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What now? Dolphins should learn a lesson

We could use this space to discuss why the Dolphins folded like a cheap lawn chair against the Saints Sunday after building a 24-3 lead. We could discuss why the Saints were able to tie the record for the greatest comeback in franchise history, outscoring Miami 36-10 in the second half and 22-0 in the fourth quarter.

I can tell you Tony Sparano and his coaching staff blew that time out situation just prior to halftime -- allowing Saints coach Sean Payton to change his mind about kicking the field goal his team was already lined up for and get a momentum-swinging TD instead.

I can tell you Ted Ginn Jr. once again proved he's not ready for prime time -- as he turned a catchable pass in his hands into a bobble that got plucked out of the air by a defender and eventually returned for a TD. I can tell you Ginn later dropped another pass in a crucial fourth-quarter situation.

I can tell you Anthony Fasano continues to be the incredible shrinking tight end -- turning what was a fine season in 2008 into a distant memory in 2009 as he regresses with dropped passes or fumbles.

I can tell you Gibril Wilson continues to struggle.

I can tell you offensive coordinator Dan Henning must have blown a mental gasket, calling 20 run plays in the first half in helping the Dolphins take a 24-10 lead, but calling only eight more runs in the second half as the Dolphins watched their lead evaporate in the hot evening air.

All those are reasons the Dolphins blew it Sunday, and if you want the graphic details click here to see why this team continues to lay Ostrich-sized eggs against good teams.

But let me quote a wise Dolphins receiver here:

"Every time you lose there's a lesson to be learned," said Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo. "Every time you win there's a lesson. There are lessons to be had. We'll look at the film and we have to learn the lessons. We've lost too many games. If you do't learn the lessons now, you keep losing games."

So what are the lessons we've learned from this season's 2-4 start?

Let me start with the receivers. Guys, it is time to bench Ted Ginn Jr. I'm not saying cut the kid. I'm not saying punish him in any way. It's not his fault he's not up to answering the call most of the time as he drops key passes, or plays scared, or fails to make plays any good receiver would make.

I'm saying the experiment needs to end.

He needs to stop getting snaps in key, pressure situations. By benching, I'm not saying he should lose his starting job. I'm saying he needs to lose snaps. I don't care if he's in on the first play or not. I care that he's not there for the important plays.

Brian Hartline is today already a more productive receiver. Think about it. Ginn had eight passes thrown his way Sunday. He caught two for 16 yards. Hartline had five passes thrown to him. He caught three for 94 yards. Ginn is faster. But Hartline is better. Give the better receiver more plays and let the faster receiver go return kicks or something.

Or here's another idea: How about you make Ginn inactive and play Patrick Turner, too? I don't know exactly the reason Turner hasn't been able to earn playing time. He's been inactive every game. But each of those games Turner sat out, with the exception of the Jets game, Ginn has proven he is not the future for this franchise.

Turner might be in the future.

I say the Dolphins should get about the business of finding out if Turner is part of the future. Bench Ginn. Play Hartline and activate Turner and get him some snaps. They can't be worse than Ginn. Learn the lesson!

The Dolphins obviously made a mistake on Wilson in free agency. I predict that, barring a swift turnaround from his current course, he will not be with the team next season. The guy is always a step slow in coverage and does not tackle well. How's that for a great combination?

His attempted tackle of Jeremy Shockey on that 66-yard gain Sunday was a clinic on how not to do it. Afterward Wilson talked about how "Shock is a great player. It was Shock being Shock."

Well, why haven't Miami coaches tired of Wilson being Wilson?

Tyrone Culver seems better to me. And, with Chris Clemons active for the first time this season on Sunday, the hope and expectation is that he is on the come. So try Clemons also, if you must. The point is, Wilson has had six games to resolve his myriad issues.

He has not done it.

Instead he has shown why the Giants let him go in free agency and then the Raiders cut him one year after they signed him. The Dolphins made a mistake on Wilson and that mistake was multiplied several times when one considers the team did not re-sign Renaldo Hill, did not sign Darren Sharper -- you know, the dude that had a 42-yard interception return touchdown -- and did not sign Brian Dawkins as free agents.

So the Miami personnel department bypassed three better players in order to get Wilson.

The Miami personnel department is smart in that it quickly cuts ties with players that fail -- eliminating mistakes rather than nurturing them. The Miami coaching staff needs to follow suit and eliminate players such as Ginn and Wilson from the lineup so that the same sad story doesn't continue to read the same sad way in game after game after game.

That would be a good lesson to learn.


