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Thurs. afternoon with the coordinators, Ginn

The Miami coordinators -- Dan Henning on offense and Paul Pasqualoni on defense -- just had their weekly 10 minutes with the media. And Ted Ginn made himself available for three minutes.

The highlights:

Ginn said he understands his playing time is likely to be diminished starting Sunday against the Jets.

"I ain't the first time I've been through it," he said. "All I can do is play the time they ask me to play and make the plays they ask me to make."

Ginn said he's had at least one conversation with a coach about Miami's desire to see him improve. I asked if he was told in that conversation he was being demoted.

"We haven't had a conversation like that," Ginn answered. "It was more of a motivation talk. Get better. You have to get better. Do what you do but get better."

Ginn knows he need to improve because he is not deaf. He's heard the criticisms directed at him this week.

"Oh yeah, I hear it," he said. "I heard a lot after the game. It's a part of football. You just got to grow up, play hard and keep playing. I heard what people say. You going to hear it through other people, you're going to see it. It's just something you have to deal with."

Ginn said he's staying close to his family in this rough time.

I asked Pasqualoni about FS Gibril Wilson's "interesting" tackling techniques that have cost the Dolphins a ton of hidden yardage this season and even a couple of touchdowns.

"Well, a part of it the guys he's tackling, too," Pasqualoni said. "He's been on some real quality, quality players. Last week it was Reggie Bush. He's working very, very hard at it. I think despite everything I think he's improving at it. He's got a great attitude. We still have a lot of football to play and we're still going on the premise that we're getting better each week. I think that's part of the process."

Henning was asked his take on the whole Ted Ginn Jr. saga.

"Let me address Ted Ginn," he said. "Now, there's been a lot of conversation, a lot of arrows, a lot of attacks on this guy. Ted Ginn made less mistakes in that game than at least 9 other players on that offense. Ted Ginn's the only player we've had since we've been here that's gotten behind anybody's defense and been able to knock the top off a defense."

Henning was asked why the Dolphins ran the ball only eight times for 17 yards in the second half after having 22 rushes in the first half for 120 yards.

"Two reasons," Henning said. "We did run the ball successfully in the first half. We did not run the ball successfully in the third quarter. They come out and they were behind and they knew they were behind and they went all out. They were bringing nine men. In order to stop that you have to be successful in the passing game to get them off your back and therein lies why we were not successful in the fourth quarter.

"We had a number of errors -- protection errors, dropped balls, we had a number of times we didn't hit what we were aiming at. You can give credit to the New Orleans Saints defense. Now, they took a chance because you saw what happened when Brian caught the ball and went down the field. And later they were still coming after us and we were hitting on some and weren't hitting on others.

"But that's a very risky proposition to bring nine people and play the safeties 12 to 14 yards deep. And we hit some things and didn't hit some things. But that's the reason."

Basically, what Henning is telling you is that the Dolphins were betrayed by their inability to throw the ball effectively. The Dolphins have trouble throwing the ball. No revelation there. 

"Ted Ginn had a game he's not happy with and we're not happy with. But it's just like my children. I'm not always happy with my children, but I love my children. I'm going to support my children. They're what we have. He won the job. He came out of camp as one of the top 4. I believe he's one of the top 4. We're going to continue to use Ted Ginn the way we think is best to use him to help this football team."

Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin. Ooops, that slipped.

Actually, I've been told that regardless of Henning's defense of Ginn, it is Brian Hartline and Greg Camarillo who got most of the first-team receiver reps in practice today. I didn't see that but that's what one source is contending. The source also said Ginn will be active against the Jets Sunday so expect him to play.

But that doesn't seem to rate in Henning's mind.

"We don't start anybody," Henning insisted. "If you notice, our business with the receivers is by committee. I don't think you can call anybody the starter."

Or the playmaker.


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Living in Big 10 country, I saw most if not all of Ted's game at OSU. I was always impressed by his explosiveness once he got the ball IN SPACE. As a fan of an opposing team you always feared that he would return a punt, kick, or reverse back. However, I never feared him in the passing game. I don't recall ever seeing him making the tough catch. So, I was extremely disappointed to see us use such a high pick on a guy that I felt, at the time, was never going to amount to an elite receiver.

I'm beyond the realm of being upset, angry or disappointed at this point. The time of blaming Ted and he alone is overwith. The fault now lies directly with Henning and Sparano for putting a guy into a situation to fail. All this talk about demoting him or sitting him down is actually the most common-sense type decision making I've heard for some time. Use Ginn in situations where he can excell. Screens, slants, reverses, punt returns, kick returns. Create some space for him so he can use his speed.

