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Is WR a blindspot for Miami brain trust?

The Dolphins personnel people and coaching staff are, to sum it up, excellent. Football czar Bill Parcells is without peer right now in his personnel acumen, Jeff Ireland was a rising star before Parcells plucked him from the Cowboys and has continued his ascension, and Tony Sparano has long ago put to bed any questions about how he would respond to being a new head coach.

These guys are among the best in the business and the best Miami has had since Don Shula, who was the best coach of all time.

Having said all this, every single person I just mentioned is human. They don't always get it right. They don't always hit home runs. They admit as much.

And now I'm wondering if there isn't a blind spot with this group in Miami.

The receiver position.

Forget for a second that Miami's receiver group isn't impressive by any definition. There are good players in Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo, but there are no great players. Never mind that.

The issue that worries me is how the Miami brain trust views receivers.

Example: This week as the New York Jets made a trade for receiver Braylon Edwards, there was much excitement in Gotham over the acquisition that sent Chansi Stuckey to Cleveland. The Jets figure they have traded a slot-type receiver for a full-fledged No. 1 type receiver that can stretch the field.

“I think he’s a receiver who really draws attention," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "In other words, you almost have to game plan specifically about someone with Braylon’s talent, and if you don’t, we’ll take advantage of that situation. That’s a guy with his type of size, speed, type of talent he has, it’s almost more of what defenses really can’t do to us anymore. Again, I think he’s just going to be just a huge part of our success.”

Obviously the Jets see Edwards as a major upgrade over Stuckey. ESPN's Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williams, while noting Edwards drops a lot of passes, which he does, also agrees New York's new receiver is an upgrade over the previous one.

"That offense is now complete," Williamson told ESPN AFC East blogger and reporter Tim Graham, "and for the long haul, too."

My problem is that while the Jets and outside "experts" see Edwards as an obvious upgrade over Stuckey, the Dolphins apparently don't agree with that. While Ryan is saying Edwards is a player you "have to game plan specifically about," Sparano sees Stuckey and Edwards in the same light.

The coach the Edwards addition does not change one iota Miami's preparation.

"Stuckey was a pretty good player," Sparano said. "We thought he was a pretty good player. From our end it is just another weapon out there. Do you know how many weapons the team last week had? We sat here and talked about it, they had a bunch of them. And the team the week before? Every week there is a bunch of weapons out there and we need to prepare for them. From our end, the preparation really won’t change.”

So clearly, Miami's evaluation of Edwards is that he is not necessarily special. New York's evaluation is that he was worth two draft picks and two players in trade.

One also has to look at Miami's attempts to improve their receiver corps this year when discussing this issue.

The Dolphins hit a home run on Bess as an undrafted free agent. They struck out on Ernest Wilford as a high-priced ($6 million guaranteed) unrestricted free agent. And it is too early to tell on 2009 draft picks Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner -- although Hartline is contributing and Turner is not.

And what about history?

We know that Parcells doesn't like tempermental wide receivers or those that might seem to become tempermental -- likely as good a reason as any why the Dolphins didn't buy into the Edwards trade talks.

Parcells didn't want Jerry Jones to sign Terrell Owens. Parcells didn't want the Patriots to draft Terry Glenn. He was overruled on both counts and eventually left both teams, in part, because of that overruling. Owens and Glenn did, for a time, produce bigtime for the Parcells teams that acquired them.

Glenn, matter of fact, was good enough that Parcells brought him to Dallas when he went there.

Meanwhile, name another outstanding receiver to have been uearthed by Parcells? Mark Ingram? Stephen Baker? Phil McConkey? Miles Austin? Patrick Crayton? Am I forgetting somebody?

The point is some solid football people have disagreed over the years with the Dolphins current brain trust on receiver decisions. And the brain trust has been wrong on some of the more notable decisions.

So it merits study what happens going forward with the Edwards trade, what happens going forward with Hartline and Turner, and what happens going forward with Miami's resolution to its receiver issues.

That will give us the answer whether there is a blind spot with that position ... or not.



