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Sparano blames self, defends Ginn (sort of)

Coach Tony Sparano has just finished his day-after press conference and he started it by confirming that cornerback Will Allen is out for the year with a torn ACL on one of his knees. Allen will be placed on injured reserve and the team has called William Kershaw to add him to the roster.

Kershaw helps on special teams but is also an insurance policy for the fact ILB Channing Crowder is nursing a left arm/shoulder injury suffered against the Saints.

Sparano also took the blame for the screw-up just prior to halftime on Sunday versus the Saints. In that situation, the Saints were lined up for a field goal with five seconds left and no timeouts. The Dolphins called one of their time outs to make sure they had the right personnel on the field. The Saints then brought the field goal unit to the sideline, trotted out the offense and used the time remaining to score on a Drew Brees dive over the top.

It gave New Orleans seven points instead of three.

"I want my players to do this, I need to it myself," Sparano said. "I have to take ownership of the situation that happened at the end of the half yesterday. I always have the power of trump and I did not do that. [I] should have lived with what was out on the field in that situation. So it was a bad decision on my part."

If you've seen my column in today's Miami Herald and the previous post on this blog, I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.

"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.

"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.

"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."

I also asked if Ginn should have caught the pass that he instead tipped up in the air and was intercepted by Darren Sharper and returned for a touchdown. Sparano called the pass, "a very good ball," but said he wasn't sure if someone got a hand in Ginn's face to cause him to miss the pass.

Ginn was in the locker room today playing dominoes. After cruising from the locker room without talking on Sunday, he declined to speak with the media again today. He told a Dolphins media relations person he would speaking on Wednesday.

Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)

"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

Discuss while I get you more stuff ...


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I have 1 question... The recievers are wide open (saints) !!! Why !The secondary isnt playing smart football, they got hammered by the recievers..im not sure about Parcells or Sparano..

Please give us a update on Parcells status with the Miami Dolphins...will he be with us next season?

Gregg K, while I agree with you that we should have kept running the ball in the 2nd-half, I don't think that coaching was the ultimate problem. Good teams will be able to adjust and stuff the Wildcat (or the run in general) over the course of a game. That's why offenses use the run to set up passing situations. Chad Henne is NOT John Beck, this is a capable QB in the NFL. He has an arm, he has good reads, he didn't have too much pressure (even though it built in the 2nd-half). The ONLY thing Henne DOESN'T have, is a CONSISTENT receiver core. I love Bess and Camarillo, but let's not kid ourselves. If they were elite, they wouldn't have been throwaways from other teams (or undrafted). These guys will bring you success, IF they are accompanied by a TRUE #1 receiver. That's supposed to be Ginn. HE DID NOT SHOW UP!! Sparano won't say it, but everyone else with eyes will, Ginn is a bust! I hate even seeing him return kicks. Every time he steps on the field, he's either the fastest or 2nd-fastest person on that field, yet he's NEVER run one back (his speed allows him to be the first person on the sideline since that's where he's always running to). I don't care what else happens with this team after the season, but if Ted Ginn isn't shipped out of here Jan. 4 (one day after our last game), then I don't know what Parcells and Co. have in their minds. Ted Ginn needs to go. Second point, WE NEED A PASS COVERAGE MONSTER SAFETY (a la Sean Taylor, R.I.P., or Dawkins or Landry of the Redskins, etc.). Until we have defensive QB, our defense will continue to be busted up. Don't get me wrong, I love Yeremiah Bell, he's great, AS A RUN BLOCKER. He's NOT a pass coverage safety. And that's what's killing us defensively. So, get rid of Ginn and Gibril "can't tackle" Wilson, and bring in a true #1 WR and a pass coverage Safety, and I think you'll see a major increase to the Miami Dolphins win column next year. But I'm just a fan coaching from the couch, maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Just wanted to drop by and remind everyone that the Dolphins are in the SECOND year of a complete rebuild. They have 2 rookie wr's, 1 second year wr, 2 rookie CBs, 1 rookie safety, a first year starting QB and a bunch of guys who won't be here in two or three years. This is what happens during a rebuild, YOU LOSE A LOT OF GAMES. May I also remind everyone that we were all well aware of the tough schedule they have to play this year and at the best, were hoping for an 8-8 record. We also expected Pennington to play this season to give Henne one more year of learning. NO, the sky is not falling and your lives are not over. It's actually quite simple, the Dolphins are a rebuilding team and are not ready to beat the best teams in the league. Giving up late leads is a symptom of a young team learning it's way around a football field. Stop looking for someone to blame, this is a team sport and you lose as a team. Man up, grow a pair, and move on to the next game. That being said I am sticking by my opinion that Wilson and Ginn need to be traded for whatever they can possibly get at the end of the season. You lose as a team and there were more people who made mistakes the past 6 games but none more glaring then the mistakes made by these two. I'm sure they're great guys and good teammates but that simply won't cut it in the NFL. If the Phins get themselves a quality FS and a premier WR in free agency they can fill the rest of the holes through the draft and will be a force next season. As bad as it looks today they actually aren't that far off so keep your chins up and lets get some revenge for the New Orleans loss and beat the crap out of those stinking Jets!!!!

