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Is WR a blindspot for Miami brain trust?

The Dolphins personnel people and coaching staff are, to sum it up, excellent. Football czar Bill Parcells is without peer right now in his personnel acumen, Jeff Ireland was a rising star before Parcells plucked him from the Cowboys and has continued his ascension, and Tony Sparano has long ago put to bed any questions about how he would respond to being a new head coach.

These guys are among the best in the business and the best Miami has had since Don Shula, who was the best coach of all time.

Having said all this, every single person I just mentioned is human. They don't always get it right. They don't always hit home runs. They admit as much.

And now I'm wondering if there isn't a blind spot with this group in Miami.

The receiver position.

Forget for a second that Miami's receiver group isn't impressive by any definition. There are good players in Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo, but there are no great players. Never mind that.

The issue that worries me is how the Miami brain trust views receivers.

Example: This week as the New York Jets made a trade for receiver Braylon Edwards, there was much excitement in Gotham over the acquisition that sent Chansi Stuckey to Cleveland. The Jets figure they have traded a slot-type receiver for a full-fledged No. 1 type receiver that can stretch the field.

“I think he’s a receiver who really draws attention," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "In other words, you almost have to game plan specifically about someone with Braylon’s talent, and if you don’t, we’ll take advantage of that situation. That’s a guy with his type of size, speed, type of talent he has, it’s almost more of what defenses really can’t do to us anymore. Again, I think he’s just going to be just a huge part of our success.”

Obviously the Jets see Edwards as a major upgrade over Stuckey. ESPN's Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williams, while noting Edwards drops a lot of passes, which he does, also agrees New York's new receiver is an upgrade over the previous one.

"That offense is now complete," Williamson told ESPN AFC East blogger and reporter Tim Graham, "and for the long haul, too."

My problem is that while the Jets and outside "experts" see Edwards as an obvious upgrade over Stuckey, the Dolphins apparently don't agree with that. While Ryan is saying Edwards is a player you "have to game plan specifically about," Sparano sees Stuckey and Edwards in the same light.

The coach the Edwards addition does not change one iota Miami's preparation.

"Stuckey was a pretty good player," Sparano said. "We thought he was a pretty good player. From our end it is just another weapon out there. Do you know how many weapons the team last week had? We sat here and talked about it, they had a bunch of them. And the team the week before? Every week there is a bunch of weapons out there and we need to prepare for them. From our end, the preparation really won’t change.”

So clearly, Miami's evaluation of Edwards is that he is not necessarily special. New York's evaluation is that he was worth two draft picks and two players in trade.

One also has to look at Miami's attempts to improve their receiver corps this year when discussing this issue.

The Dolphins hit a home run on Bess as an undrafted free agent. They struck out on Ernest Wilford as a high-priced ($6 million guaranteed) unrestricted free agent. And it is too early to tell on 2009 draft picks Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner -- although Hartline is contributing and Turner is not.

And what about history?

We know that Parcells doesn't like tempermental wide receivers or those that might seem to become tempermental -- likely as good a reason as any why the Dolphins didn't buy into the Edwards trade talks.

Parcells didn't want Jerry Jones to sign Terrell Owens. Parcells didn't want the Patriots to draft Terry Glenn. He was overruled on both counts and eventually left both teams, in part, because of that overruling. Owens and Glenn did, for a time, produce bigtime for the Parcells teams that acquired them.

Glenn, matter of fact, was good enough that Parcells brought him to Dallas when he went there.

Meanwhile, name another outstanding receiver to have been uearthed by Parcells? Mark Ingram? Stephen Baker? Phil McConkey? Miles Austin? Patrick Crayton? Am I forgetting somebody?

The point is some solid football people have disagreed over the years with the Dolphins current brain trust on receiver decisions. And the brain trust has been wrong on some of the more notable decisions.

So it merits study what happens going forward with the Edwards trade, what happens going forward with Hartline and Turner, and what happens going forward with Miami's resolution to its receiver issues.