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Mando, in your in your article you forgat Ted(hands of stone ) gINN...


heres the game plan to win the game VS the jets, the most important thing its to put pressure on sanchez, i repeat put pressure on sanchez. i think were very good up front on both side of the ball, those safty better play their butts off,and i hope they don't play conservative with henne, playing scared never wins u games. Let him go out there and make plays,n-e-ways its up to henne to get confident and make smart decisions. u guys agree

Some are buyers some are builders. The Dolphins are builders , the Jets and you Mando, are buyers. Chances are good you will never see eye to eye with the way the Dolphins operate.

So tell me , when the Dolphins find or develop a # 1 receiver they are comfortable with , are you going to claim your constant badgering was the reason they improved the position ?

dONT YOU "eXPERTS" always say"It takes 3 years to develope a wide out " or some B.S like that, thats why half you "Experts " were saying this is Ginns year...lmfao

this is the honest truth, QB's makes receivers.
just look at indy, Payton makes nobody's into all of a sudden good receivers. it happened with Marino no matter who was in there reciving the ball the receiver always put up good enough numbers,so the biggest hope I got is that I wish Henne pans out.

I don't think Parcells in company have a blind spot to WR's. Two points:

1. I believe that at no. 25 this year the pick was Percy Harvin. That would have been a homerun in hindsight as Harvin has looked good...

2. There are lot of analysts who put Parcells in company in a box when it comes to personnel... All players must be big, giant brutes... Run the ball, draft lineman, lineman, lineman... I believe this is wrong. And the evidence is that with a 2nd round pick, they chose a 6-0 195 lbs spread QB. A pick completely outside of the box and against Parcell conventional thinking. The draft next year will be stocked with big, fast receivers and they will be in good position to get one.

Also in hindsight, Vontae Davis and Sean Smith look like they will be good and they currently look better than any CB's coming out next year. Rome is not built in a day unless you mortgage your future.

Hopefully we will be in position to take A. Benn from Illinois (looks like an Andre Johnson clone) or Dez Bryant (looks like a thicker version of Ochocinco)

Mando sucks. No fact just speculation and his opinion. (Sinorice Moss. Vincent Jackson)

Take it for what he is. Reguratator of "fin pressers and an uneducated fiction author. Darlington a better read as he has more access to 'Fins.

One more point - surprised he has blamed the WR fiasco on Pat White.

And all his defendants - the FLPDs of the world - F off.

GO Fins beat the Effen Jets.

1) we have a tremendous running game
2) our QB of the future has a great arm
3) with a decent deep threat WR our offense would be championship caliber
4) that was pretty obvious for everyone since last year...except for the only 3 guys who decide, the trifecta. 2009 is one wasted year of rebuilding.

Henne is the key to our future, his gonna make us or brake us. I like the game planning from last week it actually felt like we weren't playing scared, with all that conservitism we were playing from the weeks before.

Marcus , Is vontae davis better than D . Butler ? : }

You make a good point about Parcells' history with receivers. He hasn't really drafted and developed any great ones. Was Chrebet a Parcells guy? Troy Brown?

I think these guys know that they don't have a great wide receiver. They're just not going to break the bank in order to do it. There plan is to get a group of young good players with good character and let them grow up together. I think Boldin was too old for their plans and Edwards character (and drops) are too big of issues to fill that #1 receiver roll for that big of a price.

So when Hartline and Turner pan out and Miami still has all of their draft picks and is winning on a consistent basis, which one of the brain trust's butts will u kiss first? This why u don't work for Miami. You would be willing to trade multiple draft picks for someone who gets in trouble and can't seem to catch a pass? We have a better version of Edwards, it's called Ginn, Jr. Less drops and no drama.

I agree they do need to do something. They never filled that spot after they let go Chambers and Welker.

Hard to tell if Edwards will be a bust... He hated that he was picked by Cleveland from the beginning...
How many people you know with guaranteed money give their best effort when they hate who they are working for and where they have to live because of it. Especially, pro athletes...
We'll see... He might turn out to be really good. He may have wanted to force his way out... If so it may be another miss by Miami in free agency... Not as bad as the Drew Brees miss that left us looking for a QB still.

Edwards is what he is....a talented under-achiever who wants fame without working...I know it is hard but be patient...The braintrust is blind to the need....they just don't agree with the cost needed to upgrade...If I am not mistaken Edwards is only signed for this year....What kind of contract do think he will want to extract from the Jets after this season?


