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Sparano blames self, defends Ginn (sort of)

Coach Tony Sparano has just finished his day-after press conference and he started it by confirming that cornerback Will Allen is out for the year with a torn ACL on one of his knees. Allen will be placed on injured reserve and the team has called William Kershaw to add him to the roster.

Kershaw helps on special teams but is also an insurance policy for the fact ILB Channing Crowder is nursing a left arm/shoulder injury suffered against the Saints.

Sparano also took the blame for the screw-up just prior to halftime on Sunday versus the Saints. In that situation, the Saints were lined up for a field goal with five seconds left and no timeouts. The Dolphins called one of their time outs to make sure they had the right personnel on the field. The Saints then brought the field goal unit to the sideline, trotted out the offense and used the time remaining to score on a Drew Brees dive over the top.

It gave New Orleans seven points instead of three.

"I want my players to do this, I need to it myself," Sparano said. "I have to take ownership of the situation that happened at the end of the half yesterday. I always have the power of trump and I did not do that. [I] should have lived with what was out on the field in that situation. So it was a bad decision on my part."

If you've seen my column in today's Miami Herald and the previous post on this blog, I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.

"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.

"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.

"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."

I also asked if Ginn should have caught the pass that he instead tipped up in the air and was intercepted by Darren Sharper and returned for a touchdown. Sparano called the pass, "a very good ball," but said he wasn't sure if someone got a hand in Ginn's face to cause him to miss the pass.

Ginn was in the locker room today playing dominoes. After cruising from the locker room without talking on Sunday, he declined to speak with the media again today. He told a Dolphins media relations person he would speaking on Wednesday.

Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)

"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

Discuss while I get you more stuff ...


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A lot of fans thought once Henne became QB, Ginn would finally reach his full potential. Well, his full potential has been reached and he flat out sucks. Now we know why Pennington didn't throw to Ginn. He didn't trust him. Why Sparano still trusts him, yet leaves Pat Turner on the bench is crazy. Granted, we have not seen Turner play, but he can't be worse then Ginn. The fans had it right when they booed Cameron for picking Ginn (but wrong on Quinn). We apparently were a lot worse after finishing 1-16 than we could have possibly imagined. As much as this team has improved, we still fold in the big game. It will definitely take four years to right this team, provided we don't make many mistakes. Hopefully, Bill Parcells will re-enlist after his four year contract is up. Now we know why he doesn't want players in their 30's. They would have to be replaced in a couple of years and then we would have to start all over again. That would be a bummer. We are right now getting ready to replace Porter, Will Allen, Jason Taylor, Yeremiah Bell, Gibril Wilson, Jason Ferguson. It's really sad how bad our draft picks have been because of Wannstedt, Sabin, and Cameron.

I say we should not cut Ginn now. We should try to get something for him in the off-season. I have an idea! Cut the number of Ginn snaps (giving more the Hartline) and when Teddy is in there just have him run fly patterns and don't throw it to him -- have him only work on fly patterns in practice too. In the game, he should at least take a CB out of the play and maybe a safety, if we are lucky.

Tell Henne, only throw it to Ginn if there is absolutely no one within 15 yards of him and you absolutely believe that you can throw it where only Ginn could possibly catch it or that he will drop it to the ground. After the season, I agree that we should send him to Cam. Maybe we will get a 7th round pick if we throw in Ginn's family in the deal.

BTW Armando, is Teddy in a contract year? Or, how much longer is Teddy under contract?

good new perspective KBA----a welcome departure from the pollyannas who predominate here much of the time-------this team remains stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity, and the new regime has failed to change the Culture of Losing that has possessed the Fins since Shula retired.

Jeff Ireland,

Dear sir,

Trade Ginn & Wilson to the Ravens plus every stinking pick after the fifth round for ED REED. Bring ED REED HOME. Thank you.


Oh yeah....I'm sure the Ravens are just dying to pick up Wilson & Ginn and to dump Reed.