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amen...but does sparano have the sack to do it? i liked what we saw out of davis and smith...there does appear to be some hope with the young corners...always was a fan of crowder, but i feel, like fasano, he is shrinking as well and henne's #'s were not indicative of his play....thought he played well considering he's hamstrung with no recievers..also, with NO's blitzing all the time, why no draw plays or shotgun snaps? finally, i am an official, not nfl obviously, and camarillo's "fumble" was a clear cut, text book, illegal forward pass to conserve time by throwing the ball out of bounds, don't kid yourselves

LOOK, no one is expecting Ginn to even be a number one receiver anymore. Only productive and reliable. Two things he is not.

Ginn dropped 3 passes and had only one catch for 7 yards while the game was still meaningful. AGREED. Bench him and put in Hartline

(1) Dropped a beautiful bomb from Henne in the endzone. The ball hit him on the shoulder pads and bounced off.

(2) The ball he bobbled, he manage to flip up in the air and was ultimately intercepted thanks to Ginn and returned for a TD by the Saints. This was a back breaker.

(3) The drive to win the game, dropped a very easy catchable pass right in his hands which would have resulted in a first down and maybe saved the game and the season.

He had 14 yards and three dropped passes including one that turned into a Td for the opponent. Another one that would have been a TD for us and lastly a third which sealed the loss.

My only regret is that we are passed the trade deadline to get rid of this looser once and for all.

Ps. Suprano is an idiot for calling that time-out right before halftime and giving up 7 instead of 3. The defensive and offensive coordinators are no rocket scientists either. The Saints made half time adjustments and these guys did not. We were outscored **43 - 10** !!!! They should fire the bums!!!!!!

Thanks Mando. I posted about an hour back on this issue, lesson learned. My issue was we have had plenty ammo in footage to learn from the mistakes by this team but it's not yet happend.

I agree with all your comments.

Bench Ginn, Wilson


(1) Bench Fasano and see what the young TE bring to the table. Fasano also had two fumbles in the Atlanta game. One as we were driving for a TD to tie the game. He was the biggest reason we lost that game. Like Ginn, he is unreliable.

(2) Bench Crowder - he (along with Wilson) are the resaon TE's have a wet dream playing against our deffense. He cannot cover the TE. EVERY OFFENSICE COORDINATOR know this which is why they pick on him. I do not understand has Pasqualiny has not figured this out yet.

(3) Keep the blitz packages coming which had Breeze confused and throwing INT's in the first half. They stopped in the 2nd half which is the main reason the Saints scored 40+ points. LAST year, we were more aggresive on Deffense.

I agree with all your comments.
Bench Ginn, Wilson....


(1) Bench Fasano and see what the young TE bring to the table. Fasano also had two fumbles in the Atlanta game. One as we were driving for a TD to tie the game which was returned deep. He was the biggest reason we lost that game. Like Ginn, he is unreliable.

(2) Bench Crowder - he (along with Wilson) are the reason TE's have a wet dream playing against our defense. He cannot cover the TE. ---- EVERY OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR knows this which is why they constantly pick on him. I do not understand how Pasqualiny has not figured this out yet.

(3) Keep the blitz packages coming which had Breeze confused and throwing INT's in the first half. They stopped in the 2nd half which is the main reason the Saints scored 40+ points. LAST year, we were more aggressive on Defense

It's like we are losing the fundamentals in all aspects of the game. Especially when the spotlight is on us. We saw a perfect 1st half by Miami, and then we imploded from within.

"So what are the lessons we've learned from this season's 2-6 start?"

ehem... we're only 2 and 4...

"Let me start with the receivers. Guys, it is time to bench Ted Ginn Jr. I'm not saying cut the kid. I'm not saying punish him in any way. It's not his fault he's not up to answering the call most of the time"

Who's fault is it, then??

Maybe Turner can take Allen's roster spot now.


what Armando meant to say was Stinky Fish will be 2-6 in two weeks.

Next two outcomes:
Jets 34 Whimps 24
NE 45 Whimps 17 (that's you Dollphans)

2-6 ... superbowl....more like toilet bowl


OSU is my alma mater. Ted Ginn was a QB and DB in high school at Cleveland Glenville. He was recruited as a DB by Ohio State. His senior year he was not even the best wide receiver on the team. Anthony Gonzalez was by far. He ran better routes and caught everthing thrown his way. When the Dolphins drafted Ginn I was shocked. They are getting exactly what they drafted.

What a turn around. JETS win big, Dolphins choke.

We beat you next week, we are 5-3 and you are 2-5



First you blamed Pennington for Ginn not getting balls. You cannot blame Henne he has been throwing great. Ginn sucks period. We spent a 9th overall pick for a kick returner TAHNK YOU CAM SHAMRON! Bench Ginn, Wilson, Crowder, and Fasano as well. Let the younger guys come in and see what they got.

Devin Hester was a CB in college, the difference is he getting the WR thing slowly but surely, Ginn ain't !


