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The wounded according to the injury report

And another thing about the Dolphins receivers ...

... Nah, just kidding.

The injury report is out and, as usual, the other team is a lot more beat up than the Dolphins. (Don't tell me the Parcells offseason workout program of lifting those dead weights doesn't work.)

The Dolphins are listing Akin Ayodele (back) as having participated in today full practice while Joey Porter (hamstring) and Phillip Merling (ankle) were limited in drills. Merling, by the way, was still heavily wrapped and limping.

Porter seems poised to return to action against the Jets after missing last week's game versus Buffalo. “Joey was not completely full but did a good amount of work, he was limited," coach Tony Sparano said.

The Jets had starting right tackle Damien Woody (ankle) and cornerback Donald Strickland (ankle) sit out drills altogether.

WR Jerricho Cotchery (hamstring), S Kerry Rhodes (knee) and CB Lito Sheppard (quadricep) will limited during practice. LB Larry Izzo (hamstring), S Jim Leonhard (knee) and LB Bryan Thomas (wrist) were able to work through the entire practice.

One more thing, although the game is Monday and the deadline for selling the game out is Friday night, the Dolphins believe it is a practical certainty the game will be sold out. In fact, the Dolphins expect their biggest crowd of the season so far on Monday night.


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and the fist line is funny

You are a funny guy Armandito.

A, you bust on the recievers, but I have a premonition that they will step up big this game, Not Ginn, but the young bucks.

That's great they expect the biggest turnout. As long as it isnt Jets fans.

Exactly...enough with the receiver bashing. If our QB has enough time to deliver, the receivers usually catch the balls...usually (Ginn). But the point is not every dropped ball or incompletion is the receiver’s fault. Nor is every sack the O-line's fault. One man does not a team make...to paraphrase Shakespeare (has that ever happened on this low-brow blog?). This is the consummate team game, and if the passing game is not as effective as we want it, its because 11 guys are not pulling it together...ALL 11 on the field. The Phins will pull it together this week...too much Jets emphasis on stopping the run with put 1-on-1 in the secondary. If we win our matchups, we will that phase of the game. Notice how the Buffalo game started: pass heavy. That opened up the run. Never mind that the pass game wasn't too effective...it got the defenders to at least think it was coming.

So lay off the position bashing. We don't run well if the outside receivers are not blocking. We don't run well if the TE are not blocking well (catching would be nice, but blocking is paramount).

We will compete hard in this game. I'm ready!

And the Jabba/Leia = Ryan/Sanchez photo linked on the another blog is f-ing hilarious.

Go Phins.

Go phins beat the stinking JETS

mark sanchez is a scrub!!! i hope JT ends his career

Merling just practicing is great news. after watching what happened to him , i thought he was out for the year.

Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh, Damien Woody is hurting? That's great news for Cameron Wake!

and porter .....and taylor ....and......

While the Dolphins are certainly better than the Bills (who isn't besides the Browns) they aren't one of the better teams in the AFC. They aren't even one of the better teams in the AFC East. Good running backs. Decent offensive line. But no receivers for a young QB to throw to. It was ok when you had a super-experienced qb who is tremendously accurate, but not when you have some guy named "Chad Henne" who was unimpressive in college. Oh well...

The best way to a 1 win season (again) is to start of with 1 win after 4 games. The Dolphins have accomplished.

Monday night they will have 1 win after 5 games.

Your best chance for a 2nd win will come when you play the Bills again. But even in that game, I'm a bit worried the 'Phins may lose. I don't know, that game worries me.

Where do you get your info on Henne's college. He broke every record including Tom Brady. Think Again. But you are right about recievers!

Lets go Phins give those jets a beating they deserve!

sal ur a tool

sal go back to friggn florham park and try to call you team what they are...the jersey jets you puke....friggn jets fans all asunder over the 3 and 0 start...funny thing about this debacle in waiting of a jets season is that the annual swoon has begun before november 1 for a change....go back to hempstead like all the rest of you long island gear heads and get a ny team to root for...stop stinking up nj..
CAM WAKE and THE BOYS are gonna terrorize wuss boy sanchez

Hey Sal! Why don't you f@ck off somewhere! Aren't you late for a date with Chris Hanson and sexy_bait_13?!

Akarjo, i change it to 2-14.hop you F....g happy.

Sanchez will eat you childern on monday dead fish fans .

sal is a loser jets fan never have never will they play in a stadium named after another team....losers with loser fans...sanchez has nowhere near the tools as our boy chad and it will be plain to see on MNF...fins are just beginnign to gel and the WC is only beginning to hit its unstoppable potential...

STOP WITH THE NAME CALLING AND F'N off everybody...c'mon man.

we are the Dolphins, the Jets got nothing on us. they will lose Monday!

We are the best team in the AFC East, and we are just now adding somewhat of a passing attack to the best rush O and best rush D in the league...

NO need to bash everyone that disagrees...just state your arguement!

Sal, Sanchez is a rookie! You Jet fans seem to overreact to everything, it's the NY lust for drama. Mark my words, he will throw some picks and the Jets go down in flames 30-14. You D line will spend the night on their backside.

