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The recipe for rehabilitating Ted Ginn Jr.

Ted Ginn has excellent straightline speed. He has good enough hands -- no, really. He has the physical ability to emerge from what is clearly a terrible outing against New Orleans and a season that is threatening to define him negatively.

But he needs to be managed now.

Today, as the Dolphins coaches are drawing up their plans for the Jets game, the issue of what to do with Ginn has to be decided. It is clear Ginn will lose some snaps at the wide receiver spot. Tony Sparano practically said as much when he said rookie Brian Hartline was about to play more.

More work for Hartline will mean less work for Ginn. That is a certainty.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins will simply deactivate Ginn. I don't think that would be the smart thing to do. I don't think that's what coaches will do.

First, I think one of Ginn's major problems now is he is lacking confidence. His body language is terrible. And his performance is showing that because that drop in the fourth quarter near the sideline Sunday showed he seemed to be pressing.

So what do you do with a kid like that? Do you deactivate him? For some guys, that would send a message and force them to buck up and respond. For guys like Ginn, I fear that would basically collapse what little belief in himself he has left.

Deactivating Ted Ginn would basically crush him emotionally.

Plus, that would also leave the Dolphins without their best return man on Sunday. Nope, deactivating Ginn would be dumb.

So do you demote Ginn, taking the starting job from him and giving it to Hartline? Well, that might make fans feel better, but what good would it do for the team? We already established Hartline will get more snaps at WR and Ginn will get fewer.

Does it really matter if one of the snaps taken from Ginn is the first offensive snap of the game or not? I do not know if Ginn will be benched. But I say even as I'm all for him getting fewer WR snaps, I don't really care if one of those is the first snap of the game or not.

In fact, let Ginn take the game's first snap. Throw him the ball or hand it to him on an end around. Get him immediately involved. Give him a chance to make a play, thus allowing him to rebuild his waning confidence.

Then put him on the sideline in pressure situations as Hartline gets more snaps throughout the game.

One thing the Dolphins absolutely, positively must do: Do what Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller planned when Ginn first arrived in Miami. Give him a chance to return every punt and every kickoff the Dolphins take first and foremost.

Ginn has a history of doing those things well. Give him a chance to regain his confidence while returning kicks. Give him a chance to feel like he's a player again. Give him the ball on special teams every chance you can.


Well, for one, Ginn is better at it than any other Miami player. Let's face it, Davone Bess will always make the first guy miss on punt returns but his lack of speed will never allow him to bust one loose. So he's always going to average 4 or 5 yards per return.

Ginn doesn't make too many people miss, as he's not as shifty. But if he sees a crease, he can hit it faster than anyone else on the team. Give him a chance to find one of those creases. Have him take every punt and kick return in practice this week to build his confidence about fielding the ball (also making sure he won't fumble) and then give him a chance to make the plays in the game.

Same with the kickoff returns. The Dolphins tried to turn Patrick Cobbs into their top return man even though he wasn't nearly as fast as Ginn -- tougher, but definitely not faster. Well, count on Ginn for that, too. Give him "ownership," as Dan Henning would say, of Miami's return game. Tell him it's on him to make big plays in the return game.

If Ginn can do that as well as he did in college, perhaps the Dolphins can use that as the foundation for rehabilitating him as a wide receiver.

The bottom line is Ginn's confidence is currently shot. It's up to the coaching staff to rebuild it or risk losing Ginn as a contributor. So what better way to accomplish that than giving him a chance to improve a special teams unit that sorely needs the help anyway?

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Is anyone else like me, in that whenever someone feels the need to post in all CAPS, I immediately skip over the post? Is there anything more annoyng on a blog than someone pulling that crap?


I can't believe I'm reading posts from people who still believe there's hope for Ted Ginn. My recipe for Ginns rehabilitation=send him on his way.....the sooner the better.

I don't believe Ted Ginn, Fasano or anyother player "lost" us that game...the coaching staff lost us that game...that timeout and the lack of running in the second half is what lost that game!!!! We knew Brees would score TDs, we knew to keep it out of his hands, yet our coaching staff went to the air for three and outs...Ginn, Fasano, Camarillo...we should not even been in that position to have to win the game on a last drive..really poor coaching cost us NO...