That will give us the answer whether there is a blind spot with that position ... or not.



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what's the story with Turner?He was making plays in the summer.Hartline is playing ,Seems like they could use him in spot situations if he can't get the offense.

This feels like an incomplete blog post.

Here's another question. If it's so easy to assume the boys have their heads up their collective a**es on this point then why couldn't one assume that Rex Ryan is using the media to his advantage? I think it's quite possible that Ryan said they would use Edwards to distract Miami from working on other areas of concern at practice. You know, to create a little unnecessary panic. Kind of like how the Dolphins use the wildcat in that other teams have to spend time working on it at practice. I'm sorry but I'm just not buying what you're trying to sell us here Armando. If I did I would have to believe that a person who has never played organized football or coached the sport for one second in his life, is more football savy than 3 guys who have over 75 years experience between them. It just doesn't add up.

Armando what happen to you spy vs. spy mentality of last post where all coaches lying to deceive other team? You think maybe he saying they don't care about Edwards and wont gameplan for him to throw off Jets?

Or you think he try to be funny by saying,

"This guy can't catch anyway, why we bother to even cover him?"

Or maybe Sparano know that Edwards not going to play too much in first week and Ryan saying he going start and play all game just to make Dolphin spend time gameplan for him.

wow. I have headache now.

A blindspot? Let me answer that question in two ways. Yes and No.

I don't believe that the issue is Parcells and Co. don't like "diva" receivers. I believe they (and most coaches) don't like diva players, at any position. Remember they told Henne not to be a "celebrity" quarterback. I'm sure they feel the same way about running backs and remember what happened with Taylor last year and his dancing experience.
Edwards may be an upgrade over the current group of receivers, Miami obviously wasn't willing to pay the price for him. They know full well they don't have a number 1 receiver and must have a plan, somewhere, to get one.

Jets are way over rate. Everybody so scared of they big bad defense, when Dolphins defense even better. We will force Pobrecito Sanchito the turnover machine to fumble alot and this week Sean Smith get his pick 6 while cover Braylon Edwards who will cut route short and Smith step up and take it to the house.

Whats you think?

Put Turner in...he cannot be worst than Ginn who had 0 catches in the chargers lost and 1 catch for 4 yards. Please just put Turner in and see what he has in a real game! forget practice and preseason. 6.5', 220lbs, you're telling me the fins can't use that?!!!! c'mon man!

I feel like sparano, stuckey was really coming on, I don't see much of an upgrade there. Add to this the jets gave away two possible payoff draft picks, and edwards history of being a douche and you get what the jets are best at. Failing.

Yes, I concurr. This merits futher study. The simulation results of the trans-conductance of the equivalent resistor against the copied cur-
rent, when the latter changes from 10 nA to 10 A (1/Req is proportional to the square root of the transitional marklar , thus viola ... my equation has been verified).

Um, Mando, if Bill Parcells doesn't like mercurial wide receivers, how do you explain his ongoing rapport with Keyshawn Johnson?

If we allow Ronnie to throw just one pass from the wild cat I believe it will throw a wrench in the Jets defensive plans or any team for that matter. Especially if they do it on the first wild cat play come Monday night.

Go Dolphins!

Why don't the Dolphins trade for Phillip Rivers, Calvin Johnson, and Ray Lewis? This is so easy for me on Madden, and I even won the super bowl! My oh my, when is our front office going to wake up and smell the coffee????

I think Jake Grove should cut a really big fart when Henne takes the first snap from center. That will put everyone at ease and ease the butterflies.

That Rey Ryan is up to something. I just know it.

We cannot allow Mark Sanchez to get comfortable back there. By "back there", I mean the hiney region. May I suggest if we sack him that one of the defenders give him an enormous wedgie.

Mando for some reason your post was available before it was finished and I commented on it not having read the full story. My posts seem a bit out of place now with the new additions to your blog.

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Edwards = Bust

Gotcha, NYScott. The post indeed published before completion.

I've deleted your first comment. Feel free to come with a brand new complete thought.

