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The recipe for rehabilitating Ted Ginn Jr.

Ted Ginn has excellent straightline speed. He has good enough hands -- no, really. He has the physical ability to emerge from what is clearly a terrible outing against New Orleans and a season that is threatening to define him negatively.

But he needs to be managed now.

Today, as the Dolphins coaches are drawing up their plans for the Jets game, the issue of what to do with Ginn has to be decided. It is clear Ginn will lose some snaps at the wide receiver spot. Tony Sparano practically said as much when he said rookie Brian Hartline was about to play more.

More work for Hartline will mean less work for Ginn. That is a certainty.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins will simply deactivate Ginn. I don't think that would be the smart thing to do. I don't think that's what coaches will do.

First, I think one of Ginn's major problems now is he is lacking confidence. His body language is terrible. And his performance is showing that because that drop in the fourth quarter near the sideline Sunday showed he seemed to be pressing.

So what do you do with a kid like that? Do you deactivate him? For some guys, that would send a message and force them to buck up and respond. For guys like Ginn, I fear that would basically collapse what little belief in himself he has left.

Deactivating Ted Ginn would basically crush him emotionally.

Plus, that would also leave the Dolphins without their best return man on Sunday. Nope, deactivating Ginn would be dumb.

So do you demote Ginn, taking the starting job from him and giving it to Hartline? Well, that might make fans feel better, but what good would it do for the team? We already established Hartline will get more snaps at WR and Ginn will get fewer.

Does it really matter if one of the snaps taken from Ginn is the first offensive snap of the game or not? I do not know if Ginn will be benched. But I say even as I'm all for him getting fewer WR snaps, I don't really care if one of those is the first snap of the game or not.

In fact, let Ginn take the game's first snap. Throw him the ball or hand it to him on an end around. Get him immediately involved. Give him a chance to make a play, thus allowing him to rebuild his waning confidence.

Then put him on the sideline in pressure situations as Hartline gets more snaps throughout the game.

One thing the Dolphins absolutely, positively must do: Do what Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller planned when Ginn first arrived in Miami. Give him a chance to return every punt and every kickoff the Dolphins take first and foremost.

Ginn has a history of doing those things well. Give him a chance to regain his confidence while returning kicks. Give him a chance to feel like he's a player again. Give him the ball on special teams every chance you can.


Well, for one, Ginn is better at it than any other Miami player. Let's face it, Davone Bess will always make the first guy miss on punt returns but his lack of speed will never allow him to bust one loose. So he's always going to average 4 or 5 yards per return.

Ginn doesn't make too many people miss, as he's not as shifty. But if he sees a crease, he can hit it faster than anyone else on the team. Give him a chance to find one of those creases. Have him take every punt and kick return in practice this week to build his confidence about fielding the ball (also making sure he won't fumble) and then give him a chance to make the plays in the game.

Same with the kickoff returns. The Dolphins tried to turn Patrick Cobbs into their top return man even though he wasn't nearly as fast as Ginn -- tougher, but definitely not faster. Well, count on Ginn for that, too. Give him "ownership," as Dan Henning would say, of Miami's return game. Tell him it's on him to make big plays in the return game.

If Ginn can do that as well as he did in college, perhaps the Dolphins can use that as the foundation for rehabilitating him as a wide receiver.

The bottom line is Ginn's confidence is currently shot. It's up to the coaching staff to rebuild it or risk losing Ginn as a contributor. So what better way to accomplish that than giving him a chance to improve a special teams unit that sorely needs the help anyway?

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WHAT???? his confidence....are you kidding? He had better nut up and act like a man...he's in the NFL.....not the little league..this is a job, for a company...if you do not produce, you get fired! Terminated! He's bringing the offense down! I agree let him run back kick offs and punts....and redo his contract......if he refuses, then cut him...bench him, do whatever you want but PLEASE DO NOT THROW HIM THE BALL!


playoffs ? PLAYOFFS ?


Mando, come on. Belichick released Galloway and sat Adalius Thomas for what? Poor performance. And I'm sure he didn't lose any sleep over it. If he sat Ginn, it wouldn't be Sparano benching him, it would be Ginn. He had numerous chances, and we can't wait forever. It's the NFL, show up or ship out.

