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Sparano: Starting WRs to be determined

With reports here and there, at ESPN.com and Profootballtalk.com and miamiherald.com, speculating whether Ted Ginn Jr. has lost his starting job or playing time or his blankie, I figured it's time to cut to the chase and ask coach Tony Sparano whether Ginn has, in fact, lost his starting job or not?

"No. Well, we'll see where we are at the end of the week," Sparano said. "Right now I'm kind of upsetting the whole apple cart and let's see where this thing goes. I don't want to say 'Yes,' I don't want to say, 'No' right now."

The Dolphins on Wednesday basically began a WR tryout with each of the five wideouts given a chance to earn playing time and their starting jobs for Sunday's game versus the Jets.

"Today we went in there and said, 'Let's let it fly and we got five guys in there playing this position so let's let them all work and we'll go from there.' "

And that basically means practice, more than anything else, will determine what receivers -- Ginn, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Patrick Turner -- you'll see get the most work versus New York.

"It always does," Sparano said. "It really does. It always does from my end. In my mind we have five players at that position and at the end of the week, we see where it goes."

So much for all the speculation.

During the open portion of today's practice, Camarillo was the lone WR with the starting group. It is not known how much work any of the receivers got with the first team during the remaining 90 minutes of practice, which should suggest to you the media (including me) doesn't know what happened during the close part of practice.

Ginn, by the way, came into the locker room during the open media session for about five seconds today. He saw reporters there and turned and walked out. Ginn had told the media relations department he would talk on Wednesday. So much for promises.

By the way, Channing Crowder did not practice today. He has, as was reported here two days ago, a shoulder injury. Crowder is all but certain to play Sunday against New York.

"I feel like crap," he said to me when I asked about his status. "I would have practiced today but that's Tony decision."

As for Sunday ... "That's Tony's decision, but I'm sure he's going to want his dog there with him."

Crowder is one of Sparano's dogs.

Jason Ferguson (foot) was limited in practice while Ricky Williams (thumb) took all his repetitions in practice. Matt Roth, who missed practice last week with an ankle injury, returned to work today.

For the Jets, David Clowney (ankle), Brandon Moore (foot) and Lito Sheppard (quad) missed practice Wednesday. Bart Scott, Shaun Ellis, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, and Damien Woody, were limited for the Jets with various injuries.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez just said he expects Cotchery, who has missed the past two games, to play this week versus Miami.

Jets coach Rex Ryan had his conference call with the South Florida hacks. He was asked his thoughts about the Dolphins losing starting cornerback Will Allen for the season.

"We lost a Pro Bowl nose tackle and Pro Bowl running back," Ryan said. "So boo hoo hoo."

Finally, if you want a breakdown of the NFL's best running back tandems, go the The Herald's Rollout blog and check out how Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams compare to the other top tadems around the league. 


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so basically they are throwing a bunch of turds against the wall to see wich one sticks. You should know who your starting receivers are by week 8 already.

Is Turner a complete dud ?
If , great job oissing away a 3rd round pick,
this was a very bad draft....2nd round for p white looks like a mistake, 3rd for turner mistake 5 nalbone- who knows

deep space nine ..sparano knows that with the talent he's got that camarello and unfortuently ginn is the starters but hartline is making things happen when he touches the ball so he has to start hartline line , but just to keep things in house he won't ''throw ginn under the bus'' by saying yeah hartline is going to start... bad situation but good coaching


What do you see in practice? Does Ginn dominate? How does Turner look?

but we hit on Davis in the first round, Smith in the second and Hartline in the fourth... Dont forget about clemmons in the 5th who is starting to c some pt. Dont think the draft was a bad draft at all.

Although I haven't seen Turner practice, I can't believe he is so bad he can't play. Surely he's learned his routes by now. If he hasn't than he has mental problems. If he can catch he should be good to go.

Bad draft? If our rookie CBs play the way they are and get a little better each year this draft will be a success. All the other pieces of this draft can pan out or not. The 2007 draft was very bad not this one.

I don't believe that the Trifecta wants to start rookies.

Pat White has seen what maybe 5 plays in regular season and you think it was a waste? Turner hasn't made it out on the field yet and that was a waste?

Try some patience bro, we are only 6 games in.