Why would Sparano talk about changing his game plans? Just like Ryan can be lying about whether he plans to attack the run or blitz like crazy, why would our coaches be telling the other team our defensive strategy? of course they are going to roll out the boilerplate. "They are fantastic and uber talented in every aspect of what they do. Did you see how their water boy was dispensing those drinks...you have to plan for that."

I was already of the mindset that this will be a game that will be hard fought no matter what. Braylon scares me in the sense that teams have been successful with the deep ball on our secondary but his propensity to drop a lot of passes plays to the defense. If Wilson and Bell are laying some licks out there I think that takes away a lot of the threat of braylon edwards.

Can't see any reason not to go after guys with potential on non-contending teams. Calvin Johnson, Antonio Bryant, Santana Moss, to name a few, would all be upgrades over our current "number one guy." You can forget about anyone on contending teams that think they have a shot at the playoffs. Even Brandon Marshall is now in love with Denver.

I was suprised to hear on Inside the NFL last night, they said that Cleveland THOUGHT they had a trade for Edwards worked out with Miami before the season started, but it fell through. Have you heard anything about that Mando?


No one in the whole world likes bad poetry like this. This very bad and you should read works of great poet Pablo Neruda for you get some inspiration and come back next time with something better that has nice ring to it like "Henne the Hero."

A guy on another site posed the following question: the Pats acquired Moss, the Bills acquired Owens, and the Jets have acquired Edwards, when will the Dolphins follow suit? The answer is that they won't.

Moss is the only one of those three acquisitions which is a success story. Most people forget that Owens has worn out his welcome at every place he's ever played. This year, he's just not producing like a #1 WR. As for Edwards, Chris Mortensen said it best: "Braylon is a talented guy who'd much rather be a celebrity than a football player." Edwards' contact is also up at the end of this year.

Like it or not, the Dolphins needs for a WR are longer term. And they certainly aren't going to bring in a headache for the sake of improving the passing game in the short term.

What's the point of having a #1 WR or a even a deep threat (Ginn) when your starting QB (Pennington) can't throw the deep ball?

Now that the future has begun (with Henne)… the passing attack can finally open up.

So the Fins didn't mortgage the future for one player that wouldn't put us over the hump… who cares?

The Patriots decline has already begun, the Bills will continue to be the Bills, and the Jets have traded too many draft picks to count (on Favre, Sanchez, even Shonn Green) and spent TONS of salary cap money on 33-35 year old lineman. The AFC East will be OWNED by the Dolphins for years to come. Even if Bellicheck starts rebuilding.

The trifecta have been working to improve other areas of the team that are a bigger concern then WR. Remember, this is year 2 of the rebuilding process. What good is a top flight WR when your qb has no time to throw him the ball? See Tom Brady in the Super Bowl vs the Giants for that answer.

As far as Edwards and many of the other WR's that have been mentioned, Parcells doesn't like divas. They put themselves in front of the team. By the way Edwards will not be available this week as he will be suspended for getting into an altercation in a Cleveland nightclub.

No doubt Edwards will cost the Jets at minimum a game or two with his penchant for dropping passes that hit him in the hands.

A wise decision to pass on him.

I do think we need a receiver but I don't think edwards posts that big of a threat right now - he doesn't know the offense and we shut down T.O. last week so we just stick with the gameplan and keep sanchez on the turf


Definitely one of the most astute posts this season.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mando - I have to hand it to you - your like a very hungry dog with a bone on this receiver thing.

Persistence is your middle name.

