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The recipe for rehabilitating Ted Ginn Jr.

Ted Ginn has excellent straightline speed. He has good enough hands -- no, really. He has the physical ability to emerge from what is clearly a terrible outing against New Orleans and a season that is threatening to define him negatively.

But he needs to be managed now.

Today, as the Dolphins coaches are drawing up their plans for the Jets game, the issue of what to do with Ginn has to be decided. It is clear Ginn will lose some snaps at the wide receiver spot. Tony Sparano practically said as much when he said rookie Brian Hartline was about to play more.

More work for Hartline will mean less work for Ginn. That is a certainty.

But I have a hard time believing the Dolphins will simply deactivate Ginn. I don't think that would be the smart thing to do. I don't think that's what coaches will do.

First, I think one of Ginn's major problems now is he is lacking confidence. His body language is terrible. And his performance is showing that because that drop in the fourth quarter near the sideline Sunday showed he seemed to be pressing.

So what do you do with a kid like that? Do you deactivate him? For some guys, that would send a message and force them to buck up and respond. For guys like Ginn, I fear that would basically collapse what little belief in himself he has left.

Deactivating Ted Ginn would basically crush him emotionally.

Plus, that would also leave the Dolphins without their best return man on Sunday. Nope, deactivating Ginn would be dumb.

So do you demote Ginn, taking the starting job from him and giving it to Hartline? Well, that might make fans feel better, but what good would it do for the team? We already established Hartline will get more snaps at WR and Ginn will get fewer.

Does it really matter if one of the snaps taken from Ginn is the first offensive snap of the game or not? I do not know if Ginn will be benched. But I say even as I'm all for him getting fewer WR snaps, I don't really care if one of those is the first snap of the game or not.

In fact, let Ginn take the game's first snap. Throw him the ball or hand it to him on an end around. Get him immediately involved. Give him a chance to make a play, thus allowing him to rebuild his waning confidence.

Then put him on the sideline in pressure situations as Hartline gets more snaps throughout the game.

One thing the Dolphins absolutely, positively must do: Do what Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller planned when Ginn first arrived in Miami. Give him a chance to return every punt and every kickoff the Dolphins take first and foremost.

Ginn has a history of doing those things well. Give him a chance to regain his confidence while returning kicks. Give him a chance to feel like he's a player again. Give him the ball on special teams every chance you can.


Well, for one, Ginn is better at it than any other Miami player. Let's face it, Davone Bess will always make the first guy miss on punt returns but his lack of speed will never allow him to bust one loose. So he's always going to average 4 or 5 yards per return.

Ginn doesn't make too many people miss, as he's not as shifty. But if he sees a crease, he can hit it faster than anyone else on the team. Give him a chance to find one of those creases. Have him take every punt and kick return in practice this week to build his confidence about fielding the ball (also making sure he won't fumble) and then give him a chance to make the plays in the game.

Same with the kickoff returns. The Dolphins tried to turn Patrick Cobbs into their top return man even though he wasn't nearly as fast as Ginn -- tougher, but definitely not faster. Well, count on Ginn for that, too. Give him "ownership," as Dan Henning would say, of Miami's return game. Tell him it's on him to make big plays in the return game.

If Ginn can do that as well as he did in college, perhaps the Dolphins can use that as the foundation for rehabilitating him as a wide receiver.

The bottom line is Ginn's confidence is currently shot. It's up to the coaching staff to rebuild it or risk losing Ginn as a contributor. So what better way to accomplish that than giving him a chance to improve a special teams unit that sorely needs the help anyway?