Glad to see Ginn is a stand-up girl. *rolls eyes*

Good stuff on Ginn Mando.

Just wondering about Wilson. Did the boss have anything to say about that douche bag? At least Ginn has made some plays this year.

What about the play calling in the 2nd half. It seemed like New Orleans was great at getting us out of our game. Why did we throw six consecutive times in the 2nd half?

Its hard to have any kind of optimism after yesterday. So many problems. Play calling, game management, dropped passes, tackling, coverage, turnovers. How do we possibly win next week?

Very sad.

Sparano sounds like a broken record. Enough already as I think his time as a head coach is coming to an end. It doesn't take good or great head coaches 25 or more games to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Reminds me of Dave Wannstedt as in "we'll get this cleaned up."




RICKY .....


i agree we need improvement at wide rec and safety but until we have a MAJOR! upgrade at both inside linebacker poitions nothing else we do will matter trust me i know.


We just picked up Kershaw. He was great in the preseason. Shot through the gap every time.

WR, ILB, OLB, FS and TE are all positions that need to be significantly upgraded.

That being said the pick that was used on Pat White would have been better served ad dressing one of those positions I just mentioned.

Selecting Pat White was like throwing away a perfectly good second round pick.

its a good thing sparano wasnt the coach when marino was here he wouldnt have been able to play quarterback untill he proved himself on special teams hahaha. just let wake play full time already

i know you can always look back and say shoulda done this or that but that year we took ginn i wanted us to trade down a couple spots get an extra pick and draft patrick willis at linebacker who right now is only about a thousand times better than crowder but oh well

DC Finatic, Whether we admit it or not we dont know what Chad Henne is.. that was his 3rd start. Lets not make the same mistake the Jets did with Mark Sanchize... Dont get me wrong but in a big game you give the ball to BIG time proven players (Ricky and Ronnie)...live and die with what got you there.. Also, if good teams can stuff the wildcat then why does it average 7 yards play...yes we lose some yards on plays but in the end it always produces...stick with the $155 million dollar O line and your two powerhouse running backs....That's who were are...and that's how we usually win.

Ginn's had enough time to develop! Just because u played good ball in college doesn't mean you'll develop into a primetime receiver. Off with his head. Wake up TS!

Once again the Dolphin choke, they get a small lead and they start playing conservative, the defense relaxes and they get killed!!!!.... Don't blame it on Henne or the offensive line.... this one goes on the coaches, the defense and of course as every single week, Mr. Ginn..... boy does he suck. Give someone else a try....!!!....
They should learn from NE and NO.... they keep scoring and scoring untill the game is over, who gives a sh#$%t if the other team does not like it.... Mr. Ross why don't we play Serena Williams at wide receiver???? Yes thats what we need more celebrities!! J>A>

Letting the winnable games at home against the Colts and now Saints really BITES hard into the promise of a successful season.

Can the Phins continue to beat their division rivals and will they become "Road Warriors" with 4 of the next 5 games on the road?

You can see Miami isn't far off from being a top team. Surely the best 2-4 team out there if that says much.

You saw how they dominated both sides of the line in the first half, running at will, timely passes, they created sacks, turnovers, and took their opponent out of the game.

The "they" aren't far off part is only short of playing with intensity and acute focus for 60 minutes, also some tweaking of personnel moves on the field(i.e. Ginn, Turner, Clemmons, etc), and of course better halftime adjustments(i.e. coaching, play calling, knowing how to finish game), now throw in a few lucky breaks, as well as some calls by the Refs going our way and then I think we will be right there as time goes on.

