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Sparano: Starting WRs to be determined

With reports here and there, at ESPN.com and Profootballtalk.com and miamiherald.com, speculating whether Ted Ginn Jr. has lost his starting job or playing time or his blankie, I figured it's time to cut to the chase and ask coach Tony Sparano whether Ginn has, in fact, lost his starting job or not?

"No. Well, we'll see where we are at the end of the week," Sparano said. "Right now I'm kind of upsetting the whole apple cart and let's see where this thing goes. I don't want to say 'Yes,' I don't want to say, 'No' right now."

The Dolphins on Wednesday basically began a WR tryout with each of the five wideouts given a chance to earn playing time and their starting jobs for Sunday's game versus the Jets.

"Today we went in there and said, 'Let's let it fly and we got five guys in there playing this position so let's let them all work and we'll go from there.' "

And that basically means practice, more than anything else, will determine what receivers -- Ginn, Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Patrick Turner -- you'll see get the most work versus New York.

"It always does," Sparano said. "It really does. It always does from my end. In my mind we have five players at that position and at the end of the week, we see where it goes."

So much for all the speculation.

During the open portion of today's practice, Camarillo was the lone WR with the starting group. It is not known how much work any of the receivers got with the first team during the remaining 90 minutes of practice, which should suggest to you the media (including me) doesn't know what happened during the close part of practice.

Ginn, by the way, came into the locker room during the open media session for about five seconds today. He saw reporters there and turned and walked out. Ginn had told the media relations department he would talk on Wednesday. So much for promises.

By the way, Channing Crowder did not practice today. He has, as was reported here two days ago, a shoulder injury. Crowder is all but certain to play Sunday against New York.

"I feel like crap," he said to me when I asked about his status. "I would have practiced today but that's Tony decision."

As for Sunday ... "That's Tony's decision, but I'm sure he's going to want his dog there with him."

Crowder is one of Sparano's dogs.

Jason Ferguson (foot) was limited in practice while Ricky Williams (thumb) took all his repetitions in practice. Matt Roth, who missed practice last week with an ankle injury, returned to work today.

For the Jets, David Clowney (ankle), Brandon Moore (foot) and Lito Sheppard (quad) missed practice Wednesday. Bart Scott, Shaun Ellis, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, and Damien Woody, were limited for the Jets with various injuries.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez just said he expects Cotchery, who has missed the past two games, to play this week versus Miami.

Jets coach Rex Ryan had his conference call with the South Florida hacks. He was asked his thoughts about the Dolphins losing starting cornerback Will Allen for the season.

"We lost a Pro Bowl nose tackle and Pro Bowl running back," Ryan said. "So boo hoo hoo."

Finally, if you want a breakdown of the NFL's best running back tandems, go the The Herald's Rollout blog and check out how Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams compare to the other top tadems around the league. 


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By the way screw the jets! Wecwill win this weekend FO SHO

too bad they're not seeing how Josh Cribbs or, perish the thought, carolina's s smith or kc's d bowe look back there.

indianaDolfan,i agree with u there. Even if we turned it around and managed to sqeak in the playoffs, there's nothing on this team from last years playoff team that would convince me that we wouldn't be one and done again this year. And then we would be right where we started from, another high draft pick, probably another tough schedule and all our hope of continuing to rebound would come from free agency which obviously hasn't done any good when it comes to a Bill parcells type of coached team.

Emo. The miami front office was not giving up draft picks and that's what it would of taken...we don't have players they wanted to give up worth other players without giving draft picks

Predictable Armando... the guy hanging the chicken on a stick over the crocks. Between you and the rest of this moronic bunch of (so called) beat writers around South Florida. You are all infatuated with continuing to pick on the easiest target. It's the easy thing to do, so it's not surprising that you are your partners continue to write 80 percent of your crap about Ginn and Ginn alone. Where are the continual articles about what a BUST Jason Allen has been? Or how about the fact that Jillbril Wilson is probably the biggest failing player that has contributed to our losses? MOst knowledgable fans would agree. Why is it amongst you so called sports writers, that Crowder gets a continual pass? Again, most KNOWLEDGABLE fans have been screaming for years how weak a line Channing is. He consistantly guesses wrong and never makes a big play, yet you jokes never talk about this... Why because you like him and he's funny? Or because amongst clueless fans he's a favorite, so it's not such an easy target for you to go after? Keep taking the easy way out Mando, at least Omar decided to start to come clean about the medias fault in the Ginn hate fest.

Don't get me wrong, Ginns play doesn't deserve praise and should be criticized, but I have never never seen as much pure hatred and over the top vile comments made about any other player in this franchises history.....

Ginn deserves to get criticized in a bad way so why wouldn't they write about it?

thats part of the business we're in there chris, these guys get paid too much $$$ not to be criticized about their production, Trust me, they ain't losing any sleep over it!

Very true superPHIN

Good thing on coach to focus on our wrs right now I see something really good coming out of it Patrick turner should get some burn.

Mando...minor detail, but Will Allen is a DB not RB

Get over yourself Chris. Guys play like crap and Mando's supposed to stand up a applaud?

They are 2-4. I'm sure when they win a game, whenever that might be, Mando will write who played well and deserves your worship.

Why is it that a Bill Parcels run team continues to get destroyed by Tight Ends week after week and adjustments have not been made....Dallas Clark..Shockey..Gonzalez.....Antonio Gates...Unacceptable....

I'm not going to go through all of the comments to see if it's already been asked, but is there a chance that, some time next week, you can give us a breakdown of the number of offensive snaps each receiver was on the field for against the Jets?

We absolutely have to stop braylon sunday he cant do what he did the last game thats really all im worried about. Well their run game needs to be stopped also

Armando - Marvin Harrison is still out there...if Patrick Turner is not ready, wouldn't it be smart to bring him in, if nothing else to be a veteran presence for these receivers? I think having a legit No. 1 would help everthing out...

Enough said about Ted Ginn. He controls his own destiny and it doesn't look good. Let's talk about Fasano. Why is he still in the first team? He does not deserve it. Let's talk about Crowder. I saw him early this week on the eleven o'clock news attending a Halloween party with his wife. He sure didn't seem to be in pain then. Let's talk about coach Bryan. Like his father used to do, he awakens the worst in me.

I don't know if I'm the only female who posts here and pardon if I don't know everything, but I've been commenting all along put in Hartline more...I love the way he plays, the way he catches and can take a hit and keep going...when was the last time we had that? I'd love to see Haynos again too...the more these young guys get some playing time, the more we all, coaches & fans, can see what they do when it's game...a lot different that practice, no matter how hard they go. Your thoughts...

Ginn needs to put Velcro on his hands and maybe then he could catch... Hartline n Camarillo with Bess in the slot.. Bench Fasano and play Haynos... Bench Crowder and let's start playing people who are good and not because their NAMES are well known.. I'm sick of losing!!! We have talent!!!! Cmon Tuna do something!

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