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A formula to slow that which seems unstoppable

After taking the bye weekend off by blogging four or five times and writing two columns, it's back to work today for me.

The Dolphins are scheduled back to work Monday also, which I suppose is much more important to you. (I get it).

As the Dolphins return to the practice field, the topic on everyone's mind has to be the New Orleans Saints. And more precisely, the Saints offense. And most precisely, slowing Drew Brees and that scary passing attack.

In this column I wrote while, you know, taking the weekend off, I make the point that Miami's secondary will have a tough assignment this week stopping or even slowing the New Orleans passing game. I mean, did you see what they did to the Giants Sunday?

Read the column for some interesting stats and details about Miami's coming opponent.

More importantly, read the column to find out the reaction of the Miami secondary on matching up with Brees and Co. Hint: They're stoked!

One thing the column does not include is a strategy for slowing the Saints. What? I ain't no coach.

But frankly, I was surprised how little pressure New York was willing to apply on Brees. When their front four didn't get there, the Giants didn't do anything more. They didn't really blitz. I was also surprised the Giants basically sat in zone coverages much of the game.

So Brees was not hurried and his receivers were not challenged and it was not pretty.

Note to Dolphins: Don't do that.

The Dolphins must find a way to put Brees and his back. They must man-up and win some of those mano-a-mano moments against the New Orleans receivers. And, of course, Miami must also hold the ball offensively for 35-38 minutes to limit the Saints' opportunities on offense.

Any other suggestions? 


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You will only be able to do so much to stop Brees and Co. Dolphins will have to control the "time of possesion" in a big way much the way they did against Peyton Manning, only win this time. The defense will have to come up with at least 3 big stops in the game & hope Henne is our version of Brees. Finally, the phins linebackers & secondary will absolutely have to limit the yards after catch with sure tackling & hitting. This will we be a well earned victory if it comes to pass. PS- the Saints have their own set of worries trying to stop a potent dolphin running game...I believe they will do all they can to try to stop R&R & the wildcat and put it on Henne to throw...from what I saw against the Jets, I'm OK with that! Should be another great game!

Jets Jenkins out for the year...now Snatchez is going to understand NFL pressure.

As everyone knows, our weakness is the secondary. Will Allen was never that good but after the new contract, he disappeared. The rook CBs are good but they're still rooks. What's left? Oh yeah, the safeties. Didn't Bell get a new deal last spring? Wilson? Probably get better play from the Wilson volleyball (Castaway, the Tom Hanks movie).

Pasqualoni will have to do a better job of "masking" blitzes. Show blitz, drop back and blitz....this a fundamental that he never learned it seems.
You have to keep them guessing.

What have I missed? Oh I remember now, gotta play a perfect game.

Off topic....Kris Jenkins is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury. I feel bad for the dude since he showed class after the loss but it's a huge loss for the jests. This will definitely make our running game harder for them to stop and I'm looking forward to Jabba's and Pace's complaints after we run on them for 300 yards next game!

Jabba, you weak minded fool! The Hutts are supposed to be immune to Jedi mind tricks.

Have the jelly filled donuts blinded you?

The only other thing I can think of is we need to force some turnovers and have our special teams come up with some plays... We are NOT gonna shut NO out, that's a given, but if we control the clock, score Touchdowns in the Red Zone and limit Brees getting on the field, we got a chance...

coach sparano i know when you win the coin toss you generally defer to the second half this is one week i beg of you if you win that toss please take the ball. thank you

Brees, Shockey and Colston are a real threat. But I honestly think we have a good chance of beating them. The Dolphins' brand of Wildcat is hard to defend and the Saints have never had to deal a relentless assault of it. A week of game review may not be enough. Our time management is exceptional. Reminds me the Titans last year when they milked out the clock. I hope Henne and the offense practice more red zone and 2-minute drills because I think the game will come down to these two factors.

Run the ball. Control the clock. Stop the big plays in the deep middle of the field. Tackle and hit hard. Some blitzes and stunts. A couple of hard sacks. A trick play like a fake punt or field goal. Keep them within 4 with 3 minutes to play and score a td to win with 15 seconds left.
And then some prayers from all of us. We don't need divine intervention just a couple of breaks or win a couple of close calls.

He's just a man Rock! Be more man than him! Move in, run over him!!


Dolphins 52 - Saints 3

Suggestions?! How about a new secondary? Since the NY JESTERS season seems to be over (poor Sancho can't play when it's nippy out), maybe they could LEASE us Revis for the next few games! I do believe we have a chance IF we apply pressure on Brees and control the clock.

