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Sparano blames self, defends Ginn (sort of)

Coach Tony Sparano has just finished his day-after press conference and he started it by confirming that cornerback Will Allen is out for the year with a torn ACL on one of his knees. Allen will be placed on injured reserve and the team has called William Kershaw to add him to the roster.

Kershaw helps on special teams but is also an insurance policy for the fact ILB Channing Crowder is nursing a left arm/shoulder injury suffered against the Saints.

Sparano also took the blame for the screw-up just prior to halftime on Sunday versus the Saints. In that situation, the Saints were lined up for a field goal with five seconds left and no timeouts. The Dolphins called one of their time outs to make sure they had the right personnel on the field. The Saints then brought the field goal unit to the sideline, trotted out the offense and used the time remaining to score on a Drew Brees dive over the top.

It gave New Orleans seven points instead of three.

"I want my players to do this, I need to it myself," Sparano said. "I have to take ownership of the situation that happened at the end of the half yesterday. I always have the power of trump and I did not do that. [I] should have lived with what was out on the field in that situation. So it was a bad decision on my part."

If you've seen my column in today's Miami Herald and the previous post on this blog, I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.

"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.

"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.

"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."

I also asked if Ginn should have caught the pass that he instead tipped up in the air and was intercepted by Darren Sharper and returned for a touchdown. Sparano called the pass, "a very good ball," but said he wasn't sure if someone got a hand in Ginn's face to cause him to miss the pass.

Ginn was in the locker room today playing dominoes. After cruising from the locker room without talking on Sunday, he declined to speak with the media again today. He told a Dolphins media relations person he would speaking on Wednesday.

Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)

"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

Discuss while I get you more stuff ...


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Mando, could you please find out from the league why there isn't a 10 to 15 second run off of the clock when the refs make a wrong call, such as the one at the end of the half. Like when the offense at the end of the half or game tries to line up and spike the ball only to get flagged for not having everyone in their proper spots. The refs turn a neg. play into a pos. play by getting the call wrong to start with. The Saints went for a play down the middle w/o a timeout, that's a gamble they took and should've walked away w/ nothing. The refs should not be able to effect the game that way. If it was at the end of the game and a team throws a hail Mary w/ 10 sec. remaining in the game and his reciever comes down w/ the ball at the one w/ 1 sec. still on the clock and is tackled before the ball cross the goal line, but they call it a TD. After a review decide he was down at the one, can they really give that team one shot at a TD b/c of that 1 sec.? COM'MAN, please find out how they will handle that situation in the future.

Yeah, he had 11 catches for like 87 yards,he would have had 100 yards that game but he had -1.1 yards after the catch average, though he dropped two for sure T.Ds that game also....

If Ginn and Fasano had done their job, we would have won the game. Fire both right now and get somebody who can play their positions. The can't.

Stop talking about dumping Ginn.. He is a skilled Returner...just not a WR... Its not his fault that Cameron drafted him that high....his not a true WR...so we need to put him in an appropriate position... but not get rid of a skilled Returner. That doesnt make sense..

ok...cuban....u reminded me why i forgot his catches. it was those two probable TD catches that i remember.

same thing happened yesterday. see how clark, gonzales, jackson, colston and the real receivers in the league....Fight for a catch?

jinny rolls into a lil ball wimpering and drops it.

coach tony must have meant that jinny was improving in his dominos game.

It was a bad lost. But remember we were 2-4 last year at this time and we have a very favorable schedule left. We need to play more consistent, at every position, NOT ONE. Lets stop bashing our players and try to give them convidence, have there backs (we sound like NY JETS FANS bashing on their own players). Maybe if we show more support instead of pointing out 2 to 3 guys, it will take some pressure off them. Then maybe we can look at a home SUPER BOWL, that would be nice. SO AS A DIEHARD DOLPHIN FAN, I AM CALLING OUT ALL DOLPHIN FANS TO KEEP SUPPORTING OUR TEAM AND STOP RIPPING AT THEM. We had 2 games against the best 2 teams in the league and could have easily won, What does that say about our team and guys? We hurt ourselves in those games, and lost them. But we clean up our game we are easy the #1 team in the league.

thanks mmmtravis you made me laugh all we need is everything

can ginn cook ?

