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Upset Edwards heads to NY, not Miami?

In the get-it-done-now world of the NFL, the Jets have decided they are going to upgrade their receivers corps now rather than wait until the offseason, so they have unofficially traded for Browns receiver Braylon Edwards.

Never mind that he's under investigation by the NFL for a possible violation of the league's conduct policy.

Never mind that he's had only one good season since coming into the league in 2005 -- that when he caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards and 16 TDs in 2007.

Never mind that in Cleveland, Edwards was known almost as much for dropping passes as catching passes.

The Jets have improved their receiver corps now, in the short term. That fact is not up for debate. Edwards is not a great player, but he is good. And he's a good answer for New York in the short term.

That offers a stark and interesting contrast to the Dolphins, who prefer to travel the longer, safer, winding road toward improvement.

The Dolphins knew Edwards was available. They also know their receivers corps is sub-standard -- trust me, they know.

But the Dolphins nonetheless decided not to pull the trigger on getting Edwards for reasons of sanity, sure, but also for this other reason: The Dolphins believe, indeed know, they are not one player away from any sort of championship in 2009.

The Dolphins are 1-3 and the addition of Braylon Edwards now isn't getting them to Super Bowl 44. The Dolphins are 1-3 and Braylon Edwards isn't getting them an AFC East title. Not now. Not this year.

And that is what you must weigh if you're judging whether the Dolphins should have jumped in the trade fray. It's not about could Edwards help the Dolphins be better in 2010 or 2011. It's about did the Dolphins believe Edwards could make a difference in 2009?


Because while the Dolphins probably cannot find another receiver to help their cause this season as much as Edwards might, they do believe they can go into the free agent market or draft next offseason and find someone that fits them better.

For the years going forwards.

They believe they can find someone that will not cost two players and two draft picks as Edwards cost the Jets. They believe they can find someone that will not cost them a big, shiny, new, expensive contract plus the picks as Edwards will the Jets. They believe they can find someone without the baggage that Edwards carries to New York.

But not until the offseason.

So the Dolphins have made their choice. If they were ever in the Edwards sweepstakes, which I doubt, they decided the buy-in was too high to remain. It is a short-term choice for what they believe is a short-term solution.

Long term? The Dolphins no doubt believe they can do better, all things considered, this offseason.


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Listen closely, its about the threat and the intangibles of a receiver (not stats). Ginn is a kick off returner. Edwards is a pro bowl proven receiver who gets open --corners and defenses have to respect that. Just like TO who drops passes you still have to account for him. We need a stud who poses a threat so that defenses can stay honest.


I can type slower if needed

Perhaps Edwards doesn't fit in Parcells' scheme, but Parcells'scheme stinks when we talk about what should be a modern offense (= WRs, vertical passing game, etc).

The Wets got him cheap: a 3rd and a 5th. Our 3rd (Turner) and 5th round picks (Nalbone, Clemons) this year haven't been able to get on the field.

So perhaps we won't miss Edwards, but a the same time NY did a low cost move that could end up a true steal.

My guess is they take the wait and see approach. I figure they Trifecta has addressed our trenches and the secondary with the first 2 drafts. Next year we go after the luxury picks like WR's and TE's in the early rounds.

We already traded Braylon Edwards to San Diego a couple of years ago. Except, back then, we called him Chris Chambers.

The phins need help in no less than 5 areas not the least of which could be quarterback depending on how Henne fairs in the next 12 games. WE NEED A SAFETY!!!!!!! WE NEED A MIDDLE LINEBACKER!!!!!! WE NEED A #1 WIDE RECEIVER!!!! WE STILL NEED HELP ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!! We can't pass and we can't stop the pass....thats trouble.

uh oh all they did was give Mark Sanchez more weapons to fight with...

Braylon Edwards is overrated and too much of a crybaby. I'd much rather have the Dolphins play it out this season and then draft a talented youngster like Dez Bryant. The only receiver I'd be cool with the Dolphins trading for is Anquan Boldin, but I understand why the Dolphins would be hesitant to offer two first round draft choices for him.

Receivers are a dime a dozen. Lack of a WR is probably the easiest problem to fix in the NFL. The Cheatriots had a problem at WR and in one offseason they got Moss, Welker, and Stallworth. Receivers aren't that hard to get relative to other positions. The Dolphins could have easily gotten Boldin or TO this offseason. Next offseason, there will be plenty of talented WRs available.

Like Armando alluded to, if the Dolphins were one WR away from the Super Bowl, they would have gotten that guy.

WRs are easy to get in Madden and in real life.

Edwards is not the elite receiver the Phins are looking for. Quit crying mando because the phins don't bite on what your trying to sell them. They said this was a 3-4 year build and we are in the second year. Wait till FA and the draft. I think Ginn will be cut loose by next season.

Marc - thanks for making my day. I was raging all day, and you tipped me over to hysterical insanity world with your blog comments.

I couldn't imagine Edwards living it up in South Beach, kinda like his fellow team mate Stallworth, ha! The guy found trouble in Cleveland for Christ sake! And some of you fools thinks he would be a good fit in Miami!

Where is the information what the trade was? I guess, it's more important to complain than to report.

Everyone keeps talking about a big play receiver, blah, blah, blah. We need a productive receiver(s), we don't need big names because big name receivers have won squat in the National Football League. The 2 best receivers over the past decade T.O. and Moss have won how many superbowls? Fitzgerald how many? Andre Johnson how many? Chad Johnson how many? Get the point, it's sexy to a have big name receiver but it does not translate to playoff or superbowl success.

The most accomplished receiver playoff and superbowl wise over the past 10 years in the NFL, Hines Ward. He has 2 superbowl rings, and multiple probowl appearances. He is not a splashy guy, just productive.
So everybody who is complaining that the trifecta won't trade our drafts away on some faulty logic get a grip and put down the ps3/xbox controls.

I will patiently wait for our club to be built...RIGHT... not just slammed together with a bunch of questionable losers like B. Edwards trying to plug holes and do patch job for one year wonder teams. Miami is STILL on the right track, They are better this year than last and will certainly be even better when the younger guys learn more than what they know now. Edward has Rocks for hands and conducts himself like a thug off the field... everything we do NOT want in a player that will be around for 8 or 10 years hence...

I trust Parcells and the front office in their moves, I like most of what we have done so far regarding other positions. Hartline is being groomed and we will have to see what Patrick Turner becomes. We don't need to give away picks to get an Edwards. I think next year we will either see Hartline or Turner be our go-to guy, or we will make a move. Week 5 is not the time to do that.

It's wishful thinking to postulate about getting receivers from teams that are in contention right now. Guys like Boldin, Marshall, etc. aren't going anywhere. We should try picking up a good #1 guy from a team that is on the skids, like Tampa or Detroit or Washington. Picking up an Antonio Bryant or a Calvin Johnson would give us an immediate upgrade.

And if you think Armando is arguing we shouldn't go out and get a top receiver now, then how do you explain his past articles calling for such?

Why are we lusting over this move? How many draft picks have the Jets traded in the last few years? This guy is a punk, do we want a punk diva on this team? Hell no!

Sheesh, trade for calvin johnson, give the lions most of our draft next year. Because he was a humongous difference maker last year when his team made an "historic run."
I blame ESPN and the talking heads on the over-saturated football talk show market for the very low football acumen of today's fan.

Maybe Edwards will do better with the Jets.

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