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The recipe for rehabilitating Ted Ginn Jr.

Ted Ginn has excellent straightline speed. He has good enough hands -- no, really. He has the physical ability to emerge from what is clearly a terrible outing against New Orleans and a season that is threatening to define him negatively.

But he needs to be managed now.

Today, as the Dolphins coaches are drawing up their plans for the Jets game, the issue of what to do with Ginn has to be decided. It is clear Ginn will lose some snaps at the wide receiver spot. Tony Sparano practically said as much when he said rookie Brian Hartline was about to play more.

More work for Hartline will mean less work for Ginn. That is a certainty.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins will simply deactivate Ginn. I don't think that would be the smart thing to do. I don't think that's what coaches will do.

First, I think one of Ginn's major problems now is he is lacking confidence. His body language is terrible. And his performance is showing that because that drop in the fourth quarter near the sideline Sunday showed he seemed to be pressing.

So what do you do with a kid like that? Do you deactivate him? For some guys, that would send a message and force them to buck up and respond. For guys like Ginn, I fear that would basically collapse what little belief in himself he has left.

Deactivating Ted Ginn would basically crush him emotionally.

Plus, that would also leave the Dolphins without their best return man on Sunday. Nope, deactivating Ginn would be dumb.

So do you demote Ginn, taking the starting job from him and giving it to Hartline? Well, that might make fans feel better, but what good would it do for the team? We already established Hartline will get more snaps at WR and Ginn will get fewer.

Does it really matter if one of the snaps taken from Ginn is the first offensive snap of the game or not? I do not know if Ginn will be benched. But I say even as I'm all for him getting fewer WR snaps, I don't really care if one of those is the first snap of the game or not.

In fact, let Ginn take the game's first snap. Throw him the ball or hand it to him on an end around. Get him immediately involved. Give him a chance to make a play, thus allowing him to rebuild his waning confidence.

Then put him on the sideline in pressure situations as Hartline gets more snaps throughout the game.

One thing the Dolphins absolutely, positively must do: Do what Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller planned when Ginn first arrived in Miami. Give him a chance to return every punt and every kickoff the Dolphins take first and foremost.

Ginn has a history of doing those things well. Give him a chance to regain his confidence while returning kicks. Give him a chance to feel like he's a player again. Give him the ball on special teams every chance you can.


Well, for one, Ginn is better at it than any other Miami player. Let's face it, Davone Bess will always make the first guy miss on punt returns but his lack of speed will never allow him to bust one loose. So he's always going to average 4 or 5 yards per return.

Ginn doesn't make too many people miss, as he's not as shifty. But if he sees a crease, he can hit it faster than anyone else on the team. Give him a chance to find one of those creases. Have him take every punt and kick return in practice this week to build his confidence about fielding the ball (also making sure he won't fumble) and then give him a chance to make the plays in the game.

Same with the kickoff returns. The Dolphins tried to turn Patrick Cobbs into their top return man even though he wasn't nearly as fast as Ginn -- tougher, but definitely not faster. Well, count on Ginn for that, too. Give him "ownership," as Dan Henning would say, of Miami's return game. Tell him it's on him to make big plays in the return game.

If Ginn can do that as well as he did in college, perhaps the Dolphins can use that as the foundation for rehabilitating him as a wide receiver.

The bottom line is Ginn's confidence is currently shot. It's up to the coaching staff to rebuild it or risk losing Ginn as a contributor. So what better way to accomplish that than giving him a chance to improve a special teams unit that sorely needs the help anyway?

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Crush him emotionally? You mean like he does to the fans every week?

OK, I'm sick of all you whiny biatches just harping on all the negatives of this team although they couldn't fight their way out of paper bag 2 years ago.

This team is light years of that one and will win at least 9 games and has a shot at the playoffs. I would take this team over more than 2/3 of the other teams in the league and they are young and will get better. And nect year after another excellent trifecta draft and free agency will push to challenge for the big prize.

I will stop reading this blog just to stay away from the retards if this continues.

Ginns speed is Real but there's a fear in him. It seems childish. Like a kid playing with grownups. I still got love for him but mann after that game I hated his guts bad and thought I could never forgive him. I was hurt deep.. ( real talk).now I agree giving him pw back.Amando, when u say by benching Ginn could destroy him, I believe that's related to what I mean about him being childish!. Ginn!!! If u can hear me, just get it together Now. I've give ya another chance in my book because we don't have many options.

Mark, will you go back to the Argonauts blog in that case?

