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Is WR a blindspot for Miami brain trust?

The Dolphins personnel people and coaching staff are, to sum it up, excellent. Football czar Bill Parcells is without peer right now in his personnel acumen, Jeff Ireland was a rising star before Parcells plucked him from the Cowboys and has continued his ascension, and Tony Sparano has long ago put to bed any questions about how he would respond to being a new head coach.

These guys are among the best in the business and the best Miami has had since Don Shula, who was the best coach of all time.

Having said all this, every single person I just mentioned is human. They don't always get it right. They don't always hit home runs. They admit as much.

And now I'm wondering if there isn't a blind spot with this group in Miami.

The receiver position.

Forget for a second that Miami's receiver group isn't impressive by any definition. There are good players in Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo, but there are no great players. Never mind that.

The issue that worries me is how the Miami brain trust views receivers.

Example: This week as the New York Jets made a trade for receiver Braylon Edwards, there was much excitement in Gotham over the acquisition that sent Chansi Stuckey to Cleveland. The Jets figure they have traded a slot-type receiver for a full-fledged No. 1 type receiver that can stretch the field.

“I think he’s a receiver who really draws attention," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "In other words, you almost have to game plan specifically about someone with Braylon’s talent, and if you don’t, we’ll take advantage of that situation. That’s a guy with his type of size, speed, type of talent he has, it’s almost more of what defenses really can’t do to us anymore. Again, I think he’s just going to be just a huge part of our success.”

Obviously the Jets see Edwards as a major upgrade over Stuckey. ESPN's Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williams, while noting Edwards drops a lot of passes, which he does, also agrees New York's new receiver is an upgrade over the previous one.

"That offense is now complete," Williamson told ESPN AFC East blogger and reporter Tim Graham, "and for the long haul, too."

My problem is that while the Jets and outside "experts" see Edwards as an obvious upgrade over Stuckey, the Dolphins apparently don't agree with that. While Ryan is saying Edwards is a player you "have to game plan specifically about," Sparano sees Stuckey and Edwards in the same light.

The coach the Edwards addition does not change one iota Miami's preparation.

"Stuckey was a pretty good player," Sparano said. "We thought he was a pretty good player. From our end it is just another weapon out there. Do you know how many weapons the team last week had? We sat here and talked about it, they had a bunch of them. And the team the week before? Every week there is a bunch of weapons out there and we need to prepare for them. From our end, the preparation really won’t change.”

So clearly, Miami's evaluation of Edwards is that he is not necessarily special. New York's evaluation is that he was worth two draft picks and two players in trade.

One also has to look at Miami's attempts to improve their receiver corps this year when discussing this issue.

The Dolphins hit a home run on Bess as an undrafted free agent. They struck out on Ernest Wilford as a high-priced ($6 million guaranteed) unrestricted free agent. And it is too early to tell on 2009 draft picks Brian Hartline and Patrick Turner -- although Hartline is contributing and Turner is not.

And what about history?

We know that Parcells doesn't like tempermental wide receivers or those that might seem to become tempermental -- likely as good a reason as any why the Dolphins didn't buy into the Edwards trade talks.

Parcells didn't want Jerry Jones to sign Terrell Owens. Parcells didn't want the Patriots to draft Terry Glenn. He was overruled on both counts and eventually left both teams, in part, because of that overruling. Owens and Glenn did, for a time, produce bigtime for the Parcells teams that acquired them.

Glenn, matter of fact, was good enough that Parcells brought him to Dallas when he went there.

Meanwhile, name another outstanding receiver to have been uearthed by Parcells? Mark Ingram? Stephen Baker? Phil McConkey? Miles Austin? Patrick Crayton? Am I forgetting somebody?

The point is some solid football people have disagreed over the years with the Dolphins current brain trust on receiver decisions. And the brain trust has been wrong on some of the more notable decisions.

So it merits study what happens going forward with the Edwards trade, what happens going forward with Hartline and Turner, and what happens going forward with Miami's resolution to its receiver issues.

That will give us the answer whether there is a blind spot with that position ... or not.



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Obviously the Fins braintrust were depending on Ginn. This team had many glaring deficiencies entering into the draft. Vontae and Sean are doing great? Where is the credit for that? We need to stop bashing them over taking White in the 2nd round, It's too early to tell on White. The Fins were a mess, one failed draft pick after another. Now they are doing it right. Build with youth and sprinkle in experience as neede later. You are what you are, Edwards is a punk. I would never want a punk like him on my team.

The Phins are not going to go after any receiver now or anytime soon. They are going to continue with what they got and work on improving them. This management builds from the insdie out and now that they have set up the o-line and d-line they are going to concentrate on the linebackers. Receivers will come after and only after that! By the way, Braylon sucks! I am glad we didnt draft him before and I am glad we didn't trade for him now!

Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden! Ginn Jr. and pick for Ramses Barden!

Way to leave out the fact the Edwards just punched a 130 pound man in the face outside a night club at 2am after a loss. Besideds we already have a top draft pick that drops passes.

Carlito, thats not a poem, Its from a band by the name of black sabbath, its called Ironman....It ROCKS>>>>

Hey Randy, Mando made it very clear Edwards has issues in the first couple of posts he wrote about the guy yesterday. How bout catching up fool?

You guys check this out. I'm a dolphins fan first, with love to the bengals because I'm from Ohio. They are going to be getting rid of ochocinco and Chris Henry next year because the bengals don't pay anybody. Either one would make our receiver core a smash, I promise.

And stop knocking Edwards. He is better than any of our receivers. Terrell owens leads in dropped passes u going to knock him too?

No if we are gonna give away Ginn IMO I say trade him and first rd and fourth rd for V. Jackson.
6-5 with break away speed and won't drop what thrown at him.

This is the second time I've seen you reference the Sparano "not changing our game plan quote", and it seems you are taking it at face value. OF COURSE they are changing the game plan because of Edwards. Why would you believe otherwise? I can't think of a reason why you expect him to be truthful about it, or why you would take him at face value. Coaches NEVER show their true reactions to things like that to the public.

Blindspot for Miami braintrust: Quarterback.

Wide Receivers: I agree with Sparano. Edwards is no better than Vincent jackson, or Moss, or Reggie Wayne, or any of the players that Miami regularly plays against.

(I feel stupid to even have to post this as this is a matter of common knowledge. But the original blogger ttook precious time to question Sparano on this.)

Mangini strikes again at the heart of Bellicheat. Trading to the Jets.
Meanwhile, fans need to give Henne and Ginn some time to get familiar. Henne didn't exactly take a whole lot of snaps with Ginn prior to Chad P's injury.
The Jets, due to their run stopping D may be susceptible to the bomb.
I wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple early, if only to loosen up the run D.

Freakola, they're (the media) hyping the Jets because they're 3-1, while we're 1-3. We win this game, and that will change. At least everywhere but ESPN.

I guess im a bit of a homer but I want the phins to go after gresham at TE. Or maybe go after Berry from Tennessee. Either that locked safety or clutch TE.

why the cuban adopt ted gin and steel all his money and eat all his food while he can hire carlito as sweet butler to live in house.

doesn't adopt


You forgot to list Keyshawn Johnson. That was a Parcells pick.


Did you ever consider that the Fins may be hiding their hand? Even if they changed their game plan, what benefit is there for them to tell the world that they have?

Some very interesting posts on this last page. And by interesting I mean, wrong.

Imawriterrobj: You say fans need to give Ginn and Henne more time to figure each other out. Except the coaches last game gave Ginn FEWER snaps with Henne than he got with Pennington. So you might want to rethink that.

PAZ: You think QB is the blindspot? Dude, they've drafted one in the second round each year they've been here and Henne is starting now.

Dolphan4life: So now that the Oline and Dline are set, Parcells is going to concentrate exclusively on LBs? So next draft they picks 8 LBs? And I guess they weren't addressing the LB corps when they signed Jason Taylor, re-signed Channing Crowder, signed Reggie Torbor, signed Charlie Anderson, signed Cameron Wake, traded for Akin Ayodele and moved Matt Roth from DE to OLB? Think!

Oh, almost forgot, that Keyshawn Johnson was NOT drafted by Parcells. Can we finally get that fact right, please?

Johnson was drafted by the Jets in 1996, the same year Parcells took the Patriots to the Super Bowl.

One more: bobby, if the Dolphins beat the Jets Monday night, Miami will be 2-3 and the Jets will be 3-2. And that means the Dolphins will still be behind the Jets in the standings.

your are right Mando but giving up 2 picks for edwards was not smart and time will reflect that
but the phins need to do something maybe they could trade ginn to baltimore for some picks or pick however an upgrade is needed for sure or at least sit ginn down unless you call a reverse or let him return kickoffs he is not a good receiver scott from delaware

Rex Thinks he is smart, he’s a talker get used to it. He probably just wants to intimidate the rookie DB’s or trying to divert attention. Forget what that oversized jelly fish says and play ball. The Dolphins have turned the corner you will see. I liked the way Henne showed good decision making under center, He seemed to get it and this will now be the beginning of he’s growth. we will ground the J.E.T.S! The running game is a two headed monster and will pull the Jets to the ground. Ryan’s Defense is not ass physical as Baltimore, and Ricky and Ronnie and this Offence of line like to punch you in the mouth, this offence of line is moving boy once they get their feet under them and they will run this league, One more year with Ricky and Ronnie and henne will have he’s shot.

