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What happens if the best get better?

There is much credit and flattery and regard for the Dolphins running game now because having the NFL's No. 1 rated running game is a mountainous fact over which no criticism can climb.

The Dolphins average 177 rushing yards per game. Last year the Giants finished as the NFL's best rushing team while averaging 157.4 rushing yards per game.

So this rushing attack is transcendentally good.

But allow me add a couple of more bouquets: Through five games Ronnie Brown must be considered the NFL's best downhill running back, bar none. Yes Adrian Peterson is better all around, but facemask-to-facemask against a defender and running him over, Brown is superior right now.

And the Miami offensive line is a hard-charging, hard-fighting bunch that are, well, hard to stop.

So where do we go from here?

Well, how about if the best get better?

Coach Tony Sparano believes they can do it.

“I think it can be better, I really do," Sparano said Thursday when I asked him his opinion on the matter. "And this is the knit-picky offensive line dope in me. Where you’re out there and you’re just beating – you watch the film and you see us not finish some things, whether that be a receiver on the perimeter making a block, whether that’s in second level when we hit the linebacker but we don’t finish, so the linebacker comes off of us and makes the play for five yards. Now you go to four yards, instead of you finish, and maybe it’s an 8-yard play.

"We left some things out there and I’ve told how impressed I’ve been with the two running backs right now, but just run reads, simple run reads, not bouncing a play that needs to stay inside, those type of things [can get better]. So can it get better? Yeah, it sure can. And those are the details that we’re trying to bang home. I keep telling them: We need to be as greedy as we can in that phase of the game. I don’t care how we get the yards, if there’s three more out there we need to get them, and I think they’re starting to figure that out.”

And as the running game improves, as I believe it will, the passing game will improve. The Dolphins employ the play-action pass about as often as any NFL team. That works best when the linebacker respects the run. When the linebacker fears the run, play-action can be devastating.

"You’re going to have to prove to people that you can run the football and I think that’s happened," Sparano said. "Now all of a sudden, these play action things are starting to take place where we are getting bites out of linebackers and the safety is freezing a little bit, and we’re able to get down the field.

"Those things are happening and people have to pay attention to it one way or the other. In other words, you can’t ignore the run with the way we’ve run the ball right now. One time it might be an accident, two times it might be an accident. I don’t think after five games right now, anybody can look and say it’s an accident what’s going on up there right now with the way we’re running the ball.”

Of course, quarterback Chad Henne has to do good work to make the play-action work, but I think we saw he's capable of doing that Monday night against the Jets. His performance was good enough to inspire songs.

As you will now witness.


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all the talk about how anemic (sp) our offense is, we have the most points scored in our division!

I told everybody about how important and how key the play action is for miami with it's running game but one idiotic poster ridiculed me for stating this fact by saying with what qb and passing game. You know who you are ! LMFAO ! How do you like me now. :)

I agree they can get better Ricky and Ronnie are always working and fine tunning then self to be better they won't stop till they are pefect and he'll they won't stop trying to be better even if there perfect I even think ginn will get better and he'll let's not talk about Henne he's not taking any time off since Monday he's still been practicing the dolphins have one of the best bonding teams and every one loves and gets along with everyone look at Ricky not once does he complain about maybe not getting the ball as much as Ronnie y because he's about team work and he's in it for the win not the stats all them are in it for the W and that's what makes this team a true loved team!! NY phons fan for life!!!!!!!!

im starting to get chills ( could be the grey goose), thinking how good we could be if we can play this consistant on our o-line, i love how people all over the country, are saying the Dolphins are the most exciting team to watch, brings a tear to my eye! lol

That what we do we RUN the ball!
Now we can untilize Teddy Ginn's speed and Henne's arm. And though Penne was a great leader and had good comand of the offense, he does not have that laser arm Henne had. So combine that with a very good running game and Viola! This will be the offense teams will NOT want to play come December.

blame it on the goose. lol

Ronnie has always been that in my book...It was unfortunate he was under-utilized early on, and then injured...I'm holding off on my praise of Henne, but, it WAS impressive. Funny song though. G'night Mandy

I wonder if ol' Dave was listening when Limbaugh said the NFL ``too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips.''

that is pretty racist BS Armando. How can you stick up for this guy? oh you must a republican racist too! who let your family in this country.


