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Upset Edwards heads to NY, not Miami?

In the get-it-done-now world of the NFL, the Jets have decided they are going to upgrade their receivers corps now rather than wait until the offseason, so they have unofficially traded for Browns receiver Braylon Edwards.

Never mind that he's under investigation by the NFL for a possible violation of the league's conduct policy.

Never mind that he's had only one good season since coming into the league in 2005 -- that when he caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards and 16 TDs in 2007.

Never mind that in Cleveland, Edwards was known almost as much for dropping passes as catching passes.

The Jets have improved their receiver corps now, in the short term. That fact is not up for debate. Edwards is not a great player, but he is good. And he's a good answer for New York in the short term.

That offers a stark and interesting contrast to the Dolphins, who prefer to travel the longer, safer, winding road toward improvement.

The Dolphins knew Edwards was available. They also know their receivers corps is sub-standard -- trust me, they know.

But the Dolphins nonetheless decided not to pull the trigger on getting Edwards for reasons of sanity, sure, but also for this other reason: The Dolphins believe, indeed know, they are not one player away from any sort of championship in 2009.

The Dolphins are 1-3 and the addition of Braylon Edwards now isn't getting them to Super Bowl 44. The Dolphins are 1-3 and Braylon Edwards isn't getting them an AFC East title. Not now. Not this year.

And that is what you must weigh if you're judging whether the Dolphins should have jumped in the trade fray. It's not about could Edwards help the Dolphins be better in 2010 or 2011. It's about did the Dolphins believe Edwards could make a difference in 2009?


Because while the Dolphins probably cannot find another receiver to help their cause this season as much as Edwards might, they do believe they can go into the free agent market or draft next offseason and find someone that fits them better.

For the years going forwards.

They believe they can find someone that will not cost two players and two draft picks as Edwards cost the Jets. They believe they can find someone that will not cost them a big, shiny, new, expensive contract plus the picks as Edwards will the Jets. They believe they can find someone without the baggage that Edwards carries to New York.

But not until the offseason.

So the Dolphins have made their choice. If they were ever in the Edwards sweepstakes, which I doubt, they decided the buy-in was too high to remain. It is a short-term choice for what they believe is a short-term solution.

Long term? The Dolphins no doubt believe they can do better, all things considered, this offseason.


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Yeah, the Dolphins NEVER trade for talent, they only trade talent away, and that's historical...I can't see how I can turn the Dolphins around in 1 or 2 seasons in Madden into a dynasty year in and year out, with salary caps, yet, the guys who do this for a living FAIL on a massive scale...


No, Braylon Edwards would not get the Dolphins to the super bowl. I don't think Braylon Edwards himself would get any team to the super bowl.

Whats with all this talk like the Dolphins season is over? If the fins beat the Jets on Monday they're right back in the mix!


Lmfao! Madden Football does not equal real life buddy... put down the controller....

It's pretty darn close buddy...The ratings are pretty close, the salaries and caps are real...I do realize it's a game, but, that doesn't make my point any less valid...Name the last time Miami splurged on a trade or FA...I can only think of TWICE...

Ricky Williams, Culpepper...And we know how those 2 ended...We got 2 good years out of Ricky...Now, should I even start the list of STUDS we've traded away?

im with you on the fact that he wouldn't take us to a superbowl but he would help, our receivers arent any good and but him going to the jets doesnt do much to me either because if we can handle a t.o. and randy moss edwards wont be much trouble, i just would like a receiver who could help our young quarterback get settled by getting open henne wouldnt of been sacked so much if the receivers were open

I think the Dolphins can turn the season around. But I agree they're not a Super Bowl team with or without Braylon Edwards. And make up two games on the Patsies? Not happening.

As a lifelong Michigan and Dolphins fan, I gotta admit it would've been a dream come true to see Henne and Edwards playing together again. I feel Edwards problem in Cleveland was that nobody could get the ball to him, and we have the quarterback that helped him become the #3 pick overall. We can atleast hope that he doesnt sign a new deal with the Jets and becomes a free agent after this year.

What about Sinorce Moss or Vincent Jackson? MORON.

yea mando u sound like the season is lost?

FLPD, not gonna be able to make up 2 games on the Pats? get real, were gonna beat them twice this year.


plenty of people can get the ball to Edwards, he just can't catch it....

Paul Warfield and Nick Bonicotti worked out pretty well.

Nice post, Armando.

They call him edward scissor hands in cleveland.


