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The priority vs. Miami's offense? You kidding?

One of the many aspects of Monday night's game between Miami and New York that I love is that it will measure toughness. It will measure guts. It will measure which team steps up and which backs down.

That is what you see when two bulls lock horns. That is what you will see between the Dolphins and Jets.

“Something is going to have to give," Miami coach Tony Sparano said. "They are outstanding against the run, so are we on defense, and both teams like to run the ball, so something is going to happen out there.

"It is probably not going to be for the meek on either side of the ball. It is true. ... You got two teams that like to run the football and I think run it well. Those guys certainly run it well and those are not finesse runs they are dialing up, either. They are powerful runs, they are power runs. They are a lot like us that way and two good defenses so there will be a lot of bumping out there.”

The Jets consider themselves bad boys when it comes to toughness and stopping the run and dominating the line of scrimmage. Coach Rex Ryan has said that opponents will only run against his team when the Jets let them -- meaning when the Jets are either playing poorly or commit to much to stopping the pass.

Well, that happened last week against New Orleans. The Saints rushed for 153 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per rush.

“Miami’s the number one rushing offense in football and they’ve earned that, that’s for sure, they get after it pretty good," Ryan said. "You have to give New Orleans credit, they were able to move the ball on us. I think they were the better team that day. We don’t like it, and we’ve got to try to get ready to match up against a more physical team, probably the most physical team we’ve faced all year. We’re very excited about the challenge, we think we’ll be the most physical team that they’ve faced all year, so this is going to be one of those classic football games.”

“I would say he is right," Sparano said. "They are a physical team. I have a lot of respect for the other teams that we just played, but that is the way it is anytime we play the Jets, regardless -- it has been physical. They are a big, strong, physical team. So are we. I think that it will definitely be a physical game.”

Here is an interesting fact: I was told on Tuesday that despite their reputation for blitzing and applying pressure to the quarterback, the Jets intended to stop the Dolphins' running game as their priority and make Chad Henne beat them, if he can.

They figure their defensive backs match up very well versus Miami's receivers and can limit any damage Henne and those receivers can do. So the Jets, I was told, would go all out to stop the Dolphins from running the ball effectively.

In essense, the New York game plan, is to take away what the Dolphins do best -- run the ball -- and make Miami do that which it hasn't proven capable of doing, which is to win by passing.

Moreover, the Jets think they can have success in stopping the Dolphins' running game because the Dolphins run well "against a certain type of defense," suggesting the 4-3, that New York doesn't use and has no intention of shifting into.

I passed that information along to someone in the Dolphins organization and he laughed at me, told me, I'm wrong, that Ryan will try to blitz the heck out of Henne, and that's how they're going to attack the Miami offense.

Well, I asked Ryan what his priority is.

 “Well, we better stop the run first if we’re playing Miami, that’s the number one priority without question," he said as if he had nothing to hide. "Then we’ll think about blitzing the quarterback or whatever second. We’ve got to stop the run if we’re going to be successful.”

I kind of threw that back in the face of the Dolphins person after Ryan said it. Know what?

The Miami employee said Ryan is obviously lying to throw Miami off the scent of his game plan.

I totally disagree.

So what do you think?

Do you think the Jets will be going all out to stop Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, or putting most of their efforts into confusing and blitzing Henne as their primary goal?


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The BLITZ is coming....it's what they have done all year. Second time starter at QB in the game....they are going to do whatever they can to rattle Henne's cage. But I think Henne is cool enough and strong enough to handle it. We'll run it down thier throats....and toss a few screens.... and a few long balls to keep them honest. If TS see's they are playing up close for the run, he'll turn Henne loose and let him air it out a bit to see what we can get and to keep them honest/playing the whole field...we'll be putting it to it on Shazamm too....The Saints proved that he can get frazzled.....Watch for Taylor, Wake and Porter to have Shazamm running scared by the end of the second quarter...

Miami's first play should be a play-action pass deep, or a flea-flicker. Show the f-in Jets that Miami can pass deep to make them respect it, even if its incomplete.

I will say one thing, henne needs to look at tape of marino throwing the ball away if its not there.Marino was a master at it. If not expect lots of sacks and a couple fumbles by henne.


Just a few points about the "little green men from joisey"!!

1) Ryan will try and make Miami pass the ball. Think just for a moment, Henne has one start and you are facing the number one rush offense so, take away the run and make a guy with one start beat you.