I'm sorry, but besides Parcells' history, what has this coaching staff done that's so great? It was a nice turn around last year, but they did have a very weak schedule in which they barely won some of those games, and they had the element of surprise with the wildcat, and they probably were a little more lucky than good with the turnovers. How about the draft, are we so sure today that drafting Jake Long and then Chad Henne was a better move than taking Matt Ryan first? I don't think anyone can say for sure. How about taking Pat White in the 2nd this year, was that better than taking say Clint Sitim or even Massaquoi from Georgia, who just happen to have over 100 receiving yards this past weekend with a terrible Cleveland offense? Mimai is desperate for receivers and they take a gimmick QB who has barely seen the field. Are we sure that move pays off? Let's talk about coaching, that team was not even close to prepared for game 1 against Atlanta, who's fault is that? Game 2 looked a lot better, but who decided to run the ball on 3rd and 6 settling for a probable field goal attempt instead of going hard for the win? Who's fault was it that the team didn't even MOVE during a desperate 2 minute drill and wasted the entire clock? That's coaching. This team should be 2-2 and in the think of things, AT LEAST, but probably 3-1 after shutting down Michael Turner at Atlanta, instead they're 1-3 and about to play one of the toughest D's in the league. Teams that are coached well and excecute win those football games at Atlanta and against Indy, the Giants would have won those games, the Patriots would have won those games, the Colts DID win one of those games. I can't go on Parcell's history or Ireland and Sporano's pedigree, so far they have made questionable draft choices and the team on the field has looked out coached at times this season, most of this season. I have to call it like I see it here, so far I am not impressed. I have to say it again, the last 5 minutes of the Indy game was embarrassing, and that falls on the coaching staff. This 1-3 record also falls on the staff, I give them one pass in the San Diego game because Penn got hurt, but other than that the trio has not proven that they can produce a winning football team consistently, and no one can be completely certain that the future is any brighter. Can anyone dispute that???

Our rookie WR P. Turner is going to the the #1 WR in Miami...that's why the Fins front office did not trade for a WR.

P. Turner will be good. I hope they activate him soon!!! Once he knows the playbook better and pratices better...he will get in and improve as the season goes on.

Go Fins!!!

I agree they need a #1 WR, but ESPN's Tim Grahm is brutal.

Mando, I think Rex Ryan is trying to psyche us out a little. He can use the signing as a little wrinkle to keep the Dolphins coaching staff occupied for a little while and take their eye off the ball, which might make them miss something else in the offense that he's gonna try (maybe their own Wildcat with Leon Washington). I think Sparano has it just about right. Don't change up the gameplan, cover all bases, don't spend too much time on Edwards since he and Sanchez haven't even gotten on the same page yet (and will only have a few days to get acquainted with each other).

On the other hand, I'm completely in agreement we need to upgrade our receiver core sooner rather than later (no later than the next draft). And I also am worried that Parcells doesn't think too highly of a true #1 receiver. That's because he has the 80's, 90's NFC East mentality of smashmouth football (run and stop the run), which still wins games in the NFL but is somewhat outdated (see Indy, Patriots, Saints, I rest my case).

Eric, yea I can dispute your comment...Sean Smith, Vonte Davis, Cameron Wake, Jake Long, Jake Grove, Clemons, Turner, a big young offensive line that will only get better with time...Two defensive Zcornerbacks that are young and outstanding, Chad Henne who can turn into a star..Ike Hillard a bruiser...Everyone makes mistakes, is Pat White a good pick??? It takes time to tell, but this team is FAR more talented then last year, and the fact is Parcells has a FAR better record of building great teams and winning Superbowls then YOU or ME...So yes, the past does count and if and when Parcells thinks we need a receiver he will produce one...Two players and Two draft picks were WAY to much for Braylon Edwards...and contradictory to Mando's blog, not everyone is happy with what was spent on this guy, check the NY Post and see there is some serious doubts and questions being asked by the media if the Jets really got a playmaker to complete their team...

"We know that Parcells doesn't like tempermental wide receivers or those that might seem to become tempermental -- likely as good a reason as any why the Dolphins didn't buy into the Edwards trade talks."

He loves Keyshawn like a son...

agreed. thus far besides bess they havent been all that great with WR's. these guys truly believe in the whole "acorn" thing with every other position so why would WR be any different. i think the acorn thing also goes for the draft, we all know they dont like taking WR's in the 1st round.

and by the way, you dont really think sparano isnt going to tweak a few thing in prep for butter fingers going to the jats do you. im thinkin that he and all the DB's have already watched hours of tape on this guy already.

