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A formula to slow that which seems unstoppable

After taking the bye weekend off by blogging four or five times and writing two columns, it's back to work today for me.

The Dolphins are scheduled back to work Monday also, which I suppose is much more important to you. (I get it).

As the Dolphins return to the practice field, the topic on everyone's mind has to be the New Orleans Saints. And more precisely, the Saints offense. And most precisely, slowing Drew Brees and that scary passing attack.

In this column I wrote while, you know, taking the weekend off, I make the point that Miami's secondary will have a tough assignment this week stopping or even slowing the New Orleans passing game. I mean, did you see what they did to the Giants Sunday?

Read the column for some interesting stats and details about Miami's coming opponent.

More importantly, read the column to find out the reaction of the Miami secondary on matching up with Brees and Co. Hint: They're stoked!

One thing the column does not include is a strategy for slowing the Saints. What? I ain't no coach.

But frankly, I was surprised how little pressure New York was willing to apply on Brees. When their front four didn't get there, the Giants didn't do anything more. They didn't really blitz. I was also surprised the Giants basically sat in zone coverages much of the game.

So Brees was not hurried and his receivers were not challenged and it was not pretty.

Note to Dolphins: Don't do that.

The Dolphins must find a way to put Brees and his back. They must man-up and win some of those mano-a-mano moments against the New Orleans receivers. And, of course, Miami must also hold the ball offensively for 35-38 minutes to limit the Saints' opportunities on offense.

Any other suggestions? 


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Nj, your paranoid brother, you seem to think everyone on here is me, only post as the menace.. ask mando he'll tell you... peace my neighbor( oh yeah have they dug up jimmy Hoffa yet , or does he still have the best seat in giants stadium?? :}

Damn, Rivers looked good on that one, does anyone have a defense against Rivers, Peyton or Brees??? Denver made it look like they weren't even covering!!!

Oh yeah NJ, Ive put on a few pounds on my last vacation to Miami, maybe you can help me shed about 10 lbs??? your just right across the river you know??

Does anyone else HATE these throwback uniforms as much as me...one game is OK but it dint even look like Denver....I don't know

PO White, wasn't it the Germans that started both world wars, also if my history is correct(Which it is) the french just let the Nazi's roll right through France while they were all leaning against buildings, sipping cappuccino, while smoking cigarettes and eating baguettes, oblivious to the fact that they were being over run..(kinda like what the titans did yesterday vs. the pats)

I hate the Jets in any uniform.

Agree po white..

Cuban, a VACATION is not going from Hialeah to Miami for the day...cmon pour a shot of Havana Club, light up a Cohiba (Fidels finest) and relax...it's all good

Liked that one Bobby, good burn brother..

Force turnovers!!!!


the market going up on light volume ,it's easy to bring it up when no one is buying and people afraid to short .tomorrow could be the start of going down .

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Even with Rivers burning it up...game tied, this is how Miami gotta play Sunday against NO...

I also hate Nazis.

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Retreat! Is a French word.

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but then again there french too, there everywhere..

cuban , new post about trading your son ted ginn is up

It was Wellington who stopped Napeleon at Waterlo, long british Colums destroyed the French advance. The French outnumbered them easily

jet fans how are you guys going to stop the wildcat without Jenkens, he was your best player on D and made a few plays last monday but Jenkens is out for the yr and no one there to replace him.

I have a feeling we get 200yds rushing and both Ronnie and Ricky get 100 yds in that jet game.

Jets forever I looked at your schedule and see your season is over !!!!! Raiders = loss Fins= lose Chargers = loss Patriots= loss Falcons= LOSS Shall i go on ?? Thats 8 losses !!! You Bums couldnt even beat the Bills with a backup quarterback to end a 2 game losing streak !!! Eat your crow losers !!! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA- AHh I LOVE IT!!!! Its a pattern with you guys as soon as you come on the fins blog and open your pie holes your team falls apart!!!!!!!!!!! J E T S DONE DONE DONE !!

Maybe wake could cover Shocky ?? Somebodys gotta be able to cover a TE !!! How can an athletic saftey not cover a TE ??

Looks like Denver is gonna be 6-0 wow !!!

The Patriots could have broke the Nfl scoring record yesterday. If Brady stayed in that game it could have been 70-0 .. Tampa-Bay plays them in England this week could you imagine Tampa playing in weather conditions this week like the game Sunday ? The score would be 79-0 !! Bet there happy they are going over seas to get beat..The Patriots are the best team when they play at home in the snow ...

winning formula: a.) use the game clock gobbling wildcat which will keep Drew on the bench. b.) Blitzing linebackers ( I think we are missing Matt Roth) so when he is on the field he's constantly on his back. c.) continue to stuff the run. d.) tight man coverage with all eyes on the QB. Bell and Wilson need to have a great game. e.)Strip the ball and force some turnovers f.)NO MORE BIG CHUNK PENALTIES!!
If we can do all of that, we have a chance.

Bench will allen, Trade for a top CB before the 4pm deadline, and don't all out blitz brees like they did peyton manning. We all saw that ball control for 45 mins of a 60 min game is no guarantee the dolphins will win the game. And let henne air it out. He has 2 full games under his belt. Let loose the dogs of war.


Then when you are done praying. Pray again, this time harder and mean it!

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