"Yes Adrian Peterson is better all around, but facemask-to-facemask against a defender and running him over, Brown is superior right now."

Better all around? I disagree. Adrian Peterson is a better pure rusher than Ronnie, but only a better rusher. AP is stronger, faster, and probably has better vision. Ronnie is better at the other tasks of the position: namely, pass protection and receiving. That's not to say Ronnie is a slouch at rushing, and of course he's the engine that makes the Wildcat go. Ronnie is a more complete player.

I would compare Ronnie more to LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk than Adrian Peterson. Coincidentally, LT has also thrown an NFL touchdown pass, just like Ronnie has (last year to Fasano against the Pats.) AP is an absolute monster of a rusher whose Hall of Fame talent level is obvious to anyone who watches, but he's only a rusher. He's not a good receiver or pass protector. Chester Taylor comes in on passing downs because he provides the skills that AP doesn't.

But isn't it nice that Ronnie is finally being used correctly and getting some national recognition for it? Imagine how highly Ronnie would be regarded if he had played all 16 games of that amazing 2007 season.

Though I'm a little concerned with our defense and the lack of a pass rush. If Roth comes back and goes back to being a asset he was last season let himplay. If we get a good rotation going and mix him in with Taylor, Wake and Porter they might get more sacks and at the very least more pressure while staying fresh. And hopefully we can pick some balls off. Would be nice if we had Taylor Mays and his 4.2 speed playing saftey. pun at njphinfan

I am interested to see the continued progression of Hartline in the offense. He is big and can run, it would be cool to see him learn how to run good routes and become a real factor. He looks like a keeper as a role player. Very tough and can play special teams too.

Henne beat the Jets....I love it! The Ronnie and Ricky show will only get better as the season winds down.Our O-line is starting to gel and that will give them more opportunities to really pound the ball down their throats.I don't care what anybody says.....right now we've got a kick-ass team.Switch some players around in the secondary and we will be a force to recon with.I'm not kidding.

Great to see Ronnie Brown finally being talked about as an elite back. He still doesnt have elite elusiveness, but his size/speed combo is breathtaking. For me there isnt anything much more exciting than seeing him get past the line and into the 2nd level. He just abuses linebackers and defensive backs.

Fake gm,I know what you mean about Hartline.I'v always thought he is going to be a big asset to our offense.That's why I don't think we are going to add another reciever before the trade deadline.Offense isn't what's holding us back.

I know he isnt going to take carries away from Ricky and Ronnie, but can you imagine Lex Hilliard running behind this offensive line? He is actually bigger than Ricky and Ronnie. I think safeties would be jumping out of the way if they saw a 240 pound back running behind the best offensive line in football.


The interesting thing is that while the secondary is what is holding the team back, the corners are actually pretty good. It is really just the safeties. Usually when you cant defend the pass it is b/c the corners are bad (thats what's going on with the Ravens). I think the Dolphin cornerbacks are good, and only the safeties are really to blame. Bell and Wilson supposedly have talent, I hope they pick it up.

Hillard is a big boy without a doubt.When you think of all the talent that's on the bench,it must be an O C's dream come true.The possibilities are endless on who you put in and in what situation.Dan Henning must be licking his chops now that we've dominated the rushing attack.

You're right about our corners,I just wish we could start getting more Ints.I live in Mn,so I don't get to see every game,but from what
I have seen,we aren't winning the turn over battle.Against the Jets I saw one where we could've got an INT,but oh,well.

Pretty cool to have Ricky come full circle and stay with the Phins after everything...we got a good team this year.

