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What happens if the best get better?

There is much credit and flattery and regard for the Dolphins running game now because having the NFL's No. 1 rated running game is a mountainous fact over which no criticism can climb.

The Dolphins average 177 rushing yards per game. Last year the Giants finished as the NFL's best rushing team while averaging 157.4 rushing yards per game.

So this rushing attack is transcendentally good.

But allow me add a couple of more bouquets: Through five games Ronnie Brown must be considered the NFL's best downhill running back, bar none. Yes Adrian Peterson is better all around, but facemask-to-facemask against a defender and running him over, Brown is superior right now.

And the Miami offensive line is a hard-charging, hard-fighting bunch that are, well, hard to stop.

So where do we go from here?

Well, how about if the best get better?

Coach Tony Sparano believes they can do it.

“I think it can be better, I really do," Sparano said Thursday when I asked him his opinion on the matter. "And this is the knit-picky offensive line dope in me. Where you’re out there and you’re just beating – you watch the film and you see us not finish some things, whether that be a receiver on the perimeter making a block, whether that’s in second level when we hit the linebacker but we don’t finish, so the linebacker comes off of us and makes the play for five yards. Now you go to four yards, instead of you finish, and maybe it’s an 8-yard play.

"We left some things out there and I’ve told how impressed I’ve been with the two running backs right now, but just run reads, simple run reads, not bouncing a play that needs to stay inside, those type of things [can get better]. So can it get better? Yeah, it sure can. And those are the details that we’re trying to bang home. I keep telling them: We need to be as greedy as we can in that phase of the game. I don’t care how we get the yards, if there’s three more out there we need to get them, and I think they’re starting to figure that out.”

And as the running game improves, as I believe it will, the passing game will improve. The Dolphins employ the play-action pass about as often as any NFL team. That works best when the linebacker respects the run. When the linebacker fears the run, play-action can be devastating.

"You’re going to have to prove to people that you can run the football and I think that’s happened," Sparano said. "Now all of a sudden, these play action things are starting to take place where we are getting bites out of linebackers and the safety is freezing a little bit, and we’re able to get down the field.

"Those things are happening and people have to pay attention to it one way or the other. In other words, you can’t ignore the run with the way we’ve run the ball right now. One time it might be an accident, two times it might be an accident. I don’t think after five games right now, anybody can look and say it’s an accident what’s going on up there right now with the way we’re running the ball.”

Of course, quarterback Chad Henne has to do good work to make the play-action work, but I think we saw he's capable of doing that Monday night against the Jets. His performance was good enough to inspire songs.

As you will now witness.


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CarltheChamp wishes he was on his laptop and not his phone so he could hear the song too, for now i guess "Fins" can just stay stuck in my head

When Smith covered Edwards i see 2 attempts one for short and one deflected, when Allen covered Edwards one very doubt pass interference, and Edwards beat Davies 2 times, but i believed Davies can correct that, I insist, the problem now is not in the secondary but in the inside line backers or even deep in the front

Way to write it, Mando

London Fletcher WAS MLB 59
D'Qwell Jackson CLE ILB 52
Keith Ellison BUF OLB 49
Barrett Ruud TB MLB 49

Why would we strive to be like WAS, CLE, BUF or TB?

NJ you be a real man and apologize to carlito, You Rush loving dude

To : MSmith555
Ha ha ha.
Too true man, you are right, let me take a second look.

OT - I am a daily reader and life-long Dolp-fan (I was raised in Miami before moving to Alaska in 1984). My kid is also a big fan and has never been to any game before. I'd like to take him to the Houston game for Xmas. Getting from Alaska to Miami will cost a bundle so I'm looking for the most cost-effective way to get tickets and maybe visit the team facilities, etc.....any suggestions on where to go/stay/buy tickets - or am I doomed to Ticket-slave-master?

Thanks JR in AK

I have a plan for winning the Super Bowl. Stay tuned for more details.

great win mon night,but a lot of work still needs to be done.Secondary is still having issues.Maybe we should consider starting both rookies at the corner.Certainley Will Allen is not getting it done.(Granted that was NOT pass int.on the last jet drive).WE MUST ADDRESS EITHER #1 RECIEVER OR SECONDARY AT TRADE DEADLINEJust one more thing......can someone please tell me why Cameron Wake is not playing more?One week he has 2 and a half sacks the next 2 weeks i dont see him in 1 pass rushing situation.What gives?Drew Brees coming to town,why not unleash another edge rusher?He has more sacks than joey at this point why not give him a shot?Oh and by the way we FINALLY have found a qb....way to go chad..........dolfan4life

Mando, I really do not wont to know the political views of my local sports writers. I will continue to read the Miami Herald but I will never look at the rest of the blogs you write the same. I think the Miami Herald should let Jeff Darlington take over your duties. I dont think this is the appropriate platform for you to discuss your politics. You should be demoted.