Hartline gets great yards after catch, this is something dolphins wr corps needs very bad and he seems to have good connection with Henne

As hard as it is to feel bad for a guy with a $12mil guaranteed contract I'm glad my weekly performance doesn't end up in headlines.

That being said, it's not fair to Henne or the other receivers that Ginn is getting PT and still not catching on. No pun intended. Actually it was.

who gives a crap who starts the game, as long as ginns' snaps during the game and in crucial situations are reduced. he can start the game for all i care, if that builds his confidence that he is out there for the first play so be it, just make sure that his playing time is reduced and hartline bess and camarillo get the majority of the snaps.

A good coach uses the players with the best talent and strengths to play against the particular competition they face each week. Sparano knows his players stengths and weaknesses and will play whoever gives this team the best opportunity to win games. All you Einstein's that like to coach from their recliners need to let the professionals do their job.

do not worry about the draft it is still better then any of three amigos dave, nick and cam. the problem is inside linebackers crowder sucks only makes plays five yards down the field when is the last time he had a int. can't cover the TE'S either.need more players from the U we always pass on them Vilma and Beason.

why on earth would Miami not give Marvin Harris a call? He a better threat then anyone we have a the team at this point....

Mando, how does Roth look in pratice? Any chance hell play on Sunday?

Wow. Rex Ryan said something I agree with. Shocking.

I don't understand some of guys, how long have you guys been watching football? this is NOT Madden! Every forum I go to, so many complain about draft picks. Since when can a draft be evaluated 6 games in? I realize this is a result of today's impatient I want it yesterday society, but DAMN! Some of you people really should educate yourselves about the game and understand that to build a great team it takes a few yrs. No great team in history in any sport came together overnight. It's takes yrs to get the pieces and evaluate. Some of you guys take the fun out of being a fan by posting some of these comments

We need less talk and more action!

Marvin harrison is a threat alright. with a GUN !


We can summerize your last three blogs as 1. Bench ginn, 2. rehab ginn and now your complaining that he won't give you a news worthy interview?

Not that Ginn doesn't deserve much credit except for that bread basket catch he made against the Jets.

It's starting to seem personal, even to me. Bottom line, Sporano is going to play whomever he wants too. I doubt he cares much, about your asking the same question over and over.

I agree that ginn hasn't met the expectation, by my calander we still have 10 games to go.

What about our defense, they're the ones to blame for both Brees and Manning yds?.

It's called team effort and we failed. Maybe try buying Ginn a beer, maybe he has something to say after all?

Hey Brad!!

you didn't mention anything about the two starting Cornerbacks drafted or Hartline for that matter.... If you get two starting caliber cb's in one draft I would call it a success. Anything else is bonus.

DJ, true. But Ginn has had ample time to evolve.

Have Ginn go long on every Jets play and take two defenders w/ him. Then throw to Hartline & Co. After about 20 50 yd dashes the little premadonna will be glad to sit the bench with his trembly hands.

Armando---this is slightly off your directed Ted Ginn Jr. path but, it's Wednesday, all of the haters have had four days to vent. Couldn't we spend a few minutes looking at the big picture?

Are we an under achieving team that should have been great or a team that was totally busted that is ahead of schedule in it's rehab?

The Dolphin's are 2 & 4 through a schedule that could rightfully be named "The Nutcracker Suite." Of the ten games played by New Orleans and the Colt's no one has tested either team like the Dolphins.

We now know we have a first rate QB.

Who wouldn't trade their top two runners for R&R?

Our young offensive line has been tested against the best, is just shy of great, and steadily getting better.

Our reciving corp lacks a #1 but will find a first class 2 through 4 from players already onboard.

We need a #1 receiver and improvement at tight end.

On the other side of the ball the defensive line needs only one or two players to catch up with the OL.

We have two young CBs that look like jack pots.

Geting some help in the secondary, and adding a younger nose guard won't require draft picks in the top ten.

Man, we have more assets now than at any time in the last ten years. And, we have the best looking coaching staff since Shula, and that includes a greatly over rated Jimmy Johnson.

This team is getting better by the week and has a schedule that's starting to level the playing field. We could still make the playoffs. But if we don't, it will be because we shouldn't have, not that we blew it.

We're not one year away from a turn around. We're a year away from turning things upside down.

What the Dolphins need they will get. Including more experience for our young coaching staff. I only hope for one thing.