We could discuss him till we're all blue in the face, and probably some on here have, but he is what he is. He's a third-year vet with speed who plays special teams and is a back-up receiver. That's his line and I accept it.



Tough question here. What difference does it make if you're a #-1, #-2, or #-3 receiver? If you're dropping critical passes, I am not looking at where you were drafted, or what everyone expects from you. I'm seeing a player that is not helping my team, period. While I understand his necessity on the field at certain times, that doesn't make him my go to guy anymore, unless he's just layered his hands with crazy glue and he's more open than Heidi Fleiss.


Most of us aren't judging Ginn as a number 1 WR. That no longer matters. What matters is he is Miami's number 1 guy, and based on that fact, we are tired of watching a guy drop passes and duck out of bounds for nine yards instead of getting that extra yard for a first down. He shies away from contact and I think that can be attributed to all the drops. He is so conscious of getting hit that he loses concentration on the ball. It's always in the back of his mind. That's why we are critical. It has nothing to do with his draft status. If Bess kept dropping balls and ducking tackles we'd all yell "bench that bum!" too. Why do the coaches defend him? Well, they just said they think of him as their child. Not my words. Parents will defend their kids, especially the weakest ones. That's the mentality.

i am actually but every other blogger has something to say about ted ginn. "he is what we thought he is" not a numer one so yall get with the program and it's coaching adjustments that need to be made on the DC part because the scheme they were runnin in the first change and they didnt tackle well and they lost because of turnovers ................. so on to the Stupid jets with there "weak defense "rex ryans words according to him thats what ronnie said but hey they in the meadowlands and interceptchize cant play they and the forcast looks for it to be unfavorable to, so lets win these division games and get back to spanking these teams its not over yet.

In regards to Ginn, a wise coach once said, "Your potential is going to get me fired."

Can someone please breakdown the Turner situation and spill wether he will or will not see playing time! Just wondering if we should give up and move on or expect the guy to see the field!

Agreed Aloco,

We put up 34 points!!! How many times have we put over 34 points this season? Only one other time, against the Bills where we scored 38. Ronnie and Ricky are playing incredible this year. What other team has given up this many points after leading almost the whole game. The collectively failed on Sunday. Offensive turnovers and the D collapsing are what cost us the game. I am a Ginn basher but we need to look at the bigger picture, although he shares a lot of the blame, so does everyone else except our running backs who are leaving everything on the field. If it wasnt for them we'd be 0-6

"Dan Henning speaks mandaring to Beavis and Butthead"

Just a thought. Why not put Ginn on Punt return duties and give Turner a chance. What's he going to do, drop the ball? Also, how about giving Chris Clemons a chance at safety, he's supposed to be pretty awesome. Heck, put the rookie linebacker in their too, maybe he can do more than our linebackers and not get beat.

P.S. Don't be so hard on Ginn, that pick 6 was totally accidental. He thought he was practicing his set up in Volleyball. I guess the coaches should communicate better?

Ginn Ginn Ginnnnn! Dammit men we all know hes scared and that has nothing to do with talent. It takes courage to get your butt kicked when you know its coming. Lets move on!! Cant stand those jets!!!

Ginn me a break,Ginn me a break, Break me off a piece of that Ginn,Ginn bar!!

If Ginn cam stretch the field and make catches early we won't need him in the fourth quarter

Where'is the Norse/Apache warrior?? has he been incarcerated???

The offense has to design some plays early in the game to build Ginns confidence. Throw him some screens, short slants, and 7-8 yard outs. Let him catch a few balls, build his confidence then when we need a big play he's reacting instead of thinking. It's like if a great shooter in basketball starts of cold, he needs a couple of layups and short bunnies to heat up, before he gets hot.

I think the Fins need to start Hartline, and Ginn on the outside, and play Camarillo in the slot. Hartline's speed is almost as good as Ginn's. That way we have 2 speed guys to stretch the field, leaving Camarillo (smart, tough, route runner) to pick up all those yards in the middle of the field.

He's leaning on his family?

How about leaning on your Qb as in extra fim and reps?

How about some extra weight training?

How a bout leaning on some of the NFL vetrens for some coaching?

How fragile is he?

It's simple, get open and catch the ball. Bust a couple of KRs and punts.

No one will pull louder for him than Phins fans.

Go Phins!

That's what I said. When a team puts 9 guys in the box, you have to be able to throw the football. I would have like to have seen more Wildcat plays up the middle since it was basically the ones around the end that were getting stuffed; but common, if you can't throw the football when a team's committed 9 guys to the run, you don't deserve to win.