Mando, you are spot on. Ted's way too tentative to be an effective returner of any sort. He has not made a successful transition to the professional level. Therefore, his playing time needs to be shortened, as you have stated.

Like I said, when I posted the link to that video the other day, don't buy too much into those highlights........The Big Ten as a whole is DREADFULLY slow. (No offense to anyone who roots for the Great White Northern Conf.) Ginn just so happened to be a 4.3, in a conf. full of 4.7's.
In fact, the only time he showed speed AGAINST speed, was in the title game vs. Florida (Opening kick-off back to the house)

And he couldn't even do that right. (Botched his foot all up during the celebration somehow)

That stuff being said, I've calmed down a bit, and I'm ready to forgive a little.
On the whole kick-return deal, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Through his first two years, he's had at least three returns called back (against the Browns, Bills, and Seahawks to name a few) and if those would've counted, his worth would appear just a little better right now. He has got to feel like crap these days, and he's also got to be a little insecure about his past learning disability issue. That stuff is hard to relate to unless you, or someone you know has gone through it.

Come on Ted. You ain't at OSU anymore. You're being paid now. Show me something.

Here's what Ginn has done since he's been here.....


Maybe, just maybe......


Armando's gonna have to put it up there for yall, I guess.

Is it just me but for some reason I look forward to seeing Vdavis and Ssmith on the field at the same time...i think it can be good. Or maybe I'm desperate. Lol

Let's put Ryan Leaf's college highlights too Bet they look pretty good.

Recipe? 1 ounce of guts, 2 ounces of football knowledge, 3 ounces of heart shaken not stirred.

sorry, but if you dont have confidence in your self at this point of your career then something is wrong. You have played pee wee, high school,college, and now the pro's with thousands of balls being thrown to you. The fact is that some guys just dont have what it takes to be a real competitor in the pro's.Ginn has dropped countless balls, ran out of bounds to avoid contact,and has not shown much in the return games as well. I have to start the guy who week in and out is giving the best performance in that position,regardless of his draft pick or rate of pay. If Ginn is that guy,then that is sad for Miami group of recievers. Likewise, Crowder is rated 242 in the nfl in defenders, you cant start a guy like that in the middle of your defense, he is a big moth bum who has done nothing but hurt this team. The film dont lie.

Let's face it. Ginn is a WUSSY.. He will run out of bounds rather than get hit. Even if it means the TEAM getting a first down.

People that buy tickets to games, ie: Spend their HARD EARNED CASH and those that buy NFLST don't give a crap about a third year receiver's feelings. We pay to see the Dolphins WIN so we can be proud and brag about them. That's the bottom line.

Ginn needs to toughen up or find another career. The tools are great but if you are afraid to use them then they might as well not exist.

Mando, you went too soft on this one. I would give heim1 chance at kickoffs and punt returns and that's it. For the other players sake and respect, that's it. Make him EARN his way back.

I'm done with Ginn!

Reads like the ORGANIZATION got to Mando. Mando, you sound like you're backtracking just a tad from a few days ago.

"So do you demote Ginn, taking the starting job from him and giving it to Hartline?"

How can you demote someone who didn't deserve the job? It's not a demotion, its realizing you made a mistake and now you are correcting said mistake.

Armando, once again you provide us some insight only someone with inside access can provide! That's reporting!

About your opinion about Ginn Jr., you are spot on my man...spot on!

Ginn is becoming a product of negativity. Ok, we learned he's not a number one guy at WR. Big deal. We right now don't need one, and no true number one is going to want to block to stare at a running game all day long with a good but unproven QB handing it off instead of throwing. So get over it guys for now. We need faster possession receivers. We'll get there.

Now to the point, this team found success last year by playing to our strengths and sticking to them. Unlike this year where quite frankly, we have had key movement in the QB position and secondary which bring inconstancy.

So let the Ginn settle down to less demanding role and let him get some well needed confidence. You guys want to get Ginn off the field, yet he still has more talent than many who parade the sidelines now. So get off his sack.

Learn to respect your team. Acting like children because you're not getting your ice-cream when you want it isn't going to solve something. And we need solutions, positives ones when we are sitting in last place in our division. Last mutherfocking place!

Didn't Ginn catch a pass on the first play of the Saints game? If so it did wonders for his confidence. He needs to play with a edge. I saw the replay of the interception play, it looked like he short armed the ball to keep from getting hit.