Why did the Miami coaches abandoned what was working for them in the 1st half and not give Ricky and Ronnie the ball enough??? We should have blown this game wide open

Hester is tough, Ginn is made of paper mache.

I got flashbacks of Wannstedt the way Sparano so enthusiastically called that timeout before half. Completely shocking.

We need to give Henne a chance to develop in a normal offense and not ask us to bail us out when our gimmick isn't working. This is no way build the confidence of young Qb.

Lastly, can we end this Pat White experiment already and turn him into a receiver?

Props: Hartline, Camarillo, Ricky, Polite, the front 7 for most of the first half, Smith, and Vontae for hustling and saving a touchdown.

Flops: Ginn, Fasano, Wilson, the front 7 for the entire second half, and coaching in the second half.

There's a pattern all the way back to LAST season related to this team's inability to stop or keep up teams with strong passing attacks: Cardinals '08, Patriots '08 (2nd time around when Cassel got on track), Falcons, Colts, Saints. That makes it a year plus this has been going on.

I think they are gonna have to keep Pat White as QB for this year. Next year we can pick another thrid QB, and maybe convert him to a wideout, now is defintely not time got that experiment

Isn't this the same Parcells that called Terry Glenn a (SHE)? Seriously Tedd Ginn is not an NFL receiver. He has no fight in him at all, no hands, doesn't establish any presence for his QB.

For some reason this Miami defense has been on the losing side of way too many classic games over the years. I thought Parcells would bring some toughness? Not the trash-talking 15 yard penalty kinda toughness. The 4th quarte drive killing game winning toughness.

When was the last time the Phins had any kind of return game at all? Punt return or KO return?

If this team is going to run a 3-4 defense how about an assasin at safety and a big-hitting ILB that can cover.

WRs and TE talked about to death here.

QB?????? I think Henne will be fine.

Ok now the lesson-

This team was 1-15 just a season and a half ago with a ton of holes to fill. I like what I see though. I hate to see the Phins lose but after so many years of being a playoff team. The one win and out kind or conference losers. I do think this regime will get it right.

This team has punched it out with SD a pre-season SB favorite for a half. They fought hard and lost to the Colts picked by many to go to the SB and still undefeated. Battled a we all know much better Saints team that is undefeated as well and might go to the SB. Atlanta is a tough team too. All of those teams have had a good nucleus that has been building for years.

The trifecta will get it right. This is only the 2nd year of what we all hoped would be a 3 year re-build at best.

I hate the losses as much as you but this team is and will make progress for the future. Two teams made it to the SB last year and only one won. At least the Phins games are exciting on the way to a better future.

Thats my take for now.

Go Phins!

Armando you sound like your a realist Amen brother shout it out make sure they hear it Ginn and Wilson should not be starters leave Ginn returning kicks and punt it's what he is good at and bench Wilson or make him inactive instead of Ginn and play Turner and RUN!!RUN!!!!and play action here and there but RUN!!!RUN!!!! RUN THE BALL!!!

By the #81 Joey Haynos can't Block anybody so don't ask him to cause we paid for it on the wild cat formation

I been saying those things since the Colts game Armando. I was also was saying Miami should trade for a FS before the deadline came. I did not see any improvement from Wilson at all and see him as a to be a huge liability. Its like Miami defending the end zone with 10 players.

Why all the crying and panic. Jeez. Please dont call yourself a Dolphins fan if you think we are lost. Really look at the rest of the schedule. Yes we play the Pats twice but come on...we are due. We lost to 4 great teams! Manning, the Saints both undefeated. Chargers game we were doing ok till we lost Penny and had to throw Henne to the lions den. Falcons game was a loss. Now we play a Jets team without their top nose guard and now their back up running back is gone. We still play the Bucs, the Jaguars, Panthers, Tennessee and the Texans. Please dont tell me youre scared of those teams right now!!. Even the steelers could be beat. We just have to beat the Jets, Split the Pats and beat the steelers. We should beat all the other teams....Stop crying and man up.

Oh and we play the Jills again. If we beat the Jets and Jills again and we split the Pats at least, even better if we beat them twice and we handle the rest of the schedule we will own the division and have a good chance, slim but chance..I agree though GINN and his family tree should be benched. Wilson too! Lost Will Allen, so i guess its the wonder rookie twins get a look on the field at the same time...

AGREED!! Put Ginn in only as the 4th or 5th receiver, and on KRs. Armando, do some of your fancy number crunching and tell us how many drops Ginn has compared to other 1st round WRs. I think we all know the answer. While his drops aren't the single point failure for this loss, he sure didn't do anything to help either!

May I be the first to say: SIGN JOEY GALLOWAY

Damn. It.