2) You have a pretty good secondary In NY, you have avg/to below avg receivers in Miami. If i'm Ryan, pull the extra Safety up and let my 3 guys go against a limping Camarillo, an ineffective Ginn and a quick but not fast Bess.

3) Lastly, if Miami is to beat the Jet's, they need FASANO, Paging Anthony FASANO to show up and show up big. Miami needs a TON of misdirection plays utilizing look offs and play action by Henne. We need our defense to play mistake free, and create at least 3 turnovers. Lastly we need our special teams to play flawlessly and win the battle of field position.

This will be a very tough hame, but remember, Sanchez is a rookie who has never seen a front 7 like Miami's. We need to blitz him early and often. If we can rattle Brady, we can rattle Sanchez.

Miami 24 Jet's 21

SOMEBODY is lying to you, Mando, and I don't like it!

Just curious do they pay herald reporters to think they know more than the people who run the dolphin front office?

To all those posters that swear I'm other posters PLEASE CHILD, left for the Yankee game yesterday shortly after 5 pm( i rooted for the twins) and please the menace has more important things to do then play on this blog, I say what i want(and iam never disrespectful to my fellow posters) and make jokes of opponents and the phins also, all done in good fun, so i hope this clarify some misconceptions , thanks again....

They will blitz non- stop in this game... Why wouldn't they? There DBs are better than our receivers and our QB is green... Cmon mando'

Our passing game is not scaring anyone especially with a rookie QB at the helm.
That makes us a one dimensional team.

The Jets will try to stop our run game and then challenge our passing game hoping for turnovers.

Whichever team gets more turnovers will win the game IMO.

I really hope we dont use any exotic wildcat plays other than the standard plays we have already seen.

So far those type of plays have only served to disrupt drives and Pat White has not been effective to date.


It doesn't take too much common sense to think that the Jets will try to stop the run and put all the pressure on basically a rookie Henne. The one thing I hope the Dolphins do is to roll out Henne and put him in shotgun to offset some of the Jet's pressure.

It would also be nice if Fasano were too show up as well!

I think this game is going to be more of a laugher than the Bills game was, I predict we win by 30 or more points. And I also predict that we run over around and through the Jerks D all night long. And to top it off, Henne will go 18 for 22 with 230 yards and 4 TD's.

You believe a the hc of the nyj when he tells you his supposed game plan and then you don't believe what a Miami coach thinks? I think with all the criticism that you throw on Miami and all of the praise that you throw NE AND NYJ, that maybe it's time that you follow your dream and start covering those teams. No wonder the coaches can't stand the media. There is absolutely no loyalty in Miami and obviously no brains. You are wanting the Dolphins to give up draft picks for a receiver? Did you ever stop to think that giving up draft picks is the reason why Parcells is having to rebuild in Miami? For someone who has covered the Dolphins almost longer than I have been alive you sure don't know your history. If you need reference, go ask Dave Wanstache why he's coaching at Pitt and why he will never coach in the NFL again.

I think the Jest slow down our run, just because of who they have on D. I think he is lying, and they will blitz quite a bit. They will try to get in Henne's face. We need to have a few screnes and some quick short strikes and hope for some really good YAC numbers.

Look at the team stats for both teams: On offense the Phins are ranked 19th, the Jets 24th.
On Defense the Jets are 4th, the Phins 9th.
But we've played Indy and SD and we''ve only given up 20 yards per game more than the Jets.

John in Springs I so much hope you are right. It could go that way if Sanchez has a gawd aweful game. However, looking at the shortcuts of all of the Jest games, I can see that they do have a very good team, particularly a very good D. I hope our D shows up big.

They aer going to stuff the run on the way to the quarterback just like Baltimore did. They blitz and overload sides. We have not taken advantage of our runing backs in the passing game. With all the blitzing if the back chips the linebacker that is blitzing he is then immmediately open for a quick pass in the hole left by the rusher. It is a fast pass and prevents the sack.
I suggest they use the blue print that Marino used in beating the 85 Bears. The slants in the whole created by the blitzing backers.
The Jets effectively held the Saints to only 10 points so they will be very tough. The teams with good success have very fast players that can get around the corner such as Chris Johnson in Tennessee. We don't have that.

We may see eleven men in the box. Why not Ginn
wont even be physical in practise and wont attack an opponent or the football. Our passing
attack doesnt strike fear in anyone and why would it. Ginn is as subject to drop the ball
if he is open as catch it and Im sure their new
corner will have no problem covering him. I hope Henne can change the passing game but I dont seem him adding any talent at wide out. I hope grove does to jenkins what he did to him in oakland but if not I look for a long night.