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We love you to downer12. :)

i hate everything about my favorite team, the fins; i hate gerbil wilson & randy big mouth no play crowder & fasano oops i fumbled in atl & dropped vs saints; lord i am so mad at these miscreants

im tellin you guys, its the visor...ted ginn PUT THE VISOR BACK ON!! you obviously had a little bit more toughness in college to make those plays and the only thing i can think of is the visor

nut up or shut up

I blame Mando for murdering Ginn's confidence!!

so I wonder if Vontae Davis has called up his brother Vernon Davis about playing with him and the dolphins .....maybe he ought to drop that hint to the coach he might be able to sway a TE with threat there way ...he might want to play in miami...

i tend to think when jimtressel recruited santnio holmes hw was looking for his next ted ginn....santinio is not that big, he's fast, just like ginn, but santanio catches his balls in spaces, or out run the db, he does have seperation and route running down unlike ginn, but no lie when i saw the steelers when the super bowl with santinio i thought of ginn,..face it GINN IS NOT A NUMBER ONR WR, can can play the same role santinio played in the steelers super bowl run, catch in spaces...beat the nuber 2 db...if we keep ginn next year we must trade or draft a ELITE WR!!!

I came up with a mini helmet autograped by Ronnie Brown.I'm so proud,I felt the need to share it wit my fellow Dolfans,goodnight er'body,god bless America n the Miami Dolphins!!!!!

UGH... If they're your favorite team, you should know their names... Randy Crowder is CURRENT player Channing Crowder's father..... You may hve mixed that up with all your frustration...

Thanks Armando for your thoughts on rebuilding Ginn. I hear and see so much of tearing him down, but he is still a Dolphin and still has a lot of talent that can be tapped into. I agree with everything you said. He should be on all punt and kickoff returns. As a receiver, I think he needs more crossing routes where he's able to run, not be killed. I also think some screens and more reverses. He needs his confidence built up. I do agree with the coach that he has been a victim of circumstances, and I think there have been times where he was expected to come down with some big plays near the end of the game. However, I think they really need to build him back up before going to him in those clutch situations. Hartline should be used more and rest Ginn some. I agree with everything. Let's build him up- he's still a Dolphin!

If u didn't already take a look at the video at the bottom of the blog, do it cause there is a major difference from college to the NFL. What's the difference in his mechanics in college compared to the NFL? He catches with his hands in college, if u watch him in the NFL he let's everything get to his body which causes a lot of drops. That tells me he is lacking a lot of confidence. During practice he needs to do drills on catching with his hands and I bet we could see a huge turn around in his performance.

Ginn should focus on being a return man. Give him 10-15 snaps on offense, but let him return all punts and kickoffs for the rest of the season and see what happens.

It's not fair to the rest of the team to continue to let him lose games for them. If he's not tough enough to overcome being benched, then he's not tough enough for the NFL.

Is there something wrong with this blog?

Again, 4 pages of crap, oh the jets are next.Any Idea how or who should help beat them?

ginn lacking confidence????...give me a break, this guy doesn't lack confidence when he recieves his six figure salary check every year, ginn is a joke of an nfl reciever. If only the team paid recievers by the catch they make, then i bet anything that good ole ted ginn jr. would go in a head first dive at every ball thrown to him. This blog just makes me hate this guy more than i do. These guys get to go out and play a game every sunday while everyone else usually is working hard for every cent they make. This is just another situation to me that makes me feel sick to my stomach when ppl say we have to give players time in a system to make big contributions, and yet ppl every week have to go out of their way and pay 100+ $$$ to go see these guys perform. The nfl really has become a PLAYERS league instead of a fans. GOOD RIDDANCE GINN!!!

Ginn has always been fast
I am not sure when he bacame a wimp. I know he is in the 190 lbs range but last week he could not jump out of bouns quick enough. He has speed but cant catch the rock. He better wake up now or he is gone next year. In Tuna we trust but we do need to give up a high draft pick now and then to get a good free agent. I thought we should have traded a 2 and a 5 to get anquan boldin. We just cut our last 5th rounder and Teddy and family were a 1st rounder. Larry johnson has been dominating for AZ as of late, Anquan will prob be on the market next year and will be motivated and pissed off. Sounds like a good Tuna Acquisition from what I hear. Getter done.

One more thing about anquan, he has seen combat lol


In my opinion i believe Ted Ginn Jr. is scared to get hit, and u cant ever catch a ball if your always thinking about who might be pulling up to deliver the next blow..point blank, the dude has had plenty of opportunity's to redeem himself but has always fell short of expectations, this is the NFL for crying out loud, your getting paid to be a pro. how bout u get with the program, im sick and tired of fans trying to justify for why he drops passes and goes out of bounds all the time open your eyes people its time the fins and teddy jr part ways.