The Phins are the only team in 6 opponents to have a lead on, and really put a scare in the Saints, as well as the only team to put a scare into the 6-0 Colts.

I know this doesn't say much for us in the standings for now, but ANY Dolphin fan has to appreciate the direction this team is headed and the close proximity that they are in getting there.

I'm proud of them! This is a young team in it's second year of a total rebuild.
The learning to finish off games will come with just a little bit more experience.

Stay Tuned

Go GetterDone Phins!

Gregg K,

What you said about the coaching is absolutely true. They blew the game for us, like you said an 80 yard drive running the ball down their throats would've iced the game for us. And Sparano came out and admitted his mistake before the half, why doesn't he have Ginn come out and man up to the media about his CONSTANT mistakes??? That's part of coaching, making everyone accountable for their actions; Why does he get a bypass?!? After the Chargers game, Sparano said that there would be changes that were to be made, that attitude got us two great wins. I just hope to see more of that during this week.

From reading what Coach said. I can come to one conclusion they are paying Ginn to much to bench him. So be ready for more dissapointment this year. Who are we anyway just the fans who buy tickets and football jerseys.

they are who we thought the were and we let umm off the hook , why o why ..... we lose this game because of bad coaching decisions and poor wr play from ted gin , bess fumbling and cam fumbling , we still got six more to play get back on the field practise hard and finish games thats the diffence between ok and good teams they finish. we should at least try turner and clemons in some packages and why leave the defensive scheme we had in the first half that was working.

GET back on the ball we can still make this happen .Playoffs dont talk about playoffs we got to win a game!!!!!

I have two WR names for us:

Chris Chambers
Wes Welker

Wouldn't we like them back now?

I agree why does Ginn not man up and take responsibility for his drops.

why isnt anyone talking about how badly davis missed the tackle on shockey, before shockey carried wilson 20 yards. if davis doesnt whiff on shockey, we arent even talking about wilson.

Let look at it one game at a time.

why isnt anyone talking about how badly davis missed the tackle on shockey, before shockey carried wilson 20 yards. if davis doesnt whiff on shockey, we arent even talking about wilson.

Posted by: jason | October 26, 2009 at 02:26 PM


fair point. but 1) rookie tackling mistakes are easier to forgive and 2) vd actually made several GOOD plays in the game to at least counter that one terrible effort

I think Ginn not only should be benched, but cut. Besides the play in the Jets game, he has blown every other big play to come his way, the passes yesterday, the sure game-winning touchdown in the Indy game that hit him in both hands, etc. He just plain stinks! His return game is awful on top of it! At this point let's cut our losses and move on to see if any of our other young guys can mature into decent receivers. Does anyone know how many balls hit our receivers in their hands and were either dropped or tipped? To me, when you get paid like these guys do, and you have one job, to catch a football, there is no excuse if a ball hits you in the hands. Even Fasano dropped the pass from Ronnie that hit him in the hands. Our receivers look like The Replacements!!!

because rookies are aloud a few mistakes and i think one tackle missed is better than alot of missed takles by the same person and besides jus blaming one person they win as a team and they lose as a team ........ and i have an idea everytime someone misses a catch, fumbles the ball,misses a tackle,hell if they screw up anything punish the whole team ...trust me pretty soon players will be clearing up any mental probs during game time catches and tackles will start to be made...cause trust in this nobody wants to be punished for someone elses mistakes....hey think tedy might get the hint if someone bought him a juggs machine for home use or wilson a takling dummy for home use ...just a thought

The shockey play was hard to watch. That is two really bad tackles by Wilson let him go now. Oh and how about the missed tackle on Bush!

I love this team, and I'm proud of the direction its headed, but if we are going to be a force next year and I think we will; we have to know who is who! For example:
1. We know Ginn Sucks
2. We know Henne is an NFL QB
3. We know Sean Smith looks promising
4. We know Wilson Sucks
5. We don't know if Turner can make a difference
6. We know Channing can't lead the D, but is improved.