Braylon was a beast in 2004 when Henne was throwing to him. I agree with Phin56 and I would have loved to see them together again.

it's "Receiving Corp"... NOT "Receivers Corp"

Adj. Noun... NOT Noun Noun.

Eggsellent analysis Armando. Depressing for us. But eggsellent

Quit squirming I need to get my fist out of your butt.

the jets are just dumb and delusional.... there going nowhere but down to keep the jill company in the cellar.
Way too many old players with hugh contracts.... this house of cards is about ready to fall. haha

You made a great point.... I was pretty mad that we didn't get him but now I understand


Hey, you can also play GTA and virtually screw a hooker too.

Some one call the Phins and fire Parcells and Ireland immediately and hire this guy.


Wait a minute...your not the hooker in gta are you?

Edwards is trash.

Maybe just play the game and you'll IMMEDIATELY see how terrible the decision-making has been...Charlie Anderson, Ayodele, McDaniels, who are all sub-par, Bell, Crowder, Smiley, Grove, Carey, all have LARGE bonuses...

I have one simple fact that illustrates how far from real life madden is.

Gibril Wilson can tackle in madden.

nuff said.


What are you 12 years old? Get out of here with that madden b.s. We are talking real life and if you think you know more the Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano, I have some wonderful swamp land in the everglades for sale.

Just because your team plays well in Madden does not translate to real life. 1) Free Agency is much easier in Madden. 2) The Draft is easier to figure out which would guys would become helpful to you. 3) You must be insane to do what we did in the late Shula years by buying guys. It took us nowhere. Not to say Shula was wrong, because he was a great coach. The Fact remains look at the Washington Redskins, paying that much for Free Agents. You live in a Fantasy wake up.

i hear fin fans want the tickets lowered by 70 percent to fill the empty seats and want the land shark beer at a dollar .

Armando, being a "professional" journalist and based upon the content of your facts and the history of this player you should be able to see that he doesn't match the make-up of a Parcells guy. Parcells wants winners on and off the field - you don't think for a minute that with the relationship this regime has had with Dallas - Bill wouldn't have tolerated TO to win some games in MIami if he could look beyond dropped passes and off field drama...He would never. He wants young studs that are coachable or proven veterans with integrity and playability.

I hear that graig got dirty sanchez last night

No...not at all...the Dolphins had Braylon Edwards and traded him....his name was Chris Chambers.

now if were VJack or ABold...then I would be upset.

Is there a dirty sanchez in madden?

Madden!!!!! Oh my gawd...are you kidding me?!?!?!!? Get a life...I can turn the Detroit Lions into a dynasty in Madden!!! You really need to get out of Fantasy and get into real life!!!

I can be James Bond in video games...but that doesnt mean I can be a secret agent!!!

Armandoo, you are one sorry excuse of a blogger. I won't call you a journalist as you couldn't work for a real paper in a real town, even for free. Edwards is a piece of doo doo and Miami's season is far from over. What I wish was over was your lame career.

This is good news, the jets got a malcontent and we won't have to face stuckey on monday. Edwards won't know enough to harm us by then.

what about his scissor hands?

Armando, that analysis was one of your best all time. Very well thought out and fair and right on the money. Braylon very well may turn out a good fit for the Jets but at this time it would've been the wrong move for the Dolphins. NEVER thought Bill would take this guy because he's not a Parcells type guy. It's funny to see how things have turned around in that the Dolphins used to be the team making trades for talented players with question marks, mortgaging their future for a quick fix. They had no success going this route and only recently decided to re-build. Now the Jets have taken on the role of risk taker and the team actually looks a lot like the Dolphin team of the late 90's with a great defense and so so offense. I guess they are hoping for a superbowl this year or next because after that, with few draft picks and older players on huge contracts, they're going to decline quickly.

So lets get this right, Edwards beats up Lebron's buddy and is traded out of Cleveland 2 days latter. So what happens if the Knicks sign Lebron next year?

Maybe Pacman need for start punch people again and Jets will want sign him

It really depends on what the undisclosed draft picks are, but I think this is a bad trade for the Jets! They aren't just one WR away from a Super Bowl either. And they continue to give away draft picks ala Washington. They already have a big strong receiver in Cotchery & lost the ultra-quick Stuckey. Their special teams took a big hit here too.

Then throw in the fact that Edwards will get suspended sometime soon from off-field conduct. Armando, any speculation on how many games his rap sheet warrants? It would be hilareous if he missed 2-3 games in December to cost NYJ a playoff berth.

