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A formula to slow that which seems unstoppable

After taking the bye weekend off by blogging four or five times and writing two columns, it's back to work today for me.

The Dolphins are scheduled back to work Monday also, which I suppose is much more important to you. (I get it).

As the Dolphins return to the practice field, the topic on everyone's mind has to be the New Orleans Saints. And more precisely, the Saints offense. And most precisely, slowing Drew Brees and that scary passing attack.

In this column I wrote while, you know, taking the weekend off, I make the point that Miami's secondary will have a tough assignment this week stopping or even slowing the New Orleans passing game. I mean, did you see what they did to the Giants Sunday?

Read the column for some interesting stats and details about Miami's coming opponent.

More importantly, read the column to find out the reaction of the Miami secondary on matching up with Brees and Co. Hint: They're stoked!

One thing the column does not include is a strategy for slowing the Saints. What? I ain't no coach.

But frankly, I was surprised how little pressure New York was willing to apply on Brees. When their front four didn't get there, the Giants didn't do anything more. They didn't really blitz. I was also surprised the Giants basically sat in zone coverages much of the game.

So Brees was not hurried and his receivers were not challenged and it was not pretty.

Note to Dolphins: Don't do that.

The Dolphins must find a way to put Brees and his back. They must man-up and win some of those mano-a-mano moments against the New Orleans receivers. And, of course, Miami must also hold the ball offensively for 35-38 minutes to limit the Saints' opportunities on offense.

Any other suggestions? 


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Suggestions you ask?
Prayer. A whole lot of prayer.

We need to look at all the game film from the past 6 weeks and do the exact opposite!! Give brees a totally different look on D that he hasn't seen. If we don't do that, just pray he doesn't put up 100 points on us.

This game will be harder to win than the Indy game. The Saints run the ball almost as well as Miami statistically (top 5 unit) and are playing better defense than the Dolphins (top 10 against the pass and run). The Colts had their flaws (can't run, can't stop the run) but man, these Saints are tough. Just got to play their game to our own strengths and man up.

Is ESPN and NFL Network going to have another 5 hour special on how great Sanchez and Edwards are this weekend? Man, they lost against a team with no OL, LB, or QB at home. PFFFFF!

Roscoe Parrish was inactive for no reason, something cooking there? Bring him back home if the Bills don't want him.

We need to apply tons of pressure on Brees. The DL must step it up. If we give time to Brees like we did with Sanchoke, it's going to be tough. Secondary needs to excel on man to man. And don't forget about the run. Even if Brees is their main weapon, we must make him beat us. Eliminate the run, and destroy their offensive balance.

I just read NYC Dolphins '09 post from earlier, and I have just one thing to say in response....


Ya funny the jets blast us how we won they lost funny thing is we beat buffalo um I think 34-10 jets lost 16-13 to the same team ya says it all right there! Let's go phins we will all show them who's boss but bress on his ass!!

here are 3 keys to beating the saints.

1. Joey Porter
2. Jason Taylor
3. Cameron Wake

Nobody is talking about the facts that the Saints are not that good outside the Dome, and there will most likely be a hangover from this last big game.

You called it on Mark Sanchise yesterday. What do your sources tell you about Brees and his weak points?

Wish we had sources.

Hey jets! Whose got the clown QB now???? Lmfao

The Giants were biting on the play action ALL day. I mean half the team was biting on the play action. We can't do that. The LB's have to stay home unless they are blitzing. Rush two or three but one needs to drop back into coverage down the middle.

Hal 9000 has it on the money, how is no one talking about then throwing in the fourth, the fact the patriots had Brady welker moss in the whole time, this is the worst I have ever seen. Whe. Brady threw his six td pass (in the snow I might add they are all lucky they didn't get hurt), I said that was the dumbest thing the pats could do. The titans won't forget this. Hopefully neither will the NFL teams.

Suggestions? Hmmmmmm, play a perfect game, keep the ball for 3/4 of the game, and score over 40 points. There, that should win us the game. Seriously, I watched their game yesterday and I couldn't find a flaw anywhere. The defense swarms the ball carrier and plays tight coverage mixing in zones with man coverage to keep the offense off balance. You think a wr is open and then out of no where there is help over the top. Better run A LOT. The offense is near perfect with a very good running game and ofcourse, Drew Brees, who will pick you apart in man coverage because he has pin point accuracy and he always puts the ball where only his guy can catch it. He can also pick you apart in zone coverage because his receivers are VERY intelligent in their route running and assignments. They know how to get to the open spot in zone coverage and make adjustments on the fly better than any group I've seen this year. Our only hope on defense is to come up with some wild blitz packages and hope we can disrupt their timing. Also the Cbs and Dbs have to play the wr's up close (press) and hit them coming off the line. The Giants played ten yards off the ball to prevent the long pass but it didn't help. My prediction, Our DBs will not be able to handle the job and the phins will lose by at least 14. Unless the dbs magically cleaned up their mistakes in the bye week this will be a looonnngggg Sunday.