NJ FINFAN, YES, and if I had any $, or if the NFL had a lottery, GM/coach for a year. I GUARANTEE I'd make better decisions! If you recall, my point was quit simply, that these monumental decisions that these coaches and execs get paid MILLIONS to make, aren't really that difficult! The average, intelligent person could PROBABLY do the same, or better

I think it's fair to say it was a 'team' loss. You can't pinpoint one specific thing that directly led to the loss. Collectively, everyone is accountable. It's easy to point the finger at one guy or one coach, but that would lead one to believe that the other errors that happened carry less signifigance. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Yeah, it's an old cliche, but it still rings true.

Hey Marc, the Redskins may be interested in having you call plays for them. You up for that challenge?

Guys, it is true, I said bench him yesterday. I was mad and frustrated.

But thinking about this today, I'm wondering how deactivating him helps the Dolphins? It does not.

I still think Ginn needs fewer snaps and NO snaps in pressure situations. I still say Hartline should get many of Ginn's reps. If you want to call that a benching, so be it.

But I don't think you lock the guy in the basement and throw away the key. I think you try to get something out of him and special teams is the way to start.

That's my greater point.

Why would anyone care if Momma Boy's feelings are hurt? Face it. Ginn can't catch because he's afraid to take a hit. Ginn doesn't run full speed on returns anymore because Momma's Boy is afraid of a hard hit. Ginn is useless. When you play the good teams, your weaknesses are magnified because good teams attack your weakness. Ginn is our biggest weakness. Bench Ginn. Now everyone knows why Pennington hardly threw to Ginn. He didn't trust him.


Mandich said what ? Fasano isn't a parcells type player ? What the fuch is he talking about ? Parcells drafted fasano and parcells traded for fasano. Yes , he having a bad year but to say he's not a parcells player is plain stupid !

Thanks...Mando..I'm sick and tired of the fickle miami fans. Yes the guy is not playing the best football right now. But he has blazing speed and he's only 23. They need to involve him more and get him going. He's been in the league three years and never had a QB that could get him the ball. I think with time and confidence your fickle fans that want him cut will be eating your words ala Ronnie Brown.

By the way, reading over some of the comments, I hope some of you aren't teachers or parents. You have no compassion.

If you don't think confidence and emotion and a guy's mental state are important, I encourage you to study the lesson of Rick Ankiel, the St. Louis baseball player.

He was a great prep pitcher. He was a stud pitcher in the minors. But in the majors something snapped and he could not get the ball across the plate. His confidence was completely shot.

Did the Cardinals give up on him? They sent him back to the minors and he made himself into an outfielder.

He hit 25 home runs two seasons ago.

The point is a guy's mental state is important. And you try to salvage somebody that has a lot of gifts.

Ginn has gifts. I hope the Dolphins try to salvage him by using him on special teams.

So let me get this strait. We are now worried about Ginns "Emotions". Mando what about the fans "Emotions". We are the one that can't take another bad game.
Why should we care about this guy? When it’s clear he does not care. He is not a rookie that needs time.
If we are not going to cut him then just use him on KR & PR. NO more WR chances. Hey they didn't give Wilfor this many chances why him.

Thk u Armando...Same thing I having been saying about the rookies...you can't just put some one on the field that's not ready and ruin their confidence just so a blogger could be happy...these are peoples lives and careers were talking about...no we don't have to play someone who is not producing but Ted Ginn has skills we can use...let's see if we can bring some of those out

I ve got a idea,leave Ted (Tyrannosaurus arms)Ginn out there all game, through out the rest of the season, his receptions will be 39 receptions , 2 t.ds, and 23 drops, with a avg. of 1.2 yds run after reception, no thanks, id rather have NJ phin fan fix my plumbing.....

First off, Wilford was a FA signing, not the 9th overall pick in the draft. There is a huge difference.

Secondly, how do you know Alex that Ginn doesn't care? Did it ever occur to you that maybe Ted simply isn't what the regime, at that time, thought they had? It's not his fault he was drafted where he was. Nor is it his fault that he is being placed into a position to fail. He's simply not a receiver that can be relied upon to make the tough catches in pressure packed situations.

What about the fans "Emotions"? Really, are you serious?

Hey mandovafter seeing the clip you left for us... I know for a fact Ginny has potential and you can tell he is lacking confidence. I don't think the fans want to see him miss another important play. I know I can't handle that anymore. So I agree with the you that we should give him so no pressure passes and make him take over kick returns.

