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Sparano blames self, defends Ginn (sort of)

Coach Tony Sparano has just finished his day-after press conference and he started it by confirming that cornerback Will Allen is out for the year with a torn ACL on one of his knees. Allen will be placed on injured reserve and the team has called William Kershaw to add him to the roster.

Kershaw helps on special teams but is also an insurance policy for the fact ILB Channing Crowder is nursing a left arm/shoulder injury suffered against the Saints.

Sparano also took the blame for the screw-up just prior to halftime on Sunday versus the Saints. In that situation, the Saints were lined up for a field goal with five seconds left and no timeouts. The Dolphins called one of their time outs to make sure they had the right personnel on the field. The Saints then brought the field goal unit to the sideline, trotted out the offense and used the time remaining to score on a Drew Brees dive over the top.

It gave New Orleans seven points instead of three.

"I want my players to do this, I need to it myself," Sparano said. "I have to take ownership of the situation that happened at the end of the half yesterday. I always have the power of trump and I did not do that. [I] should have lived with what was out on the field in that situation. So it was a bad decision on my part."

If you've seen my column in today's Miami Herald and the previous post on this blog, I've called for Ted Ginn's benching. I asked Sparano, with all due respect, why he would continue to start Ginn when the player is clearly not performing, and, indeed, hurting Miami.

"Well, Armando, I thought some of the situations right now that have occurred, quite honestly, are circumstances," Sparano answered. "In other words, what I mean by that is there are a lot of things that go into some of these things.

"It's like asking me about Chad Henne's performance. Chad Henne's performance yesterday there's a lot of things that go into that. There's dropped balls, missed sight adjusts, things like that. Well, there are some of those things with Ted as well. In other words, the ball isn't thrown on time, he does beat the coverage and we don't get a chance to throw it.

"I think Ted is a young guy who is getting better and has been improving along the way. He just didn't have a real good ballgame yesterday."

I also asked if Ginn should have caught the pass that he instead tipped up in the air and was intercepted by Darren Sharper and returned for a touchdown. Sparano called the pass, "a very good ball," but said he wasn't sure if someone got a hand in Ginn's face to cause him to miss the pass.

Ginn was in the locker room today playing dominoes. After cruising from the locker room without talking on Sunday, he declined to speak with the media again today. He told a Dolphins media relations person he would speaking on Wednesday.

Sparano, meanwhile, said you can expect more playing time for Brian Hartline, who caught three passes for 94 yards. (Obviously, the player whose snaps will be diminished when Hartline's are increased should be Ginn, but Sparano did not say that.)

"With me," Sparano said, "how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more and I think Brian played good enough yesterday to merit playing more."

Discuss while I get you more stuff ...


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don't send the young guys to get injured .send the vetrens to get injured and retire .

Hell yeah, give someone else a shot!

if clemons & turner can play like sean smith....play them

think hartline & smith....both upgrades

cuban sounds like a nurse after 10.0 pm
before that he sounds like a line cook .

roman sounds like wall mart team memeber.

aloco sounds like a bus boy .

What does amp mean

Harricane, the answer is YES...Obviously Turner and Clemons aren't ready..Not all rookies can just STEP in and play pro ball...I'm not breaking balls, I'm not satisfied with Ginn or Gibril...but I'm not for sending out a couple kids who are not ready

I have no problem with replacing Ginn with Hartline, bit not someone who is not prepared to play a pro game

Mando, come through, at least tell us Ginn doesnt go home feeling good about him self. I think that would make us all feel better. I dont wish him any ill will. But he has caused it all on us.

How come we didn't throw any screen passes to Ricky or Ronnie to slow down the pass rush? Horrid playcalling


Ok, so we wasted a number 1 on Ginn, it happens, who knew. Let's move on and get whatever we can for him. Sending him to St. Louis or to the depths of Oakland for a 3rd or 4th rounder and a bag or a bag of balls would be worth it. Heartless and gutless, goodbye!!!


do we know turner and clemons are not ready? sounds like the "placeholders" jinny and the rat took roster places.

there will be changes...tony won't play around.....

Thank goodness they resigned Kershaw; he was an animal in the preseason with a real nose for the ball. Hopefully Crowder's injury needs surgery and keeps his sorry noddle arms, blind eyes and absent instincts off the field. Torbor can play ball (while Crowder sits at home rubbing the Saint's RBs' with coconut oil) and Kershaw can come in here and there bust some heads.

don't forget Torbor..... he may be an upgrade

i liked Kershaw & JD Folsom as well, preseason

Hartline, yes he should get more playing time. Ted's been a real disappointment this year with a few glimpes of a good WR. What we need is someone that can catch the ball in a consistant manner. Can we get Duper or Clayton to come back? They probably have as good a chance as Ginn. We need a good TE too! In my experience, when we run well our passing game sucks and conversly when we pass great our running game sucks. I thought we might have that balance this year, who knows we could win the rest of our games. I'm dreaming!!!!!

u know what louie,

i am with ya.....move on without ginny....

not an issue....let him go....