The guy in that video has never been seen here in Miami. I think he must have been pummeled real good a few times as soon as he got to the NFL and now he is just scared.
As previous post, with one eye on the sideline and the other on the defender, Ginn is so distracted by the fear that he can't possibly come down with the ball. I don't see how you develop that, he is probably great in practice where nobody wants to hurt him.

Armando, send Ginn this video clip in hope that maybe it can inspire him to find his old self. The Ginn in your video is NOT the Ginn we have currently playing on the Dolphins.

I firmly believe Ginn can replicate the kind of returns seen in the video Mando provides. I've seen those highlights before and their electric.

The problem is...he has not found the creases or daylight due to poor execution by our special teams units. He felt confident with his college special teams unit and therefore ran rough shod at Ohio State. Remember also...compared to alot of their competition, Ohio State was a dominant big ten team. That belief instills confidence in players also. I think if we can get our special teams to get a hat on a hat and just blow up some holes, that he will produce well and create some of these video highlights.

We need O.J. McDuffie.

I agree that Ginn should be on punt and kick returns. I never understood why he was taken off that. Where is Patrick Turner? He is big and fast,so why not give him a shot? Can't we keep Ginn active and activate Turner? If good play in a game merits more time, how is Turner going to get time inactive?

"He has good enough hands -- no, really."

Silliest thing you've ever wrote Armando.

His hands may 'look enough' in practice...but they're well below average come game time. The only time that really counts. How many balls...especially for touchdowns has this clown had perfectly thrown, only to have them bounce off his - wrists, forearms and chest?

I agree that he should only be on the field returning punts and kick offs, but that's it. Throw more to Hartline and for Godsakes, activate Turner and see if the kid can play!

Just remember most popular player is always the backup QB! Who the hell is Patrick Turner? Coaches are playing best guys they have.

Whats all this crap about (we need to give ginn more confidence) you get confidence by making plays and ginn dosent. He is not missing confidence, he is missing HEART and you cant teach that. BENCH HIS PUNK ASS!

Claiming Ginn has bad hands because of 2 VERY difficult passes thrown his way against S.D.? A scattered drop vs New England last year? A couple of drops vs. Sandiego? It's not enough to banish him from the NFL.

I understand he blew the catch against the colts at the end. But what about the other 11 he did grab? WHERE would Miami's offense had been without him that game? Would they even be in position to win that game without him? Wake up people!

Think about the big plays he has made. The kid is young, it takes time. We all have little patience but coaches understand he is young & still coachable. Should he be on this team next year? I think he has a role, but won't care either way.

Last year - think about the 40 yard reverse against KC last year. Think about the catch at the end line in double coverage of a flea flicker against Seattle. Think about the TD catch against the Jets. Him going up to come back for an underthrown pass in double coverage in the same game. The big game vs. Buffalo on simple slant patterns. Those are the routes he needs to run.

The kid is capable of making plays. I am not sold on him or giving up on him. I think he isn't being used properly. What about Bess's big drops against the Saints. Give up on him too? Perspective people, please.

The problem with Ginn on returns is that he is not looking for the crease, he is looking to not get hit. He simply looks for the first opportunity to go down or get out of bounds. He is soft and plays like he is scared.

He is soft, not what you want in a tuff player. His confidence is not as important as Henne's, if our new GOOD QB loses confidence in a WR then that player is domed. How many passes you think Henne is going to throw Ginn's way that are dropped before he says - WTF your making me look bad!

And another thing, why in the hell does Sparano call him Teddy...Is it because She plays as soft as a teddy Bear? Stop cuddling him, he is a three year player, supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL! Mando, do you think Marino/Shula would put up with this? I DON'T THINK SO!!

I say crush him. I have no sympathy for his fragile state, biggest wimp in the league.