Mando you rock, brother.

If they're not careful they could end up being best ever...

As much as I loved Marino airing it out and thats what made me a Dolphins fan as a kid, I am more a fan of smash mouth football by nature. I love the way our O line mauls people. All you trifecta pessimist need to watch Grove he does a great job of getting to second level and laying down blocks. Now they did seem to miss on G. Wilson. He sucks! But I like the young corners. So be patient with the rookies.

The next tree games will define the hole season, after that, the rest is downhill, maybe then start Cris Clemons, he will be better than Wilson (in a short future), with the other two rookies CB at the same time, But is very very important to win over New Orleans.

The Jets win came at the best possible time. Right before the bye week. Why? Because it gives us 2 weeks to feel good about the season before it crumbles down after the Saints, Pats, and Jets games. We get to believe we can actually dig out of a 3-game hole - losing to 3 beatable teams. 2 of them AFC teams, and one of those two is a team we would be fighting against for a Wild Card. Indy will run away with the South, but SD has Denver to contend with.

A creative and entertaining video from one of our ThePhins.com members.Nice job Gish !!


The scarey thing is that like all Parcells built teams, this team is built for the COLD.

Parcells did exactly as I expected coming in-
Built the team from the LINES out.

This team will get even BIGGER in coming years.

We play in the cold AFC EAST.

Imagine trying to stop Rick/Ronnie/Polite and the O-Line in cold weather.

Henne will make some mistakes but has the luxury of a great running game. He also gets to go to the sideline and be coached up during wildcat plays. Also becaues of the run teams will have a tendency to bring up the safeties.

We are witnessing an amazing use of talent. This coaching staff and front office are awesome.

People allways ask me why a Dolphin fan? Monday night speaks for itself. Win or lose for over 35 years of watching football the Phins have been in the most exciting games in history.

Go Phins!


Mando was on wine the night of the Rush blog.

It is a sports story HATERS! He was buying a Sports team.

Like I said before...

I am sure as a Latin American/Latino/Hispanic/Person of Color, or whaterver term everyone decides Armando is to be catagorized as, has encounterd more discrimination than all of you. Including the African Americans.

Trying to get the guy fired? For what?

RUSH is Blowhard! A very very Rich Blowhard. Got a problem with him? Go to his sponsors and his ownership.

When you peel back the layers of all of these Media commentators and opinionaters you usually find the same thing. Some conviction but mostly Shtick. Shtick that has people rioting in the streets and arguing. While they get PAID!

Like Ronnie Brown said in regards to the Wildcat, and it applies to life. We fear what we don't know.

Get informed, inform yourselves, don't be sheep. It's not about color, race, religion, or party. IT'S ABOUT MONEY PEOPLE $$$

Armando thanks for your opinion and views. I wonder if we would be so quick to dismiss and cutoff the players coaches of our favorite teams if we knew all of their core beleifs and values?

Go Phins!

are you calling the farmers cheeps ?
it's not a bad name for them.
the funny thing is every one thinks he's wright .LOL


I once listened to him and all of these talking heads while driving a lot. Mostly out of boredom and you can get caught up in it. I saw a lot of these fools go from little night time AM radio broke dudes blow up. I live in California where Jim Rome, Rush, Lykas,Dr. Laura etc. all got started. When I was in my early twenties I thought wow now I know how to think, LOL. They are entertainers making sick bank. There is no 2 party system in my opinion only. 1 party, the MONEY party.

Go Phins!

i know it's funny and these guys get very rich repeating the same few lines they know and they sell neck ties ,mattresses ,hand cream and i love it when they say ( go to my web page where you can find FUN STUFF to BUY )no shame .

now i have to go find some thing in HSN in clearnce for 9.99 .

Ronnie and Risky are good for us because they do different things, but neither is tops in the league other than in total carries. http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/yardsPerRushAttempt

Sounds like a #1 hit to me.

Read the Rush piece...

Live by the sword die by the sword…….

Don't whine about it when it happens.

Classic post Mandi love the vid Go

i sure hope Henne is the real thing and i think he is. it's about time we have a franchise quarterback again. go dolphins!

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