Fake Gm , have you seen CB will allen's play this season ? Except for the bills came , he been horrible ! GOOD NIGHT . :)

Thanks for another great video Mando. Hey I've got a question for you. How do you become a journalist for the Miami dolphins? I would love to know. Thanks. Brandon.

Brown and Williams are scary. Especially when they pound the linebackers and secondary. And our offense will only get scarier when Henne and the O-line continue to improve. I just pray Brown/Williams stay healthy throughout the season. I don't want to think what would happen if Brown goes down. He's the key part of the wildcat.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with pass rush, jets have great pass blocking oline. If we can land arrellious ben in draft, he at the one, ginn at the two, (bess hartline camarillo) rotating at slot and the 2. Plus have Turner as a redzone package. Our offense would have potential as one of best in nfl history. Every D in the league would be at a disadvantage one way or the other.

I am happy for Ronnie and the fins. Just a few short months ago many people were talking about him being avarage at best and being on the trading block. Where are you people now?

i love the O-line and how they are performing.

let's not forget the pat cobbs, nate gardner and joey haynos contribution. gardner was lines in the flanker (off the line) left of jake long.

haynos is in the two TE set and knocked some butts on the ground. cobbs....well, what a straight ahead blocker.....Lex has big shoes to fill, man up !


gardner was "lined up" in the flanker

oh...and since gardner was off the line (3rd TE) he does not have to report as an eligible tackle receiver....when R we gonna see a pass to him? from the wildcat?

i suspect if ronnie didn't make it in, that would have been the next call.

I must admit that I got a little too carried away in the beginning when I started doubting the coaching calls. But you can't really blame them; they were calling to Pennington's strengths/ability. But now that we've opened up the play calling and now that I've seen what we've capable of doing, I'm enjoying the games more than ever.
I was at the Monday night game and it was incredible. I don't think I'll ever witness a better game than that one.
The only thing that concerns me but I think will be addressed, is our secondary giving up long passes.
I think it's gonna be an exciting season.

best song ever lol

After letting it settle a little this is what I think.

1. I wasn't impressed. They played OK. I thought RONNIE and RICKY could have done more.

2. Still didn't see a WR make a defender miss.

3. SPARANO was hiding HENNE the whole game. He let him play when he had to. BUT those deep plays were there the whole game.






9. We won by only 4 points to a team with a ROOKIE QB.

10. WHO am I kidding I am happy as hell.


AFC champs, there was one possible 2 sacks depending on intentional grounding call.

If the best get better, its lights out for the rest of division

Ronnie is Rabid Beast

Hey Ross, we need Mr Rush Limbaugh as a minority owner, he would be great.You've covered the blacks and the latins, how about someone for white Dolphin fans. Mel Gibson would be a great choice also. lol

I certainly agree with Coach Sparano. We can get better. Consider this.

LT - Jake Long 2nd year in the NFL
LG - Justin Smiles 2nd year in this sytem
C - Jake Grove 1st year in this system
RG - Donald Thomas 1 year, really, in the NFL
RT - Vernon Carey - 2 year in this system

In addition to that. They have a new OL Coach this year also dont forget.

The more this OL plays together the better they will be together, the more this OL understands the scheme and the reads the better they will be. The more these backs work with the OL again, the better they will be. And throw in the same points with the TE's also.

This offense is so young in experience and also playing together. Conventional wisdom suggests, the more you do something and the harder you work on perfecting your craft, the better you become.

Does this translate into more yards on the ground? I personally dont think so. Why, because the more Henne gets into his role the more diverse we see the play calling and the development of the passing game.

How it does translate though, is in the areas of efficiency and technical ability. Considering we are currently leading the league in 3rd down % with a whopping 56%, this is where the ability to be better gets a little scary... in a good way.

that song is freakin' awesome....its very catchy

Go Phins!!!!!!!!!!