Ginn has NO TRADE value --- a 5th rounder AT BEST. Wilson's toast in this league; passed on by Giants & Raiders, soon to be passed on by us.

I still want Parcells or Ireland to defend dumping Reynaldo Hill, who formed quite an effective partnership w/ Y Bell, for Gerbil. The decision to retain Crowder and pick up E Green in f/a, and to let Hill & Goodman go, has turned into a nightmare. Every time I watch Denver play it pains me to see them thriving there.

Were was the orange jerseys.

1. Keep Ginn for KR and PR. He is the best we have.
2. Demote Ginn to 3rd down WR or in plays to stretch the defense. He is not the #1 guy or #2 or #3…
3. Learn to tackle on Defense. I can not count how many broken “arm tackles” I have seen. Come on guys, show some basic tackling skills out there.

I see that some more of you are starting to see the light. The rest still want to blame this or that player.

Want to blame a player? Who drafts/trades/makes roster cuts? Just who evaluates talent? (Hint) the players don't vote themselves on the team.

But personnel mistakes are only one half of the problem. The other half is poor coaching. Like any business, you can only blame "employees" for so long.

It's time to sit Ginn, start Hartline, and I would like to see Tuner, with his size he would be great on slants in the end zone. the guy doesn't have to know the whole play book, just give him 4 or 5 routes. NFL has to do something about the ref's.


i don't want to see ginn on KR or PR. He either bales to the sideline or rolls up like a rolly polly and hits the ground in a PANIC.

Third downs for what? so we can punt again. he can't catch and he won't fight for a catch. dump him.

ok, i agree he has no trade value ditto the rat gerbil.

can't a dude dream? it made me feel all warm and fuzzy just to write the name of ED REED-crazy good hurricane.

Ginn would be a fine 3rd or 4th option but he clearly isn't a number One reciver. This team hasn't had a true number one reciver since Clayton. Mcduffie was very good bur never a big play threat. Dolphin brass please fix this on the offseason with either a draft pick or free agency or both.

With regards to Wilson, I think that the guy(s) in personnel who argued for Wilson should be taped to a chair and forced to watch Wilson highlights for 2 days straight -- no sleep or food. This is proper punishment to make sure it never happens again. Damn we should have signed Sharper.

You are what your record says you are...

I will have a bad taste In my mouth untill Miami beats jets next week! The pain!!! Ouch, ouch!!! The deception!!! It's like a bad Hangover and saying I'll never drink again. ( meaning to quit on Miami) but next week urge for another drink.

Why did we sign Kershaw?? I think we should have signed Zach!! Bring him back for one game and give him a proper send off -- unless he plays well, then keep him. Think this is crazy? If so, then think about the fact that the Pats brought back Seau!


How come the Dolphins aren't talking about refs calls that cost them 14 points?I saw all the review calls and we got the worst calls all year.I know it's not all on the refs, but it's hard enough to beat a good team...can't beat the refs too.

I understand that Sparano doesn't want to throw Ginn under the bus...BUT we need to BENCH him.He needs to think about how he is hurting his team...Let Ginn sit and think about it.

I still don't understand why Ronnie only touched the ball 19 times...he's our best offensive player.Ronnie needs to touch the ball more.

I saw some people asking for JT to get cut...are you serious?JT had a great game.He played his a** off.He probably can't go every down anymore...get Roth healthy and split downs.

Will Allen and Cobbs out for the season...damn that's huge.

jets 4-3
pats 5-2
bils 3-4


We need to get younger at the LB positon. JT would be great as a 3rd down pass rusher but isn't the JT from a few years ago. Wake needs to play and porter sit in the bench. I've never seen a player like crowder who likes like a pro bowler one play and a pratice squader the next.

They Dolphins have 3 good NFL receivers. Ginn just isn't one of them. Regardless of whether or not he's open sometimes when Henne doesn't throw it to him, you just can't have the mistakes that Ginn had yesterday. If the Dolphins had a one of the top 15 receivers in the NFL instead of Ginn, the team would easily be 4-2. He's our Leodis McKelvin.