Warning : John Maddens video game in no way simulates real life. If you think you're smarter than one of the best football minds in NFL history because you made a shrewd move on a video game you are dillusional and should seek immediate medical attention.

I think the Dolphins did the right thing in passing for Edwards. They wanted too much for him and I don't really think he's worth it. But upgrading the WR position should be Priority #1 ASAP. We get a true #1, and get these rookie CB's comfortable with the game, and I think we're ready to contest for the AFC title!!!

Soulpilot, that's basically what Mando was saying. You might have mis-read his blog.

draft picks in the trade were 3rd round and 5 round. This look very bad for Jets? Tannenbaum know what he doing?

OK, I feel kinda bad for the Marc...but Madden! I love the game as much as the next guy, but in my Madden world John Beck and Tedd Ginn are perennial pro-bowlers and lead the league in passing and receiving "virtually" every season. Sorry to say, that's not real life.

What about Boldin. Could or should the Dolphins try and get him????

"The Dolphins are 1-3 and Braylon Edwards isn't getting them an AFC East title. Not now. Not this year."

Mando, c'mon man. we still have 12 games to play to win the AFC East. There is definetely a possibility the Jets and Patsies tank part of the season and we are only 2 back.

to say we have no chance of winning the AFC East, with Braylon or without, is wrong. we have seen wilder things happen in the NFL than a team winning a division crown with 6-7 losses.

9/11 was an inside job

wtc 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos.

Anyone else find it fishy that the Jets, who were accused of tampering with Crabtree, decided to trade for Edwards just hours after Crabtree was signed?

Clearly they talked to Crabtree and thought he was going to them if he didn't sign, and when that fell through, they pulled the trigger on Edwards.

I was simply making a point that MOST of you seemed to miss...Simulate a few seasons and you'll realize it's NOT that far off! I DO UNDERSTAND that it's a video game. I could give several REAL LIFE examples, but, the most glaring example is the product that's out on the field RIGHT NOW! A bunch of over-priced, sorry FA's and draft picks. Ginn SHOULD BE returning ALL punts and kicks as well...

First of all why the hell would you want Miami to pick up Edwards ( aka Chris Chambers). We are doing things right for a change. Get the people we want and the ones that are champion calliber! If I have to wait two more years so be it. Wake up Dolfans! We now have the #1 rushing offense and the #2 run stopping Defense, BABY!! We didnt get to gjis point by picking other peoples trash. Keep rebuilding and maybe beckme a dynasty again!!

How about orande gadsen is he still alive?

I went to create a player on Madden he tore shi# up.. Ohhh lawd.

Its not the fact the Fins didnt trade for Edwards, its the fact that the all holy "trifecta" believes that the WR's they have now are good enough going forward. As Cote said in his article "lets hope they dont really believe that"

"Edwards, in his fifth season, has 10 receptions for 139 yards but was held to no catches for the first time in his career in the winless Browns' 23-20 overtime loss to Cincinnati on Sunday. His best season came in 2006, when he had 80 catches for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns. But he faced criticism in Cleveland last season for the number of passes he dropped."

I don't really like Edwards that much, but to be able to pick up a player with his potential with a 3rd and 5th round pick. A 2nd if he plays great...sounds like a good deal. Would you rather have Pat White or Braylon Edwards? Would you rather have Braylon Edwards or a wide receiver Miami would hope to pick in the third round next year?

"the Jets gave up draft picks in the third and fifth rounds in the deal, Schefter reported. The third-round pick is a conditional pick and could turn into second-round pick if Edwards catches a certain number of passes this season."

pasted the wrong paragraph...Edwards for a 3rd rnd pic or 2nd rnd pick if Edwards plays good.

sounds like a good deal...


Edwards didn't improve the receiver corps for the J-E-T-S....the Finz are better off with what they have for now. Edwards drops entirely too many passes...it would be like having another Ginn (AKA: Butterfingers) and we certainly don't need that!

" It's pretty damn close Buddy " Madden to the real game. REALLY ? and the stupidity continues ....... LMFAO !

Dear Braylin Ebwards fans:
You do not know too much of football now do you? RIght? You also hate Ted Ginn. But last year Edwards had 55 catches and 873 yards and 3 TDS
Ginn had 56 catches and 790 yards and 4 TDS. SO tell that it matters oh so much. PLease to let me have why Edwards is oh so much better. WHy? Because he had one hole season that he was good and that;s all?
Thank you for not knowing this.
Juan Huron

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