As putrid as Ginn has been, he does accomplish something for the Phins offense - he forces defenses to at least think we could go deep. Hartline probably doesn't give us that.

I think most Phin fans would like to see Ginn improve (although the occasional knucklehead still talks about how we missed out on Quinn).

Here is the real question at this point - Is he a late bloomer? ((Jimmy Smith (a 2nd round pick) was a great WR who had his first 1000 yard season in his 5th year out of college?)) Or is he a guy who will never make it?

I feel bad for Ginn. He seems like a nice guy. But I agree with Armando - Ginn's confidence is shot. What concerns me most is that he seems a lot like another first round pick with a ton of talent - Troy Williamson. When Ginn misses a pass, it seems like he quite often just misjudges the ball. One pass in the Saints game hit Ginn in the upper arm instead of his hands. That is a situation where a WR has to adjust to the ball. Ginn doesn't do that well. Williamson didn't do it at all.

So is Ginn another Jimmy Smith? Or is he another Troy Williamson?

Honestly, I think he has to play to keep defenses honest; but I also think he has to go in the offseason. Ginn knows that the Miami crowd never wanted him; and my guess is that that fact is something that still hurts his confidence.

Mark in Toronto, I hear ya. Good thing is we don't all think so negatively so you're not alone eventhough I know it feels that way sometimes. Don't leave because we need some people in here with positive vibes ya know? Bottom line is when Parcells/Sparano/Ireland came aboard they told us straight out that this was a project and it would take AT LEAST 3 TO 4 YEARS to build a contender. And now because of some moderate success last season against a WEAK schedule with a lot of lucky breaks coming our way people are questioning EVERYTHING. The trifecta didn't lie and were straight forward with their timeline. I'm sorry to say this but ANYONE that complains at this stage is a complete moron. We knew what this was and we're better off now than we were before BP got here and are only going to get better. Seriously this team is 1

elite receiver and 1 quality FS away from being the team we've all been waiting for. Obviously a DT and an ILB would help too but they are close. FS and WR in free agency and use your 1st two picks on a DT and ILB and holy crap the Phins are going to be a contender. As long as Henne continues to grow (crossing my fingers!)

Keep the faith Mark and Go Leafs!

Mando, I'm an Ohio boy who has seen a lot of Ginn over the years. He does not go up after the ball. Never had to in college. Never learned to do it in the pros because he could always get by with his speed. The coaching staff needs someone to throw him 100 balls where he has to go up and make a play over a defender. And I believe he has been ruined as a returner. On one of his returns Sunday I believe he took a stride that was 2 1/2 yards long. Now, I know he has always been a longstrider and takes a while to get to top speed, but that was rediculous. I've always been a supporter of Ginn hoping he would turn the corner, but I don't believe it will happen here. He plays scared. Even on returns this is true because the sideline is always only a couple of steps away.

do you see what i see? just keep quite .

WOW ! ! ! Every time i read your storys i start to think you might have a little bit of intelagiance you surprise me with another stupid statment.Does someone read your storys before they print them and if they do. do they no football.Ridiculous!!! Our best return man?!! Are you serious??!! did you really say that, ginn sucks couldnt catch the swine flu in a elevator, so please think before you righ thtis crap..

I'll say it again, 3 years ago a bunch of u bozos were calling up talk radio calling for Ronnie Browns head....A "bust", "can't run the ball" "a wasted pick"...same old crap now being thrown on Ginn..."Bill Parcells was given a total mess when he took over, limited draft picks, close to cap space, old players paid too much.. Today we have an incredible upgrade in talent, good solid base and a future...Ted Ginn is here for the rest of this year....putting him on a bench and letting him rot is beyond stupid!!! We need him to produce something, or when this year is over our number 9 pick becomes beyond a waste...I'm pulling for Ginn and Fasano and Wilson, because this is our team this year, and these guys need to produce and show some value

Our Defense Sucks big time . forget about Ginn already , You don't lose a game in the second Half like that with an elite defense , we need 2 inside linebackers not one and replace Mr Wilson
he is doing a horrible job back there ,I've been watching the broncos defense which features the 3-4 like miami and Denver's middle linebackers are flying all over the place and making plays , I do think and mark this sentence Paul Pasqualoni won't be here next year,The Pat White pick is not looking that good now, They will regret not getting Rey Maulaluga with That Pick ,We should be better today with that guy playing in the middle

Carlos VP - no I will not go to the Argo block because I am a Dolphin fan and unlike most of you who come here and complain, I've been a season ticket holder - that's right, I flew down 3 times to watch them play.