A-man,don't you think time has about run out on this guy?Ok,I never say give up(almost never)but time is running out on him to GET IT.Some of these guy's that post are alittle harsh but they are the fans.Philly fan's don't have anything on some of these guy's.

The guy in the video clip is not the same Ginn we all know and hate. Don't know if that Ginn will ever surface for the Fish.

Ginns' value diminishes every time he is involved in the game plan to any degree.
I would use him on kickoff returns. Not on punt returns. At least on kickoff returns he has a chance to get his speed going. On punt returns, he'll usually hit the ground, call for a fair catch, or head for the sidelines. The pressure gets there to fast. Use him on deep patterns to stretch the field. His fear isn't as bad when he's got the coverage beat. Yes, you can use him on reverses.
The problem with Ginn isn't confidence, it's pure fear. In college they don't hit as hard. The sad fact is, he is getting more and more scared every time he's counted on.


Kudos to you... for identifying the primary weakness of the Dolphins VERY EARLY ON and questioning why the Dolphins management have done nothing to remedy it, namely acquiring a big time, play making wide receiver. You were absolutely right to point out that Parcels has historically never sought out a big time WR, which ever team he has been associated with. His Achilles heal? I think so, only its hurtin' now more than ever. This being said, i agree with you wholeheartedly that Ginn should remain active, and indeed the Dolphins should try everything they can to clean up his play. It will make for better trade material in the future.

Guys the one thing Ted(allagator hands)Ginn is lacking is what the cuban calls"Testicular fortatude), he never had in the NFL, like the saying says , never had it, never will......

I agree with you Mondo.
Let Ginn earn his money by contributing to the Fish anyway he can. I feel he can help in both the punt and kick returns.
He runs scared so maybe he runs scared for a TD.

Were's the idiot poster known as NJ PHINFAN? what a dope.

If I remember correctly, Ted had 1 return for a TD his rookie year and 2 others were called back because of a penalty. I don't think anyone else they've put back there since has come close to that kind of production.

Put Ginn in the slot like,like Welker,Ward,and S Moss, it will toughen him up and give him confidence.

"Put Ginn in the slot like,like Welker,Ward,and S Moss, it will toughen him up and give him confidence."

Or literally kill him.

agree mando-----i felt much anger at first, and still feel it's a debacle that is unfolding, but i hope he can be reclaimed

Like the Idea lamont...


I'd play Ginn in the slot and match him up against their third CB or a LB over the middle. Make the safety chase him instead of a CB. It's a slight change of position for him, but it also will mean he'll have more space to get open. And Lord knows he needs more space because he can't create it except by flat-out running past his coverage.

"If they don't bite when they are pups, they don't bite".
I love that line...
Get rid of Gin!

I cannot believe Sparano would support Ginn and Gibril Wilson. I sit here in Denver watching coach McDaniels (New England product) and the focus on producing results, of which Ginn, Wilson & Crowder continue not do.

Mando, I agree although no one else does haha

Maybe we can use Ginn the way the Eagles use Desean Jackson

mind you this is the same miami crowd that wanted to get rid of Marino when Scott Mitchell played a solid game against the colts. Fans don't know S**&. I trust Parcells before I trust writers or fans of the team. No one mentions Fasano or Bess screw up's on sunday. The real reason fans hate ginn is because of Cam Cameron and his goofy press conference when he talked about why they choose ginn. I'm not saying ginn is ever going to be a Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson, but he could be another Devon Hester if used properly. I have not problem with giving him less snaps and seeing what hartline can do.

deactivating or trading ginn this season is stupid talk.....have him return every kick off and punt(he'll bust one sooner or later).....cut down his offensive snaps and throw to bess, cam, hartline, and the tight ends on third downs. there is so much more space in the college game, which is why ginn did so well.

That's all well and good, but how many seasons do you flush down the toilet for one player. We still have a very good chance to make the playoffs this year. With the second half of the season being weaker teams, and the teams we have lost to are mostly NFC teams. All we need to do is beat the teams in our own division. Do we start Jason Allen also, do we bring back Beck and Jamar Fleacher and start them. If you already know that a player is not very good why go foward with him. Also I always hold my breath when Ginn is in for kick off returns, because I know he will lose the ball. Just for fun, If we were to make the Super Bowel would you want Ginn returning kick offs ? The guy is always diving for the ground, what is his YAC ? and he also huggs the sideline so he can step out.

