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Sparano: Starting WRs to be determined

With reports here and there, at ESPN.com and Profootballtalk.com and miamiherald.com, speculating whether Ted Ginn Jr. has lost his starting job or playing time or his blankie, I figured it's time to cut to the chase and ask coach Tony Sparano whether Ginn has, in fact, lost his starting job or not?

"No. Well, we'll see where we are at the end of the week," Sparano said. "Right now I'm kind of upsetting the whole apple cart and let's see where this thing goes. I don't want to say 'Yes,' I don't want to say, 'No' right now."

The Dolphins on Wednesday basically began a WR tryout with each of the five wideouts given a chance to earn playing time and their starting jobs for Sunday's game versus the Jets.

"Today we went in there and said, 'Let's let it fly and we got five guys in there playing this position so let's let them all work and we'll go from there.' "

And that basically means practice, more than anything else, will determine what receivers -- Ginn, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Patrick Turner -- you'll see get the most work versus New York.

"It always does," Sparano said. "It really does. It always does from my end. In my mind we have five players at that position and at the end of the week, we see where it goes."

So much for all the speculation.

During the open portion of today's practice, Camarillo was the lone WR with the starting group. It is not known how much work any of the receivers got with the first team during the remaining 90 minutes of practice, which should suggest to you the media (including me) doesn't know what happened during the close part of practice.

Ginn, by the way, came into the locker room during the open media session for about five seconds today. He saw reporters there and turned and walked out. Ginn had told the media relations department he would talk on Wednesday. So much for promises.

By the way, Channing Crowder did not practice today. He has, as was reported here two days ago, a shoulder injury. Crowder is all but certain to play Sunday against New York.

"I feel like crap," he said to me when I asked about his status. "I would have practiced today but that's Tony decision."

As for Sunday ... "That's Tony's decision, but I'm sure he's going to want his dog there with him."

Crowder is one of Sparano's dogs.

Jason Ferguson (foot) was limited in practice while Ricky Williams (thumb) took all his repetitions in practice. Matt Roth, who missed practice last week with an ankle injury, returned to work today.

For the Jets, David Clowney (ankle), Brandon Moore (foot) and Lito Sheppard (quad) missed practice Wednesday. Bart Scott, Shaun Ellis, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, and Damien Woody, were limited for the Jets with various injuries.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez just said he expects Cotchery, who has missed the past two games, to play this week versus Miami.

Jets coach Rex Ryan had his conference call with the South Florida hacks. He was asked his thoughts about the Dolphins losing starting cornerback Will Allen for the season.

"We lost a Pro Bowl nose tackle and Pro Bowl running back," Ryan said. "So boo hoo hoo."

Finally, if you want a breakdown of the NFL's best running back tandems, go the The Herald's Rollout blog and check out how Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams compare to the other top tadems around the league. 


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Fat slob Wreck Cryan is so perfect for the hapless jets. When wil he learn he is loser, is coaching a loser.

Bench Ginn and Wilson start Hartline and play Turner let's what the kid is made of and play the Rookie Saftey and make sure TE Haynos blocks!! this game.

Oh yeah F**k!! the Jets!!

Jets suck, don't they have their own freaking app!!!!!

I like Benn too. Although Brendan Lafell looks more like this administrations kind of guy, being a senior and not a diva type personality at all. Then again, you can say the same thing about Eric Decker. But do we really need another wide receiver who's family goes back to when the anglos met the saxons?

I think the Dolphins will be picking around 20-25 this year (YA I SAID IT). Anthony McCoy of USC will be looked at. Depending on his combine performance Jermaine Gresham could also be considered here. Knowing this organization - maybe both. Parcels hasn't picked a wide receiver in round one but he has picked tight ends there before (Anthony Becht)

There is a difficult game coming up in NY and the issues with Ginn are not helping. In fact I think it is a distration and one that may cause a loss this weekend. I want nothing more than to see a win, but my confidence is not very high.

Fins fans have little faith! We're gonna crush the Jets in their house.

LOL@ Mark, i like your optimism But 15-20 range is more realistic. :)

I hope so d-dense...but all the cudda, shudda, and wudda's from the previous game cause me some pause. Something is up with our defense at the end of games...not sure if its the wrong adjustments for the second half...the fatigue of old players...or mental lapses by young players overtime...but something is suspect.

34 points should be enough to win an NFL game (period).


Late to the party, but if Crowder is one of Tony's dogs we are in BIIIIIIIIG trouble. He is an effort guy, but he is on two creaky knees and Honestly he can't do the job.

Greedy 13, I agree I think it's more a defensive issue. Why mess with what's worked, but we came out throwing in the second half. We rushed our offense while we still led the game. Bad play calling, that's on the coaches. Letting brees throw into our secondary and to do nothing causes me concern. Manning did the same.

Fins fans have little faith! We're gonna crush the Jets in their house.

Posted by: D-dense | October 28, 2009 at 06:39 PM

How long have you been a fan? Since Shula Left, there has not been many games to rave about...The last game was just another lesson in heartbreak. I hope we do, but my faith is waning.

