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Welcome to the 2009 season, Matt Roth

Barring an unexpected, unforeseen, and brand new suprise of some sort, Matt Roth will finally walk onto a Dolphins practice field Wednesday and do something he has not done since the team reported to training camp in August: Practice.

He said last week he feels 100 percent healthy.

He said Monday that Wednesday would be the day to welcome him back.

And so I wait with grand anticipation for this moment, because frankly, I have no clue how this creepy episode is going to reach a normal ending.

Yeah, I said creepy. That's how I describe it when a player tells you to expect a lot of sacks in 2009 in March, but by August is not able to pass the team's conditioning test and is placed on the non-football injury list.

That's what happened to Roth. On the first day of camp, he flunked his conditioning test. This came as a surprise to everyone, including coach Tony Sparano, because Roth had signed a statement that all players sign, basically confirming that he is not injured in any way.

Then Roth failed the test, raising eyebrows and prompting Sparano to have a career chat with the player to find out what was wrong. During that talk Roth basically made up a story of some sort that didn't have anything to do with the real reason he failed the test.

And he did that twice.

These facts are not up for debate. Roth fibbed to his coach. Not once. Not twice. But a total of three times.

"To be honest with you, the way this thing has gone, we have a signed statement from Matt, just like all of our players, on their medical status and his was that he has no illness and no injury," Sparano said in speaking of Roth's first misdirection the day training camp opened.

"We took the conditioning test and Matt did not do as well in the conditioning test. He did not pass the conditioning test so he and I visited. We visited on two occasions, and we talked about what was going on. [Matt indicated] he was sick. He did not feel good, he did not feel right, and so we sent him for blood tests. That work came back negative and that is where we are right now."

The blood work came back negative because Roth wasn't sick. He had a bad groin, which we know because his agent Drew Rosenhaus announced WSVN-Ch. 7 here in Miami. Rosenhaus said this before the Dolphins called him and told him to shut up with the truthful info.

Quick question: Matt Roth has just told his head coach he's sick. He knows he isn't. He knows something's wrong with his groin. So he goes for a battery of blood work anyway without ending the charade first?

Anyway, I asked Sparano about that troublesome fly in this strange soup, the groin injury.

"This groin thing… it is the first time I have heard of it," Sparano said in starting to detail Roth's other fibs. "We are going to investigate it, but I have been told on two different occasions that it is an illness. [The groin injury] is not what I was told was the reason for the performance [in the conditioning test] that I saw yesterday.”

Understand the dynamic here. Sparano usually moves Heaven and Earth so as to not uncover his players.

He tells you Ernest Wilford is improving week after week after week even though Wilford is causing every personnel man in the organization to pull their hairs out from disappointment. He tells you Shawn Murphy is playing pretty good even as Shawn Murphy is getting replaced by Donald Thomas. He tells you he can win titles with his receivers when your eyes tell you that's very unlikely.

Sparano might criticize players to their faces, but never to the media. And yet he basically uncovered Roth's deception because he was royally torqued off at Roth. I do mean he was red-faced mad.

Sparano was mad at Roth's prevarication and others in the organization were angry at Roth because he apparently got hurt while doing something -- no one knows exactly what -- that has nothing to do with playing football. The injury apparently did not occur at the Dolphins facility or as Roth was doing Dolphins work.

How do we know this? Well, I know because I've been told that's the case, but regardless of that can you not see Roth has been on the NON-football injury list? Players don't go on those when they suffer football injuries.

So there's another mystery that remains unsolved.

And now, today, we began to unravel perhaps the most of important wrapping around this mystery: Can Roth contribute to the team in 2009 and to what extent?

Roth will not play against the Saints Sunday. That would be begging to get him hurt. But if he is indeed healthy and is relatively quick in regaining his sharpness, he could begin to carve a niche for himself within the three-week window he has to make it back.

[For the record, Roth does not count against the 53-man roster now as he gets the 21-day roster exemption during which time he can practice. At the end of that time and anytime during that time, the Dolphins must activate, waive or place Roth on a reserve list. If he's activated, he would count on the roster and Miami must make room for him. If he's waived (not likely) or placed on a reserve list he obviously does not count on the roster.]

If Roth shows his 2008 form, he can be a pretty solid edge run-stopper. He has also shown pass-rush skills. So he's valuable and an asset.

