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Wednesday afternoon news nuggets

Well, that didn't take long.

Waived on Tuesday by the Dolphins, offensive guard Shawn Murphy seems to be heading to Tampa Bay. The Bucs claimed Murphy off waivers and the only way they won't get him is if Washington, ahead of Tampa in line for waiver claims, also claimed Murphy.

It is not yet known if Washington also put in a waiver claim."Looks like he's going up the road and still not paying state taxes," quipped Derrick Fox, Murphy's agent. "Tampa should be a good fit for Shawn."

Fox said Murphy expects to be used as a guard and center in Tampa.

 [Update: Washington did not claim Murphy so he's a Buc and he'll be facing his old team Nov. 15].

Coach Tony Sparano said he "wasn't proud," that Miami had to let Murphy go.

“Let me start by saying this: anytime you bring a young player in like that, like Murph, an offensive lineman, and you draft him in the fourth round, you, the head coach, has a responsibility to try to develop this guy the best you can," Sparano said. "I’m not proud of the fact that we had to let Murph go.

"At the same time, we have to look at our football team and we kind of have to see what the best situation for the Miami Dolphins is right now, and I think that one of the best things that we could do was, seeing the progress that Murph had made, and knowing where he was right now, and seeing some of the other people that I had running around out there right now, and seeing where they were, led me to think that a tackle in the building would be a pretty good thing for us right now. And Lydon [Murtha] is a guy that we did in the draft, we spent good time with, and had really good background on.”


The first injury report of the week as Miami prepares for New Orleans offers good news for Miami.

The Dolphins have no one on their report. The entire team practiced Wednesday and did so full, meaning no one was limited to certain drills. Joey Porter (hamstring) and Channing Crowder (ankle), who missed time last week, are apparently 100 percent.

The Saints are another story.

Linebacker Scott Fujita (calf) did not practice. LB Jonathan Casillas (hip), CB Malcolm Jenkins (ankle), TE Jeremy Shockey (shoulder), CB Leigh Torrence (hamstring), and P Thomas Morstead (right ankle) were all limited in practice Wednesday.


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We got a great chance to win miracles happen alot

Murphy will be cut again in 2 weeks and it looks like all of NO's players will play. nothing new :)

Any chance you could print the quote on the inside door of the fins davies weight room ????

Let the pass rush begin. Go Wake!!

Is Roth doing good in practice?(It sounds wierd saying that) NJPHINFAN Murphy might not be cut because Bucs need linemen and since throwing is in his genes maybe he could play QB(just kidding)

I think all of use should be optimistic!! This is a very winable game, without luck, just good smash mouth football! We are the more physical team, bar none! We are going to win this game!!

Dolphins - 28
Saints - 17

We play Tampa Bay week 10. If he lasts that long, any concern Murphy will pass intimate knowledge of the Wildcat schemes on? Sounded like he felt scorned and might be vengeful about the cut...

Nj- point is probaly mute cause the kid is going to go top 5 but at 6:4 295 McCoy is rating out as a potential NT on some scouting sites...I agree he is underweight for that position but not by that much... But like I said, ge top 5 and we ain't gonna be there

every year one of these teams start out so hot that nobody is supposed to be able to beat them and someone always does.like us the saints are just a football team. miami 28 saints 13 they are who we thought they were!

Bobbyd12 Again , McCoy has never been and will never be a NT. He's rated the top DT ( or DE in the 3-4 ) while N. Suh of nebraska and terrance cody of alabama are rated the top pure NT"S

The fins will be fine they have a nack for beating undefeated teams mid season. Remember when sorry ass Joey carved up da bears in 07 Dolphins 28 saints 21

The Saints have to lose sometime, why not this week?

Nj- N suh will begone really early too


The Dolphins WILL win this game - they will control the ball and the clock and make ONE play in the secondary - which is all they needed against the Colts - that loss will haunt us this year.

hey crowder its time...a big sack, big turnover,a pick,a fumble, anything. were still waiting bro come on this is the game

#1 dolfan & anyone else who does not have faith: F@*k a miracle, Dolphins will WIN...

Bree's is a very good quarterback if not Great, We need to do 3 things to beat the Saints, Control the clock, Pressure Bree's, and Put points on the board. If we can control the rock for another 45min in this game we will beat the the Saints... Bree's is not Peyton Manning..

Called the Jets bills game, will call this one. Miami 24 saints 10


What is Murphy going to tell the Buc's that is not already available on film? "Sometime Ronnie will keep and find a hole up the middle, but sometime he will hand off to Ricky right or left, and then sometime he will throw to Fasano.......there are no secrets anymore. Let him tell them whatever he wants. They still don't know what we will do on any given play out of the WC. We just have to keep executing like we did against the Jets.

Interesting game for us Saints fans. Anxious to see how they do against a good team on the road after a big win at home. For the Saints, the key Sunday is what it has always been since Sean Payton got here. If they take care of the ball, they'll take care of the Dolpins.

Right after the Hurricanes game Tuna should have the grounds crew turn on the sprinklers and leave them running all night long.

Turn the field into the mud bowl and slow down the Saints - will also benefit the Dolphins ground game.

We are a good, talented team...Sunday will be a good test for the Fins and I just have a real good feeling that we ate gonna pull out a win...

HERE WE GO MIAMI HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Pass rush wake porter taylor langford and roth and feel the breed of drew going downnnnmn

I hate bye week.