Screw a #1 receiver. Miami's style is suited more to several #2's. It is more about scheming to get guys open and I think that Henne does make a difference over Pennington because Penne wasn't strong enough to throw the 15 yd out or the long ball so defenses sat on the 15yd out which made it a dangerous/risky pass.

A guy like Edwards would be a cancer on this team because he would never get enough balls to make him happy. I think Edwards may do well for a few games in NY but by week 10 or so he won't be a factor at all and will likely have more negative impact than positive.


People are always screaming for trades or drafting of WR's... But, we just drafted 2 WR's in the first 4 rounds, picked a WR in the 1st round in 2007 and signed a high-priced free agent WR for 2008. 2007 was Ginn (not this regime). 2008 was Wilford. And we know the 2 rookies this year. The point is: The Fins have tried to address the WR position through draft and free agency. They have not been successful. This calls into question their ability to properly assess the WR position... which is what Armando is pointing out. It is fair to question their thought process in this area. Any team can try to throw away their future by trading for an elite WR, but that doesn't remove their inability to assess the talent at the position. And this regime isn't going to be trading away our future for any 1 player. So, we will continue to have to live with our front office trying to assess the WR talent in upcoming drafts and free agency. That doesn't instill a lot of confidence in me right now. I do think that after 2 more drafts we will have all of our pieces together for a consistently great team - we still need skill players at FS, ILB, NT, WR & TE. You won't accomplish that in just 1 more draft. But our O & D lines, CB's and RB's are in good shape for a few years.

WR should be our 1st pick in the draft...Bryant, Decker, that kid from Kansas-all of those would be huge upgrade's for us.

#2 pick should likely be a very good TE prospect.

#3 inside LB unless we aquire one through free agency.

Bobbyd12 , you forgot philip merling and kendall langford . Two good young de's.

Flipper , saftey.

Hey everybody , a poster named the " whatever dude " thinks it's funny and questions that someone ( as a matter of fact many posters ) mentions that you should play action the first blitz happy team miami has faced all year in the jets. REALLY ? It is , this while finally having a strong armed qb like henne who can put a little fear on the blitzing jets with the long ball. It's football 101. Keep a team honest with screens and PLAY ACTION ! Yet a so called expert ( lmao ! ) with his so called vast knowledge of the game ( LMFAO ! ) thinks it's funny. hahahahahahahhahah !

"Game 2 looked a lot better, but who decided to run the ball on 3rd and 6 settling for a probable field goal attempt instead of going hard for the win?" - Eric

The answer to that is Chad Pennington. As for the rest of your post, i agree and disagree. Pat White was certainly a questionable pick, but once he's game ready we are all going to be very happy he's with us. He is an extraordinary weapon with his speed, guts, and ability to throw. He will become the homerun hitter that we don't have right now in the future. As for other draft picks, Long was an all pro rookie, Henne COULD end up being just as good or close to Ryan. Donald Thomas in the 6th is fantastic value, Davis and Smith are already contributing in a huge way 4 games into their career.Not to mention Kendall Langford who is going to be a very good maybe great player for a long time. So stop being SO negative man, because the truth is, this braintrust has already made many more good decisions than bad ones. And we haven't seen some of them even play out yet (Henne, White, Clemons, Merling- though he looks like a baller so far this year, Turner)Also, lets not forget the FA aquisition of Pennington last year. A brilliant move, I think we all can agree on. So yeah,to answer your question, I think I disputed your argument.

You know what's funny ? Americans yesterday voted " Whatever " the word they'd like to get rid of the most. I coudn't agree anymore.

Dez Bryant or Julio Jones?