Can we please just wait for the third year before we make a judgment on this management team? We have come back from the abyss and are on the verge of good things with a young talented team.

While your point is valid that we don't have a #1 receiver, we don't know what we have in the rookies. I seem to remember reading on this blog and in this paper that Parcells builds inside out.

As for those calling saying Ryan is better than Long and Henne, in the short term you're right. HOWEVER, we haven't seen what Henne has!! Maybe, just maybe, with better QB play we get better receiver production?

Finally, thank goodness we didn't get Edwards! I didn't want him near this team. Let the Jets spend draft picks til their hearts content. Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum remind me of Jerry Jones and Daniel Schneider, spend on the hare while the tortoise is steadily winning the race.

While the ground game,( R. Williams , Brown ,with Polite ,Cobs and Hillard knocking de door) works , I thinks so the Dolphins still with kind of WR. They have hope in Hartline ,and if Henne arm ( and TG Jr still going down ) need other weapon may be Turnner have more opportunities

They aren't getting all hot and bothered because the Jets added a receiver who drops 17% of on target passes thrown his way, which is about twice as much as the next guy on the list (Brandon Marshall), after taking care of Roddy White, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Terrell Owens, and Lee Evans?

My God! They should be shaking in their boots! After all, through 4 games Braylon Edwards is almost as good as Ted Ginn Jr! What are they thinking?

Man, I an so happy to see so many people on this blog that actually understand what Parcells is doing and realize this Dolphin team is not going to be a one year wonder....it takes some patience but we are on the way to great things !!!

Mando, thanks for deleting that. So after reading your finished blog I can't disagree with you on this, there IS an obvious blind spot when it comes to Parcells and receivers on HIS teams. It seems as if he doesn't like them because of the flashyness (not a word) of the position. #1 WR'S are known to be a bit cocky and BP doesn't like cocky players. I would argue with him that it takes a cocky player to be a #1 in most cases. Very few and far between are the Marvin Harrisons of the NFL. So I completely agree on that point and secretly won't mind BP leaving at some point in the next year or two because I think Ireland is handcuffed a bit on what he would like to do. Don't get me wrong because BP is an EXCELLENT evaluator when it comes to defensive,offensive line players,and RBs to some degree, the tough guys, but definitely drops off in his evaluation of the skill players and that includes QBs. Bledsoe, good not great, Simms great game manager and hall of famer but never lit up the record books, Tony Romo, BP was forced into playing him by the fans and Jones before he wanted to and that was 3 or 4 years into his career if I am correct. He's never hit a home run with QB's OR WR's. So my hope is that Ireland has learned everything he can from Bill regarding evaluating the big guys but has some ideas of his own when it comes to our skill guys. What I still don't agree with is that the Phins aren't planning for Edwards on Monday night. I don't care what coach T. said or how he said it. I think they would like the Jets to believe that, maybe so they go to the well (and that well has been dry for a while) once too often, but in no way do I think a coaching staff with all this experience is overlooking someone with Edwards talent and ability. I believe they want to downplay the whole thing so it doesn't become a distraction at practice this week. Does anyone disagree with that and what is the reasoning behind it?

Also, obviously they will use Edwards, just not sure what degree of sucess they're going to have in doing it considering the fact that he just joined the team. Lets be honest here, he isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the droor and an offensive playbook isn't something you learn over night. Blocking assignments, audibles, route shifts, route adjustments, line shifts, etc. are all things receivers have to be aware of come game time. They're going to have to run something pretty vanilla when he's on the field which should play to our advantage.


Is WR a blindspot for the Miami brain trust?
No, and we have been through this same song and dance. But you fondness for primadonnas goes deep. Pun intended, but really armando let it go, or go root for Brylan Edwards and the jets. Proof is in the pudding when you have the hardware and sporting super bowl rings, of which Owens, Edwards do not. McConkey and Ingram do. And when you have a top rushing attack and your playmakers are running the ball...you dont need a whole lot of prima donnas complaining about not getting the ball enough times. Did you see Owens on the Buffalo sideline with his head down crying?
Keep your head up man.
You gotta keep your head up.

Dolphins4life , EXACTLY !

