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Unorthodox? Let me count the ways

What defines the Miami Dolphins?

Seriously. Is it Wildcat? Is it the celebrity limited partners? Is it Bill Parcells giving the team instant credibility? What is it?

Whatever it is, the mix of all the things I just mentioned, along with other things, make the Dolphins one unorthodox band as I write in my Sunday column in The Herald.

Please read the column because it includes some interesting thoughts from Justin Smiley and Ronnie Brown about the team. The column also tells you what the big misnomer about Wildcat is about. (And by the way, I should tell you in advance, I made a mistake in calling the Wildcat the updated Wing T offense. It is an updated Single Wing. My bad. Anyway, watch the video and see Miami QB coach David Lee explain the single wing, er, Wildcat.)

In the column I talk to new Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, who is new owner Stephen Ross's right-hand man. If you have not been to a Dolphins game this year and you get a chance, I encourage you to do so. The feel, the vibe is truly different than even a year ago.

I told Dee I was something of a skeptic about how all their fanciful changes to the game day experience would translate. Guess what? They work, although Dee is careful to point out the experience is still evolving and improving.

"We're not sure everything we've tried has worked," Dee says cautiously. "We don't think we have the perfect formula nor by any means do we think we've arrived at our destination. But we continue to work toward making the game a great experience for our fans and trying to attract the fans that stopped coming to the stadium after Dan Marino retired. Those fans continued to follow the team and watch what direction the team was going in before they decided to return. We call those passive fans and for the last decade they've been waiting to see what happens. We need to cultivate those fans."

Dee tells me the Dolphins have sold 49,250 season tickets and sales will continue through the New Orleans game. The eventual goal is to climb back to the 60,000 mark the team enjoyed years ago.

Dee also says the Dolphins are going to be very sensitive to feedback from fans as they work to make the game day experience better. Dee admits that feedback pretty much killed the T-Pain version of the fight song.

Fans said they love the old fight song and that will play every game starting in the third quarter.

Anyway, please check out the column and if you have any suggestions on how the Dolphins can make your experience at the stadium better, leave them here.