Here's the receipe for Ginn, ship is hands of stone to St. Louis. Taking snaps away does nothing for someone without the talent to play in the NFL. Sure he has great speed, but what does it matter if he can't catch the ball? The phins need speed to compliment Henne's arm, too bad Ginn is not that guy.

Why not move Ginn to slot WR? I think he could do some serious damage there. Also, I think they really need to work on special teams and gear it towards Ginn's style of return. He has the ability to be explosive in returns as the video shows. As for WR, the slot is the only place I'd play him right now. He is and always will be (IMHO) a #3 at best. I believe we need to draft at least 1 bigtime WR and maybe 2 or get the other one in Free Agency. Safety and replacing Crowder are the only other glaring holes. Not bad for the 2nd year...we beat the Jests this week and we'll be back on track. Especially if we can dominate and the refs don't try to hand the Jests the game.

Ginn is horrible, and those that say otherwise need a brain scan. Cut him and Bring back London.

Fins up, are you joking? Putting ginn in the slot would require his balls to drop and him become a man. You don't put wimps in the slot. you put roughneck guys that are not frail or scared to go across the middle. learn the game before you make a silly comment like that.

Shaggy, are you a dolt? You put guys in the slot who can exploit matchups. Ginn can do that. They can put him in the slot and he can still run a seam, go, post, skinny post, corner or fade out of there. I personally like Ginn's speed against a LB or safety. How about you? Learn the game? Look in the mirror. How old are you?

No one feared London, and he never racked up 150-175 yards in a game. No receiver on this squad did that except for Ginn. I was upset with you for Armando for leading the angry Mob against the Frankenstein Monster named Ginn, when clearly other writers acknowledged the Epic Failure of the whole team including coach. I was going to respond, but thought "why?", then you calmed down and became a reasonable reporter. I am glad you did something constructive rather than contributing to his perceived lack of confidence. To you guys that refuse to acknowledge his flashes, there is really nothing to say. Good article. And Marc, if you still are reading this line of Posts, I typically agree with your replies but I too say many of the same things. Regarding David Martin, I said I missed him and I mean it. Because when he was here...splitting time with Fasano...THEY...were balling...I don't know if they were feedng off of eachother or what. Maybe it was the competition and they cutting players left and right...but those 2...when both active were catching almost everything thrown their way. Now that he was handed the starting Job...he is a different player. THATS's why I miss David martin. Before this year, I could take or leave him...mostly leave.

Just got a FatHead in the mail of our Teddy, its up on the wall...shows her wearing a pink dress and gloves, of course with NO football.

I'm kinda pissed because its missing the purse - Damn Ti##ies!

So you fantasize about Ginn in a Pink dress...with a purse...and with breast....

T Ginn is obviously gun shy of an NFL hit. In college he would actually break some tackles, while in the NFL he is looking for the closest peice of turf or sideline as a friend. Pathetic really.

drsamii...no fantasy buddy, that's how I see Ginn as...ONE BIG P$SSY! He DOES NOT belong on this team.

Do you watch UFC? It's Team Rage referring to another fighter as Ti##ies...funny as sh*T!

Football is controlled violence, if you can't hang, then you have no business playing. Maybe we need to send our Teddy Bear on a nice cross pattern next time we play the Ravens so that Ray Lewis can hit him, knock some sense in to him - Welcome to the NFL!

drsamii, your not a p&ssy...are you?

Ginn is the reincarnation of Chris Chambers for Fins fans, a guy with talent that everyone hoped, year after year, would finally blossom. Chambers never did and neither will Ginn.

I hope I am wrong about Ginn, but the evidence to me is overwhelming.

I don't think that Trifecta will have the same patience with Ginn that previous regimes showed Chambers. Unless Ginn shows some dramatic improvement through this year, Parcell's will take what he can get for the guy in the offseason.

I agree with MJZ completely, problem is that all we are going to get for Ti##ies is a fruit cake.

Do we really want a fruit cake? Sh&t gives me the runs.

Well, I certainly don't order lifesize posters of men cross dressing, and am not on record as doing so either...hmmmmm.