Maybe I'll join Habitat for Humanity and build you a place to live in

NY Scott - Glad I'm not the only one with some perspective. You are right - we are darn close. Like both of us say - one more year and if Henne continues to grow - we'll be there.

And by God, the Leafs??? Maybe Parcells could go be appreciated there if he knows anything about hockey. People in Miami cry about a 2 year rebuild - the Leafs have been rebuilding since 1967 and you still need to trade your first born to get a ticket.


Mark,would you give me a ticket for free.thank you .

The Ginn in video highlights is a #9 overall pick. To Cam and Mueller's defense anyone could have fell in love with that Ginn. Here's what they missed.

The Ginn they drafted wasnt quite the same Ginn in the highlights reel. Why? Simply because the Ginn drafted was the Ginn who suffered the devastating ankle injury on the final play of his collegiate career.

What was the change? I played both football and basketball, I had a devastating ankle injury too. When I fully recovered it hadnt affected my straightline speed either. What it did affect was my lateral speed and quickness.

If you notice from the video before the ankle injury Ginn's laterall speed and quickness much greater than now. You noticed he didnt run out of bounds nearly as much either. After watching the video I'm wondering maybe that he runs out of bounds not so much out of fear but out of inability to make quick cuts back to inside.

So now I know many will ask what does that have to do with his hands? My answer to that is probably a little of 2 things:

1. Sometimes he reverts to a bad habit of trying to catch the ball with his body. At times that works but it isnt a fundementally sound technique.

2. He maybe still adjusting to the speed of Henne's balls. Until you totally adjust to the speed of a rocket armed qb like Henne, at times the ball will handcuff recievers because the ball gets into your body so quickly. Only time and repetition will cure this.

Besides that as another poster mentioned, almost any reciever can have 3-4 subpar games a year, even the greats.

My total assessment is this:

As a returner, because of his now compomised laterall speed and quickness due to his final collegiate game ankle injury, Ginn's success in this area depends great upon the ST's ability to block and create creases. Ginn still has the explosive straightline speed to take it to the house when that happens.

As a reciever, if we can ever get a true #1, Ginn should be better as a 2wr or even a 3. As a 3, I believe he would be a total mismatch for opposing team's nickle back. As a 2, we would have legitimate deep threats on both sides of the D. (Once we have a legitmate #1wr)

So yes, Ginn is still very salvageble.

Aloco, this was by no means the worst defeat in Dolphins history, ahhaa, not even close. Remember losing to the SD Chargers in the playoffs because Stoyanovich couldn't make a clutch kick? That was the last best shot Danny had to play in the big one. That one hurt.

Remember losing the AFC Championship to the division rival Buffalo Bills on home turf? That one hurt.

Remember losing to the NY Jets on Monday night after having a 35-7 lead in the second half? That one hurt.

This one was more unfortunate but they're a young team and will learn from it. The Dolphins will add another young stud in the draft, plug another hole or two in free agency and then you will really watch them go.

Yesterday I also was calling for Ginn to be pulled and warming up the bench. That was yesterday, after reading some of the comments posted on here. I have to agree with the positive comments, yes I am willing to say he can end up producing and become the wideout he was drafted to be.

HE IS WHAT HE IS PPL, A BIG OUTBLOWN Bust, he doesn't make plays when we need them and this offense is totally dependent on our RUNNING BACKS. lets face it,r season is toast this year, our secondary is PATHETIC and very young, Gibril Wilson is a bust at best.(THE ONLY THING AL DAVIS WAS RARELY RIGHT ABOUT WHEN HE KILLED HIS CONTRACT)that should've been a warning to this organization not to go after him, but like camerons faith iN drafting ginn #1 three yrs ago, nobody was listening..If ronnie or ricky get hurt in any of these upcoming games..we are almost certianly promised a top 10 draft pick in 2010.

IT'S NICE TO READ MARK AND WILLIAM IN Ks to see that fin fans have some positive and smart people not all farmers or plumbers .

Our secondary is hardly pathetic. We hve the hardest schedule in the league and are 15th against the pass and is young and will get miles better. PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE!!!!





Posted by: ALOCO | October 27, 2009 at 10:03 PM

I always was in support of GINN.



It doesn't matter about what he did there he's not there any more.

Like I said before only DIVA wide outs are great.


me love to eat well ,do you like meatballs ?

do you want feel like a creepy man attacking one guy for the fu..king defense from hell .seven lousy defense men get payed for doing 46 -34.....btw fireginn ,do you like broccli ?