Harricane, I hear he drops dominos too...

I cannot believe that Will Allen is out for the year.


did u read that very funny post about a "bobble Hands of Stone" doll of jinny?

damn it was funny.

CKep-we were not dogging all players just jinny and gerbil the rat. i am all good with the other 51 and the PS too (hint hint.... turner, hillard & clemmons).


does fasano knows how to make meatballs ?


what is up with you and meatballs?

I love Miami dolphins football & I cannot stand when fans bash and boo the players, how is booing your home team gonna help anything? Ginn needs to be our 4th receiver/Returner & nothing more than until he proves something, he's a bum but please don't boo him

DOL FANS....Lets stand behind our team. Yes, its hard being 2-4 especially after you are up 23-3. Henne played great. Its not his fault Ginn gave the ball to the defense. We will only get better. I was angry too.. but without fans support what good is a team. GO FINS!!!!!

i don't want jinny returning anything....use hartline or turner....they don't head for the sidelines

let lex return like pat cobb did

Trade ginn for a six pack. If any team is dumb enough to accept the terms.

Iam also with harricane on this one, I wouldnt let ginn return a movie to block-buster video, he'd drop the case and id have to pay for it....

The Dolphins Personnel moves are starting to closely resemble (in the bad way) the Florida Panthers. Hey,while were at it lets trade Chad Henne and Ronnie Brown for some Raiders Thirs stringers?

good one cuban....

plus, i am not a bad fan because i think jinny and gerbil the rat are not "up to par". in fact they are losing games....think falcons, chargers, coltz & saints.

it was not coach tony's silly time out that lost the game. henne is the one who is doing just fine....brown & williams & co, awesome. its two guys.....

and fasano can probably make some pretty good spagetti. don't know about meatballs.

Sporano sounds hypocritical. If how u play determines how much u play y is he putting faith in ginn who has been consisently ubderachieving (besides the colts game)

GINN TO BLOCKBUSTER!!!!! You Said it Cuban!!!!

Parcells called Terry Glen "she" because of the way he caught the ball. Anyway, let's focus on the positive. We played one heck of a first half of football and blew the Saints away! If we can continue to play that way and keep stepping on the opponent's neck when we have them down we will be fine. Me, personally I hope we win the next 6 games and take it from there. We haven't lost a division game yet. Don't lose hope!!

Mando. Does Ginn realize how much heart break he causes long time dolphin fans? does he realize that the way he is or Pro Bowler, The Fins are so much bigger than he is??????

if i were GM and compared hartline to jinny...... does not take a brain surgeon to play hartline, camarillo and turner with bess on third for the slant.

jinny can work on his domino skills

amen Roman

Thanks hurricane, its good to know Im not alone.

The good Lord knows I love my team but in all reality I will believe in them know matter what since we still have a solid front office in place but until they realize and understand that some of the current players they have on the field don't fit the bill like Gin, Wilson then we will always be that team that can dominate the mediocre/ bad teams this loss reminds me of the one we took on the chin last year at Houston but if history repeats it self then we should rebound to 11-5 or a realistic 10-6 I sincerely hope the bettter we have a solid team I am glad that we have henne in place now and that 156 million dollar offensive line is part of the leagues second best running attack, passing the ball should be easy. But the loss Sunday hurt like hell just like it did last year that sunt us. To 2-4 I'm with you Armando why is it so hard to get turner up to speed with the play book so that we can see what he can do in game situations. This is so fustrating, thank God for Heartline I feel he will be the best wr since Clayton, or McDuffie but if don't put him on the field the. We will never know unless we put these guys in situations to grow as players!!!!!

Go Fins

I think we are all tru Dolphins fans. Or we would be some where else. One thing I thought we gained having Parcells was Common Sense. Its like it went out the window in the second half of that game. It Stung us all.

roman man,

its been all jinny talk today. mando nailed it....jinny & gerbil the rat have to wear the pine. then they can watch rookies do their damn job.