Our D is 6th in the league in sacks with 11. The Jets are 30th with 4.
Our QB makes $1.5mil per year. The Jets QB makes $10mil per year.
The Jets don't want to be in a blitzing contest with us or any other team.

LMFAO!!! Armando 007 passing along the info to Miami staff...Listen, we have to protect Henne much better then last game... I'm sure our staff is working ALL aspects of running and blitze protection...It's gonna b a great Dolphin win Monday nite!!!

We's wish employees from any team would talk with us :(

Anybody that knows anything about football on any level understands that you stop the running game first and foremost and then we'll see what happens.

If you don't stop another team's running game, you lose the game about 90 percent of the time.

The Jets will try to stop Miami's running game. And Ryan is pretty ballsy to say so.

Great post, Mando!


the Jets will keep 8 or even 9 in the box, it doesn't matter if they blitz them or not, they will be on the line to stop the run and get in henne's face, they will leave Revis and the other corner on an island because they are not scared of our WRs, and they will blitz EVERY 3RD DOWN!, trust me.

and they love to overload to one side

I hope they blitz! We'll shred em with our running game. It's so much easier to pound the rock when the LBs are busy playing cream the QB.

To make the wild cat work, in my opinion, we have to throw the ball with Ronnie Brown to Fasano, and run in spread formation with Tyler Thigpen, the number of times enough to make sure they learn it, and then return with the traditional dolphin game. And a series of play action fakes.
Forget Pat White in this kind of tough games for awhile.

You're setting up a false dichotomy. There's no reason why Ryan can't effectively do both.

Play action, screens and pray for Henne to come up big!!!

Dolphins been setting up Jets all season for big wildcat play. Every time they run wildcat, normal run up middle or ricky for the sweep. Everytime Pat White in there he run (except once). It look like to me that Dolphins are baiting teams and should break out with big wildcat pass soon.

Jets are way over rate. Everybody so scared of they big bad defense, when Dolphins defense even better. We will force Pobrecito Sanchito the turnover machine to fumble alot and this week Sean Smith get his pick 6 while cover Braylon Edwards who will cut route short and Smith step up and take it to the house.

Whats you think?

They can do both. They can run blitz into the gaps and if it happens to be a pass, then the blitzing defender just continues on to the QB. I believe this is what they will do. They will blitz on the inside.

The Dolphins better be ready to throw to the RBs in the flat, or the TE over the middle.

Henne played a very smart game last week and I believe it wasn't a fluke. The guy is smart and is capable of hitting his target with velocity and great accuracy. He has had a second week of taking most of the snaps and most likely (like CP has done a great deal of film watching and extra reps with his receivers). The FINS have a great O-line and D-line (as do the Jets) but I believe CH is better than Sanchez. I also believe the FINS have too many weapons to put pressure on Sanchez. The FINS will get the running game on track and Sanchez will spend a lot of the game on the dirt.

Rex is going to bring the rain against the phins, i just home we can have WR (really hoping Ginn), make "The Big Play" to break the defensive game plan. If in someway you can get behind Ed Reed.

The Jets will blitz very often to try to get turnovers. One way to stop the run is to keep the opposing D on the field. If the jets sale out on the run Henne will find a way to connect for a couple of big plays. Even though Henne is new to the starting QB position he still is respected by Ryan (Rex had him listed as the best in his class). Look at all of Rex's past Defenses and you will find that they all are set up to pressure the QB and create mistakes. They are all stout against the run but they win by creating turn overs.

There are certain blitz packages designed to stop the run..These are aimed at plugging holes the o-line would create...Saying this they would also be effective against the passing game to create confusion...Bottom line is we have to be able to get chunks of yardage in the passing and make people respect that feature..few teams can win being one dimesional. Classic point would be what Green Bay did against Minnisota...Farve made some throws and the Vikes won even though the best running back in the world couldn't get going..Ginn has to get going for this to be even .500...The Phins have to figure out what Ginn does best and use him more effectively

This story made my head hurt Mando.

I think you're an idiot and are being played like a puppet.

Whatever they do... I still think we can run on them.

Whatever guy . Seriously , do you know anthing about football. i'm reading post after post about miami using the play action. YET with you so called vast knowledge of football ( LMFAO ! ) you make fun or question that comment. Are you serious. Miami hasn't faced a blitz happt team like the jets all year. To counter that you use play action and screens. football 101. We also have henne in instaed of penny earlier in the year. henne's stronger arm presents more problems on the paly action. Like the long ball. Please get a f'n clue before you question a comment, hahahahahahahah !