Guys, you can't trade Ginn! The deadline for that has passed. Also, Ginn is a kick, punt returner. That is it. Let him do that and be the third or fourth receiver.

Phin4life, wevarent flushing the season for Ginn. Our secondary - Wilson and Bell in particular are destroying us. Almost 100 points in 3 games. We beat up on Indi and NO offensively only to have our secondary blow it with big plays. Ginn is so far from our problem....although he does need to go.

100 points offensively I mean btw. Offense is getting it done.

Anyone know when the last time was we scored over 30 pts 3 games in a row?. For me our season started when Henne came in. Were 2-1 since then and looking like a good football team in my eyes. Well, except those big pass plays we give up.

I completely agree with your assessment of TG. He has make some bad drops, but the guy has not had a stable team since he came here. This is year 3, that much is true, but this is the first year working with basically a rookie QB. He's the only guy we have with deep speed. Everyone says he's made too many mistakes. Well, I've seen enough good plays, all things considered, to know that he'll be a decent wr. Not a number 1, but a decent receiver and a big weapon that defenses have to account for. I agree with Armando too that we need to let him return EVERY FN kick. He WILL bust a few for the distance..guaranteed. Our return average is pathetic. TG returns kickoffs past the 25 yard line consistently. I remember when Jerry Rice was young....yes, I'm that old. Anyway, Rice was always dropping passes early in his career. Of course, he overcame it in a year or two, but he did struggle. TG will NEVER be Jerry Rice, but he's got skills and just needs to have a consistent team and QB situation. He'll be fine people! Oh yeah, Jerry Rice had TWO Hall of Fame QBs throwing him the ball in his heyday too and was on a strong contending team. Everyone compares Ginn to other receivers that are doing better(Royal, Marshall, the Colts receivers, etc). You can't compare!! Royal and Marshall aren't exactly tearing it up this year are they? Why? Maybe a new QB? Hmmmm.....Miami=New QB. The Colts receivers are playing on a well-established, Superbowl contending team that just happens to have probably the best QB that's ever played the game. You guys all need to relax and be patient. I agree that TG looks like he's running from bees out there and that he's had some drops, but give THE TEAM some time to gel together with a new QB. 2 years ago we were 1-15 people....get a grip.

Just make him the #3 receiver and give him the KR and PR jobs. That's all he's good for.

i love every thing about ginn.why armando isn't spending some time on the lousy creepy sh.ty DEFENSE .

I think people hate Ginn because he doesn't perform at a level that is expected for a #9 overall draft pick. Not Ted's fault he was taken where he was or that he doesn't possess elite WR skills. Saying people hate Ginn because of comments made by a former coach on draft day is foolish. Fans use that as satire.

Wanting Scott Mitchell to replace Marino? Um, I wasn't calling for that, but if you said everyone on this blog was, then you must be right. Fasano and Bess have been mentioned a plethora amount of times since Sunday evening on these blogs. They were both instrumental in contributing to this latest debacle.

I too trust Parcells and Ireland, but I won't continue to do that if they bring in guys like Gibril Wilson to play a major role on the field when he's proven time and time again, both here and elsewhere, that he isn't dependable.


Make him play the slot only and catch slants. This will make him prove that he has the balls to play pro football.

Phin4Life: We have a 'very good' chance of making the playoffs this year? Huh? Even the most optimimstic person in the world would not use the words - very and good - together in describing the Dolphins' chances. Their not even good let alone very good. I would say below average. NE twice, Pittsburgh, etc. Very good? Come on man.

TG should be demoted to #3 or #4 reciever and should be given a chance at KR/PR. He has bad hands and bad route running. Maybe he can get better.

And in the Saints game, he returned pretty well. He ran right down the middle and was not scared. Unfortunately, he can't catch with a defender on him.

And I think Hartline should have more chance.

And I really want to know what the deal is with Turner. A 3rd pick can't make this team? Wow. Put the kid in and let's see. Maybe he plays better than he practices.

I really think some players play better when given a chance (ie:Wake)...and some don't (ie:ginn).

And Porter being upset at Ginn? Really, what about his dumbass 15 yrd penalty. F Porter.

enough is enough is enough. how many chances are we talking here. All you reporteds sais in the off season was how this his 3rd year is supposed to be the break out year. All these different stats were shown of other receivers and how they did well in their 3rd year. Well Ginn sucks in his 3rd year. He contibuted in this lose and also lost the Colt game. We could be 4 - 2 if this 1st round whimp catches the dam ball like a 3rd year 1st round pick should. We are letting another year go by without a playoff appearance. I am one pissed off New York Dolphins fan.