That timeout before the half was the second ridiculous timeout this season. It came after a replay that lasted several minutes. What were you doing during the replay??!?!? One of two things was going to happen. Either it was going to be a TD or the ball would be placed inside the 1 yard line. How are you not preparing for the one option where you need guys on the field?!?!? They did the same thing in that two minute drill (if you can call it that) against the Colts. Coming off a long commercial, they run one play (literally a run) and burn a precious timeout.

Sparano needs to get his head out of his ass during game stoppages and try to anticipate what's coming next. Honestly, a decision should have been made during the replay that the starting defense (instead of the FG unit) was going to take the field if it wasn't a TD. Give them the freakin FG! If his team's that stupid not to figure that out on their own, then he needs to go to each player during the booth review and individually tell them that that if it's no TD, then they're going to be on the field.

The coaching staff make only one glaring error all last season (the 4th and goal isolation throw to Haynos in frigid, windy weather in KC). This year, they've aready made 4 or 5 awful coaching errors.....not just bad or controversial calls. 4 or 5 Awful Errors.

i thought there were three ACLs this year....no?

damn, i miss pat cobbs. where the heck is lex hilliard? let him handle the PR/KR duties & extra H back like pat cobbs was.

Why hasn't Jason Allen been given a chance to play when Wilson has been struggling all year. He has looked good on special teams and let's be honest he can't be any worse then Wilson has been.

once upon a time there was a team called fins ,one day they were up 24-3 on the saints and by end of the game it was 145-34 for the saints.
how it happened ? no one knows but then the coach came and told how it happened .he said it's my fault .NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


if i had a daughter which i don't, she would be better than ginn or wilsin the rat.

wilsin was NOT a typo

if a had a maid she would be better than wilson the rat and better than jt the mentor

Are you seriously going to start hating on JT, one of the best players we've had in our existence?

You have to rid of Ginn and we need for cb to step up

if i had a donkey who knows how to catch a a fly and when a wr jets more than a 100,000 dollars a game , i swear to god i would be able to teach the donkey how to catch the football.i would give him a nick name (fasashno )

gets more

this coach is full of crap they had to get long looks at guys like wake and moses etc in the pre season and these guys played good in those games then get buried on the bench cause they cant play special teams. if the guys are good at their positions let them play.i cant believe wake has barely played since that buffalo game sparano=wanny so sad

I read a post from somebody who thinks we can still go 11 - 5. Are u kidding me?? We have two games against new England. One against Pitt., and NY. Plus Houston who owns us. I'll be happy with a sweep of the Jets and 8 and 8 record.

are these jerseys selling ???????????
ted ginn

Damn straight! If Hartline does get more playing time it BETTER cut into Ginn's time!!!

gallway the wr that pats got 3 mo ago already gone b/c he couldn't catch the ball.kraft told him ( BY BY YOU COAST ME MONEY ).

Dolfan, Corners will be fine. Smith was a steal of a pick and Davis was ok Sunday. They both needed to start anyway to quicken their growth. Let's face it Allen was getting older and looked bad on SEVERAL plays this year

i hear that a lot of beer sold last nite in south FL .

why did we run a play 5 seconds before the 2 mimite warning before the second half. If you are up 23-3, dont you want to run out the clock????? Then. wait until after the 2 min waring to run a run play. I dont get it. Go fins, but an average fan can call plays and win that game. At least we will get a better draft pick and and easier schedule next year. Cut Ginn. The one catach against the Jets doesnt equal 100 broken hearts.

we beat the saints. our stupidity lost the game.

Roman, you think the game was fixed ?

No. I just think it was a loss. We should have run the ball and run out the clock. I just dont get why the best running team in the nfl tries to trow all second half, when we are up by ten going starting the second half. Its common sense. The kind I thought Parcells and his team had. I just dont undertand. If it was Dave Wanstad's team. different story. but dont we say. We need to make better decisions Now?????


Anybody wanna talk about a 15 yard selfish butt play the Mr I love me joey Porter took?
There were a lot of bad plays but our older guys know that 15 yards is a lot to give up when you could have had these guys on the ropes.