And why start Clemons over Wilson when you've got a guy with experience: Culver. There's another dude named Jason Allen who may not be the best choice but he blows people up on ST. Either one is better than Wilson.

I will be beside myself if Ginn, Wilson and Crowder start.

haynos....play him too.

guys we have the players...we just don't play them... did anyone see the houston TE? he was not a big buckz guy....what a game he had

who the hell knows, maybe jason is ready, agree on ST play...maybe he is ready

Theres gonna be some changes around here. Ireland wont't wait either we trade for more draft picks or, wait- to sign a player or two that can make plays on the field. Play the rookies and lets go!
Draft is loaded with big talent and we need to acquire draft picks. Ginn needs a new home get what you can for him highest possible value and add G Wil or cut him one or the other.
Play Turner and have Sheets or someone return kickoffs.

Harricane, that's the point, we don't know if they are ready, only the coaches know that since Dolphins practices are closed...but I would assume if they were ready Sprano would have them out there already...no one knows but the coaches if those kids are ready

Thanks for the props Hurricane!

Nippin on Sponge Cake
Watchin the Sun bake etc etc.

Fins to the left fins to the right

Thats the friggen problem

They are turning the stadium into a friggen singles bar for old gold-diggin cougars

You know the ones with the boob-job from 1970 and the make up that starts drippin off in the heat

What next Tommy Bahama uniforms

How in the hell is this team going to be tough with all that stuff

If I hear Marc Anthony or whatever that easy-listening fools name is, I Need to know song during re-play challenges one more time!

Thats why we are losing- you got men playing a mans game listening to elevator tunes in between snaps

Like RickyBobby said in Talladega nights. I'm dizzy from all the gayness. LoL

That stadium looks like a friggen lido deck of an old peoples cruise during a game

I watch it here from Cali and am a huge fan but come on.

If you look closely at the Ginn miss it's because he is doing the fins to the left fins to the right dance with his hands...look closely thats why the ball flys right between em

Go Phins

Too many mistakes, we need a new manager.

Posted by Leo Sanchez

Say what you want about the players, coaches, play calling etc. Some truth to all of it, but we have one of the most exciting and physical teams in football, win or loss. Most of my close friends are from Pittsburgh and are die hard Steeler fans. When they were born, Steeler Fan was printed on there birth certificate. In ther eyes Dallas may be called Americas Team, but the Steelers are the worlds team. My Steeler friends cant get enough of the DOLPHINS. They were so glad their game was at 1:OO so they didnt miss any of the DOLPHINS GAME AT 4:00. We are close, we need more depth and playmakes but till we turn the corner and become an elite team at least we wont be bored.

The problem is that the dolphins have a lot of second team players n the wrong spot. second team players should b playing behind some one instead of being a go to guy. half out starters wont make it on 30 other team. Come On fit the problem or this will happen week in week out. fire wilson n ginn they getting free checks, or trade them for a real #1 WR like DYWANY BOWE

Ginn has played a big role in Miami's struggles. He is not the whole problem. But his drops have been huge. It's a shame. His skill set aside from catching seems similar to DeSean Jackson in Philly... Maybe he just needs to be a stretch the field 3rd WR. Less pressure... Single coverage mostly, maybe...
Hartline and Bess should start... Ginn, Camarillo, and Turner rotate at 3rd.

Gibril Wilson reminds me of JB Brown..my least favorite Dolphin DB of all time...can't tackle..can't cover..what can he do?

We should be able to trade Ginn to Baltimore for maybe a 3rd rounder? Camron drafted the bum let him keep him. We waited for 3 years for a regression. This guy cannot and will not be an elite WR. Take a solid WR prospect high in next years draft. One that has always played WR!

Love my dolphins, but I was thinking if I go to work and mess up at work. Has many times Ginn has I would have been fired weeks ago, I really don't see what Tony is see. Hartline is a much better received and would be an upgrade

Cam Cameron said we drafted Ted Ginns family. My question is could we put in one of his siblings at WR. I'd take any one of his family as long as they don't drop into a fetal position every time a defensive player comes with in 10 yards; mother, sister, or even grandmother. I think its time for his family to step up.

Amen louiezach

Ah the kiss of death from the boss is the quintessential compliment in the face of poor performance. Hear me now - Ginn is done.