With that said, I think we should focus on beating our divisional rivals, and start planning on 2010! I think that's Miami's year!

its mind boggling to me that parcells always had great inside linebackers with those giant teams and for two years now hes kept us stuck with crowder and odyele inside. is this some kind of cruel joke or what. i mean do our inside linebackers even play at all no big plays ever its simply amazing.


Well it's not completely over yet, it will be hard to win the division with NE playing the way the are.

enrique id love to agree with you about 2010 being miamis year but im afraid its gonna be more like 2012 or 2013 unfortunatly

Ted Ginn, he runs out of bounds to avoid a hit, he drops the ball when he thinks he's going to be hit, on and on. Between Ginn, Wilson, and Coach Sparano we can never win anything! If one of these people does not fowl-up something, the other two do!

Mando says: I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.
"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.
"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.
"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."……….
Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)
"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

PCola Cane says: says, “based on those comments Coach, that is a direct contradiction to what you say about Ginn. On one hand you say how you play in the game merits your playing time, but when Ginn continues to make mistakes and drop passes you say he is improving?”

everyone talks about ginn but fasano also droped a really big first down at the end of game. He also needs to be benched

Sparano is being polite when he speaks about Ginn. His comment about Hartline is more telling what he actually thinks.
Hartline will see more playing time as Ginn is likely relegated to kickoff return duty.
Fasano is also not playing up to expectations. We can't simply accept his dropped pass out of the wildcat as a simple drop. It changes the game plan. Had he made that catch, it would have made the defense play back more. Not to mention it would have been a 20 yard gain. He is also having problems throught out these games. Not what was expected after last years performance.
While it may not seem like a good idea to give Clemmons playing time, considering Davis will be new, makes me think it's a great time to play him. These players are the future. Well the future has just been accelerated to now. How bad can he be? As bad as wilson. Well, at least one will be coming in with a learning curve.
Nice of Sparano to take responsibility for the timeout call. Now he should get his coaches to have more than one game plan for each game, as it wil likely change at half time.

The mistakes are the players. Wilson,Crowder,and ol goal post hands Ginn. Run these bums out and you'll see less mistakes.

You all will be very pleased how the Ted Ginn, Jr. family bounces back next week.

Play Turner instead of Ginn, how much of a drop-off could there possibly be? And there always is a possible upside when dealing with an unknown.

The game was fixed....You could tell by the last play of the game...The fix was in.

News flash to new dolphin fans and the old! This is typical dolphin football at its best, we have been the biggest let down team in the history of the NFL for a long long time! I think all the dolphins need is a NO TOLERANCE hard nosed coach such as bill cowher, mike tomlin, mike ditka you know. Our problem is that miami is just a SOFT team with no identity or will to compete. Sure they will show occasionaly what they are capable of but they never EVER EVER sustain it for any long period of time such as a 60 minute game for instance lol

people not one comment on losing our best corner is davis ready i dont know f ginn we get the point move on people!!!!!!!!

Sparano is one stubborn son of a .....

Nice guy, good coach, but one stubborn son of a gun.

i am still sick. ginn no more ! ginn b gone. teh gerbil rat has got to go. play jones, culver or clemmons PLEASE.

ginn & wilson lost this one i am sorry. no other way around it.

NO exposed wilson and hands of stone is worthless even a a kick returner.

to a previous poster: Get rid of Ricky? Guess u did not watch the game. the guy had a career high run and is in the best shape of his career. period. henne looked pretty darn good except when he got clocked and threw that last INT.

That was one of the worst losses I have ever been a part of in 25 years as a fan. This was a choke job of epic proportions. The Dolphins need to cut both Ginn and Wilson as they are both complete garbage. We had a chance to be 3-3 and streaking towards games against the Jets and Patriots. Now we are 2-4 after this loss and let's face it if we don't win these next two games coming up which is unlikely the season is over!!!! Terrible, Terrible, job. This choke job is on par with the loss to the Jets on Monday night in 2000 and blowing a 24-3 halftime lead against the Colts in 1995. All in all everyone on this team needs to be held accountable for that disaster. The only way they redeem there pathetic selves is to win the next two games otherwise another Dolphins season goes down the drain!!!


You mean to tell me that instead of watching hours and hours of film of Jerry Rice, or Larry Fitzgerald looking the ball into their hands, or at LEAST on the phone ordering a JUGS machine to be installed in his bedroom, this motherphucker is playing DOMINOES?!?!?!?