Sign Matt jones Right Now what do we have to lose nothing zero ,we should be able to sign the guy very cheap, I guarantee you He will do Better than what we have right now, the other thing Dolphins should not bench Ginn Jr by any means, they should feature the guy more than ever maybe that way we'll be able to trade the guy next year and get something in return

Dear Armando Cameron,
Please quit candy-coating how terrible Ginn is. You and Fat Tony are acting like Ginn is a rookie who will learn in time and...blah blah blah. After THREE years, he hasn't learned how to catch. You KNOW this in your heart, but you're too nice to say so.

Armando Cameron lol

In honor of truth Ted Ginn sucks big time ,but let's be fair here our defense lost that game ,Our defense it;s so bad everytime the opposing quaterback rise his arm I close my eyes

Oh come on A-MAN that is funny

Sign MATT JONES ? Like it doesn't snow in miami either !

I understand the sentiment here - we're stuck with him so lets make the best of it. But the guy is freaking horrible at punt returns. And not much better at kick returns. Sure, he's fast, and if he sees a lane he's gone (as long as no one lays a finger - and I mean literally a finger - on him). But part of the problem with his game is he can't see lanes. At all.

He wasn't a whole lot better in college, to tell the truth. Look at his box scores from tOSU game by game (I did). What really stands out is that no one on that creampuff schedule the Buckeyes always has kicked away from him. None of them. No one was afraid of him, because they knew any damage he managed to do would be more than offset by the net loss of yardage he would tally by the end of the game. CJ Slipper is going to beat all of his career return totals in a single year.

Ginn was never very good, and he hasn't gotten any better.

Ginn's not playing college ball anymore; these are the pros with bigger, faster, tacklers taking better angles to the ball. This video makes him look like a stud because he is outrunning guys who are now investment bankers and dentists... Ginn plays scared and as Parcells likes to say: if they dont bite as pups... you know the rest. Ginn seems like a nice guy but we dont need nice guys.

What did I do Armando?

OK, you guys are ALSO missing the bigger picture here. You cut him, he was the #9 overall pick, with, I'm sure, an outrageous bonus. The salary cap will take an enormous hit! I think we all know that they will get the salary cap situation sorted out. Nobody wants the NFL equivelant of the NY Yankees!

I agree about Ginn returning kick-offs and punts. He seems to do a decent job of that...especially since Cobbs is out. He doesn't deserve to start at WR though for sure. Maybe throw him in there when they need an extra WR on certain plays but that's about it. The Fins def. need to dump his a** in the off-season.

Fat Tony is just as much to blame as Dead Ginn. Why are we throwing the ball, period? Let alone throwing it to the Ginn family? The Wildcat got us 24 points, so what does Fatso Sparano do? He stops using it and instead trust Dead Ginn. Our donut-devouring coach needs to be fired immediately.


you're clearly a Ginn fan and want to see the kid succeed, we get that. Unfortunately, the Dolphins or maybe the NFL isnt the place for him.

Fins should have traded him before the deadline for a football, some Dan Marino trading cards and a pack of big red! (rumor was they almost did and maybe the rumors got to him) He has not played to his potential all season- last I checked, most elite WRs start making impacts season 3. He's had an impact alright but the the way we'd like!

Rehab shouldnt be a consideration; it should be a byproduct of getting him involved in, but not featuring him in the offense. Hartline, Camarillo, Bess (not on Sunday) all have heart and fight for the ball and make tough catches - this team is supposed to be tough. Ginn doesn't have the makeup.

Hey Reggie! Your an idiot. Who do u think started the wildcat?

Fat Tony was an adequate offensive lineman coach, but he is clearly overmatched as a head coach. He is terrible with timeouts and is afraid to bench Ginn. Do you think the greats like Shula and Bellichek cared about hurting their players feelings?


This is one of your best posts. I agree with you 100%. Let him do all of the returns. Get him involved early. Do the little things to build his confidence.

He showed he had pretty darn good hands his rookie year when he caught almost everything thrown to him. He needs to get out of the "don't drop it" mode and into the "i'm going to catch that" mode.

There is only one way that he can stop the negative comments and that is to not let them affect him and go out and play the way he knows that he can. Even then, he will still have his detractors.

I don't know if he will regain his confidence, but as a Dolphin fan, I hope he does.

doing that in college and doing it in the pros are two VERY different animals. in the NFL, everyone's bigger, faster, and stronger. ginn is an absolute waste. he's never met a sideline he hasn't fallen in love with. that interception was horrendous. he's not even smart enough to just drop the ball. no, instead he bobbles the ball and hits it up into the air for a pick six. maybe in the offseason we can trade him for a gatorade jug and a box of socks for the team. that's about all he's worth.

who cares who started this wild cat gimmick.we need steelers footbal not pat white trash .