Scott it is a big game of poker, theres a lot of bull thrown in the air. They're not going to put all their cards on the table. Their gonna bluff a lil.

Those of you who have written the Dolphins season off after starting 0-3 and you know who you guys are, are gonna be jumping back on when season ends because they will be back!

Go Dolphins!

well said

NJ, yes. I am not afraid to admit. I have watched all the Dolphin games and Davis is fast, quick and tackles ferociously. But you cannot say he was not a gamble. It also is looking good for him now that the light is coming on for his brother in San Fran.

You liked Davis, I will give you credit. But you also disliked Harvin...

Marcus , Thanks on davis. Are debate was davis vs butler ( not harvin ) , Anyway , i was just busting your chops because i haven't heard from you in awhile and saw your name /post. How's it going ? How about rolando mclain or branden spikes at ILB , Eric berry at S , or A Benn , Dez bryant , b. Lafell at wr. ?

So why is Rex saying he will have on the white #77 jersey for the game?I know it's Jenkins number, but just wondering.

We do need a number 1 WR, but we have built a physical foundation to build on.We have the #1 rushing attack in the league, and we are one of the best against the run.Don't get me wrong I would give my left arm for Andre Johnson or for someone to step up like the rookie WRs of the Colts and Giants.The good thing is Henne seems to see the big plays that only his WRs can get...the problem is we haven't made that great catch yet.Henne should start to build some good chemistry with the WRs now that he's the starting QB.

What do you guys think about trying to trade Ginn and Porter for some kind of WR?If Wake continues to grow then we could save some money on Porters huge contract, and still pick up a good WR for him.I like Peezy don't get me wrong...just a thought ha

Our debate,

Downer 12 , It was a joke by ryan towards crowder, That's all . :)

They have a serviceable collection of wide receivers. A big time tight end would make a bigger difference with young QB.

I wish they would put JT back in a 3 pt stance because he definetely hesistates starting upright...would be sweet to have JT, Porter and Wake in at the same time on passing situations...

GO PHINS! we still are alive to win the AFC East...MANDO!

I don't think our debate was Davis vs. Butler. I think it was Butler a good pick. I know I wasn't fond of Davis.

I brought up Harvin just to show you can hit on one but also miss on others.

I like A. Benn and D. Bryant at WR.

I like Berry at S.

I love Charles Scott, RB LSU.

There will be a ton of pass rushers, we have to get one... So far I like Jerry Hughes TCU...

I'm not sure about Lafell, he's ok. I don't know if he is much better than Turner... They are kind of the same player.

I think this draft will be one of the better ones this decade. Trade Ted Ginn.

I was thinking a team that may pay a high price for him is Oakland. They love speed. I would take TE Zach Miller for Teddy. On MLB Kirk Morrison.

Edwards has the worst catching pct. in the league since he was drafted, so the Jets traded for the WR with the worst hands in football. Edwards is what he is, a big, physical target for a young QB, he's not "special" get off it Mando.

Marcus , this draft will indeed be a good one. You omitted ILB Rolando Mclain . He's a beast. A lot of Patrick willis in him. It's good taking draft with you.

Edwards has the worst catching pct. in the league since he was drafted, so the Jets traded for the WR with the worst hands in football. Edwards is what he is, a big, physical target for a young QB, he's not "special" Mando. peace

I have heard of McClain. I haven't seen him yet. I don't want Spikes. Someone else I like is RB Mark Ingram from Alabama. He's big and explosive. I think he is a Sophmore though.

Marcus , i don't like spikes that much either. Mclain on the other hand ? I want him now !. Here's his #'s from last saturday's game against kentucky ( a game that i watched just to scout him ). 11 tackles , 1 sack , 1 int , 1 FF that led to a td and a pass defense/deflection that led to a INT while earning player of the game. Watch him ! he's a stud.