Give him a chance? Seriously. Lets do it all over again? No more chance.

He backs off the ball when it is up for grabs. He can't catch anything that exposes his teeny tiny body (hands over his head) He juggles everything he does catch. He looks for the sideline. He doesn't make a move, shake and bake. He runs fast. out of bounds. I don't blame him for getting out of bounds because scared gets you killed in the NFL.
He is a Cammy's boy. I will call all little woosies, a Cammy Boy for eternity.

#2 rushing defense...#15 defense overall...I don't think we have a horrible defense, definitly some weak points in our safties and LB but we are not horrible as some are saying

Nice video. Two comments:
1. Ginn is wickedly fast
2. The college game is slow as molasses compared to the pro game. You will never see gaping holes like that in the nfl.

Ginn is the best return man the Dolphins have, he scares the opposing return teams when he has his hands on the ball. Having said that, I was part of the crowd that believed that Ginn suffered from not having strong armed quarterback throwing to him, since he is a vertical receiver... but, since watching him in the last three games with Henne at quarterback, who has a gun of arm that is also accurate. I came to the conclusion that Ginn will never be a top tier wide received for the simple reason he doesn't like to get hit. If you watch the ball that he through up in the air versus the Saints that was returned by Sharper after it hit both of his hands... the reason was that he was trying to fall away from the defenders; to, NOT GET HIT. That is his problem, he doesn't like to get hit (look at the video on this post), he never exposes his body to a hit for a catch or return. If he doesn't get over this limitation, which I don't believe he will, he will never be a top tier receiver. He has all the tools to be a top notch receiver, but even TO who doesn't like to get hit... took them to get the catch. I also agree with Armando, if you want him to develop; develop his confidence via the returns first.

Wow. Who is that guy? Too bad we didn't draft him
I agree he should be on special teams. Nver should have been off. Plus the knock is he doesn't run routes well. So us that to our advantage. Run around the field in messed up routes. Chad and he know what spot to throw it too. I think that's what happened w 52 yarder. Nat Moore or duper said that that wasn't even a route. He did two kind of. Worked great! Do it again. Wildcat Ginn. Make a new version out of t and only he and Chad know the end result. Worked for duper and Clayton. Danny threw to a spot they just had together there.

All the Ginn bashers, enough already. It is NOT Ginn's fault he was drafted so high. You're expectations of him are NOT realistic. He isn't the player this regime needs him to be. I'll tell you that I'd rather have him then Quinn! All of you who whine probably wanted Quinn and look at him? Ginn was still the better pick. Quinn can't sniff the field but at least Ted contributes.

As poor as he plays with drops in big spots, quick to duck out of bounds or fall, he is the ONLY one who spreads the field on this team. He IS needed! How many wr's in the NFL get run down from behind like Hartline did with all that cushion? Those are the routes Ginn should be running! Quick slants, drags, screen etc. He isn't being used correctly! He wasn't drafted to be a #1 WR. He was drafted to be a ST ace and quick hitter type WR.

He can be a valid #2 wr in the NFL IF used properly! Let Camarillo run the dig routes, the outs & ins with DB's drapped over him. He can fight & make those catches. Ginn needs routes as noted above! Look what he did vs. Buffalo last year with slants! Proof is in the pudding.

Get off his back. Your incessant whinning is old. He is failing because this trio at the top refuse to acknowledge you need big play WR's. Ginn isn't one, you CAN'T expect him to be one. He is what he is!

I'm SICK of people saying he sucks because he is a bust. He needs to be utilized. I agree he stinks in his role, so CHANGE it. He'll never be the guy to fight for a jump ball. STOP ASKING HIM TO and he just MIGHT develop into a decent WR.

Poor Taylor, the shot off him banging his helmet after Ginn drops the ball. I feel bad for Taylor, he comes back to Miami after we go 11-5 and back to the playoffs. Taylor is back and Miami is back to its old ways, NOT PLAYING 4 QTRS OF FOOTBALL. Finding bonehead ways to loose. The only game we played 4 qtrs was the Jet game. I hope we still make the playoffs but that is some outside shot at best.

Ginn is useless for offense. He can't even be a decoy. When coaches plan for miami they know they have to do one thing. Stop the run. The pass game will stop itself.

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