BobbyD, I DID NOT think the Dolphins should go after Edwards, and I bet he leaves the Jets via free agency after this year. They gave up a lot to get him, he won't be the difference maker. My point is, some good moves yes, some bad moves as well, but it seems to me that better coached teams would have won those first two games, IMO of course. How can the coaching staff get a pass for that Indy debacle? They never adjusted for Dallas Clark, the were ultra conservative on that 3rd and 6 and had to settle for a field goal, and their 2 minute offense looked like they had no idea what to do. Who's fault is that? I will say that I do LOVE the Davis and Smith draft picks and some of the other moves you mentioned, but I thought Massaquoi was a great pick over White, even then, not just after this weekend. Pat Turner was panned heavily by Mel Kiper and the other guy (I know him I just can't think of his name right now). I'm not saying that those two are the be all end all of draft knowledge, but as of now Turner sure looks like a draft bust, as does Pat White. I don't know, I guess time will tell, but this start has not been impressive and I feel the coaching staff and the front office needs to be held severely accountable.

"You know what's funny ? Americans yesterday voted " Whatever " the word they'd like to get rid of the most. I coudn't agree anymore."

Whatever you say bro man.

At least we aren't throwing away talent or picks for people like Roy Williams. Cowboys gave up way too much for what he will bring to the table. Parcels builds from the inside out. Just happens the outside on offense still has some work to do. Spent draft picks on the defenses outside - so next will be the receivers..... I hope.

"Dez Bryant or Julio Jones?"

AJ GREEN. Or the most underrated player in college football, ERIC DECKER

Blind spot yes
But here is the deal. They want to build with young talent via the draft. And with that the cost that they would have to give up for these vets they feel is not worth the pics. In addition they can only do so much. They only have one first round pick yes they had two seconds but back to the first the choice is not wether a WR was a need but was the need for VDavis better then the need for the WR that was available at that time.

Tim Grahm is a Patriots fan.Almost all of his blogs are for them,followed by the Jets,Bills and the Dolphins.I'm glad the Dolphins didn't go after EdwardsThe Jets made a bad decision as far as I'm concerened.

Braylon Edwards is going to be another Roy Williams. Roy was dubbed as a "great" reciever before Megatron popped up. The repetition between the 2 are going to literally "f" them up. Agree with me or not but a reciever is only as great as the QB lets you be. If the QB can't get you the ball then you will never be dubbed a "great" reciever. Edwards drops his balls whether he's covered or wide open so I really don't see a reason for us to go after him. His former QB Anderson made a 1 yr hit and it wasn't because of Edwards "great" skilsth. Anyways I do think Turner could be that missing link if he gets his chances on the field. Repetition makes perfect. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

Enough about receivers. Isn't it funny that Jet fans and so-called experts have been giving the edge to the Jets because of their QB? The guy has started 3 more games than ours and is a rookie, where as Henne has experience under his belt. It's baffling.

Spellcheck much?



I think you forgot about Mr. Big Mouth, get me the football, Keyshawn Johnson.

But yes he has never liked the temperamental receiver or the controversial one for in that respect.

I agree in that Miami has to go out and look for one, but not always it works out, check out the Bills and TO; I prefer not to say anything and wait how it unfoulds for Braylon in NY.

I´ll wait for judgement first

I don't get the Jets!! They've been trading picks and dumping money on players as if they are at the very EDGE of the superbowl!! Tuna had a 3 yr plan and it'll be hella better than the aging, cash-strapped, celebrity jets!!!


I think the problem is that the roster this regime inherited was an absolute joke, with no good young talent. Even a good player like Joey Porter is past his prime. They couldnt address everything in 2 years. Hartline and Bess have been nice additions, but if you want an elite WR, you have to spend a 1st or 2nd round pick on one, or $15 million guaranteed in free agency. A $6 million dollar sigining bonus (Wilford) isnt buying you an elite WR, it's not enough.

Mando, Ryan talks enough for all players, media and opponents coaches.. Soprano doesn't need to talk up Edwards cuz it'll be done by Ryan!! Also, this isn't 07 when Edwards rocked and if you're expecting Sporano to get intimidated, feel sorry for himself and change his game plan, you'd b better off hoping Nocolette Saban or Cammoron were the coaches..

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