The problem is Jason Taylor has taken Roth's strong side linebacker job and isn't likely to offer returning it.

So what do the Dolphins do? Do they keep Taylor as the starter? Do they put Roth in there if he wins the job back and risk alienating Taylor? Or do they platoon the two?

That decision cannot be made until the Dolphins see exactly where Roth is, until they see exactly how far he's come or how much ground he's lost. And once they see that, assuming this saga has no more twists, then the Dolphins can put this mystery to bed.

I think.


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The reality is we don't know what he can bring yet, only what he's brought last year But I think it is a step forward to having him back.Porter, Taylor are not great cuz our D plan holds them back.

I know I read an article in the past that mentioned Roth did MMA fighting in the offseason.

@Pat London,

you know what i like what Crowdcer did, cause if he would have whopped Misses Lights ass he would have rejected (stupid refs did it anyways)

Light will pay on the field
i liked that Crowder, cmon everybody new Channing was about to explode, would have loved to ass whopper Light

c'mon guys how many 275 pound ILB are in the league? how about Soliali playing ILB?

how the heck shall he run with the TE when our 245 and 260 pound LB cant do it

oh loard

Hey Mando, not to change the subject , but how did the out of town fan base do in your blog about attending the Super Bowl if our Dolphins were to be in the big dance?

Roth will give the D an added bonus if he plays like last year. I'm glad the Dolphins didn't panic and make any trades yesterday.The guys that controll our team must realize that we are on the right track now that Henne has played pretty damn good so far.I think we will be seeing a lot more production out of Ginn if he can break away from the defenders.That will open up our running game even more,like we need it!

I don't know what to think about Roth, but he really let the fans and his teammates down.He can stop the run and can help get JT some rest between plays...let's hope he comes out to really play this time.

As far as the trades....Damn I wanted a WR so bad.I really liked Sims-Walker from the Jags.I thought we could of got him pretty easy.If we really wanted to go all out we could of tried to get Steve Smith ha We will see how it all plays out...The tuna could be waiting to sign a big name WR from free agency.

The saints are a tough team...it comes down to our secondary.They have to step it up, because Brees doesn't miss open WRs like some other QBs we have played.I think we need another solid game out of Henne and he has to take care of the ball...oh and can someone please cover a TE ha Shockey has been playing pretty good, so we gotta keep him in check.The Dolphins love to let TEs beat us.

Much luv Phin fans

Hi downer12 , what's up sweetie ? Downer12 both the bills and jets defenses played the NO offense pretty well and containing them . I don't see why miami can't do the same and we lit up both of those defenses. You're not going to stop NO but a stop here and there and miami controlling the ball will go a long way in helping miami win.

When matt roth comes back at full strength , miami will go to it's original plan on having roth playing on 1st and 2nd downs while taylor comes in as the pass rush specialist. Roth can NOT play ilb. The ilb in the 3-4 requires him to be a good athlete with fliud movements , change of direction skills and covering backs an te's out of the backfield . all thing that roth isn't. Roth is a power player who's good at setting the edge against the run with some pass rush skills. Hope that helps. :)

@Downer: Steve Smith is 30, we are not playing for the Super Bowl right now... we need one good offseason+draft (at least) 31 - why should you give up something like a 2nd rounder for a 31 yr old wr - even im a fan of steve smith and love his game doesnt fit us.

keep in mind there are some crazy names who might hit the FA
- Vincent Jackson
- Brandon Marshall

solid younger WR like
- Miles Austin
- Antoinio Bryant (dont like)
- Steve Breaston (too small)

midseason trades have not much to non impact
but i agree there are 2-3 wr out there that could get acquiered "cheap"
- sims-walker
- i like robert meachem from the saints, crazy speed for his size

take it easy guys, i know shouldnt say that but i wouldnt cry about a season record between 7-9 and 9-7 we need high draft picks and the 2010 draft is crazy loaded

imagine if we could land a talent like
FS Myes
ILB Spykes (how about a Gators duo of Crowder and Spykes = oouuuch nobody would like to run inside)

we still have some needs, and i hope RB wont be one of that, please take care of Ronnie soon.