Why do Jets fans say "no one is gonna come in OUR house....". You don't have a house. You rent from the Giants. Don't say that anymore. You sound dumber than your coach.

at this point last year (2-4) I started looking toward the draft...visions of the draft dancing in my head...only for us to go on a tear!

A jet loss, and I'll be talking draft, FA, and starting Clemons, Wake, Hartline, Turner, etc. right NOW for development, experience, and evaluation.

That said...hears to catching lighting in a bottle two year in a row!

Phins UP, Jests DOWN!

"Why do Jets fans say "no one is gonna come in OUR house...."...You rent from the Giants. Don't say that anymore."

Posted by: CarlosVP | October 28, 2009 at 07:14 PM


Jack, greg, ac...Moral victories are for losers. Either you get the job done, or you don't. We are not. you can make what if's, and we need yada yada all you want.

Well no kidding. Do you think we dog Ginn, crowder and Wilson for the fun of it? Gee we could be good if.......We really are not that bad....Yeah we are, good teams do not fold like origami like we have this year.

Point being, if we do make the playoffs, we won't go deep. We are not even close to being able to win it all, and that is the goal.

How do I say that NJ PhinFan? Because the Dolphins should get 9 wins on this schedule and may get 10. They are better than most people give them credit for and there are a lot of crap teams out there. It's possible for a team to win 4 games and still pick 10th in this draft.

So 9 wins might put them around 20, 10 wins closer to 25.

Rex Ryan is a douche!

Sanchito break his own record with 7 int

The guys from PTI on ESPN just did a 30 second daitribe on Ted Ginn Jr and how his hands should be registered as lethal weapons: hands of stone. He is attacked locally and now nationally. Geez

The receivers are a big problem for us but our secondary has given up so many points its crazy. This secondary can stop the big air attack teams and give up big plays in every game. For a team thats played 6 games we have given up more points than most teams have in 7 games.. The points we have given up are mostley from our secodary giving up huge plays...

You got to love Rex Ryan.. He is such the antithesis of class. I guess that apple didn't fall far from that tree. As The Coach once said "he is not my kind of guy".

We suck more than the Jets.


Shaggy..it's not about excuse making. It is about realistic expectations and that mountains aren't climbed in a single step. Good criticism is enjoyed by all but falling on the ground, kicking you feet, and moaning "I want it and I want it now" is a bit childish.

A few of us, quite a few of us, are simply saying it's time to show more appreciation for what has been done and how fast it's happened. At the sasme time, you're right, the job's not finished.

The Trifecta started at 1-15. The very first year they went to division champs. Now they have had to survive one hell of a schedule with a whole bunch of over achieving rookies. They scared two of the NFL's very best into soiling their drawers. Yes, we still have short comings but do you really think our coaches need the likes of us to tell them what they are.

To all of our "so-called fans" the real fans are saying don't take your selves so serious, no body else does.

i am just glad to see that after pulling cover for jinny that coach tony actually re-opened up the compitition at WR.

at least he is exploring his options, i know he is not responding to pressure from us bloggers, lol

BENCH GINN- he's amount of worth to the dolphins is about as cheap as being a JETS season ticket holder....WORTHLESS!!

Saints tore up no 1 defense of Giants. They tore us up too on defense but our offense put up 34 points!! That is a win 90% of time. Ginn needs 2 sit dont reward alligator arms and poor effort. He is playing in Nfl not arena league.

i guess my biggest issue with jinny is that when penny threw a soft one to him he dropped it

henne throws a pass to his numbers....it hits the ground or as in last weekend... a pick 6....give me a break

jinny, the press does not care if you run and hide

ooooppps...like on a punt return?

against teams like the jetsies, yes 34 pts is good enuff but against the patsies, im not so sure.

hit brady early...we win

Jack your right we should appreciate what we have since two years ago but our frustrations of the holes we still need to be filled are felt by us all. Like what was said before this season we are going to be a better team with a worse record. We are goin the right way - just not quite elite....yet

Agree with superphin but how many Bradys & breezes & Manning (2) are out there!! Offense played well enough to win but those powerful qb's and offenses can kick any teams n
Butts. This years schedule has few softies in it!!



ok i read the same stats on the wr thing it is interesting he was targeted 39 times dropped 5 and caught 18 so it really sounds like 23 were catchable and the other 16 were or werent caught out of bounds or dropped out of bounds or just werent catchable and someone said it best he might jus be that returner and like an alvin harper just a deep threat lets see how this pans out... well we have to...make him earn his stripes jus cause you were a first round pick doesnt mean you get to start you will earn that right ... and maybe thats part of the problem he thinks he is always going to be the starter so he isnt trying hard enough...time to get back to the basic lets not worry bout the yac with tedy lets jus get him to catch and hold on to the damn ball...then let him try to get some yac


can any one tell me any thing the defense did this season beside setting the record for most points scored in 24 minutes .( 46-34 )

relax people,this team is still in the early stages of development, we came off an unpredictable year of low expectations and won the division, nobody saw that coming, and now our hopes r higher this year becuz of it. This team is still young and a big work in progress to get bac to where we all want them to be. We need to accept the growing pains that comes with this team and learn to get better as the year goes along.

