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Thurs. afternoon with the coordinators, Ginn

The Miami coordinators -- Dan Henning on offense and Paul Pasqualoni on defense -- just had their weekly 10 minutes with the media. And Ted Ginn made himself available for three minutes.

The highlights:

Ginn said he understands his playing time is likely to be diminished starting Sunday against the Jets.

"I ain't the first time I've been through it," he said. "All I can do is play the time they ask me to play and make the plays they ask me to make."

Ginn said he's had at least one conversation with a coach about Miami's desire to see him improve. I asked if he was told in that conversation he was being demoted.

"We haven't had a conversation like that," Ginn answered. "It was more of a motivation talk. Get better. You have to get better. Do what you do but get better."

Ginn knows he need to improve because he is not deaf. He's heard the criticisms directed at him this week.

"Oh yeah, I hear it," he said. "I heard a lot after the game. It's a part of football. You just got to grow up, play hard and keep playing. I heard what people say. You going to hear it through other people, you're going to see it. It's just something you have to deal with."

Ginn said he's staying close to his family in this rough time.

I asked Pasqualoni about FS Gibril Wilson's "interesting" tackling techniques that have cost the Dolphins a ton of hidden yardage this season and even a couple of touchdowns.

"Well, a part of it the guys he's tackling, too," Pasqualoni said. "He's been on some real quality, quality players. Last week it was Reggie Bush. He's working very, very hard at it. I think despite everything I think he's improving at it. He's got a great attitude. We still have a lot of football to play and we're still going on the premise that we're getting better each week. I think that's part of the process."

Henning was asked his take on the whole Ted Ginn Jr. saga.

"Let me address Ted Ginn," he said. "Now, there's been a lot of conversation, a lot of arrows, a lot of attacks on this guy. Ted Ginn made less mistakes in that game than at least 9 other players on that offense. Ted Ginn's the only player we've had since we've been here that's gotten behind anybody's defense and been able to knock the top off a defense."

Henning was asked why the Dolphins ran the ball only eight times for 17 yards in the second half after having 22 rushes in the first half for 120 yards.

"Two reasons," Henning said. "We did run the ball successfully in the first half. We did not run the ball successfully in the third quarter. They come out and they were behind and they knew they were behind and they went all out. They were bringing nine men. In order to stop that you have to be successful in the passing game to get them off your back and therein lies why we were not successful in the fourth quarter.

"We had a number of errors -- protection errors, dropped balls, we had a number of times we didn't hit what we were aiming at. You can give credit to the New Orleans Saints defense. Now, they took a chance because you saw what happened when Brian caught the ball and went down the field. And later they were still coming after us and we were hitting on some and weren't hitting on others.

"But that's a very risky proposition to bring nine people and play the safeties 12 to 14 yards deep. And we hit some things and didn't hit some things. But that's the reason."

Basically, what Henning is telling you is that the Dolphins were betrayed by their inability to throw the ball effectively. The Dolphins have trouble throwing the ball. No revelation there. 

"Ted Ginn had a game he's not happy with and we're not happy with. But it's just like my children. I'm not always happy with my children, but I love my children. I'm going to support my children. They're what we have. He won the job. He came out of camp as one of the top 4. I believe he's one of the top 4. We're going to continue to use Ted Ginn the way we think is best to use him to help this football team."

Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin. Ooops, that slipped.

Actually, I've been told that regardless of Henning's defense of Ginn, it is Brian Hartline and Greg Camarillo who got most of the first-team receiver reps in practice today. I didn't see that but that's what one source is contending. The source also said Ginn will be active against the Jets Sunday so expect him to play.

But that doesn't seem to rate in Henning's mind.

"We don't start anybody," Henning insisted. "If you notice, our business with the receivers is by committee. I don't think you can call anybody the starter."

Or the playmaker.


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Pasqualoni is the worst D coach ever coaching a group of players no good for no thing .DID YOU ASK HIM WHAT HAPPENED LAST SUNDAY ?




lets address this SI photo and the other BS calls in the saints game. i'd like to hear what the nfl has to say about this.

Did you ask Dan Henning why they didn't rush the ball at all in the second half of the Saints game?

Mando, what I really want to know is why they were using a different variation of the wildcat against the saints? They only deployed the usual formation, where Ricky is running toward Ronnie as the snap comes, two times by my count. Most of the time, there was no man in motion, only the player taking the snap back there. Doesn't having a man in motion keep the defense honest? Do you think they changed this because Cobbs is out? Your opinion would be appreciated.