I'm not a negative Phihs fan and I agree with trying to build his confidence blah blah blah. I just don't see this turning around: he rarely makes ANY tough grabs, and often drops the easy ones. He doesn't consistently make many yards after the catch> he really cost us againest the Saints: and the catch he missed at the end of the Colts game was one we had to have: it was makable and would have rescued a cruching loss. I say cut bait at the end of the season.


He's got the speed, does he have the hands?


no,ME a Chicken kind of guy, kinda goes along with ginns time to shine momments on field for last 3 yrs of playing, CHICKEN!!!



i'm not blaming "everthing" on ted ginn,however when it comes to what has he done for this team,the answer is fairly simply *SQUAT*. the guy needs to go and fresh start somewhere else. He has never developed into the reciever he was brought here to be and its very clear that this guy CANNOT be a #1 reciever in this league and for this team. WE MUST MOVE ON mr.ALOCO, even if u like him or not!!!

We should have traded Ginn to the Ravens when we had the opportunity to do so...

GM IRLEAND...................


in that order: i would in the offseason...
release fasano
release crowderhead
keep porter(and his mouth, unfortunately)
get rid of wilson
Long(keep of course)
allen...nuff said
st coach(don't really care what happens there)


You're such a hypocrite!! I can't stand you!! You wanted the man dead yesterday and today you're like in love with the dude, and care about "his emotions."

You have to be gay, dude!!!


I agree with you. He has the skills but his confidents is at an all time low. Let him return all the punts and kickoffs and put him in positions to prosper. He will turn it around. I think more importantly we have to be able to stop the long ball which has been a big problem. We need to rotate our front four to keep people fresh and attacking the QB like we did in the first half of the saints game. When we win the next two we are right back in it!

Dude, the guy looks for the nearest sideline as soon as he gets any ball. He's just emotionally f@#$#ed up. Was he ever hit hard in the NFL? they guy is scare of getting hit or injured. This is football, you know; and he's been paid top dollars . There's no excuse for his cowardly actions.

I am disappointed at you for first criticizing the jerk and now all of a sudden he's our best specialty team man? F@#$ him and let's give Turner a chance..

I refuse to go to any other Fins game as long as Ted Ginn is the starting lineup. He doesn't deserve to be in this team.

dfns006, big deal you are not going to the game .the stands never full any way .go make me som tea


chewing gum is just fine, after all if ur coach decides to chew ur a** in front of ur face, wouldn't u want to him smell ur minty breath instead of passing out the rest of the game*lol*

i can't sleep ,how can your team is up 24-3 then lose in this fashion .even fixed games don't finish this way .

i disagree with u aloco, J-LO AND MARC ANTHONY r there now, and fans will show up just for the chance to be that lucky fan to win a trip to the pess box and hit on lopez all game long.

Hey armando,

instead of trying to convince us ginn was a good player in college with youtube videos,may i suggest u post his career video in the nfl with the miami dolphins...i mean that wouldnt last about what, ten seconds, but it would at least sum up the value he's worth to the dolphins and the entire NFL.*lmao*...what a joke!!!

His confidence is a real problem, but our confidence in him is just as much of a problem.We have to figure out how to get this guy to show some positive emotion and really try to break a tackle ha or maybe someday run for an extra yard...Have the HEART to do that.We need that from him.We need him to go up and get a ball...act like you want it.Maybe it's not his confidence at all...Maybe GINN has NO HEART.I hope he can show us some things...he's killed us all season.

I have seen some Phin Fans talk about how good it was for Will Allen to get hurt...are you serious?He may not of been having the best season, but this is his life and career.It's never good for any player to get hurt...Even worse when it's one of our own.Show Allen some love and let him know he will be missed.The guy played hard for us all year.

I feel the same way about the players that haven't shown up...we gotta find a way to light a fire in that a** ha We gotta get ready to beat the JETS for the second time this year...bring on sexy Rexy ha

Much love Phina Fans...Go Dolphins.

Now you tards think that Ginn can play? Keep drinking the kool aid.

Just goes to show how apathetic this fan base is. Still trying to convince yourselves that this douche can be a big time player in this league.

I like your attitude Downer. Cheer the 'phins. This young team needs support. It is one thing for the franchise to be supportive but the fan base needs to be there too. It is just wrong to see so many empty seats. Never see that in Pitsburgh or Dallas or Green Bay. FOREVER PHINS!

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