You mean the sissy Brady.... the QB that,when looked at the wrong way,cries until the refs call a penalty ?Is that the Brady we should fear?I doubt it.

Aloco good evening crazy one - it's me "creep"

I agree - it was the dolphins D that gave up 20 pts in the 4th qtr against the saints. An upgrade at the interior LB spots and a little better safety play certainly would have us singing a different tune - I still think ginn would catch hell for his performance though. I guess ginn gets it because his expected job description is what we miss on our offense - big play receiver.

Alto. Fully agree. Problem is, when you're looking for elit players it's a matter of time and place utility. The player has to have the right skill and chemistry, at an intelligent price and he has to be available. When you need 20 players, each round of the draft has something to offer and even FA's and other teams rejects can be a step in the right direction. As the critical needs become fewer, and your team's base skill level higher, it is tougher to get elite capability lined with the right time and the right place. Also, it becomes increasingly true that other teams discards represent depth improvement rather than true upgrades.

Hopefully most of what we need can be found in the middle rounds. But from what the scribes tell us, it's might take a change in Paracell's philosophy to nail a true #1 receiver. Let's hope not.

Defense well - too bad JT will never see real success. Man we do give up huge plays - I like the rooks at corner - wAke needs to learn to run stop or the coaches need to stop cuddling up to JT and JP and give wake more experience. Again the inside LB lack an game changing ability. And what ever happened to Bells consistency?

How about consistency from Merling? That is one player with potential - ie Darryl Gardner

Ginn should be released for the simple fact that he has had three years to show what he can do as a reciever, and he continues to fail miserably at his position. Forget trying to coach this guy, he needs to Go elsewhere, like maybe bac to college or to the world football league, He wont get too much crap there for being a No name reciever.

Mark Sanchez going to have to eat lot of sausage link to get ready to be shove in ground and throw 7 int

The Fins have the foundation of a good team, but much work needs to be done all around.

If this team had better receivers it would be in contention for a wild card spot, despite the other weak areas, those being safeties, rookie CB's and avg ILB's.

The safeties need to improve or get upgraded.

The rookie CB's will need this year to get experience, hopefully they will be ready in 2010. But we have them already.

The ILB's can use an upgrade

The QB needs experience, at least we have one with promise.

The WR's - The achilles heel of this team. I think Harline is a keeper, the rest? Turner needs playing time, keep Camarillo and bounce Bess and Ginn and bring in a proven starter next year, some how, some way, just get it done.

Jest and their fans are pathetic. They don't even have a stadium and are the 2nd best team in Jersey. What's even more pathetic is that they have to come on a Dolphins Forum. Get a life Jest fans, and have a hot dog u pathetic morons.

Espn has dolphins placing 3rd in rushing yards. Know what fellas we are 29th (of 32 teams) in passing yards. On defense we are
5 ranked on rushing and 15th . We have good qb good pass protection and run blocking. We need to improve pass rushing an db's. Coaches know the stats specially on offense passing game. Both our own and those of other teams. Well beat those teams that cant run stop and dont score a lot of points. Lower expectations to 2007 well all be more relaxed.

in the pre season games the coach chosse to sit ted ginn out insteaded of building his confidense by playing him .second the worst defense ever will be the joke on sunday .watch .

ps..alto in italian means high for hights or tall depends how you use it

if we had at least one inside linebacker that was any good our recievers woulnt be taking any heat at all because our record would be much better. i guess its just more fun for people to talk about recievers.

Is that you Ted talking about ghe Lb's?

thank you bottom line,are you related to spoiled bottom ?

Aloco are u talking about the Braylon Edwards show this Sunday? Or the jets D without Jenkins? Should be an interesting show. By the way, a little more fuel for the fire, Alto is a German name - depends how u use it.

time for my meatball sub and ice gream .good nigh to all

meatball sub and ice cream? sounds like rex ryans breakfast

Wow, anybody here like to watch South Park? On the new South Park tonight the Miami Dolphins entire team was killed in the middle of the game by angry mob of japanese people. I am not even joking, it was wierd, not really funny, but I find it strangely appropriate.

You guys talk about so many points our defense gave up to the saints and our offense gave up 14 of the 36 in the second half...we have a better team than last year with a tougher schedule. We have a foundation and building from their is happening so be patient. Elite teams don't happen over night and this team won only one game 2 seasons ago. Vegas was right predicting an 8-8 record. We will finish with that record and possibly 9 wins and get the 16th pick in next years draft. An 11 win team last year missed the playoffs. GO PHINS

Also with a 14 point lead to start the third quarter and a 10 point lead to start the forth quarter and our O coordinator calls only 8 rushing plays in the entire second half when we have the best running duo in the league and we had 2 straight 3 and outs at one point in the second half on 6 straight pass plays. WTF?

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