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Upset Edwards heads to NY, not Miami?

In the get-it-done-now world of the NFL, the Jets have decided they are going to upgrade their receivers corps now rather than wait until the offseason, so they have unofficially traded for Browns receiver Braylon Edwards.

Never mind that he's under investigation by the NFL for a possible violation of the league's conduct policy.

Never mind that he's had only one good season since coming into the league in 2005 -- that when he caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards and 16 TDs in 2007.

Never mind that in Cleveland, Edwards was known almost as much for dropping passes as catching passes.

The Jets have improved their receiver corps now, in the short term. That fact is not up for debate. Edwards is not a great player, but he is good. And he's a good answer for New York in the short term.

That offers a stark and interesting contrast to the Dolphins, who prefer to travel the longer, safer, winding road toward improvement.

The Dolphins knew Edwards was available. They also know their receivers corps is sub-standard -- trust me, they know.

But the Dolphins nonetheless decided not to pull the trigger on getting Edwards for reasons of sanity, sure, but also for this other reason: The Dolphins believe, indeed know, they are not one player away from any sort of championship in 2009.

The Dolphins are 1-3 and the addition of Braylon Edwards now isn't getting them to Super Bowl 44. The Dolphins are 1-3 and Braylon Edwards isn't getting them an AFC East title. Not now. Not this year.

And that is what you must weigh if you're judging whether the Dolphins should have jumped in the trade fray. It's not about could Edwards help the Dolphins be better in 2010 or 2011. It's about did the Dolphins believe Edwards could make a difference in 2009?


Because while the Dolphins probably cannot find another receiver to help their cause this season as much as Edwards might, they do believe they can go into the free agent market or draft next offseason and find someone that fits them better.

For the years going forwards.

They believe they can find someone that will not cost two players and two draft picks as Edwards cost the Jets. They believe they can find someone that will not cost them a big, shiny, new, expensive contract plus the picks as Edwards will the Jets. They believe they can find someone without the baggage that Edwards carries to New York.

But not until the offseason.

So the Dolphins have made their choice. If they were ever in the Edwards sweepstakes, which I doubt, they decided the buy-in was too high to remain. It is a short-term choice for what they believe is a short-term solution.

Long term? The Dolphins no doubt believe they can do better, all things considered, this offseason.


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unless we're getting a randy moss for a 4th round pick than fine, otherwise stay the course.


Shawn , we know that's you hidind behind the most idiotic screenname 9/11 inside job. First come back to reality . Second , you're delusional. Third what's up with your garbage SANCHEZ. He's garbage ! You were talking so much shyt about him and now you're hiding as 9/11 inside job. Only fools believe that and would take sanchez over penny after 3 games. That was up until sanchez's 4rth game. LMFAO ! :)

I don't think you will ever see Parcells/Ireland draft a WR or RB in the first round. There are a ton of great/good ones in later rounds and they have relatively short careers.

Then why would you give away the store for one during the season - I think not!


That's what counts to the trifecta - they have built a monster OL and Have 4 bruising RB's.

Give the star WR crap a rest. The guys we have are more than adequate and Hartline looks like he may be the sleeper in this year's draft.

I 'm so happy braylon edwards got traded. Now all the stupid posts about miami trading for this H1N1 virus can finally stop. Edwards is a bum .

one more observation - it is interesting the jets trade the store right after Crabtree signs with SF.

Tampering - maybe they were.

ill take the braylin with a brazilian bikini wax.

or the braylin smeared with prailens..



The Jests make a stupid trade (2 players, 3 rnd, and a 5th rnd... wow!) for a prima dona that cant catch and might get suspended.... And the Madden G.M.'s are in an uproar! LOL!

While the real fans know the Jets have screwed it up again and the descent that ends in a fiery crash has begun.


The Fins CAN win the division this year. Without Edwards or any other WR upgrade.

So the question is could Edwards be the piece they need to make it to the SB? Nope, no way.

They're good enough to be division champs again, but they're a LONG way away from being SB material.

MMMTRAVIS, nobody but the 49ers could've gotten crabtree this , not in a trade or signing as a free agent. CASE CLOSED !

This year.

Soulja , yeah !. Can you believe some of these idiots ? It never ceases to amaze me . LOL ! Actually it's embarressing to the rest of us dolphin fans. On to the jets. they're doing the same things miami used to do by trading away the future ( valuable draft picks ) for a quick fix and going it for now. what makes it worse is the type of player ( edwards ) that got. This guy is a F'N cancer not to mention he can't catch a cold. :)

The jets signing Edwards is exactly like the bills signing Owens: hype, hype, hype, but ultimately inconsequential on the field.

