn on occassion, a guy with that kinda speed, with awful hands. With all due respect, I read your article a last week about Roth and how Sparano goes out of his way to not throw his players under the bus and it seems from his answers to your questions the coach was saying he sucked but he managed to spread the blame around. Take a look at Joey Porters reaction after Ginn drops the pass in the fourth quarter that hit him in the stomach.

Gebril Wilson CANT TACKLE. Enough said!

I know the Saints did a decent job against the Wildcat, but did you ask coach why they stopped running in the second half? When the Dolphins were still up and Shockey rumbled over Gerbil the next offensive series it was three and out with three passes!!! WTH happened to those long drives we're known for? eating 6-7 minutes!!!

The loss of Will Allen only makes a weak secondary even weaker. And I don't wanna hear about we are 2-0 in the division, we could be 8-0 in the division, but if you can't beat teams when you have a 21 point lead you'll end up 8-8.

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