- atlethic TE (tweener TE/WR, i would love a TE group of Fasano, Haynos, and a Gates type of TE)
- OG depth and injury back up for smiley (still wish we would have drafted Duke Robinson)
- another CB

guys we getting closer 2 amazign drafts changed our roster from the 3rd oldest to the 5th youngest and talent increased 3000%

compare QBs

Green, Beck, Lemon to Henne, White, Thigpen, (Pennington)


Dear Mr. Salguero

"These facts are not up for debate. Roth fibbed to his coach. Not once. Not twice. But a total of three times."

"This groin thing… it is the first time I have heard of it," Sparano said in starting to detail Roth's other fibs. "We are going to investigate it, but I have been told on two different occasions that it is an illness."

If pulling your groin is an illness then as a young teen I was cronically ill and had to lie to my parents all the time.

Side affects of pulling your groin is you get hairy palms. I myself sported Mullets in both my left and right palms.

Anyhoo its just usually a faze and Im sure Mr. Roth will outgrow this groining pulling thing.

Soiled :)

Don't like spikes ( another florida ilb like crowder ? ) , rolando mclain of alabama is better. A good young NT will be a bigger priority over cb ( we just drafted 2 young cb's ) . Another young veteren cb will better .

He lied to his coach for no reason. He couldn't have played in any case, so I don't really understand why he would lie. Seems kind of dumb.
He is a good player. Tough and capable of stopping runs and brings in the odd sack.

If he is a flake, he is one of many in the NFL. Taylor was dancing last year during workouts and he is playing. Joey Porter weirds out all the time on the field. Ricky has been busted for Pot use quite a few times. All of this stuff is behind him.

Roth is a good soldier on the field. Not the kind of guy you want to play against especially if you give him a reason. I hope the Trifecta give the kid some slack and work this out.

NJ: i like Soliali more and more, and Fergue is playing like a 25 yr old, i can see using Soliali as starter next season and Fergueson as back, i also like McDaniels A LOT.

sorry man, im a pro CROWDER, i like him, keep in mind he is still very young that dude went pro with 21, 2nd year in 3-4, 2nd yr calling plays and our defense increased bad ass-ish

Spikes is another hard hitting MoFo thats how i like em

Fergie is 35 years old and a free agent and soliai is what he is a good backup nt . Miami NEEDS a good young NT to groom as it NT of the future. Crowder has been a disappointment and spikes looks to follow like one. I'd stay away. Mclain is a playmaker which is what miami needs at ILB .

Fergie is 38 years old not 35.

I don't know if we would be high enough but that house Gerald McCoy the NT from Oklahoma would be a perfect fit, again though, kids gonna go pretty quick

fergie was born in 1974. That's 35 . Know math ?

I'd be willing to trade a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty for a shot that takes Brees out of the game...

Bobbyd12. gerald mcCoy isn't a NT ( he not big enough to play nt in the 3-4 ) . G. McCoy is a DT and is better suited for Dt in the 4-3. Doesn't fit miami's scheme.

terrence cody is the only NT that comes in my midn but if we sign him half of our training & kitchen staff will quit.

Soliali made a couple of plays and after this season - there were rumours that Glenn Dorsey could be available (for cheap)

the way we play now, Fergy Ferg can play 1-2 more years when he gets that much rest and splits carries with Soliali & McDaniels

CHILD PLEASE ! Dorsey isn't a Nt ( he's more of a 4-3 dt or 3-4 de ). Mcdaniels isn't a nt either. Nice try ! Again fergie is 35 years old and a free agent and soliai is a good back up . N. Suh of nebraska and arthur jones of syracuse would be Good nt's from the draft .

McDaniels can play NT, he did also say that he would love to, give that huge dude some cheesburgers and he will look like Jenkins Big Poppa :) Dorsey also got the physical toosl to become a NT, thats why his draft stock was that high (too high)....by the way, Jenkins was also no NT!!! lots of people said

Soliali showed some flashes and he is finally commited, what im saying is - Wilfork is a potential FA and i doubt the Patriots are gonna resign him and have the cap to resign him + they have tons of needs on defense and need quiet a few holes to fill.

If Wilfork would become available he might be to pricey for us and i liked him 1-2 years ago better i guess he is a little up with his weight. still florida guy and one heck of a player.

what im saying is i dont see NT as an urgent need - as i said switch Soliali with Fergueson, keep rotating and we can make it trough a season.

sorry guys it will take automatic weapons to pull tis one one off i dont care who we put in there

posted by rd bulldurham

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