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The priority vs. Miami's offense? You kidding?

One of the many aspects of Monday night's game between Miami and New York that I love is that it will measure toughness. It will measure guts. It will measure which team steps up and which backs down.

That is what you see when two bulls lock horns. That is what you will see between the Dolphins and Jets.

“Something is going to have to give," Miami coach Tony Sparano said. "They are outstanding against the run, so are we on defense, and both teams like to run the ball, so something is going to happen out there.

"It is probably not going to be for the meek on either side of the ball. It is true. ... You got two teams that like to run the football and I think run it well. Those guys certainly run it well and those are not finesse runs they are dialing up, either. They are powerful runs, they are power runs. They are a lot like us that way and two good defenses so there will be a lot of bumping out there.”

The Jets consider themselves bad boys when it comes to toughness and stopping the run and dominating the line of scrimmage. Coach Rex Ryan has said that opponents will only run against his team when the Jets let them -- meaning when the Jets are either playing poorly or commit to much to stopping the pass.

Well, that happened last week against New Orleans. The Saints rushed for 153 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per rush.

“Miami’s the number one rushing offense in football and they’ve earned that, that’s for sure, they get after it pretty good," Ryan said. "You have to give New Orleans credit, they were able to move the ball on us. I think they were the better team that day. We don’t like it, and we’ve got to try to get ready to match up against a more physical team, probably the most physical team we’ve faced all year. We’re very excited about the challenge, we think we’ll be the most physical team that they’ve faced all year, so this is going to be one of those classic football games.”

“I would say he is right," Sparano said. "They are a physical team. I have a lot of respect for the other teams that we just played, but that is the way it is anytime we play the Jets, regardless -- it has been physical. They are a big, strong, physical team. So are we. I think that it will definitely be a physical game.”

Here is an interesting fact: I was told on Tuesday that despite their reputation for blitzing and applying pressure to the quarterback, the Jets intended to stop the Dolphins' running game as their priority and make Chad Henne beat them, if he can.

They figure their defensive backs match up very well versus Miami's receivers and can limit any damage Henne and those receivers can do. So the Jets, I was told, would go all out to stop the Dolphins from running the ball effectively.

In essense, the New York game plan, is to take away what the Dolphins do best -- run the ball -- and make Miami do that which it hasn't proven capable of doing, which is to win by passing.

Moreover, the Jets think they can have success in stopping the Dolphins' running game because the Dolphins run well "against a certain type of defense," suggesting the 4-3, that New York doesn't use and has no intention of shifting into.

I passed that information along to someone in the Dolphins organization and he laughed at me, told me, I'm wrong, that Ryan will try to blitz the heck out of Henne, and that's how they're going to attack the Miami offense.

Well, I asked Ryan what his priority is.

 “Well, we better stop the run first if we’re playing Miami, that’s the number one priority without question," he said as if he had nothing to hide. "Then we’ll think about blitzing the quarterback or whatever second. We’ve got to stop the run if we’re going to be successful.”

I kind of threw that back in the face of the Dolphins person after Ryan said it. Know what?

The Miami employee said Ryan is obviously lying to throw Miami off the scent of his game plan.

I totally disagree.

So what do you think?

Do you think the Jets will be going all out to stop Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, or putting most of their efforts into confusing and blitzing Henne as their primary goal?


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I believe the Jets will concentrate on stopping the run.

I totally agree with you mando. We havent proven any abilty to pass effectively all year. If they dont stop the run... we kick their azzes and eat the clock. Sanchez will make mistakes so they want to run as well. We are in for a long game and a lot of WC or gimmicks. We have to confuse and nullify their D gameplan.

We will have the exact same gameplan but we can stop the run much more effectively, so we can make blitzing a higher priority. They are a very good team and whoever makes the least mistakes wins the game.

I think we better have good half time adjustments. I really thing this thing is going to be a low scoring game and the team that adjusts the best at half time is the team that wins.

If Miami comes out and turns the ball over, or commits bad penalties, game over.

I think Fins take round 1 with the Jets though, 13-10.

I think they will blitz in passing situations

NJ Iam checking out.

If I were an opponent facing the No 1 rushing team in the NFL what do you think? Of course I would stack the run and try to stop it especially since we have a young qb in Henne. In the NFL he has to prove he can do it. Now if he hits some deep stuff that would warrant in-game modifications to this strategy.


I also think the jets HAVE to try and stop the run first , because if they don't , blitzing henne won't matter . IF the run game is going , you can " play action " the jets to death.

Ace , good night !

Their going to try and stop the run and blitz the he'll out of us till we prove we can pass the ball

Ronnie Brown will throw out of the wild cat Monday night.

This game we will see what Henne and the running game are made of

They're going to focus on stopping the run. Henne, and more importantly, our recievers need to step up, despite the fact that we have no play making WR.