The key to Wannstedt's total failure was hs attitude concerning quarterbacks. I only pray "The Tuna" will shed his blinders and realise that today's offense is not complete without a true #1 reciever.

The best ever had Zonka, Kick and Mercury Morris. But, when needed, there was a guy named Paul Warfield. Yes, he was expensive to get from the Browns but Shula new the price was going to be worth it.

Succes isn't determined by cost, it's the return on investment.

Seems as Fat boy Rex is still crying about Jenkins and Washington. Thats a big blow in the defense and offense.

Mark Sanchez loves the weiner!!

Relax everyone and enjoy football the rest of the season. We're still a WR, ILB, and OLB away from serious contention. Clemmons will replace Gerbil at Safety next year and hopefully Soliai will hold down the NT spot. We'll be good at every position then.

Thank You Jack, finally someone who gets it

Turner's not playing because Fins only carry 4 wideouts active. Hartline's flexibilty aces him out at the 4th slot. Bess and Cam have the savy and experience. Ginn the extreme speed.

Turner could only see the field by deactivating one of the starting ST players. Thats why Sparano says Turner "has" to become better special teamer, at least as good as the guy he would be replacing.

What this means is that his primary position would be ST's, which would still allow them to put him on the field in redzone downs or move the chains situations.

Will Allen isn't a running back he is a corner, edit this Mando

Dying Breed , EXACTLY ! on Turner.

So, Sparano said, without saying, Ginn wasn't going to start. Cool, we kinda saw that coming. To be honest, even if he does, I doubt Henne will be looking for him. If he does play, I'd let him return kickoffs, do a couple of deep routes and a reverse. If it doesn't bite as a pup. This pup is almost 3 years old. To be honest, this is a good thing. It may serve notice to other players. there a few that need a kick in the.......

Jack Kompman. Can we please keep the war and peace like novel posts to a minimum. :)

From ESPN:

AFC East wide receivers: 2009 catch percentage (minimum 20 targets)
Player Team Pct.
Greg Camarillo Dolphins 90.5
Davone Bess Dolphins 78.8
Wes Welker Patriots 75.4
Julian Edelman Patriots 67.7
Jerricho Cotchery Jets 66.7
Randy Moss Patriots 64.2
Lee Evans Bills 46.7
Ted Ginn Dolphins 46.2
Braylon Edwards Jets* 45.0
Terrell Owens Bills 42.9
nuff said...

Of the 84 wide receivers who've been targeted with at least 20 tosses, Ginn ranks 72nd in catch percentage. He has made 18 of 39 attempts to connect.

I agree with Jack. Lets be real, if when we were 1-15 and someone said we would take two of the best teams in the league down to the wire, we all would have been jumping for joy.

Now we are here and we are doing that with some key holes in the line up. If I had a wishlist for this team it would be ALL of these, no particular order.

Someone for Crowder, he just is not getting it done.

Someone for Wilson, all the elite defenses really have that big time safety.

Obviously a stud WR that makes plays by going up and getting the ball no matter what part of the field.

In general, better on our return teams. We never change the momentum or even get close for that matter with our return game.

I am extremely happy how far we came and it is very exciting to me to sit down every week and watch our young guys grow. How cool is it we have two starting corners that will both become SHUTDOWN, and a QB that can throw the ball to all areas of the field. What else would you want from a team rebuilding but to watch them grow together and get better each week.

Not sure what all the complaining is about. Yes I was dissappointed but in the real picture when talking about personel, we should not even been in the Colts and Jets game. Good coaching is what kept us in those games. Man, you guys that keep complaining are FUNNY. You should become Jets fans the way you complain.

Randy s , You can add te , another S and nt to miami's needs . Soliai is what he is , a good backup. Oh Yeah , and maybe a rb if ronnie brown leaves for free agency. It's not as easy as you say it is. :)

Should be Saints game....not Jets game in my post above.....

Let's face it folks,

we need a:


One draft is NOT going to be enough to solve all of our remaining needs. And we have seen how horrible the Trifecta is in FA.

Potentialy, "our two best players"...we could loose R.Brown to FA, and Ricky Williams only has one year left on his contract. Therefore, RB could be a serious need from our greatest strenght.