Ted Ginn sucks. I was hoping like everyone else that he would/could change his scared butt and he hasn't.

easy Roman, we need you .

"He continues to improve every day" coach tony S. on why he continues to play Ted (I fall down)Ginn.....@ things come to mind, #1 tony has a drinking and, or drug problem or #2 he's in a alternate universe... a so called bizzarro world , where up is down,fast is slow, Ted Ginn is a future hall of famer,hot is cold , you guys know bizzarro world

I grew up in Miami. I have always loved the Fins and always Will. I just wonder why a Dolphin fan has to take so much crap from his friends. We are a good team. But you are what your record says you are. And thats one win away from the Bills. We are better. LET OUR RECORD SHOW IT.

yeeeeeees the cuban in the trailer

i don't get the ricky hating. he was a monster yesterday....oh...in the first half when we were running. set a career high record run.....and u guys are bashing him? bashing JT & Porter? wow

need a beast safety and play Turner, hell why not? start hartline NOW. play hillard. get them out there.

Nate Jones, Tyrone Culver, Clemmons....play them all till ya get a starter at Safety.


Tired of Ginn.. tired of excuses..

Ronnie brown did not get enough touches..

The receivers are below average...

The offensive line is far from GREAT as they are being paid to be...

blah blah blah is all i hear and see on the field during game time...

I dunno how I have continued to support and cheer a team that hasn't even won a super bowl since I was born in 1978!

It's hard to accept another bad year...

we should have a retirement fare well for few players

Did you know that if you take out the 11 catches that Ted(Where's the sideline)Ginn had he's only caught 7 passes, that's 7 for the entire season. he also has 9 dropped passes, not that i'd ever question coach S, but come on..

Were is Ted ginn's family?? I thought that was a package draft pick His father could start at safety and his mother could be a back up guard.

Mr. Bunglo, who would we have retired??


explain "take out the 11 catches".

what eleven catches?

Guys I know the pain of that game hurts now but we had the best team in the league on the ropes and if GWilson makes the tackles he is paid to do and Ginn makes the catches he is paid to make we win the game.

We need to see if Turner can make those plays that Ginn did not IMO. GWilson just like Crocker last yr needs to spend some time on the bench and give Culver and Clemens a shot at the FS spot. I know we up and cut Crocker but we have alot of $$$$ invested in GWilson so put him on the bench for a little while and a chance to a younger player.

With WAllen out the 2 Rooks have to play every down, I think they will be ok. JAllen is going to see a little more playing time so he needs to be ready.

The good thing is we got a team in the jets next week and we should pound the rock more now that Jenkens is out for the yr, We will stop there running game and force Sanchless to beat us. Like the last time we played them he could not. The wildcat can not be stopped but we went away from it for the most part in the 2nd half. Ricky looked great and I do not know why he only got 9 carries WOW!!! ( 9carries 80 yds and 3 TDs)thats almost 10 yds a pop.. He needed 15 more and would of won the game for us yesterday. Kill the clock is our game but we went away from it and Im confused why we did. I know that the saints stacked the line but you still run the football with the line we have we would of pounded it down there throat!!

Harricane, the 11 catches he had against the colts subtract his 18 catches so far this year and you get 7 catches, and sorry about the cane game on Saturday, but it was a great game though..


he had 11 against the coltz...wow.

yea,...you can imagine my weekend. think the canes blew the ACC title chase. they have to win out.

then doing what we did to the saints in the first half...to one of the best teams this year in the NFL....to finish like that? wow.

needless to say i abused alcohol on both nights..... :-)

Gimp needs to be benched at wr and just be left to return kicks and punts if he fails at that then we can trade him for a cheerleader in the offseason


I've heard first-hand accounts of Fasano out drinking tequila two nights before games.

fasano is over 21, so he can drink if he wants. coach tony is drinking Kool-Aid when he says ginn is improving.

improving in bring him his coffee? he isn't talking about Catching the damn ball !!

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