Also, trade Ginn. He's a pansy who can't catch, the worst kind.

Lol let hope he grows a pair and uses stick'em

Killerdolphins , will joey porter play MLB or QB ?

I've gotta admit I believe that moron of a coach, if you can't stop our run game your gonna have to score like indy did on us and not too many teams are capable of doing that. I just hope the whole offence can step up. Get ready for a 13-10 game, Will we get the 13? Henne will be a big factor whether we win or lose the game.

Kicker it's the new craz

So who I'm I really speaking to?

Either way, we will have single coverage on our WRs who will HAVE to step up for us to win this game. We saw last week that our coaching staff isn't scared to let Henne chuck it down field, I can see us finally connecting on one and pulling out a WildCat pass for two TDs and one more field goal. Miami 17-13

This is a fake post. I hate you all.

LOL@the real killer dolphins. good one :)

Fake post @1:04!

They will blitz because Rex Ryan was born blitzing. Matters not one whit whether we can run or pass, or whether it's "called" run blitz, pass blitz or blitz for the sheer hell of it. They will bring it, and I hope to g-d we're ready for it.

This time, Mando, I agree w/ the source, not you. Ryan's lyin.

One kind of feeds into the other really. Best way to stop the run is to bring the 8th person up into the box, crash rushing lanes to clog them up. It's a real small step from there to get pass rush. That's what the 46 was designed for, and Ryan's D is a variation of his dad's. First, to stop the run game, and second to get after the quarterback, and to do both on one play. There will be 1 on 1 coverage to the outside, Henne just has to read which guy is going to be singled, get the ball out quickly, and the receivers have to make the play. I think we will be able to run some, but no where near what we have been doing as of late.

NJ Nice had me laugh hard for a while earlier


Who is this Dolphin employee? If he has the rank of towel boy or higher get him fired with a quickness!
Of course Ryan and the Jets focus on stopping the run. We have the No.1 running game in the league. They have no other option.
They have a tough physical defense. They're not going to try and get cutsie. There's no reason for it.
They will stuff the box and try to make the young inexperienced QB have to throw.

I believe the Dolphin employee you talked to, Mondo, is capable of bluffing...playing dumb, just as much as Ryan...so this whole debate is really a non-issue.

Good front office and coaching personnel won't show their real hand unless it's a counter-bluff, so I doubt any of us are supposed to know jack-diddly-squat about anything that either of these two teams will do or how they will scheme with any degree of certainty.


Ryan aint lyin. I agree with you that he'll be blitzing all night. Whatever kind of blitzing you want to call it.
However, I guarantee you he'll be playing the run first and try to force Henne into trying to win it with his arm.
Ryan wont sit back and play to our strength, which is the ground game. He'll stuff the box, he said he would and he aint lyin.

One thing I will predict though is that the Fins are going to spread the field and run out of 3 & 4 wide sets in order to lighten the congestion in the middle of the field for their backs, getting more of the Jet D spread out to the perimaters rather than multitasking and conceiling their intentions.

That is what they began to employ last year at the Patriots game, and it addressed the blitz and helped both the plass and the run.


I agree with you on spreading out the Jets D.
It's a great strategy.
I did like how they let Henne come out throwing last week. They forced the bills to play honest early on. It set up the run nicely.
I don't know if this will work the same against the Jets. Either way my prediction is that our run game continues to roll!

I dont see us running well against the Jets. They get Calvin Pace back this week and Rex Ryan showed last year that he knows exactly how to stuff miami's running game. He doesnt have quite as good of a defense, but it is still pretty good. These guys did shut down Tom Brady and Co. I dont see us challenging Darrelle Revis much either. We're going to have to win this game one defense and field position.

Gonna come down to our WR catching the ball and making some YAC Plain and simple

That's the only way we keep them stuffing the run


You could be right. This will definitely be the "acid test" for our O-line.
Still, I'm predicting we catch them blitzing one too many times. A couple of delayed handoffs here and there and it's bye bye Ricky and Ronnie.


Did you mean to say: that's the only way we keep them *FROM* stuffing the run?


We have to get at least some intermediate range pass plays early and often.
This will make the night a lot easier for Ricky and Ronnie.


Listen Mondo. I've been sitting back for about three seasons now listening to what these four afc east teams do. We all know that the patriots like to cheat, the bills just try and try again to win games against there division, the fins run and gun, and the jets are lying scumbags. Do not, I repeat do NOT listen to what anyone from the jets staff tells you. Your a Miami reporter, they know whatever they tell you, you will come back and write about. It's a gimmick. Expect the blitz, and expect a great game between us two. But like isaid, Do Not believe what they are telling you, your better than that. Your a Fin. Let's go Miami!