Miami will win 24-17..... Bank on it!

I'm sorry... U asked for suggestions....... Let the team eat a nice bowl of cocoa puffs before the game... Then go on to win 24-17

Got get Cameron Wake lots of defensive snaps.
Mix and hide your blitzes as much as possible. Use stunts...Rotate the DLine to keep them fresh...Don't bite on play actions...Watch the films from Giants game and look for their tells. Cross reference those tells with their previous games this season. It is time consuming but staff has had two weeks to get going.

Jets had success slowing down Saints offense. Use that film for ideas.

Ok so the saints just destroyed the giants…lets take a look at who the giants had beaten so far this season washinton 2-4 dallas 3-2 tampa bay 0-6 kansas city 1-5 and finally Oakland 2-4. Now it makes sense why the giants previously #1 defense was marched upon all day sunday. They had yet to play a team with an elite quarterback. Rather that they had yet to play an elite team. Now , because of all the hype that the g men had acquired from roughing up sub par teams, the saints offense earning the highest praises. Rightfully so, but lets take a look at who Brees and co. have scorched. The always challenging Lions of detroit, the bills, the jets, an eagles team with Kevin Kolb at quarterback and finally the giants. Essentially we should all wait for sunday before counting out our miami dolphins. So lets wait and see if the hero and rocky brilliams can put miami back in the thick of things.

Strategy against Saints: see strategy against colts, then EXECUTE!

Pressure, pressure, pressure. We have to pressure the QB. we need a few sacks and a pick or fumble for morale and our offense needs to put up big points, like in the Jets game. This is not a field goal game. We need TD's.

I was surprised at the Saints lack of a run game on Sun. They throw the ball almost every down. I hope our secondary can step up - I think that's still a weak area for us.

Heck Armando after you calling out “Sanchez will struggle today” I’ll always take your word for it.
Yea this is an easy game to figure out for Miami…on Defense the pass rush will be key…on Offence the running game and time of possession.
If Miami can harass Brees…rush his throws,put him on his butt, cleanly, a doz. or more times and get 3-4 sacks…Miami’s D will win on their side of the ball.
If Miami can rush for 150-160+ yards and hold the ball for 36-38 min…Miami’s O wins on their side of the ball...and maybe this game goes in the win column.

the Jets lost 3 games in a row! Jenkins is out for the year. Jets suck! keep talking Jets fans! your team sucks! go Dolphins!

to Angry Fin Fan:
I prefer:

And Taylor in different angles from his original spot

I dunno about a gameplan... but one thing I would be concerned about is overblitzing and leaving Shockey alone with Gerbil Wilson, Yeremiah or Crowder. These guys have a solid O-Line and if the pressure don't come and we're short on DBs, expect to get lit up. I'd like to say Wake more cuz Porter ain't bringing it.

OK, N.O. played a great game yesterday. Yes they beat the 5-0 Giants. The combined record of the teams NY beat excluding saints is 9-20. The combine record of all the teams N.O. has beat` excuding the Giants Game is 9-14. The combined record of all the teams Miami has played is 16-10. I think yesterdays game was overrated and I think NY is not near as good as their record indicates. Thats my 2 cents. Please disagree with me if you want but I think the fins have a pretty good chance aT LShark

josiah.....thanks for that perspective....i didn't realize that both of those teams(giants and saints) had such creampuff schedules so far.....the saints have not been challenged yet.....being that the game is at miami, i think the fins will be able to knock the saints off their rhythm with a smashmouth physical approach and ball control to keep brees off the field.....i like miami's chances.....

As long the O is running on all 8 cylinders and the Ol Alligator Gar is in top form then we'll actually be in pretty good shape =)


Just saw yr comment GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! lol. Sorry to give such a similar blog but I didnt see yrs till mine was aready posted. Go Phinsss

We can stop the run. But if ou secondary don't show up we must put the Wake in and let him freestyle his Rush attack. He is foreal. My opinion is wake would be lead sacker if full time.

just saw some of the pats-titans game.....the titans were going through the motions....they totally layed down.

Rush n hit the passer n we will be ok rye?