Phinatic....Dan Henning started thee wildcat.

actually it was qb coach david lee.

Reggie fire Tony??? Your a first class idiot who doesn't belong on a football blog...

Great points Armando. The Dolphins need to try to utilize his strenghts to help us. I watched him drop that 4th qtr pass when we were down by 6 and he looked like he didn't want any part of the field after that. I disagree in that I don't feel he should start at all. You have to take a stand with players that don't produce for the sake of the rest of the team. Let him be a third or fourth receiver and use him on special teams for now.

Dan Henning did not come up with the Wildcat.....If u listened or read ONE Dolphin Column you would know Sprano came up with it while he gave Henning the job to run it...Damn, know something, one fact at least before u look like an idiot on the blog REGGIE

the only thing Sparano ever came up with was ways to eat donuts and get fat. i have never heard or read ONE thing where someone gave Fatso Tony credit for inventing the wildcat. Please give me a specific, and stop defending this overweight and under-intelligent idiot coach of ours.

You give a lot of good points. But dude are you not tired of hearing next year we will be better.
This team has good player that can’t take us far. But some thing always happens a fumble or an INT. OR even HANDS OF STONE that turns every thing around.
Yes I said Ted doesn't care because not once this off-season did I here any thing on how he was putting extra time in to get better.
You want to keep him it's ok but just on KR & PR. HE is to SMALL & WEAK MINDED to be #1 WR

who started the idea of losing a game by score of 46-34 after being ahead 24-3 ?

Guys, let me settle this for you all! Tedd Ginn IS NOT a football player! He's definitely not a return guy! WHY?! In order to return punts in the NFL (I could return punts at OSU because they're physically superior to 80% of their competition) you have to be a threat to run right AT a guy and you have to be shifty! Niether of which Tedd Ginn is! Coverage teams know this!!! They know he'll always run to the sideline - ALWAYS! He doesn't change direction well!!! When a player is drafted and the best that can be said about him is that he comes from a good family (which is far more important that football) then the team is in TROUBLE! GET HIM OFF THE FIELD!

The point is that Ginn hasn't lived up to his potential. I think Sporano did the right thing, he back his guy up. I agree that Ginn's done a good job on returns. Having watched football for over 42 years these things have a way of working themselves out. Who knows if Hartline gets injured and they put Ginn back in, he may be able to redeem himself!

Dolphin fans forget things quickly. Two weeks ago Ginn caught an excellent pass for over 50 yds againt the Jets. I'm disappointed in Ginn, but our team lost that game. Not Ginn.

Armando you're a funny guy, one day it's "bench him" the next it's "let's rehab" the guy. Lots of armchair coaches in here!

We've played well, just not well enough to beat the top teams, but damn it sure has been exciting to watch.

We've been close in two games against premier qb's like Manning and Brees. Last I cheched, we still have 10 games to go.

can any one tell me who's the team w/record years of rebuilding and still suck ?

all this ginn talk is humorous he is what he is you take the good with the bad every team in the league has a wr like him. if you really watch and understand football youll see that our biggest need is not wide reciever it is by far inside linebackers

ALthough NEITHER "invented" the wilcat, Sparano just took the chains off...You look like the idoit bobbyd12

In a December 24, 2006 game between the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons, the Panthers, due to a quarterback injury, deployed a formation without a quarterback and snapped the ball directly to running back DeAngelo Williams.[12] The Panthers ran the ball—mostly in this formation—for the first twelve plays of the opening drive. The offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers at the time was Dan Henning, who later developed this concept into the Wildcat as the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

Relying on the experience of quarterbacks coach David Lee who had run the scheme at Arkansas, the 2008 Miami Dolphins implemented the Wildcat offense beginning in the third game of the 2008 season with great success

can any one tell me how many TD the dolphins defense allowed this year so far ?

Guys, let me settle this for you all! Tedd Ginn IS NOT a football player! He's definitely not a return guy! WHY?! In order to return punts in the NFL (I could return punts at OSU because they're physically superior to 80% of their competition) you have to be a threat to run right AT a guy and you have to be shifty! Niether of which Tedd Ginn is! Coverage teams know this!!! They know he'll always run to the sideline - ALWAYS! He doesn't change direction well!!! When a player is drafted and the best that can be said about him is that he comes from a good family (which is far more important that football) then the team is in TROUBLE! GET HIM OFF THE FIELD!