Agree., You can see how much this horrid outing yesterday vs. the saints has made ted a jumble of nerves, he couldnt speak to the press cause he was honing his Domino skills...Maybe teddy can dress up for halloween on sat. nite as a wide-out..

Thats Right, but will the people who make that call, make that call??

Armando ask better questions if you want better answeres from Coach Sparano about Ginn. Let me hlp a bit 1.) Does he feel Ginn has good hands for a receiver? 2.)Does he feel Ginn has alligator arms when he goes over the middle? 3.) does he feel Ginn is hesitant when he runs back kicks? 4.) Why does Ginn always go out of bounds instead of turning it up for more yards? See straight forward questions or i guess you can call them leading questions. Maybe, just maybe if you ask in this manner you might get thetype of answere u are looking for. As far as throwing a player under the bus. Matt Roth should of been there in my opinion. Roth lied to his Coach on more than 1 occasion, he is a lier with potential as a player. Ginn is a good kid from a good family who can't catch the football. Dolphins 21 the no-class leon washington less jets 17

Where's nj phin fan????

ya know roman,

shy was jinny there anyway on a day off? maybe to be told he was demoted.

cuban...exactly....he can't handle coverage much less a BIG GAME.... i hope like hell he reads this blog...his lack of performance is painful to real DOLFANS

why not shy

Anyone that thinks Ginn should return kicks has got to be crazy . This guy will fumble the ball as soon as he gets layed into. I was walking away from the tv every time he was back there to field the kick..I was happy when the Saints kicked the ball through the end zone, I felt the big fumble coming when he was back there.. Ginn is a great high scool player... Hartline should have started from day 1 .. IM starting to think our best receiver could be Pat Turner sitting on the bench....

Ted(Alligator arms)Ginn needs a set of..... well we all know what he needs.

at least i hope they give PT a chance....think Sean the man Smith & Mr Henne. not too damn shabby

atleast the hard part of the schedule is over

is it just me or is everyone still pissed tonight....?

no one calling names to other posters just putting pain on the gerbil rat & jinny....pretty cool

YES, Ginn Jr (and Sr for that matter) sucks! Let's see if riding the bench for a while "helps" him focus...Or is he waiting for those new velcro footballs...
And now we also know why Clam Chowder didn't make any plays yesterday = if he was hurt, he should have taken himself out of the game...instead, he missed tackles and helped the team to yet another preventable loss.

cuban...at least u made me smile for once today

Yes, we have the patriots twice, and hopefully Pitsburg will Clinch and play 3rd stringers. I remeber last year when I was at the San Fan game. Someone was giving out free shirts that said, CAN STILL HAPPEN. We must have Faifth. Too bad about Will Allen. Should have been Ginn!!!! Ginn...If you read this, nothing personal, we just CAN NOT count on you to make that catch.

Braylon Edwards charged with assault...facing NFL suspension...Jests deserve him..We are stuck with Ginn till years end along with Fasano and Gibril...If Clemons and Turner were ready I'm pretty sure they would already have been out there...


clemons & turner could at least get experience. can't do any worse....its called your chance son....make it happen




HURRICANE IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mando, tell Ginn, on behalf of the fans....QUIT!!!

Sorry harricane but I don't agree...if ur sending two kids out to "get experience" instead of for upgrading then ur basically saying seasons over...10 games left, little early for that in my opinion

Bobbyd12 IS THE MAN!!!!!

Wow, I didn't know nurses had balls!

roman stop being cold heart bastard ,ginn deserves our love and respect.he comes to work hard every day as the rest of the players for just millions of dollars .come on roman .

bobby....trading deadline came and went....

you would keep playing jinny and the rat?

POINT IS. ALL FIN FANS WHO ARE HERE IS THE MAN!!!!! A team is only as good as its fan base. Lets Rally and Make the playoffs. At this time last year we were all having the same Doubts. Lets try to have Faifth. Even though we all HATE GINN!!!!

i am not a nurse....lol... but i do like nurses the female ones....

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