Oh wow, I didn't read the whole thing. Please disregard my question

So-o-o-o,what Pasqualoni really said is that Gerbil Wilson couldn't tackle those Saints players because they are better players than Gerbil. Well,we already knew that, didn't we?

in response to Dan Hennin's comment ""But that's a very risky proposition to bring nine people and play the safeties 12 to 14 yards deep. And we hit some things and didn't hit some things" So the zSaints Defense Adjusted...Thats what they're supposed to do.. why didnt our offense adjust? or wait we tried and didnt connect..so we didnt adjust.. TGinn is a pass dropper..move him to CB position he'll surely make the opposing recievers drop some passes

Top 4 WR's on the team??? With the money and the draft pick invested in him he should be one of the top WR's in the league.

I think that's what everybody is saying. Am I right?


Henning must have his eyes closed when Ginn is playing. Ginn flat out stinks and anyone watching can see that.

I think Camarillo and Hartline are the best 2 WRs on the team, they should be starting.

Ginn is good when you get him the ball on end arounds and quick screens, kr & pr so just use him then. Otherwise play Greg, brian, and devone.

ALoco, you might want to get your stats straight before you starting ranting in caps.

It was 24-10 at halftime. That's 36 points in 30 minutes. 13 of which had nothing to do with defense.

23 points in 30 minutes. Which is not pretty, but our wide receiver / passing game is much more troubling than our defense.

Ted is not a #1 receiver. What else is new. But you guys are judging him on #1 receiver criteria. If you are going to criticize him on the bobble- ok fair enough. But on the must have series w/ the game on the line when he turned to run before putting the ball away, Ricky did it the same thing. Camarillo did an even bigger bonehead thing in costing us down and distance w/ a mental breakdown throwing the ball out of bounds. Jake Grove also. Everyone came apart. Ted Ginn can be a very good complimentary receiver. Don't make him into what he is notthen cut him down. The team is not that good yet and he is not the savior. A lot of players f'ed up.

So Camarillo is starting after that bonehead play? Guess because he was a FA and Ginn was drafted 9th Camarillo has immunity.

I believe I understand why the interview is limited to 10 minutes. What a crock of BS.

Ted Ginn Jr. would be good fit on the team that travel and play against the Harlem Globetrotters. What are they name? The Generals?

I don't know, but I think he really have potential for this. Just think, some one pass him the ball, he bobbles it up in the air and Globetrotter swoop in and catch it for 360 double flip slam dunk or something like this.

Or maybe the Generals finally have chance to be in the game and win and for winning shot that pass it to wide open Ted Ginn Jr. for layup and he make an airball and fall under basket.

I think maybe this match made in heaven and best chance for Ted Ginn Jr. future career in athletics.

If your offense scores 34 points for your team, you should win the game. I blame the defense for the loss to the Saints... and the loss to the Colts.

Can anyone confirm that this week Rex Ryan will be eating nachos on the sideline out of Sanchez's helmet?



IMO what changed the outcome of the game was the Bess fumble. Had he not fumbled they would have gone into half time with a 24 point led. With this kind of offense they can not afford any turnovers. And the coaches should know by now who is more likely to turn the ball over. Especially after Bess dropped two passes. It was a bonehead call to throw it at that point in time of the game. You live and learn I guess. I'm just glad I didn't spend a small fortune going to the game. To see Bess have a half-hearted performance. IMO

Ted Ginn Jr. have no honor. He say he promise to talk to media on weds. after he act like a girl all week and leave locker room without say anything. And then when weds. come around he duck and run like a true coward again. Even coach take responsibility for bonehead time out. The least Ted Ginn Jr. can do is take responsibility for suck or play better, his choice, but please stop act like little girl.

Ginn sucks - At this level there is no excuse
!Parcell and Co is going soft.

Rex just won the dicky do award

His stomach sticks out farther than his dicky do

Hey nobodies talking about this week being Henne's 1st start on the road in what's going to be the most hostile envoirment he's faced as the starting quaterback. Don't count san diego because he came for Pennigton after he got hurt. I was at the game and believe me the meadowlands will be a great test for Henne let's hope that we can pumble the jets early so we can take the crowd out of the game. I love the fact it's a 1 o'clock game and not later with the exception of winning the division last year at a late game check the last time they won at the meadowlands it was wannsdat in a 1 o'clock game coming off a season opening loss to the texans.

A bad as it seems thanks god were not the jets!

Carlito, I was just going to ask what happened to Ginn addressing the media as well? He needs to step on the podium and say I take responsibility for my mistakes, I'm working hard every day with my coaches and will continue to work hard at correcting things. That's all I need to hear from him and I'll feel like he's matured as a player and he's humbled and grateful he has a job. You and I can't mess up this much at our jobs and still be employed.