Play Turner!!!!! give him a rist band if you have too!!!!!

i have one question for you mando,

I dont disagree that we need a better WR but what is there available right now at that position? i know there will be options after the season but im talkin about right now

and i also believe they should put Pat Turner in the rotation and deactivate Pat White or even lex hilliard just give the kid a chance

Your comments about Parcells and ireland are ridiculous? If they are doing a great job please tell me where? Lousy free agent picks,wilford green, wilson and don't go crazy over grove either.
Where's your impact players that the trifecta brought here?
The stick with Ginn? a loser and getting worse.
They have no receivers and revis can cover two at a time. I guess either your really dumb or you protecting your job, Or perhaps beating a hapless dormat like buffalo with 6 starters out morphed your brain cells and elevated your expectations beyond reality.
Or maybe your hyping up the fans. I just can't believe some of the obvious stupidity bieng thrown around as if the team suddenly became a "Superpower" unbelievable.

Why can Miami always 'make do'while other teams seek out talented receivers? Why wouldn't they get Mannigham to go with his teamates Hemme and Long?
I am tired of feeling smarter than million dollar coaches and staff.
If I was Mr. Ross, I would meet with Parcells and see what kind of plan for receivers and other play makers are going forward.
If they want to know why they haven't gotten my money for the last 2 years, it's because of the inferior 'we can make do with little or no weapons' arrogance that is reminicent of Wannstat. How much better this team would be with a good receiver, Tony Gonzalez, and Larry Izzo. Two deadly weapons, and an excellent special teams player? All available at less than the price of a back up lineman.
I am going to the Monday night game only because a friend of mine offered me a free ticket. I am not spending money for a team-I love since 1973-that doesn't give itself, or more importantly, the fans-customers-a reason to hope. I remember when we had a reason to cheer.

I agree 100% with this analysis.

This is a blindspot in an otherwise sound organization.

I agree the dolps are hiding their hand and will bust out their true team and special plays after the bye week. It fits bc the tuna likes stealth // his dad was an FBI agent!!!

David in Marin CA

Flipper, that kid from Kansas...

#80 Dezmon Briscoe

Year 1 O-line & D-line
Year 2 Corner backs & Safety
Year 3 Wideouts & Linebackers,and that the way you build a team.plus the only wideout in this years draft that i think the phins would even think about is Arron Decker from Minn. the kid is a tough wideout maybe not the fastest but speed isn't everything (see ted ginn) he just knows how to get open and has great body control,and his YAC is outstanding.If you haven't seen this kid you need to take a look at a real Parcell guy.

Im not saying lets go get Anquan Boldin, but whats the latest on him? I haven't heard anything recently about any contract/ trade talks? Any news from him.
All the fins ever talk about is potential potential potential. Some players you can see are going to be solid but others we are praying they become something. When are we ever going to get that established pro bowl guy.

P.S as for the draft. The only receiver worth drafting is Dez Bryant that man is a beast. The DB Berry from TN would be a sure fire pick along with Mays from USC. Gresham at TE would be sick. The only LB that comes to mind worth a 1st rounder is Spikes. Next years receivers are going to be down right nasty with Floyd from ND and Aj Green as sophomores. For some reason i think Julio Jones is overrated, he's to big for a WR, he's not quick enough for the NFL.

BTW who the hell is Ramses Barden?! Please no more scrubs. Also that dude from Minn, he plays in the big east! thats almost as competitive as semi-pro football, lets get real!I almost forgot, that WR from GT is a stud, he has 90% of the team receptions

Lets not forget that Keyshawn Johnson was parcells guy.


Think on this - Edwards just joined the jests - he and Sanchez have only had a few practice sessions so I don't figure he will be that great a concern, given his dropped passes and all considered. I trust the football personnel of the Fins know what they need to practice for and they will prepare in that respect. Coach Sparano has shown he is a great coach and Parcells - forget about it - no body better. The Fins will be pumped for this game and I expect to see Sanchez running for his life before eating some Miami turf. GO FINS - THEY ARE ALWAYS UP FOR MONDAY NIGHT GAMES.

DAGOGUY, you asked what happened to Turner he was making playes in the summer. Well he was making plays aginst our DB's. It seems everyone makes plays aginst our DB's.

The Dolphins have four possession receivers and one special team receiver (Ginn). I agree with almost everything they have done but I'm sick and tired of seeing 6 and 7 yard catches in the flat. Its definately time for a homerun receiver! I wish Marino had this type of rushing attack when he was playing, just think of how potent that offense would of been. Without the threat of a downfield playmaker its only a matter of time before it catches up to us even if we did make the playoffs...See what Baltimore did to us last year, no homerun threat so they feasted off all are running plays. JUST A THOUGHT....

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