Sal, the Oprah blog is open...u and ur boyfriend need to get on it and realize no one hates you cause your gay...they hate you because your a loudmouth, Jet fan with no class....

i wanna see someone who actually sticks up for ted ginn on one of these blogs...that'd be funny

Monday nite is the team's last stand with the fans & with night games.....a loss, and expect one or two blackouts, and expect NBC to flex us out of the last nite time game.

This is it......win, and it's still a season, lose, and we're setting up our mock draft for 2010.

did u listen to henne's words?

coach tony will have a O plan & a D plan...I trust him

Sal (ly)?

Your parents must have really disliked you at birth, who names their kid Sal.. Short for Sally? or Salad? or Salami? I'd slap my momma for naming me Sal.. ]

With all that said - who names their kid Sal?

of course he will have a plan .still you guys 0-4

its hard to hate anyone more than the jets, please let us beat those pany waste chicken heads

Funny thing is after Monday night, the Jets will be in second place, 1-1 in the AFC East and a game behind the Fins...and no one will care about them...as it should be

Sal you greasy guido don't youchave a meatball and cannoli to chase down now scat!!!

It will give me such pleasure when my Phins whoop that A*s sally boy!!

you piece of sh-t jets fans you ain,t gonna be talkin after monday that is all the ryan family has been known for as far as head coaching mark cough it up sanchez you guys are in for a beating your are facing no1 rushing team in the nfl just think what your record would be if you started with our first 3 games I hate the jets and patriots fu

in reply to NYscott if Damien 's woody is hurting he must have an STD..heheheh

To All My Fellow Phins Fans I am stuck in NYC so I'll B representing tha PHINS In A BAR in FORREST HILLS ...(HOPEFULLY SOME JET FAN WOULD READ THIS AND BE THERE TOO) GO PHINS!!! Put the poqutio nino on tha Freakin Floor 6 times and pick him off 3.......PHINS 21 Jets 13

Ha, Sal, if you are a troll, F-off. Sal, if you are a Jets fan, I don't have to tell you what misery you have endured. While I feel sorry for you, It warms my heart to know that the Jets are a joke of a team, and always will be. Take care....

Stay on your soapbox Mando!!

I am with you 110% on the receiver wish list. It is our biggest roster hole. We can't rely on the Wildcat forever, but imagine how effective it could be if the passing game WAS a threat!

nfl channle showing classic fins vs jets as classic fourth Q

why a jet fan comes to a dolphin blog ? sad

Jet fan come to Dolphin blog because all he can read on Jets site is how is braylon edwards and that they love to give away draft pick.

I try to watch first game of UFL tonight and the uniforms so bright and ugly gave me headache.

how are you carlito ? btw , are you married ?if so i am sure you would be very sweet to your family and kids .

There seems to be a lot of tough talk from the fans of a team that has 'aqua and orange' uniforms.

Imagine that?


Yes I am marry and have one prediction for jets game. Sean Smith get pick 6 while cover Braylon Edwards. Edwards will cut route short and ball will come right to Smith.

Mark Sanchez the turnover machine

Henne the Hero

carlito, how you like this guy sal? i like thee guy b/c you can spend the night pretending fighting w/him like now i say to him .....hey sal , do you smell like the rest of jets fans ?

Carlito from golfito,

I predict you will never get the education needed to fix your grammar.

sal should know once jets loses on monday all thier talk about confidence and sanchez will be out of the window .




Hey Sal,

GQ baywatch boy Sanchez is not going to know what hit him monday night and Mr. Turnover going to hand the game away gift wrap with nice bow to Dolphins.

I can fix my grammer, but you will always be an sorry @ss, ugly @ss Jests fan.


Henne the hero? He couldn't even beat out the quarterback with the weakest arm in the league to win the starting job.

And the fact that Henne was sacked 6 times by the Bills (The Bills!!) doesn't bode well for him this week.

Get ready to peel Grove off the turf. Kris Jenkins is going to manhandle him.


Nice tough talk by a fan of a team in the NFL gutter.

Since when do 1-3 teams talk junk?


Everybody going to give opinions, but here is fact for you so you can learn and be smarter football fan.

Dolphins 11 sacks
Jests only 4.

Hey Rex,

It'll be a banner day when you graduate to 3 syllable words.

Why do Phins fans seem so uneducated?

I wonder do Jets fans forget that they tank every season?

Last year start 8-3 finish 9-7

This year start 3-1 finish 4-12.


please go look at the website www.peopleofwalmart.com. It is very funny and I think you will find the picture of what people like Sal, killerdolphins, and cocoajoe looking like in real life.

Go Dolphins!

Henne the Hero!

Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

Does anyone know how the Dolphins score points in this game? They can't pass the ball. Who would they pass to? Ginn? He'll be covered by Revis.

Maybe they'll try passing to that Frankenstein looking TE of theirs. Henne is going to see pressure he has never seen in his life. Kris Jenkins is going to blast your center 2 yards back each and every play. Our ends get penetration into the backfield. Our outside linebackers are tremendous -- especially with Pace back. Our inside linebackers are the best pair in the game -- better than the guys in Baltimore. Our defensive backs will have you blanketed.

Enjoy the game.


The number one running game in the league will leave foot print all over Jets "defense"

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