Why is everyone still talking about the Saints game? It's over and done with and the Jets are up this week. The more everyone on the team talks about the Saints, the more I think the Jets are being overlooked. Beware the trap! Focus on the Jets!

Anyone else feel like this could be a trap game?

Omar, you are soooo right. I'm in NJ and been to a Jet game when they played Buffalo last year (not that I would purchase a Jet tix-guest only) and that place is LOUD! VERY LOUD and it will be VERY HOSTILE! I would imagine that Sparano has the offense practicing with crowd noise, I would hope so. Though Henne was there last year w/Penny at QB so he has experienced the rabidness of those fans, but I'm a bit worried about how bad it will be. If we get them early, they will leave and get home to get ready for Yankees/Phillies game. Going to be tough Fin Fans.

Hey ALoco, you been a fan of this team for 10 minutes or what? There was once this fellow named Tom Olivadotti. Research the guy and then readdress your short-sighted Pasqualoni comment.

ALoco - How in the heck can you say the defense gave up 46 points when Henne threw 2 interceptions for a touchdown with one of them being Ginn's fault?

Get your facts straight if you are going to complain about this team. They are going to have growing pains! We are not an elite team yet. We are a competitive good team, but we are not a great elite team yet!

the defense caused us the colts game. the saints game and all we talk about a guy named GINN.gome onnnnnnnnn BE FAIR .


These coaches should be in politics. What they're saying is.......just because you see it, doesn't mean it's true. It is definitely not his fault or mine. Ok, coach, you're right, I know Wilson was just running with Shockey because he didn't want to hurt him by doing something stupid.......like tackling him. Oh and coach Henning, we know it's not Ginns fault. I know, he forgot to wash his hands after changing the oil in his dads car. And the defnse didn't make half time adjustments because, well....everything was going soooooooooo good in the first half, why change? gotchya coach.

Too many mistakes on all areas of the game...

Coaching... calling all out blitzes have gotten us in trouble before it happened again when Colston catch the ball for a TD (oops I mean first and goal from the 1 with 5 sec left). Time is pressure and Paul should know this.

Ted Ginn is still not finding open spaces. Besides Turner he has the most talent at that position he must be on the field at some capacity. Now Bess and Camarilo don't get a pass either, I know they're trying to make a play. I always appreciate extra effort, but crucial errors wipe away all appreciation.

Fasano has lost it. I don't know if playing without a contract extension pissed him off or perhaps again he may be trying too hard, but the man looks more like the guy the Cowboy jettisoned that the TE out on the field last year.

The Jets are going to be hard pressed to win this game. They will be bringing an amount of pressure that Henne has never seen before. We better be ready because the play-offs just started for the Dolphins.

PS: Henning, I get it about your children. However, I think that's what is eating at Dolfans. In this day in age where unemployment is up to 10% fans need to work hard show progress and be effective at their jobs or they'll be on the cutting board. Most fans feel like Teddy's been given a pass so many games in a row. If you play him and he fails us (the team) again, then it's on YOU Coach! We'll be calling for you're head.

JPM . Trap game ? What are you talking about ? A trap game is when you're looking forward to the next opponent instead of the game you're about to play . I.E looking forward to the pats instead of the jets. It's not about thinking of the game you just played against NO. Trap game ? They're playing the F'N JETS , who continue to talk crap. I think NOT > :)

Eff the Jets and their Sponge-Rex-Fat-Pants coach too!! Buffet Boy's defense is going to get the second course of the Wildcat forced down their throats. D!rty Sanchez will be throwing picks like a vendor throws hot dogs in the stands. By the 4th quarter, Rex "Gravy Veins" Ryan will eating Sancheese on the sidelines!

This is typical coaches spin !

Armando, The important question here is, was Teddy in a skirt and sweater or a dress. And if so did he accessorize. lol

NJ PHIN - OK I had my terms mixed up, I meant hangover game. But still, the Jets are pumped up because of the embarrassment of the last game. I feel like the Dolphins may be looking at the game the same way you are - saying we got them last time and it'll be just as easy.

ALoco - Did you see the game JT had against the Saints? Pretty darn good really! Besides the Falcons game Long has played well. We all know Wilson has sucked and he has gotten basjed just as much as Ginn. Porter ot having the year he had last I agree, but he is not having a terrible year! Fasano has gotten ripped as well.

Why is Ginn getting ripped you ask? Becuase he sucks and stood out like a sore thumb for dropping passes and playing horrible. I knew there was a reason I do not like Ohio State and this is just another reason why!!! He is supposed to be a #1 receiver and is FAR FAR from that, so of course he gets ripped by everyone...