Breeze wanted to come here to the fins. We just have to keep doing what we do the best run to set up the pass.

The phins have got to get Cameron Wake, Jason Taylor and Joey Porter on the field at the same time to put pressure on Drew Brees. Thats it. Period. End of story.

We have but one hope...

Pray their plane goes down.

Jets NT Jenkins is out for the season. Time for high flying jets to crash & burn (just like every other season..... jet fans are too stupid to remember).

Really George??? Pray for a plane full of people to crash & burn? I would only do something that evil if it were the NY jets lol.

Am I the only one that is happy the Saints played so well against the Giants and are undefeated?? This now makes the game a little more special to us and the '72 alumni will definitely be making sure we understand how special it is.

We will be complete underdogs in this one which is when we are at our best.

Let's shock the world!

As for strategy, we need to run the ball like we have been and control that clock. On defense, we can not give Brees a basic zone look. Gotta have the pressure come up the middle.

Finally, let's hope for rain!!

Run the ball, stop the run, and pressure Breese (oh, yeah - and don't allow the big play on D). Easier said than done, but that's what it will take to beat the Saints.

The Dolphins should watch the tape from last year's game against Tampa: http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=281130027

Tampa picked Breese off 3 times and kept him under constanct pressure.

All Miami has to do (with one exception) is play the same game they did against the Colts. The exception is put the football in the end zone!!

Miami has the perfect defense for the Saints and that is the #1 running game in the NFL


This is a huge game for the team and especially the coaching staff. The O and D strategic approach is on display here and the high scoring teams are exactly who the Dolphins must learn to beat.
Will the D bring pressure in basic sets or have to blitz?
I say let the Sean Smith play man all game and bring pressure. Brees put on a clinic against the Giants and with real time back there he will gash us with the deep ball.
Will the O consistently go for 7 vs 3? I contend to compete with the big boy teams we play now we must have 7 all the time. Go for 2 too. Inside the 40 being 4 down territory is what I would love to see.
The Saints bring a lot. The Saints D almost took out Manning. I’d like to see more of what the jets got from us in a power running game. The Dolphins become big time when the deep ball gets added to that running game.
Shocky is a weapon. Where is our guy who can cover these TE’s? Our D end should bash him every down to disrupt his pass routs.
The Saints are a running team. Can we bring pressure against the pass and still stop the run?
I am stoked and feel a win.
The Saints are great but the streak stops in Miami.

If they bench Wilson for Culver this game, I would put money on the Dolphins to win. If not, it does not seem likely. Wilson seems almost totally incapable of breaking up passes, even when he's there. Whereas Bell, it took a perfect pass to Clowney and some great catches by Tony Gonzalez to make him look bad. And Culver has actually shown a knack for breaking up passes. For perspective: Jason Allen would never be given the chance to play as badly as Wilson has five games in a row. Just give Culver one chance as starter, and the difference should be dramatic.

I dont know if ya'll forgot about this or what, but the Jets held the Saints to one offensive TD and only 190 yards passing from Drew Brees at home. It's not like its impossible to limit them. Even if dolphins can limit Drew Brees to two touchdowns and less then 300 yards passing and under 100 yards rushing. The dolphins have a great chance to win this game. The Key to the game is our 3rd down conversion rate Vs. their third down conversion rate. We must get them off the field on third down! The Giants over and over again let them convert. And please limit the big plays. Also, man Sean Smith up with Marques Colston. They match up well. I expect Lance Moore of the Saints to have a big game. He's the type of receiver that Miami seems to really struggle with.

Tony McDaniel is very tall and quick, he can put pressure in (near) the middle, or rise his hands, in order to limit Brees reads down field and forcing him to run to his right (he is right handed and have the tendency to run to that side) bringing to Jason Taylor the opportunity to bother him and not to make a comfortable throw. I don't think we can make many sacks because his experience and quick release, but we can stop the run and limit N.O. air attack.

I also am really hoping to see the article "Bowe to the dolphins!" later before the trade deadline tomorrow. But if not. Oh well i suppose.

This game is going to be a hard one to win, but we can do it.

First you have to play really physical from the get go. DB's have to play real physical and LB's have to knock someone down coming across the middle within the five yards, and Lineman have to be stout from the point of attack. The Saints have a great line which makes Brees look great. But here is the thing just rush four Dlinemen, but stunt them early and on occasion drop one or two line men close to the line of scrimage and bat the ball away from 5-11' Dree Brees. While on passing downs, knowck the ball away at the line of scrimage. Drop five into coverage and never play 8 in the box and always double up on Colston.
YOu have to rush Brees and their big tall line with speed! Wake has to be in there on passing downs and Taylor and Porter have get penatration often. The have a good ground game but its success is based on the passing game. Rarely do they have long drives with double digit plays, this offense scores quick and does so all game long to that end here is where the Dolphins ground game comes in.