I think Henne better be prepared to expect blitzing and lots of it on passing downs...1st and 10 jets will be daring us to pass though.

Remember last season when we "shocked", the New England Patriots! GET READY!!!

We are the #1 rushing team in the league.
So yes any team that faces us will have stoping the run as the #1 prioity. No doubt about it.

Not sure if you guys know this but Sanchez is ranked 21st in the league. The guy ain't that great. We stop the run and stop the deep stuff we win this one running away.

Henne made some Peyton like throws last week. I believe he will torch them if they blitz too much.

We run the wildcat like no other. If they stuff the inside then Ronnie just gives it to Ricky on the outside. If that don't work then we flea flicker with a strong arm Henne.

Hell, we got the guy who invented the wildcat.

Well said Chuck.

Same game plan for MIA and NY: stack the box and make the opposing QB beat you.

The defenses are going to dominate, and the winner of the turnover battle will win the game.

Ryan is an aggressive coach and always has an aggressive defense. Look at how they played the Dolphins last year and that will be the similar game plan. I think he knows we can run the ball, but know he is playing against an inexperienced QB.

He will probably blitz and blitz often because Rex Ryan loves turnovers and dominating. The Dolphins guy probably knows more than Armando Salguero!

Name one intelligent coach that will give his gameplan away to the rival team's media ppl!

'Mando, I don't know who you talked to in the Dolphins organization, but whoever it is is an idiot, and I really hope it wasn't a coach or a football person... of course they're gonna try and stop the run first. We don't even remotely scare anyone through the air. The only way they change their gameplan is if Henne comes out right off the bat and completes a 50 or 60 yard bomb to get that extra safety out of the box... that's it. The Jets will gear up to stop the run until we prove we can throw the ball and get that chunk yardage Sparano is always talking about. I mean, this is basic football.

Honestly I believe the Jets will be throwing all kinds of blitz packages at the fins both to stop the run and pass and I also believe the Dolphins will be hopefully using this to their advantage. These young receivers need to be ready to come off their routes in order to help out Henne and if they don't it could be a long day for the Fins. I'm sure we will see a lot more misdirection plays this week to take advantage of the overly confident Jets defense. Look for receivers such as Bess and Hartline to make some big grabs and one can only hope that this is the week Ted Ginn figures it out.

Ted Ginn will be facing D. Revis.

Ryan is definately going to go after Henne in this game. Henne is only starting his second pro football game and if you go back and watch Ryan's defenses when he was in Baltimore, if there was an inexperienced QB he threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. This game can still be won by the half-back play but through the check down pass and screens. Go Phins!

Devon Bess is going to have a good game.

The pass? No. Rex will stop the run. What has Miami been without the run? Cmon guys. He sees the numbers. To me, the wildcat run by us is the best we got, we don't use it enough and nobody can stop it. Nobody but Rex Ryan. I hate the jets, but their defense is amazing. Best in the league. We are going to have problems running because of Ryans 'stop the run' gameplan against us. No question, mark mando's words.


They will be bringing the heat on every play. They will play the line with the front line more often than not. Blitzing a young quarterback is almost a guarantee he will make crucial mistakes that lead to easy points. The Jets know that the pass will still have to be a priority to win this game and I think they will put enough confidence in their front line to at least slow the run enough. If the Jets blitz Henne often with their talented secondary it could be a long night for us. I think this would be time to do some flashy, not frequently used plays to throw off their defense. The Colts have a deplorable run defense, so this is not a good comparison. We have to win with a non traditional game plan!

They will definately stack up against the run. That's a no brainer. Hopefully the staffer 'mando talked to had his poker face on because I would pass the he'll out of the ball from run formations until the Jets adjusted. Use the TE's and RB's alot downfield. Heck, they are better pass catchers and route runners than our WR's anyway. When they (jets) adjust to that, that's when we should run screens and draws. Just try and keep them off balance. Fins should try some pass plays out of cat formations also. You know they think we are gonna try to run a ton, so do the opposite. The first play from scrimmage will show us a lot about the jets game plan.

Until we prove him wrong, Rex will run the same defense on us like he did last year with the Ravens. It will come down to how well the O-line holds up and create holes for Brown/Williams. Expect Sanchez to throw a lot b/c our secondary has yet to really prove themselves against an elite team. Finally, Miami has got to improve in the red zone. You can expect the Jets to close down the running lanes in this tight corner.

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