What do you guys think of Davis at Safety the Guy is tough hits hard and is very fast maybe he can be what Ronnie Lot and others have done when needed covert from CB to Safety he can't be worse than Wilson at least he'll hit somthing and we wood have the best players on the field Just a thought

Turd Ferguson is more man than my girl friend.LOL....time for my ride on my donkey .

What do the jets & #77 Jenkins have in common? Both of their seasons are over lmfao! Karma for the horsecollar tackle on Cobbs that was never called! j-e-t-s susck suck suck suck

The 85 Bears were unstoppable too, until they came here on MNF.


Ask Parcells what happened last time he went up against the Saints. Also , I think you might need to take (Rickey Williams) and give him a little xtra POT to smoke in this game. Maybe have a teammate stand there and keep lighting
some funny stuff up.
Their will be a Brees in Florida this Sunday
and it won't be the weather LMAO

That's why you've got the best Blog Bro. Because you work it. I can't wait to see what you'll write next...

BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED LONDON ASKED THE NFL TO HAVE a football game there. the nfl looked around and asked 60,000 fans which teams should go and the answer was ......tom brady's team the new england PATS and when they asked them again why ? the answer was ....TOM BRADY IS ON AND ONLY IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL AND HIS TEAM LOOKS WOULD VERY GOOD IN LONDON COMPARE TO THE REST OF THE LEAGUE

Forecast for sunday calls for rain... I think that would be a big advantage for us. We are built for bad weather games where the team who runs and stops the run better will win. Here's hoping I am watching this game in the rain! Also, I was impressed with the crowd for the Jets game... let's not let up and play our part to make it tough for that Saints offense to hear.

Bob Crews, maybe u should check ur genetics and see if both ur parents were a-holes, or did u do become one all by urself??? Just curious??

The menace is on the web,Whats the subject tonite boys??

Wow! Never seen a Saints fan before.

Wonder what bandwagon he fell off of?

Embrace the fact that we can't stop the long throw which means field position is meaningless ... Onside kick every time & never punt!!!

espn making excuses for sanchez how sad!

Jests are no longer a threat...No Jenkins, temp is below 55 so Sanchez is done, so time to concentrate on New England, who always was the real threat anyway...

Is it me or does everyone hate the french?? I mean all they do is smoke cigarette's,drink cappuccino, eat baguettes and lazily lean against buildings.. Or is it just me??

Dolphins where not intimidated by the vaunted Jets D that held the Saints to 17 points, now where sure as hell are not intimidated by the Saints D. No pun intended.
But their offense is another story and if the Jets where able to hold Brees and Company to 17 points then we have a shot. Just have to smack them in the mouth for the get go and continue to Run the ball and dominate the time of possesion. Have as many tall guys at the line of scrimage to bat the ball! Brees is short and thats what you do when you have a short QB. Run stunts all day and bring a fifth rusher out of the defensive back field. Whos fast and can track down Brees. But always roll coverage to Colston and Shockey. You have to get creative on Defense and maybe we have a shot.
This is a game that fits the Dolphins: Same game plan against Manning and the Colts! Control the clock and run power football Wildcat the hell out of them. This is what we do.
Keep Brees on the sideline and make a play someone in the defensive back field has to make some plays. Int's blitz/sacks something and dont let the long ball over the top beat us at any time, stay deeper than the deepest.
We can do this! We just have to execute! No turnovers! Sean Smith and Vontae Davis time to grow up and show your mettle. I have a feeling they will. Smith is actually looking forward to this so is Davis. Lets kick some who dat Saints butt.

Armando, are you wanting us to feel sorry for you, for doing what you love to do, or are you bucking for a raise?

I'm fired up because I saw that game yesterday Saints and the Giants and that Giant defense made a lot of mistakes, and bite on play action so many times and where late at recognizing what Brees was doing!

cuban menace
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Any trade rumors or happenings?
Deadline is fast approaching...

Dolphins4life nope it's the Japs!

No thats the wrong word.

they have great health care in there country, Damnn Socialist..

Brees is the qb on my GF's fantasy team, so I've been tracking him all season, and he hasn't ALWAYS been stellar. Had a rough outing against the Jets (choking as I type that) and one other time as well--I think the week before that. OK, not rough--I mean regular, as opposed to outstanding. I'm sure the tapes of those two games will offer a clue as to how to slow them down.
Stuffing the run ain't it, though. Brees doesn't care about being one dimensional, he'll just sling it, same as Peyton or Brady.

No I hate the French too Menace/Jetset09...lol

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Weather report for Sunday is mid 80's with 60% chance of T-storms. That might throw off Brees and the passing game.



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