Ginn needs to go. He'll never live up to expectations here. He was a reach in the first rd. If he wasn't picked by the Dolphins because he was the son of a good friend of the coach, he probably would have went in the 3rd round. So, cut yiour losses and trade him at the end of the season. Let him return punts and kickoffs the rest of the year. that's what he's good at. As far as Pasqualoni goes, he's awful. Gibril Wilson has been poor all camp, pre-season and regualr season. Bo surprise here, other than the fact he's still playing.
And let's all stop this hidden yardage talk. Yardage is yardage. Tackle the man with ball and don;t commit stupid penalties, like Camarillo throwing the ball out of bounds. That is a pee wee football mistake. Yes, Im upset.

The Miami coordinators Dan Henning on offense and Paul Pasqualoni on defense are liein to us like the goverment does to it's people to try and control the masses the fact is that they will not admit that Wilson was a muiltmillion dollor mistake this probably comes all the was from the top as for Ginn all he has going for him is speed of the deep threat, if you can call it that, the odds are he might catch one every 4 to 6 games not good odds if You ask me and that doesn't garinty a TD when he does catch a +40 pass

Oops i ment guaranty

All the talk about #9 in the draft but most people wanted us to go after Brady Quinn, thank god that did not happen

Ginn over Brady Quinn

Ginn has speed.. Speed = Nothing without route running and good hands. I would trade all his speed to get Wes Welker back... Hartline and Camarillo should get the nod... And what's up with Patrick Turner??? He is 6'5" why don't we use him in goal line situations???

Ted Ginn's problem is lack of desire to go after the football. You have to fight for it in the NFL. Watch the better receivers and you will see them go up and take the ball away from the defense. Ted doesn't do that. He's not agressive.
Also, he needs to Fake going out of bounds and turn it up field.

If ted ginn were not the #9 overall pick, he wouldnt be criticized the way he is.... admit it, hes a terrible pick up at #9, but u wouldnt say that about him if he went two rounds later (the regime reached on him). Without ginn, there is absolutely no receiver on the team to stretch the field. I would keep him in the slot and returning kicks and punts. find ways to get him the ball in the open.... thats his strength. Hes not a route runner, never has been.

look at how percy harvin is used.... they throw him the ball underneath and let him run, then he returns kicks. Ginn should be utilized the same way. Hes not being utilized to his strength, not getting the most out of him. He would probably be more successful elsewhere with a team willing to work to his strengths










They also had 9 in the box when Ricky broke the 68 yarder..go back and count them if you don't believe me!

THis chart complied by ESPN states it all:

If you were to throw the ball to Ted GInn in 2009, there is a 46.2% chance that he will catch the ball compared to all other AFC east receivers (who had the ball thrown 20 times or more to them). The statistics don't lie.

AFC East wide receivers: 2009 catch percentage (minimum 20 targets)
Player Team Pct.
Greg Camarillo Dolphins 90.5
Davone Bess Dolphins 78.8
Wes Welker Patriots 75.4
Julian Edelman Patriots 67.7
Jerricho Cotchery Jets 66.7
Randy Moss Patriots 64.2
Lee Evans Bills 46.7
Ted Ginn Dolphins 46.2
Braylon Edwards Jets* 45.0
Terrell Owens Bills 42.9
* Does not include Browns stats

If I did my job the way Ted Ginn does his... I'd be looking for another job.

If I did my job like Ted Ginn then you guys would be eating dirty donuts every morning.

Each night I go to bed and pray for the day when Ted Ginn will no longer be in Miami. How is it that Wes Welker is no longer in Miami, but Ted Ginn is? Someone please make me understand that?

Wow, Armando has got you guys all fired up about Ginn. Who caught a 57 yd TD pass the previous game? What short memories. Yes he made a poor play, but hustled back to cause a fumble, even though it was not called. Have you guys not realized it yet Armando still has Quinn envy and will stir the pot every chance he gets.


Ted Ginn & Family will dominate the Jets this weekend.

It really frustrates me when I see DeSean Jackson (a second round pick) making more plays (on what seems like a weekly basis) than Ted Ginn as a reciever and a returner. I know McNabb has a lot to do with that, but damn, he not even half as productive as Jackson. Why isn't he punt returning? He wasn't kick returning until Cobbs got injured. He was supposed to be a game changing returner and he hasn't lived up to that either. At least Desmond Howard salvaged his career as a returner, when he wasn't a sucessfull reciever.

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