How good is to have people in charge of the Dolphins that have a clear picture of the future of the franchise, and a clear plan on how to execute it ....

after all the idiotic moves of the wanny's of the world....refresing , in Tuna I trust

I have to agree lake city fan and say that short term Marvin Harrison would be a decent bet. He's a free agent, we could maybe strike up a contract based on limited base salary but perfomance incentive ladden. Look what having an experienced veteran like Pennington done for us last year. We could do worse!!

yes, NJ the trifecta is doing this the right way....no hasty kneejerk personnel moves....just build slowly and methodically through the draft and second tier free agency.....the b. edwards trade signifies the type of mistake the previous regimes would have made....this team is building momentum like a giant locomotive....it isn't going to get to full speed quickly, but once it does, it will flatten anything that gets in front of it....

listen guys, i kinda hate seeing the circus in new york called the jets gettin dis guy, but he's not a special player, chris chambers had a really good season several years ago here in miami, and now he's like the number 4 reciever in san diego, the dolphins are doing the smart thing, keep the picks, try to get a reciever in the draft, aj green or bryant from oklahoma state, those guys will be really good witeouts in the nfl, edwards might be a good reciever if he revive his career, but will never be a game breaker type of reciever, we need a game changing calvin johnson, larry fitzgerald type of guy and trade ginn and his entire family, he's officially a bust!!!!!!!!!

soulj my boy,



Why are you using the words 'And' and But to start not only sentences but paragraphs?

Who proof-reads this stuff?

sanchez mr. int/fumble

next tues:

Jets 3-2

Fins 2-3


i think marvin became a bit of a malcontent at the end in indy.....the mothership can see this and will not pick him up.

the 2-3 record now means watch out .what a loser fish fan .

graig, your on a dolphin blog and souljabeats is the loser....go away

All we've heard on this blog is Ted Ginn can't catch, can't blah blah. Edwards is Ginn with an attitude! Good riddance to bad rubbish, let the Jests deal with his flakiness. Good move not overpaying for him.

Seriously, Braylon Edwards? The guy is a bum, let the stinking jets have him. We build with inexpensive young players through the draft. And we splurge on a player or two in free agency. So far we need work on the free agent front and this season a WR pick in the second round would have netted us more gain than the Pat White pick did but besides that I cant complain about our drafts.

Some Observations:

1) The Dolphins this season have at times looked like world beaters, and at other times like pansies. I liken this to the Dolphins 1986-1989 which, despite the cliche, were really the ONLY team in the NFL capable "on any given day" of beating or losing to ANY team in the league. These Dolphins remind me of those Dolphins - different strengths and weaknesses - but same result.

2) When I cross the border into Canada and then back into the U.S., I get awfully nervous. I have no criminal record, I've never broken a law, I'm carrying no contraband - yet there's something in my nature that expects the border guard to pull me aside and arrest me for malfeasance.

3) What is it about the Dolphins that they're able to draft/acquire the best "possession" receivers? First, Welker, then Camarillo, then Bess. These guys catch everything you throw at them. While not "fast," they're extraordinarily quick. They know where the first down marker is, and head straight upfield to efficiently maximize yardage. Yet, why are they so terrible at acquiring dominant, primary receivers - guys who can stretch the field, make big chunks of yardage, etc.?

4) When I was recently back in my old city of Toronto with my wife, I asked her to stand with me outside my kindergarten to grade 5 public school. Why? Because that was the last time I felt that life was limitless - that all my dreams could come true. And for years after leaving public school, that optimism had left me. It was only upon meeting my wife, proposing to her, and marrying her that, again, all my dreams seemed able to come true. I wanted to express those feelings to her as we kissed outside that school. That really is so beautiful.

Alas, she couldn't come with me to the school. I should have taken my mistress there instead.

Nice post Mando, my feelings exactly. Up here in NY all the talk shows are crowing about this pickup and how it not only helps the Jets but hurts the Phins. Hey Edwards may hurt the Phins this season but he brings too much baggage with him to the jets. The team will suffer eventually because of his nonsense. Usually these primadonna recievers play well for the first year they arrive at their new digs then start acting up. Time will tell but I personally didn't want him as a Dolphin. An aside- one of the players the Jets gave cleveland was a great special teams player for them this year- Jets special teams may falter a bit without him.

Edwards and NY City seems like a good match. If he gets into trouble in Clevland I'm sure NY will be a better place for him

Sanchez's last 2 games he has 4 int and 2 fumble... has he been watching Delhomme?

What is over under come from Vegas on how many month until Braylon Edwards shoot himself in leg at nightclub?

Edwards, imo, is a rotten acorn. Glad we skipped that. I found an interesting list of 2010 free agents (please forgive me for the source). Most of the good ones probably get resigned by their teams, but there are some interesting names on the list...


This guy got in trouble in a club in cleveland , CLEVELAND ! Can you imagine him in the city ? . Also beteween the shonn greene and edwards trades , do the jets have any draft picks left ? LMFAO !

I don't really like Edwards that much, but to be able to pick up a player with his potential with a 3rd and 5th round pick. A 2nd if he plays great...sounds like a good deal. Would you rather have Pat White or Braylon Edwards? Would you rather have Braylon Edwards or a wide receiver Miami would hope to pick in the third round next year?