Rex Ryan is just a super fat ahole...boo hoo hoo...that's what he will be saying Monday morning...boo hoo hoo. Obese Pig

Weiner lovin' Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez love's Sausage in his mouth.

I think Ted not talkingto the reporters says it all, don't you???

By the time we fill some of our current needs, our other players at established positions will be hitting free agency.

Remember, that most of our draft picks have 4 to 5 year contracts and become FA thereafter. 2010 will be year 3 for some players...they will only have one more year with us.

We cannot keep them all...(ie. Hill and Goodman)...lost to Denver.

Hence, we will always be "rebuilding" if the best we can do is obtain 2 to 3 starters in the draft every year.

Look at the Cowboys, when they won all those superbowls, they traded Hershal Walker to Minnesota for their entire draft and in esessnece had two full drafts in the same year....


You know that I have much love for Illinois wr Arrellious Benn. Tell me what do you think of him being our next #1wr and if Im missing a point on him, what is it and who do you think is better suited?

The only reason we do poorly in free agency is we bargain shop to much......

the fish are 1-4 and still hoping to defeat us in our house and go to the playoffs .pipe dreams .

And yet another example of Ryans unending stupidity. What a joke of a coach this guy is. I've never witnessed a bigger baby at the head coaching position in my life. He completely missed the point of the question about Allen as far as I read. It's not a question of do you feel sorry for Miami because they lost their only veteran corner back ya fat dope. It's about the fact that you can game plan against two rookies and reporters seemed to be wondering if you were relishing the chance to take advantage of the situation. What a jackass, I'm so happy he didn't get the job here in Miami.

Ronnie Brown ain't going nowhere. Next year is going to be uncapped - and there is a clause in his contract that make him a restricted FA in that case...meaning if goes anywhere that team needs to give us first round picks. Ronnie wants to stay in Miami and the Trifecta is just testing his health before they resign him (he hasn't played 2 full seasons yet as a fin because of injuries).


Njphin, what would YOU know about NFL Playoffs...That's just a word to Jests fans, you probaly haven't seen a LIVE playoff game in your life, your father either!!!

By the way, your a real scumbag for using NJphin, can't come up with an original name??? Only a Jests fan would do that

you jet fans shouldnt say anything about anything youre being led by a grown man wearing a firemans helmet sitting on another grown mans shoulders for god sakes. very sad

why on earth would Miami not give Marvin Harris a call? He a better threat then anyone we have a the team at this point....

Posted by: carlos | October 28, 2009 at 04:24 PM

yeah, and we could also go get plaxico buress. put one onn each side and let em shoot it out. Oh wait, plax is in jail. Shoots that idea to hell huh?

Dying breed , benn has good potential as a reciever but is to inconsistent . His qb hasn't helped either. He will be around in the middle to late 1st round. There's alot of good wr's in this LOADED draft. That said , i don't see miami drafting a wr early and then waiting for that wr to develop 3 years down the road. I see miami going the free agent/trade route. There's alot of other needs like LB's and safties that you can get better value with them being able to contribute right away. Miami is going to need at LEAST 2 lb's in this draft. Miami used multiple picks to help the OL and Dl last year and multiple picks on cb and wr's this year . It will the lb's Turn this year. They need help at Ilb and taylor and porter are old.

They have to keep GINN on the field some becouse we have not thrown a deep ball to any other reciever.All of the other teams see this,and know that he is our only deep threat.They will crowd the line when Ginn is not in the game,Simple football,any high school coach would pick this up in film study.Is Ginn a number 1 receiver no but he is our only deep threat. If we like it or not.

Bobbyd12 , it's the idiotic cuban menace using njphin or njphin champs. Why are you wasting your time with this idiot. This is all that he knows. being a complete jacka**. I'm the ori ginal and in blue

This week I am going to be sitting atop the shoulders of our beached whale of a coach, Rectum Ryan, and screaming my lungs out. BTW, during the week I sub as a horse jockey and on weekends as a circus midget. Go Jets!!!!

As far as sanchez goes, he will set a record for touch downs comes sundy and crowder should watch out for at least 56 points coming down his big mouth .

Runronnieandricky . how do you know that their will be no new CBA and therefore an uncapped year. Also if ronnie brown becomes a free agent he can ask for to much money for the tuna and ireland 's liking.

gove me dez bryant

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