Rob sorry your let down is coming this sould be a instant classic

Bount time mando been waiting on you all afternoon.

anyone really worried about the bucks, realy?.....and i beg to differ.... drew is the name of peytons older brother, lol.... he is damn good ( the brees type)

how do we stop the saints passing game?....pressure. quick release... our secondary....better get at least two picks and better get at least four sacks....

don't forget saints run pretty good as well....

i prefer to pray....that we win....

I'm excited 'bout the weekend!!

Me too! I just hope that we can contend with a team that's playing as good as the saints are playing right now. I'll be rooting for our guys no matter what! GO FINS!!!!!!

Hello everybody, I am back from nice trip to St Augustine. Very Nice.

I leave for 2 days and Shawn Murphy get cut? I wonder what he do? If Matt the caveman Roth can lie about his groin and not get cut, it must be pretty bad.

I hear a lot of people talking about the Saints' offense (which is absolutely the best we've faced so far this year)...but don't forget about their defense.

My concern os that IF (a big if) the Saints contain our run game then it's not like option B is to beat them with our passing attack.

I really want my team to win. However, if we lose and I see Henne play mistake-free football and our secondary make some plays then I at least consider it a positive in that our young stars are heading n the right direction.

Any player good enough for NFL would be upgrade for the Bucs, this is no suprise he land in Tampa.

Dear Shawn Murphy,

Please check out this place in Tampa called "Mons Venus." This is a great establishment.

Boys and girls its going to come down to the trenches and turnovers. No turnovers and good blocking and good pressure equals a good chance.

Dolphins got to play tough football and punch saints in their mouth

we need lots of takeaways too!!!

I read almost same speech with G. Wilson, lets see how many time this Sunday is burn,if the pass rush work like the Jets game.
What about our fifth round draft,and our third round? when they will be on the field for real games?
I think the trifecta is more sound that music,....in other words more roll that pictures.

There are no nuggets in this blog.

fish 34 aints 17 vontae and smitty get a pick apiece and wakey two sacks

my girl friend made meat ball sub with no cheese.what the hell , i am going to send her to her family .

drew will shoot the middle all day...we need presure with mindful sight of his shortness...batted pass...hand in the face ...maybe a penalty for roughing only if it hurts and means to hurt...get in his head and react! not counter react...that and focus on run shut down as usual...as for the O pound the rock...wildcat or not ...model the colts game and win this time...no turns..and pound baby pound....amen

i have a question, did any heard in last few yers some player has an injury in his azzz prevented him from playing ?

ps..hope nj can come w/ the answer.


you ever heard of mons venus? if so, you think shawn murphy should go there?

Aloco is a meatball sub eatin mother f'er. What an azzzz clown!

carlito does it not get you mad that NJ wont admit he was wrong. He should say he is sorry, he not a real man. He is a wuss like Bush. hahahahahahah

carlito...alcoco never been to Mons, he go to Chippendales...you know he like the men.


No I am not mad at NJ's poor soul. He is a little misguided and paranoid, but he is Dolphins fan. Take pity on pitiful creature that is NJ the plumber

carlito you should be mad he denounces you every chance he gets. By him not addressing you, he is calling you a LIAR.

please henne, please.




What has killed us is we never get turnovers, especially ints. We are one of the worst in the league. Because of out crap safeties. They are junk. Let's get Chris clemons and Patrick turner in there and see what we can do. Btw, I'm really angered that they will only build through the draft when it comes to receiver. Josh cribbs wouldve Been perfect for the worst kickoff return team in the league year in and year out. Wr is the worst position to draft because they qork out the least and u still have to pay top dollar. I'm getting sick of this. Henne needs a chance and he can't do it with what he's got.

Miracles? Excuse me folks. The Saints are not the 1975 Steelers of the 84 Niners. They look like a good team. They are beatable. So are we. Things change in a hurry in this league. If in doubt see Jeff Fisher and Josh McDaniels.

Trade a bust OL? Man you are in another universe.

Weak Links are the safeties! Brees should have a field day unless Bell & Wilson suddenly starting making the right reads and giving over the top help. Sadly, they haven't all year. Smith gets beat alot but luckily when he has, the balls have hung in the air and he uses his height to recover.

Davis? not so lucky. He got beat by Clowney & twice by Evans. On the Clowney & 1 Evans play, it appeared as he was expecting over the top help. And both times the safety was LATE.

I'm an optimist though. I REALLY think if we can run the ball, control the clock & limit brees possesions, I think we can force them into pressing a little bit. Jam their WR's, break the rhythm, thats the only way we pull this out.

The trifecta has bothced some free agency moves: Eric Green, G. Wilson, Wilford, Anderson. I would give them heat for that, not for Murphy. He was a 4th rounder, you can't hit on everyone! Not every later round pick turns into a gem.

The big frustration in the draft was passing on Manningham to take Pat White. A stud college WR who was a need & could play every down vs. a guy who plays 2-3 plays a week or none at all. I don't care who was interested in them.

This team can compete next year if, and only if, they address these positions in FA or draft: NT, 2 OLB(Taylor & Porter are done), TE(resign fasono too), SS, FS, WR, RB & a special teams ACE! Thats NOT a long list of needs. They don't need studs, but they need solid pro's, not projects! Priority #1 is re-sign Ronnie Brown. He's earned it & we don't need a contract issue lingering over our best player all year.

Hey Joe Schmo,

Surprised Shamando didnt rip you for this as he hates all that is Pat White but Manningham is in his second year.

Go Fins


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