Maybe I'm crazy but, Ginn will be the best slot receiver in the game when he is on a Team that has a true #1 receiver. I think Tuna and co. know this, thats why they try to protect him some. The kid has been hammered ever since the comish anounced his name and what Team he was going to. If the Dolphins played Taylor at cornerback, because he has size and speed as a linebacker. How fair would it be to hammer him? Ginn was not drafted as a #1 receiver. Cam just could not bring himselt to admit to the NFL world that he just used his #1 on a kick returner. As far as I know Ginn has great work habits, is a good Team mate and well liked. Take as much pressure off him as possible. Let him return kicks and play in the slot. I believe this is the way to go. I also believe he will make the clutch 3rd down catches a slot guy must do.

Not that wikipedia is the best source out there, but, that's how I remember the story...

everyone knows the draft is a crap shoot anyway and i too wish we got alot more out of teddy but then again theres been a whole lot of players taken in the top ten who have never even got a touchdown for the team that picked them so i wouldnt say hes a total bust

Marc is right. I'm not implying that Henning "invented" the wildcat, but rather that he came up with the foundation for using it and employing it. My main point is that they don't use it enough. Except for a few series here and there where it gets stuffed, for the most part, it has been unstoppable. It is certainly more successful than trying to throw the ball to Ginn. Can we all agree on that?

Marc , read my post at 5:54 pm. That what i said.

Yes, I agree we should have running the wildcat and not throwing the ball downfield in the second half. We chew up that clock out of the wildcat. I have no idea why we abandoned it in the second half.

Blame Ginn all you want. Brees had no problem throwing the ball, there are defensive issues that haven't been addressed!

EMOTIONS???? EMOTIONS??? Is this the NFL or the Dr. Phil Show???

NJ, I was supporting you...Don't you have a gym to go to so you can brag about it to us fellas?

Armando, he should have been deactivated four weeks ago. No sympathy for the man. He got his money unjustifiably and failed. End of story.

Looks great on video, but you will notice that all his catches he was wide open. NFL receivers need to catch the ball in traffic,go up & bring it down. He cannot do this. also he can't out run NFL players like he did in college.

Alright guys, I'm about to slip into something more comfortable (a 5' Columbian broad with natural C's)...That's how you bragg NJ ;)

dont blame teddy any more! alot of this ok most of this is our fault. we stink!

Marc , how did you know ? I ready to go at 7 .

Start to think about the jet´s To much distraction on a lost game. Keep walking and look forward. Take the mistakes are lessons and concentrate on jets Game, because this is a must win for us if we want to be a playoff team this year.

Marc , I'm . and aren't you supposed to go play madden football or go to some fantasy football league you bragg about to all the fellas ?

Armando I agree with you that Ginn's confidence is shot and certainly it is effecting his play. As much as I dog Ginnhe does have talent that I would love to see realized in dolphin uniform. The problem is he seems scared when he runs. At this stage in the game you might be able to build confidence but you can't teach fearlessness. NFL players prey on the fearful ball carrier.


Marc , the difference is i'm bragging about something real not some fantasy in your head.

keep walking and look forward?

I played a joke on you all 3 years ago, and somehow the joke is still lingering. LMAO

Mando, dude,, AWESOME story on Davis and Smith in your previous blog! Seriously man, kudos because for one you have really turned a corner this season in being objective in my opinion. I noticed it starting last year and you have continued into this season. Your writing style has definitely turned a corner (also my opinion because what the hell do I know about writing!?). I do know I read a lot and eventhough it's just an opinion, I think you are becoming one of the better writers in South Florida. You're really tieing your stories together better than ever and finishing really strong. Thanks for doing what you do and I'll always be a fan! About the Ginn thing, I agree about punts but after so many dissapointments I don't know how much I want to see him on the field with the base offense. He's going to have to earn our trust now because the honeymoon is definitely over. Let him come in for 20% of the snaps and see if he can produce in a limited role. If he does than he earns more playing time but not until it becomes a consistent thing. So frustrating Arrrgggghhhhhhh!

Hey Marc , any 5' Colombian broad that weighs 300 lbs is going to have natural C's

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