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The grand possibilities of the Dolphins pass rush

While some folks have spent this Dolphins-Jets week distracted by the fact the Jets have a great blitz package and get their best pass-rusher, Calvin Pace, back from an NFL mandated suspension, it has gotten somewhat lost that Miami's pass rush also is looking intimidating.

Consider that Jason Taylor is coming off a two-sack performance against Buffalo and is tied for the team lead with three sacks. Consider that Joey Porter returned to practice this week, even if on a limited basis, and could be back on the field Monday night after missing last week's game.

And then consider Cameron Wake.

Cameron Wake.

Cameron Wake.

There, I wrote his name once for each sack he had against Buffalo last game.

The Dolphins kept Wake inactive the first two games of the season for special teams and other reasons, but figured out the past two weeks that even if Wake isn't a great run-stopper, even if he isn't a Pro Bowl special teams guy, he does one thing very well.

Rush the passer.

The guy is relentless. And when I asked Wake what one special trait, more than any other, makes him a good pass rusher, he picked that relentless nature.

"You know what, I'd probably say determination," Wake answered. "I have that desire to want to get to the ball at all costs. I play to the whistle and obviously put all the other God-given talents you have -- the speed, the power, the quickness -- in there with the drive. Because if you don't have the desire to get to the quarterback, it doesn't matter what kind of skills you have."

The Dolphins have Wake on something of a plan as they try to mold him into a fulltime player. That work probably will not be completed this season. But in the meantime, the orders of the day is to get Wake in the lineup in pass-rush situations.

“Cam is a strong guy, he’s one of those guys with the unique ability to get around the edge and bend the way he bends," said coach Tony Sparano. "Not too many people can make those kind of moves and stay on their feet, but he has that ability. [He has a] really good first step, really good. So, I think those are some of the things I think he brings to you.

"There’s a whole progression that we have with Cameron right now, and in some places, he’s still certainly a work in progress with his progression. But there’s some things that he can do well that we need to make sure we emphasize.”

Pass rush being the primary among those.

And that presents the Dolphins with grand possibilities. Once Porter fully returns from his hamstring injury, the Dolphins need to figure out how to rush the passer with Porter, Jason Taylor and Wake -- at the same time.

It's not an easy problem because all three are edge rushers and there are only two edges to be attacked. But the Dolphins have to figure out a way to unleash their best pass rushers on the passer -- and Wake is one of those.

I'm sure in some nickel and dime looks the Dolphins will include Randy Starks or Phillip Merling on the attack as they currently do. But it would certainly create some problems for an offensive line to have Porter lined up on one side, Jason Taylor lined up on the other, and Wake outside of one or the other.

It hasn't happened yet.

But the possibility is certainly exciting.