I know you wouldn't say that to my face...I would hit you with Ginn's purse, lol!



I just want to WIN Baby WIN! At all costs!!!

Tired of losing, I swear sometimes when we do our customery fold in the 2nd half...I about have a freaking heart attack!

I want a strong consistant winning team...no matter what the body count...

Spartans prepare to fight, on Sunday we dine in HELL!

ginn is a bust

hes awful !

fast ?

hands ?

playmaker ?
no shot

plays must be made for him.

hes on fumble from completely goin in the tank and i think he knows it

limiting his influence on a game is right think to do

ginn is a bust

hes awful !

fast ?

hands ?

playmaker ?
no shot

plays must be made for him.

hes on fumble from completely goin in the tank and i think he knows it

limiting his influence on a game is right thing to do

After the phins stunk up Land Shark Stadium on Sunday, they decided to have the next two games away to clear out the awful stinch left behind after a disatrous lost. After the first half, N.O. made the necessary adjustments by putting 8 in the box and forcing you all to beat them with the pass. If they had started the game that way, the phins would never had such a lead. Now watch the Jets load the box and force Henne and Gin (cause he plays like he's had some) and this no-name scrub Hartline attempt to beat em. The results will be different this time for this reason. GO PACKERS...PHINZ STINK AS USUAL

SIMPLE WAY TO STOP THE "MILD CAT": Continue to put eight in the box.

Ted Ginn is a waste of a pick drop this guy already and stop wasting time talking about him hes just another bust to add to the list that have been stars in school and a joke in NFL regardless he got paid to do a job and hes not doing it, there was pleanty of good WR's in free agency last season we could have gotten, Houshmenzdeh was one of them we could have traded for Edwards or made a legit offer at Boldin but we didnt. All week we are saying how bad this guy is like its a surprise he has done nothing in 3 years he ran 1 td back as a return man and little production as a reciever, we should be arguing to Parcells and Co and complaining about them not bringing in a real true #1 reciever on draft day instead they bring in pat white with our second pick who would have been on the board in round 4 or vontae davis with our first pick when hakim Nicks was still on the board. I cant sand Ginn and will never support him but I am not surprised in his lack of production look at his track record.

N.O. didnt stop the run the phins stopped running. Sparano freaked after the first pick six and started trying to get quick scores.

Why are you here anyway B-rad?

Armando, I'm going to have to disagree on this one. Teddy does not have the mental toughness to do the job. Every time he's out there he looks like a deer in the headlights. It is not something that you can teach. You either have it or you don't. If you look at the great WR's they are not afraid to get hit. They are cocky and run around like no one can catch them. Look at Wes Welker. Here is a guy who has the same physical attributes as Ginn, but would just assume run into the middle of a minefield just to catch the ball.

I think Ginn didn't have any idea of what he was getting into when he signed on for the NFL. Guys he is up against are a lot bigger than what he was used to in college.

I would say his days are numbered.

Where is Patrick Turner???? These guys have terrible hands and at least he deserves a shot as a huge WR. Ginn isn't terrible, but he certainly is not that good. One of the worst route runners i've ever seen. Just rounds out every pattern without a move or gaining any separation...


Ginn can only catch over the shoulder since that is what he did in college, blow by slower DBs and catch it over the shoulder. In the NFL everyone is fast and he can rarly get open like that (only once this year), but when it comes to catching with his hand (AKA Bricks) he has a problem. It isn't confidence, its skill.

damn...OSU #7 sure looks fast compared to Dolphins #19...take a number off Ginn's jersey and he might be fast again...that damn extra number is weighing him down!

Ginn should go to "Little Havana" and see a good "Santero" and get "exorcised". While he's standing in the middle of lit candles
1)Have them kill a chicken
2)Spray him with the chicken's blood
3)Spit him with a mouthful of rum
4)Beat his hands with a bush drenched in the chicken's blood.
5)Burn his gloves
6)Stick his hands in a pot of boiling rice

For GOOD LUCK get a "Chango" charm necklace and rub his hands with "TACKY FINGER" before each play.

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