Just watched the game again and Polite played a HUGE role in the running game and has gone from a reliable short yardage runner to a monster lead blocker. He absolutely blew up Bart Scott and only missed one block on Kerry Rhodes on the goal line. Does anybody know when the extension he signed expires - 2010, 2011? Need to lock him up!

was soulj behind recording of this song?

Fitzgerald, polite is signed thru 2011

First of all, do any of you guys sleep, lol? Secondly, it's amazing what 2 weeks in the NFL can do. 2 weeks ago, we were all ready to throw the towel in on the season. But today, I seriously can imagine us winning the AFC East. If we continue to dominate the line of scrimmage, keep the ball for over 1/2 the game, run the way we have been, it'll be hard to imagine anyone being able to stop us (besides the Saints and Drew Brees). Seeing the Patriots (who are struggling), the Jets (who I think won't be able to come up with an answer in a few short weeks when we play them again)and the Bills (who absolutely SUCK), it's very possible for us to win ALL our division games. We do that, and I think we win the division most likely. And our type of football is perfect for playoffs. Hopefully our secondary (specifically the safeties and Will Allen) can get better and stop making so many mistakes and then we'll be practically unstoppable!

Good blog Armando:

I think we can get better but to do so we need a true #1 WR. A true #1 WR would open up the running game and make the offense so much better because:

1. Defenses would have to commit more personnel to defend the #1 WR and this would create more opportunities to run.

2. Ginn would have more opportunities to face single coverage and really take advantage of his downfield speed.

3. The play action would become even more effective with a true #1 WR on the field.

4. Even in the red zone teams would have to respect the pass and could not sell out on the run. Once again this would create better blocking matchups.

I think our offense has come along way but in order for it to take the next step it needs a true #1 WR and do not believe we have one our roster right now.

10 wins is definitely within range. Playoffs would have been a lot more attainable if the defense didn't melt down against the Colts. Got to steal one from someone down the road to make up for it.

Beating the Saints would go a long way towards securing that playoff spot.

The continued lack of respect from the media, teams and players, while on the other hand the excitement NFL fans get watching the DOLPHINS should prove to eneryone the MONSTER is getting bigger, stronger and soon all the so called experts will jump on the wagon, and tell all there viewers with a straight face how they knew all the long how good this team really is.

This O-LINE could not have picked a better time to excel in the pass protection aspect of their game. Henne looked very relaxed. If they can continue this type of success, Henne will be giving them Rolex watches and the end of the season. O.K. maybe Timex, since he's not a wealthy 1st. rd. pick. like Sanchize. That's a funny song.
Now, maybe Pasqualoni can come up with a few well disguised blitzes to help the secondary.
Special teams just isn't all that special. Losing Cobbs is going to make it look worse.
One more time.....CONGRATULATIONS TO THE O-LINE. Great works guys!!

I'm liking the way our sceduling looks now...New Orleans is coming off their monster game with the Giants...we know we can beat the Jests...New Englan looking mediocre and we are out of the brutal cold before Dec 1st...we might be OK

As Miami showed against the Colts, our next step needs to be improving the secondary. It doesn't matter if Miami is rushing for 200 yards a game if the opposing offense can go down and score a TD in 3 plays. They have yet to stop a team this year from connecting on long passes. Trade for the CB from Oakland who no one can pronounce his name and call it a day.

Henne the Hero was 7-7 on playaction passes monday night.

I look at it like this, we have the Saints coming up and while they are undefeated, like the Colts, they rely heavily on Drew Brees and their passing defense. So we play them exactly like we played the Colts, run the ball constantly, eat up time on the clock, give Brees 14:46 with the ball and there is no way he does what Peyton did, I see absolutely no reason why our crowd cannot carry us to victory, so from a Fins fan living in NC who cannot be there, BE AS LOUD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN FINS NATION!! Chad and Ronnie will take care of the rest....