Posted by: 9/11 was an inside job | October 07, 2009 at 12:25 PM


Your screen name makes you sound crazier than your post.
I'd rather have the No. 1 rushing offense, the No. 2 rushing defense AND ALL my draft picks.
Oh wait, we do........STF!

time for my meatball sub .


Thank you for the laugh.. I can now skip over any comment you ever make again knowing I will never miss an intelligent response or comment. That in itself will save me and my employer valuable time. And again, thanks for the laugh..

PS - My son played the entire season with the Lions on Madden last year and won the Super Bowl.. I agree it is very realistic - LOL

What is over under come from Vegas on how many month until Braylon Edwards shoot himself in leg at nightclub?

Posted by: carlito from golfito | October 07, 2009 at 01:19 PM


Plaxico went to Michigan State University.
Braylon went to Michigan.
Braylon wont shoot himself in the leg.
He'll shoot himself in the foot!

shawn, no one can possibly take you seriously with that stupid name....even if you had a good take.

braylon is a ME guy.....parcells doesn't take ME guys.

This is good news for the Fins. NY is set to implode.

severino; worst name so far today

why i feel some one is talking to himself ?

batman....yeah, i noticed that too. that is pretty sad

Maybe just play the game and you'll IMMEDIATELY see how terrible the decision-making has been...Charlie Anderson, Ayodele, McDaniels, who are all sub-par, Bell, Crowder, Smiley, Grove, Carey, all have LARGE bonuses...

Posted by: Marc | October 07, 2009 at 11:22 AM

Maybe if you quit skipping school to play Madden, you wouldn't be so retarded.
The "terrible decisions" you named have all played a part in making us No. 1 in rushing and No. 2 against the run.

Marc, take the earlier poster's advice and get some help.

marc, you are joking right?

Braylon who?


We really can't do anything until we know for sure if Henne can make these WR's better. We have to WAIT and see what shakes out over the next 4 games. The trade deadline will be over but I wouldn't pull the trigger until I know what Henne can do.

I thought Edwards was a free agent after this season? Did he sign an extension with the Jets? He didn't win in Cleveland he won't help the Jets win. Very talented receiver but he's another of those 'me first' guys. We don't need them!!

Braylon Edwards is definately an upgrade of Ginn. But Braylon is just another Chris Chambers, he has all the talent in the world but disapears when you need him most. He will make a spectacular catch and then drop the next pass. Trading for a real upgrade is just too costly. Lets wait untill the end of the season and see where the WRs are with Henne. Its a young group lets give them a chance.
I guarantee Dolphin fans woud have no patience with Edwards and all the balls he drops.

Don't sign douchebags.....and don't do meth!! Edwards would have done next to nothing for us, especially at that price. He's just like a bully. He can intimidate with his physical attributes, but when it comes time to deliver.....he bails!! We are doing just fine everyone. Are we winning the Super Bowl this year...NO. Are we getting better......Hell Yes! Trifecta has the run offense and defense at an elite level now. Next is the passing offense and defense. You got to have patience to build a true winner. The Jets are paying a heavy price to try and win now. Doughboy will be run out of town in 3 years. Just watch!!

Craig M , edwards is indeed a free agent after this year Besides the trading of picks , the jets now have to sign him for long term big money . STUPID STUPID !. That's another reason i didnt want that clown here,

Braylon Edwards = Chris Chambers. Somebody tell me that he is much better than even a guy like Chris Chambers because I dont see it. Just like Chambers he has potential but drops too many passes. At least Chambers wasn't a head case. Def. not worth trading for

Stone hand Edwards is not an upgrade over our current(by some accounts) stone hands Ginn. As you so well stated Edwards has had 1 good season but even then he lead the league in drops. He will likely be suspended and he does no good if he is not in the game. Edwards is not worth 1 high draft pick and definantly not worth 2 picks in any round. In short Edwards is not an upgrade, he is a risky pickup because of his legal issue, he is over priced to the extreme, and even if he did provide a little experience he also brings in tons of baggage. He would likely cost more in the long run than any value he could bring now. Good no pickup by the coaching staff.

I don't care....the man has too much baggage that shows on the field...

one more observation - it is interesting the jets trade the store right after Crabtree signs with SF.

Tampering - maybe they were.
Posted by: y-not


I'm glad they made the trade. I think he'll suck after a few games(he'll want to make a quick statement). And the Jets just lost two more draft picks!!! Nice job doughboy!!

Like we need another guy with Ginn's hands on the team. NYJ can have Braylon.


Another AFC East title is certainly a possibility. A sweep of the jets and pats is not beyond my imagination. As far as the Super Bowl, that is also still a possibilty. It's understandable that many are unimpressed with the slow start but, it's on. Tony will work to address issues and make this as right as it can be. Bet.

I hear Ireland & Parcells went into Madden, accesses the '84 Phins roster and signed Duper & Clayton. Sorry Dan, we have a QB now.

You guys aren't smart...we need a a threat who wants next year!!! Why are we buying tickets for an organization that not trying to get winners...

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