On offense we have to have the ball for over 40min much like when we controled the ball versus indie. And make the plays in the passing game when we need to but this offense can keep Brees and Colston on the sidelines, we are BUILT for it! POUND the ball all day long because the Saints have a good passing d but we can run on them all day long. When we get to the goal line we can not afford to have too many FG but instead we need TD's!

This will get Brees and his offense in obvious passing situations which then you can call on a few blitz's the such as overloads on one side or the other much like the jets did who held Brees and the Saints to 17 points. But always even when Blitzing keep double coverage on Colston and if he or any other reciever fromn the saints comes over the middle you have to lay them out hit them hard legally if possible but I would take the penalty if called just to send the message that you will pay if you come over the middle. We need to get them out of their comfort zone smack the hell out of them and let them know that they are not gonna get a free pass in our house!
The playmakers in the Dolphins defensive backfield have to come up with some INT's lately we hav had chances but failed to hold on to the ball, that can not happen, we can not give Brees any chances.
Thus goes with out saying but, we can NOT turen the ball over, or we are done. And our Defense can not surrneder any points to the saints on their first drive that would send a huge message to them that this game won't be the same as the others.

The upcoming game with New Orleans reminds me of the Phins/Bills contests in the 80s when the high powered Marino passing game was matched against the Bills ball control running game. So long as this Miami team caps off ball control with scores as did Buffalo, Brees will be playing the Marino role pacing the sidelines in frustration only to come in after 7-8 minutes have run off the clock to face a fresh Phins D coming after him.

If Miami caps of drives with TDs as they did against the Bills and Jets, they will defeat New Orleans. However, if they do not finish off drives for scores as they did when they came up short against Indi, then New Orleans wins in a Brees.

Sorry typos

wow. just looking at the saints remaining schedule, they have a chance to go undefeated. there remaining road games are @ mia, st. louis, tampa bay, washington, atlanta, and carolina. really the only two hard ones would be mia and atlanta. their tough home games will be NE and ATL.

Where's rhe fool ( shawn / 911 } ?. This is the same shawn who had such a man love for sanchito and sanchito goimg to the hall of fame. LMFAO ! 5 more INT'S . Are you F'n kidding me, You still want sanchez over penny, what a fool . ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah

We cant get consistant pressure, and our safties are horrible, and our MLB are horrile in the pass. This is why we are 2.3 instead of 4.1.

Shockey is going to be our bigest problem who will cover him?

Just like Gonzalez, Clark and Gates we have big issues with elite TEs

We are slow and soft up the Gut somebody come up with something please!

Just in from ESPN, Kris Jenkins is out for the remainder of the season.

Mando and Fake GM, you're absolutely right. If we don't put significant pressure on Brees, he's going to light us up, period. We can't let him have the time Manning was able to have...quick release or not. I believe Manning is the better qb, so, considering how close the game was against the Colts, I think there's reason to hope this Sunday. The question will be can our offense continue to produce those time consuming drives, and punctuate them with touchdowns as opposed to field goals?

NJ PHIN has no shame for he's the plumber

Why is it that we run a 3-4 with OLBs that only pass rush and can't cover it like we have 5 D-linemen that can't sack anybody in reality we run 52 with slow MLBs that can't cover all they do is try to run stop I think we out number them in the box on most plays why can't we get to the QB and stop Running Game with that many player in the Box?

I have a suggestion, Sign Drew Brees out of SD before New Orleans...oh wait, we didnt do that already....oh well...nah we're screwed!

profootballweekly.com is reporting that the ravens are interested in trading for Ginn. wow. makes some sense since it was cameron who drafted him and his family.

LOL I know it's only a wet dream but Gin for Reed.

For the Dolphins to win they only have to do one thing: Score more points than the Saints.

See, wasn't that easy?

But seriously, the problem with focusing on stuffing the run and forcing the Saints in to passing is that Brees just doesn't miss. He was scary good yesterday vs. NYG.

And yes, he has a quick release. So the key is to have a great pass rush AND be able to cover the receivers long enough for the pass rush to get to Brees. The fins HAVE to get in Brees' face often.

And no FG on offense. They'll have to go for blood each and every possession. And keep the ball away from Brees for as long as possible, even if that means going for it on 4th and a couple of yards.

Its either going to be a very exciting football game or painful. Very painful.

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