I wasn't a bit Ronnie fan. I apologize to Ronnie for doubting him. Sorry dude, you proved me wrong. (I guess I doubted you because I detested Saban and have always like Ricky)
I was not a big Ginn fan. But, I again apologize. When a player has talent and can't be utilized in a way that fits him, the talent will suffer.
Ginn and Henny are gonna be big.
That was a great clip. It felt great. Especially that slide move where Henne stepped up to avoid the rush. It doesn't look like much but that is huge.

This is great, BUT, if the defense doesn't put consistant pressure on the QB and the safeties and CB's continue to give up long completions then a lot of games will end up like the Colt's game. I'm counting on the "D" to make improvements like the "O" did.

By the way.
In my opinion we have troubles between in pass rush with the defensive line and line backers
Seeing the stats the best tackles in the league are inside line backers (what is what i expected)
London Fletcher WAS MLB 59
D'Qwell Jackson CLE ILB 52
Keith Ellison BUF OLB 49
Barrett Ruud TB MLB 49

But in our team are defensive backs
Yeremiah Bell MIA SS 34
Gibril Wilson MIA FS 30
Will Allen MIA CB 20
Akin Ayodele MIA ILB 20
And still Allen have 2 picks.
We are the 5th defense against the run, and 19 against the pass.

So, i think, the cost of stopping the run are on the safeties, because the line backers are busy in other duties, or lost in the game.
I don't think we need another free safety, may be Jason Ferguson is too old or Solai too weak or Crowder need more time watching the tapes.

The additions of Jake Grove and Donald Thomas, along with the improvement of Jake Long in the run game are the keys to the team's success on the ground, imo.

Satele was a clown, and that LG spot last year was beyond horrible.

The way I see it:

Defenses HAVE to commit everyone to the run in order to stop Miami's run game. Henne is one lucky QB if you ask me.

Can't help but recall Cam Cameron opting for Jesse Chatman over Ronnie Brown. Even made him go in and return kicks in the early part of the '07 season.


satele get pushed around like revolving door. He block like cam cameron coach.

All Henne needs to be is Chad Squared, manage the game just as well and take shots when necessary...the running game will dictate the passing game, and vice versa....our O has only begun to touch its true potential as opposing D's can no longer stack the box...Henne is big, has a gun and can run as well, when necessary....we have all the weaps, just need to fine tune and cut GERBIL and we will be hosting our own SB party in South Beach!!

That was HILARIOUS! Thanks Mando. Anyone know who wrote that? The guy sounded a lot like Elton! "Huh-Huh-Huh-Henne beat the Jets". Priceless, that part had me cracking up. I just hope Chad can keep up the good play. I get on people for giving up on players too easily but I am also careful not to "anoint" anyone before they have a bigger body of work. BP said not to anoint Romo when everyone was acting as if he was the next coming of Aikman. He was right as Tony isn't as consistent as I would like Henne to be. Lets give him some time to mature into the position without all of the knee jerk reactions that come with good and bad games.

call me crazy but to me Henne doesnt look too much like he wants to run the ball, I saw a couple spots where he could for the first down and he instead opted to throw

Love the Song.

All this is great, but we need to stop the big plays. Our secondary has allowed big plays in every single game. Tony Gonzalez beat us by himself, Peyton Manning finished us in a couple of minutes, Vincent Jackson torched us, even the lowly Bills had some decent long plays against us, and Sanchez and newcomer Edwards? please! No, we are not getting better on that side. Now we face Drew Brees, and unless the Giants manage to sideline him we are in deep. Our outstanding running game, and a very promising Chad Henne will give most teams very few possesions to hurt us, yet they've done it in those few possesions. We need to apply more pressure as well on the opponent's QB. Will Allen, with the exception of the Bills game is getting killed constantly. He's actually getting picked on! He's our secondary best? Or so it was said. I see Vontae Davis playing nice and aggresive, Sean Smith needs to press the WR a little more, his size helps him a lot, though. Yeremiah Bell looks out of position, and Wilson? shoot! where to begin?
We can be a very competitive team, but if they don't take care of their secondary problems, we won't get very far.

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