It is obvious that some of us have forgotten what happens when you allow your personnel to be brought in via the "Cherry Picker" system... You know... going after this guy in order to stuff him into needed position... then going after that guy to fill another. The reason The Miami Dolphins fell from the level of a marquee team to a second tier "also ran" club from 1999 to 2007 is because of our coaching and personnel people believing that REAL TEAMS can be assembled through free agency and giving up draft picks for other teams burned out, washed out, paid out... just plain get out so called "Great Players"... I watched Wanny give away 1st round pick like they were freekin candy to kids at Halloween. I have seen sorry drafting because of no picks being left in the draft... we gave them away. I have seen over paid washed up losers who were going to be our next wonder player leave or go on IR within 2 years of starting in Miami..... In Other words... and to make it real simple.... I have seen Miami completely mismanaged for nearly 10 years and we are STILL paying for it.
Tell me... What do we have to lose by letting these very smart guys put together a young, talented team of OUR HOME GROWN STARS... not some other teams... and having success from within... instead of always looking from the outside. Players do not get let go because of how great they are... the get dropped or traded because the other team feels they can do better.
I am ready to see a team that will contend for 3 to 7 years... NOT a one and done flash in the pan like most SB clubs are. It will take time and patients... we are 2 years in and looking good... next year we will even be better. Patients is what this will take... we will see a receiver this draft... a good one. Watch and see...

and marcus , Mclain is 6-4 256 pounds and get flat ouy FLY !.

So sounds like he will be a top 15 - 20 pick.

NJ and Marcus,

I think it a little early to be talk draft, but I hope Dolphins get NT Terrance Cody from Alabama

Never too early to talk draft.

I don't know about Cody... He doesn't seem like much of an athlete.

It will take time to know if the Jets got a stud or a dud. Edwards played in Cleveland without a good QB so who knows. What I do know is we need a win and Edwards just got to New York so the chemistry between he and Sanchez simply does not exist right now. I think this trade will benefit us on Monday night. If we go after Sanchez I like our chances.

Hey Armando your really beating that wide reciever drum pretty loud. I too thought that ginn would too look better in a browns uniform.

Marcus , You're right , its never to early to talk draft . I'm afraid of cody's weight issues. Mclain is top 15 and climbing ( top 10 ? ) . Look for him the next time 'bama is on tv and get back to me.

Ted(I fall down )ginn would look great in any other uniform then a dolphins ....

The other thing with WR with big name doesn’t always win you the big one. The last 2 super bowl the loosing team had way better WR than the winners.

NJ yes before you bust my chops over this. Ward & Holmes are good WR. But Arizona’s WR are way better.
We should give Turner a chance Living in Cal. I saw him a lot the guy is money when you need a big catch. Just because he sucks in practice doesn't mean he won't come big during the game.

Hey I sucked in practice but when I got my chance in homecoming. I scored 4 touchdowns in that game. Maybe you have heard of me. I played for a school in Chicago. POLK HIGH.

Is that you Al Bundy????

Al Bundy! You daughter hot.

Mando, love ya buddy, you gotta write about something else. WE KNOW THE DOLPHINS WR'S AREN'T THAT GOOD. We know it better after reading this post for the 17th time.

Cuban YES we should trade butter figures Ginn. But the way he players all we could get is a 6 or 7 pick.
They should put him just to return kicks. If he does good this could raise his stock.

What do you think Henne thinks when he throws to him and he can’t catch?
Something like. (This is why you when to Ohio State and not MICHIGAN). Lol

dude you forget the jets traded a 3rd and a 5th also. We have gotten some good players with those draft picks. I think you should to see how edwards does in NY before crowning him the king. Mando sometimes you annoy me. Dolphins should wait until the end of the year to get FA or draft a receivers. Trading the house to get that player now is stupid.

Alex , no busting chops. LOL ! i agree with you . :0

Shut up already! We know our receivers suck. Edwards is not the answer!!!

Guys Yes the jets are of to a good start. But don't they do this every year. Last year when the jets beat the Titans the four-letter network wanted to crown them Champs. Then they went down hill after that.
Ryan has changed their mentality giving them a swagger. But in the end they will not have the heart to win. They will turn on Sanchez just like they did on Farve. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Keep the faith Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I would take Penny over Sanchez


No one in the whole world likes bad poetry like this. This very bad and you should read works of great poet Pablo Neruda for you get some inspiration and come back next time with something better that has nice ring to it like "Henne the Hero."

Posted by: carlito from golfito | October 08, 2009 at 11:46 AM

Um, carlito from homolito, this is no poem it is actually a song. Get with it, D...

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