Fatass Sparano blamed himself? Gee, what a revelation! That's like Bill Buckner admitting he made a fielding error. Uhhh, NO SH*T, Tony, you big stupid piece of garbage. Every time Henne fades back to pass, Sparano has go without supper. That will make that fatass coach of ours learn to use the running game.

Please, give Ted Ginn a break, if you had those short little arms that won't reach over his head, I doubt you could catch many balls. At least he fights for the ball. He looked light he could scratch that DB's eyes out on that interrception

And just to prove how clueless Fatass Sparano is, he defended Ted Ginn, and (GET THIS!!) he says Ted is getting better?? What does it take to get benched as a Dolphin? Gerbil Wilson and the Ginn family kill us week after week after week, and Fatass Tony rewards them. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Miami brass for the past 15 years have refused to spend top dollar on skill position players in trades or free agents. Ricky being the one exception and our coach ran him into the ground causing him to want to smoke everyday rather then earning millions to play football. There is a true number one reciver playing in Arizona that is there for the taking we just dint want to give up a pick. Are u kidding?? Hillard needs to start playing because u know Ronnie is gone in the offseason. Fins won't pay him the money he will get on the open market. We will overpay for some slob on the o line which looked horrible in the second half yesterday. Maybe we can trade grove back to Oakland for a pick. Two false starts on a center is unacceptable

Yeah, fights like a girl then goes running and crying out of bounds. I get it he is small, but he is fast. I get it he is short, but he is fast. I get it he can't catch most passes, but boy he sure is fast. I get it now he is just fast!

Sparano said this, "With me, how you play in the game kind of merits whether you should play more." That is a direct lie, on par with the lies of Nick Saban.
What has Brian Hartline done wrong to become a benchwarmer, while Ginn merits extra playing time?? Sparano is too cowardly to bench anyone and too busy eating donuts to care about running the ball.

ok boys, time for my fois gra

So on that play right befopre halftime, the receiver got tackled at the 1-yardline, and the Saints were 30 yards away with 5 seconds left. Obviously, they would not have time to race down and get a play off. But thanks to brilliant officiating, they get a HUGE break and a win handed to them because the ref blew the call. A team should not be able to benefit from a ref's mistake. Then again, our fat coach put a bow on the giftwrap that the refs gave the Saints with his brilliant time out.

Alto,are you an assssssssssssssssssssssss.
leave ginn alone trash pin

justice. are you perfect ,leave ted alone trash pin

Hey, alto...is Ted Ginn fast ?

How can Smith get more playing time if he never gets into the game to get (earn) more playing time?

I'll say it again. I believe we (media, coaches, fans) destroyed Ginns confidence ala Jason Allen...And STILL say play Jason Allen. The drops can be overcome, and even some of the better receivers in the league drop critical passes. i would take a potentially dangerous Ginn that drops passes over a David Martin that drops passes (someone called for him earlier). He needs to get his swagger back, and I think that requires MORE touches...kick returns, punt returns, reverses...Just because the reverse doesn't work ONCE, doesn't mean he won't break one!

what does "pin" mean at the end of aloco's posts??

Marc, your point is valid, IF Ginn were a rookie. This is his THIRD year, and he still cannot catch a basic pass. Sorry, but you're just wrong about Ginn. He doesn't need swagger, he needs a new job with the Lions.

To bad matt Millan isn't running the show in Detroit. I bet we could have traded GInn for Johnson straight up if he were.

bin .i am sorry ,i was busy getting my meatball sub ready .ginn is a great human being .look at the defense where the tragdy is .

where carlito the hero my azzzzzzzzzzz

Calvin Johnson = another elite reciver we passed over in the draft.

Did Camarillo's "pass" really go forward? I thought iut went backwards or parallel, and thus is LEGAL. I like how fox showed no replays of it.

However we did get Jake long. A piece of that highly overrated o line that looked horrible yesterday. We have elite backs that have been making an average O line look great.

Ginn is a glorified punt returner... Thats all! I cant stand it when they play this fool knowing he chokes on big game-changing grabs.

Ginn F'n Sucks!!!!!

FOX was to busy humming on the nuts of the Saint players to show a replay.

Finfan i agree... Mediocre O-line and two good backs. Oh and one SORRY reciever T.G.

Enjoy the two backs while we got them. I'm convinced Ronnie is gone in the offseason.

Is anybody interested in a couple of Dolphins season tickets for the remaining games of 2009?
Cheap, I promise. You are not going to see good football being played, but if you are lucky you may even see Jimmy Buffet, Mark Anthony and a host of other characters that have nothing to do with football, but they are so much fun to see. Don't wait until 2010. I won't have any season tickets to sell.

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