How about the Bess fumble just before half. That had as much to do with the momentum changing as any other play. They would have had 6 pts. at best by half. Camarillo and Hartline are the most dependable receivers on the team. Says a lot that no mention was made of Patrick Turner. Must be that USC IQ that keeps him from getting on the field. If he can't get on the field this week it won't happen this year. What a waste!

Why is Ginn 'supposed' to be a #1 receiver? He's supposed to catch the ball when it's thrown to him. But being a #1 receiver is just not his game, nor was it the reason he was selected where he was in the draft. The regime at the time only wanted to mention his potential impact on special teams as a punt and kick returner. I can't recall him being mentioned at all as a blooming stud receiver.

You have to forget the fact that he was selected #9 because his skill set, which apparently Cameron ignored, misjudged, etc., is not compatible with a #1 receiver. Ted is lucky as all heck for being selected where he was. No other team was going to touch him until the late teens at best.

A horrendous error in judgement on draft day shouldn't continue to render Ted a 'supposed' top receiver. We can maybe just maybe say he possibly could bloom into a fringe #1, but he isn't supposed to be that. Not now, not ever.

This is a systemic NFL problem. Highly talented undrafted receivers (Bess) who cash their paychecks on the bus play behind first round picks who avoid passes to the chest like a bullet coming at them. Coaches believe what the salary tells them. Hopefully Hartline makes a bundle.


You can't down Bess for a fumble,all those games that miami have played, how many fumbles have Bess had, this one game come on stop nick-picking they all had a bad day. And those Ref need to have their eyes checked every week.lol
But listen I think those receivers need to stay on the field longer,and I bet you thing will change,it just like they get hype up for a min then their call off field the next play keep them out their and let them work a little more and see the different.

Nice post Mac. I agree.

Aloco - NO KIDDING THEY DROP BALLS!! Thank you captain obvious!! That is why we bash the hell out of Ginn and why Fasano got bashed after the Falcons game and for his drop that Ronnie Brown threw him this past week...

JT has been solid: Leads the team in sacks and forced fumbles!

So with your last post, what is your point?

OKAY IDIOTS LETS STOP TALKING about a game trhats finish and alreadey in the books, we got the jets so shut and and cheer , yall aint making no coaching decisions so let them do there jobs they have proven they can do that!!! and could we stop talking about TED GINN.

People on this blog act like a cover up is going on with players and coaches. The Tuna will not tolerate bad play and bad decisions by anyone, period. He has to play the hand that he and his staff dealt at this time. He bought the groceries and i'm confident he will return,sell or throw away any that are bad when the time is right. Including coaches.

He is supposed to be a #1 receiver becuase Miami picked him to be and he is not living up to that role AT ALL...

I agree with what you said Mac. I was implying that he was supposed to be our #1 because we have no one else the current decision makers on this team designated the #1 receiver...

"Ted is not a #1 receiver. What else is new."...Ted Ginn can be a very good complimentary receiver. Don't make him into what he is not then cut him down."

That guy -- thanks for putting in some realism and cutting through the hysteria.

Before this game who actually thought Ginn was ever going to be a strong #1 WR?

We've known he wasn't for two years. Even with the training camp hype, the best we were ever going to realistically see was a marginal #1.

The question has shifted based on what has happened this year, but now it is whether he can be a competent #2 or the best we can get out of him is a #3 flyer for passing downs.

So yes he hasn't come close to living up to his draft slot, but give that old news up. What's going on with him isn't exactly a shocker.


bangee...what else is there to talk about? If you have read every blog you would know that there has been talk about the jets and all other different topics. Mando's article was a bout Ginn, so why wouldn't this particular blog talk about Ginn..

Get with the program~!




DolfanTom-I 100% agree with that picture and have talked about that play since Sunday. Even though Gin screwed up and tipped the ball to the receiver, he did hustle back to knock the ball out before Sharper got in the endzone!!!


you know, i have been p*ssed at Ginn's inability to catch and rightly so. Although he sucked on sunday, the facts are that the whole TEAM sucked.
People how can we give up 46 points, when we were leading by 20 something points!!! The defense broke down after an incredible start, the offensive fire was hosed with water or something. ontop of that, Ginn, like expected had a bad game. But still blame goes around even to the coaching staff. I don't buy Pasqualoni's defense on Gerbil Wilsucks i mean Wilson....Remember the days when are defense kicked ass and our oline sucked? The bigger issue is that our defense is lacking, starting with the "gerbil" wilson ending with porter and crowder who seem to be better at talking smack instead playing D.

Ted Ginn knows he has to IMPROVE for years and he never did. So, what's the point?

And know the Dolphins has to treat him a "children"? Since when a NFL player need to baby so he can improve? I know this regime want a smart, tough player.

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