I wish I was playing a game of bones with the owner right now!! If I win, you drive Ginn out into the Glades' at midnight, lather him up with fish oil, and peel out in his face, right at the midway point of Alligator Alley!

and coach tony...PLEASE don't even try to defend ginn. take him out back and whoop that guy before taylor and porter take it in their own hands.

hartline may not have ginn speed, but he is fast enough for me. play turner & clemmons

dump the rat today !!

Just one question,

Were Crowder and Wilson throwin' down greenbacks, as well?

Ah this sucks. I just heard Will Allen is out for the season.

And where the hell is Ginn's mythical 4.3 speed?

Look up Ginn's OSU highlights on youtube, and I guess you get a good showing on just how slow the Big Ten really is.

As heart-wrenching as the weekend was, having both the Hurricanes and Dolphins lose games in the fashion they did, I still have hopes that the Dolphins can save this season.

If they beat the Jets and Bills again and then at least split with New England, they'll have the best division record and will only need to tie with NE to win the division again.

And Miami getting to 10-6 or 11-5 and NE also landing around there isn't that out of the question either. Outside of the division games, we have a lot of teams that were supposed to be tough this year but have sucked -- Bucs (0-7), Panthers (2-4), Jags (3-3), Titans (0-6) & Texans (3-3). The Steelers are the only team left, other than the Jets and Pats, that have a record above .500.

If we play like we're capable of playing and Henne continues to improve, 11-5 and winning the division is still a possibility. This would require the aforementioned splitting with the Pats and them losing their games against the Colts and Saints (probably the only 2 games NE will likely lose remaining on their also fairly easy remaining schedule)...but it's possible. :)

Of course, we can also continue to make bad coaching mistakes, drop passes, commit dumb penalties and fail to cover anyone in the secondary and end up 4-12...

Ted Ginn is sorry garbage. Sure he has speed but speed isn't everything it takes catching, intelligence, ability to create seperation, and heart. Hartline should get the number one slot because he has all the qualities including size which Ginn does not. Also Pat Turner should get a chance this guy is 6'5" for god sake that a huge wideout which could take advantage of smaller conerbacks. Ginn I hope you see this post and hope it motivates you.

This was all a mirage people!!


Where is THIS guy at?!?

Does anyone remember how us fans managed to ship Sammie Smith out of Miami?!?! We need to do the same to Ted Ginn! This guy is costing us games!

I also agree with a previous poster that this game was fixed...... Last play of the game made sure NO covered! BS!

I'm with Sammy.
If Ginn starts to nut up and play ball, I will be the first to renig, and sing his praise. I will beg him to forgive me, and accept me back into his good graces.

But I'm not putting next month's rent on it.......

men...i think we lost to the nfc team that is going to the SB and we lost to the afc team to be in the SB....da coltz.

we should have beat them both except for guys named ginn & wilson...i need a drink

don't know how but will have to make myself watch the replay tue @ 8 pm on nfl network. we lose, we get the replay....how nice

Once again the morons of Miami break the hearts of the faithful Dolfans,seems like this scenario plays over and over in Miami.No defense then its no offense,then its quarterback,then its special teams,it's the same ole baloney over and over again. What the hell happened to Don Shula,Larry Csonka,Nick Buoniconti and Dan Marino football in Florida! It's called winning and smash mouth football,you have to play 60 minutes not 30 minutes.Joey Porter and Channing Crowder talk alot of baloney and don't back it up. If you two are supposed to be so bad ass,why can't you fire up the rest of the defense.You guys are so pathetic it has become routine in Miami. How do you blow a lead that big.Well I have theories but I'll keep em to myself. Another year same ole Dolphins! New owner seem more interested in making Miami a celebrity hangout than a smash mouth football team.And I don't want to hear any baloney about its a new era and a new league.Football has always been and will always be a team game,60 minute effort and chemistry and the dolphins don't seem to ever get it together on any of these factors.I blame Tony Sporano and his fly by nite coaching staff! The defensive coordinator should be fired,what an idiot! Your defense is an embarrassment to the NFL,the fans and the city of Miami.Hope you lose out the rest of the way!Absolutely disgusted with this team of underachievers. No solidity at QB,reciever or defense.Absurd!! Kenneth Antonio

WEAKNESS are WR, TE, MILB, S and K/P Returner.

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