Oddinseye what about having RB line up with wideouts they catch pretty good and if they go blitz crazy we go screen left screen right and screen up the middle

Mark my words. This is the week that we throw from the Wildcat. Who knows maybe the Wildpat?

I think some well timed screen passes will work well Monday night.
This usually neutralizes an over aggressive defense and gets big chunks of yards.


I swear I hadn't read your post about screens until I posted mine. LMAO!
I was thinking more of the traditional screen pass, but your "wrinkle" sounds pretty good. Cobbs could handle it I'm sure.

one of the strangest posts by Mando man? real?


Get your screen name highlighted in blue.
NJ and Ace are not exaggerating about the "high jacker". He does it on multiple Dolphin blogs.


How so?

Let them do whatever they want. The beauty of Parcells built teams is that it all starts up front. This team has run over teams imposed their will. If it wasn't for a few turnovers and a few big plays people would take notice of the toughness up front. Ricky /Ronnie, add a fresh Cobbs and Polite behind this line and it's been awesome to watch. No one has run on the D-Line either. Teams have looked worked over by tackling the backs and have abandoned the run. Finally after all these years I believe this team is tough. This team is built for Cold and bad weather. The passing game and passing Defense will come around. This team will be in the mix.

I thought it was an excellent post right up until he mentioned an inside source.
It was more redundant than strange.

Armando you're acting like you're playing spy vs spy. This aint REXGATE and your source aint no DEEPTHROAT.

Mando do you really think that someone from the dolphins is going to tell you the game plan in a critical division gamesuch as this? Are you smoking a pipe laced with hallucinagens???? What in the world were you thinking? You think the dolphins want you writing about how they will counter ryans defensive schemes? Mando I usually like your posts but this one I think you have lost it a bit. Maybe you should sit the next couple plays out, and take a break.


I couldn't agree with you more. We have a solid foundation. This team has been built to dominate for years to come.
One more good draft and FA signing period and we'll be close.

I think any team Miami faces from here on out will try to stop the run first! Duh you take the opposing teams strenghths away and make them prove they can win using their weaker point so passing for the Phins thats sound football!

Its the same with the Jets. Miami will win if Miami forces Sanchez to pass the ball. Its going too come down to who can win at the line of scrimmage. My bet is Miami. I think Miami is a more physical running team and if they stick too that they can tire out the Jets defense. Grove just needs too win that battle against Jenkins and its all down hill from there.

mondo, your are incapable of rational thinking. I bet you've been suckered a lot. You seriously believe what Bagpipes is sayin'???? I give that a LOL.. And who said play action the Jets to death? HAHAHAHAHAHAH...I guess that's the same play action that's been working for the #1 rushing team...

We are gonna run. They are gonna try and stop it. We might try a couple of play actions or some outside screens to cross them up.

Why would any team game plan to stop the Miami passing game? There isn't a passing game to game plan for!!!

Armando, they are up against a guy starting only his second NFL game, you bet they are going to blitz the hec out of him, they know our OL is giving up sacks by the bucket load. they will try to force the turnovers from Henne (2 fumbles last week). Having said that our line has got to step up against the pass rush at some point this season and Monday would be a good time to start. Also I dont think the Jets D is that good and Ronnie and Ricky will go for 150+ yards again and the orange jerseys will roll over the stinking Jets

We are gonna run. They are going to try and stop it. We might try a couple of outside screen plays or a couple of play actions but we will run because that is what we do. They will load 8 men in the box. We will counter with wildcat. We are better at the wildcat than they will be stopping it.

I think they'll attack Miami's weakness, not it's strength. They'll blitz. That's what they do. They may try to stop the run, but unless we get down early, we're going to continue trying to pound it.

Even if the Jets put 8 in the box, we will try and impose our will on them. The Jets know that if we can get 4 yards a pop that we'll be able to get first downs all night. They'll want to stop that from happening at all cost.

I was suprised to see that for all of the Jets blitzing this year, they only have 4 sacks on the year. Maybe they are just rushing the QB to get rid of the ball, something Henne didn't do great last week...but its still suprising.

All I can say is we'll have to tune in Monday night. The game is played on the field, not in the papers. Miami will need to adjust to whatever the defense gives them. If that is the passing game I believe Henne has the poise to get it done. The key to me will be the other side of the ball. Miami's defense will need to match the play of the Jets D. Force Sanchez into mistakes and capitolize on them.

Let's not forget Thigpsn and White! Thigpsn can run a spread O. White could be used to throw out of the Wildcat! We have alot of weapons that I hope coach is preparing to use. Put White at receiver. Can't hurt anymore than Ginn ( aka Brick hands). Cameron Wake has got to be in the pass rush. If we don't get Sanchez on his back, we can forget about any game plan except having to catch up all day.

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