Am I the only one that realized the typo in the title?
"What know?"

That makes no sense, my man.

Dear Fans,

I want to apologize for my performance last night. I had a mild hedache. I must say that I am still one of the best WR in the league. Just give me a second chance.

Love all,


Like my passive agressive screen name? lol

Anyways, I understand why Armando is writing in a manner to get all your panties bunched up. He gets paid to have us clowns read his crap(He's actually very talented-he dumbs down the content due to our fan base.) He's supposed to be this way.

We are what are record says we are! Sounds familiar? Our front office general coin that term, and guess what he's freaking right. Stop pretending we should of won this game, or the Colts game for that manner. If we were actually a good team, we would of won PERIOD. But we didn't because, in all honesty we are over achieving- rather than under performing. It's our coaching staff's training, preparation, and commitment to execellence that has a grossly undermanned team seem competitive every week. So hush up dummies. Sparano didn't have the right personnel on the would be field goal before the half. You expect him to also jedi mind trick Payton to not make a risky call that paid off too? What the hell? Stop digging into Ricky's stash ok? Cool.

This male oriented soap opera we call sports, sometimes slaps you down were you need to be. And right now, that's the bottom of the barrel once again. It's not loser talk, its our reality. And we need to be there because we don't have Redskin's type of cash to throw around, so draft pick we need a' collecting. And thus far, we have a done great job of getting/keeping those. Thus, the Tuna continues to build this franchise the right way. We are young and improving. We just need depth. A lot of it, and fer fock sakes we know our freaking issues Armando. How about you tell us, as an expert things the average fan doesn't! You're execution this week is as bad as the melt down you are reporting.

But one thing I truely don't agree with Armando is, the coaching staff didn't blow it. Our players did, and will continue to do so, as long as we have the wrong guys in there. And quite frankly, we don't have much to choose from on offense- concering directly to our recieving core. Our secondary we be ok, despite our key injury today at CB. Let those hungry rooks play. Mainly the wide outs. We have recievers, we just don't play the right ones. They will be ok. We will be ok, as a team and fan base. I'm sorry but you don't fix 10 years of missmanagement in 2. Regardless, of a miraculous turn around like last year. 2-4 this year, no sheet huh?

But one thing I do know for sure, Henne is going to be the long awaited QB that we have been lusting for ever since Dan decided to hang it up and wear ties on Sundays, as opposed to shoulder pads. And that's a great sign. And I'm glad he's getting early experience with live bullets flying.

Ted Ginn, is one of those guys people just played up to much. Waaaaay to much. He's a kick returner/Corner did you know that guys? He's not a reciever and never has been. He was put on offense because of his crazy speed, but he has no hands. It's like a sexy blonde with a great pair of you know whats that doesn't want to go down on you. What's the point? (Please send the angry anti-sexist emails to Armando instead, thanks. lol)

So the question begs to be offered. What coaching staff and front office personnel would you arm-chair quaterbacks prefer? I can't think of anyone would could do a better job, so again STFU with all the- quick knee jerking reactions.

A coaching call didn't allow the Saints to throw up 20 plus points in the 4th quarter.

The team is heading in the right direction. You all sound disappointed as if you guys picked the Dolphins to not only host the SB, but attend it as well. Laughable.

A few thoughts:

1) We already know how awful Wilson/Ginn played.

2) Will Allen's injury is going to really hurt us in the long run.

3) My understanding with Turner is that he simply doesn't understand the routes well enough to play WR. Get his ass in the game! If Hartline can learn to play slot and wide out as a rookie, Turner can SURELY play on of the those positions.

4) You gotta remember that the refs screwed us and gave the Saints 14 points last night.

5) If the Dolphins win every game division, or just lose one (to the Pats), no matter how awful we do in out of conference/division games...we should get into the playoffs right?

Is that true? It sounds like it should be. If you win the divisional games that matter, you should make it to the playoffs. Thus far, we're undefeated in the AFC East and it's possible that we can go 5-1.

But what if you don't learn??

This coaching staff has a complete inability to "learn" what its personnel deficiencies are. They look at a player like Wilson every week and seem to say, "no problem here".

If a player plays badly, it's the players fault. If that player doesn't improve and remains a starter, it's a coaching problem.

Learn what?

That we have third stringers starting because of a lack of depth? You expect Sparano to sheet players we just don't have? Who would start other than Wilson? Hmmm...good luck trying to find a viable solution. See the problem?

You must be a, when you have lemons make Champagne type of guy.

But most of us live in reality.

Sometimes the media and people are too quick to yank a guy from a line up.

However, in the case you laid out Mando, you are right on. They have been given chances and are doing the job.

Give Henne Camerillo, Bess and Hartline to work with the rest of the year and see what you have going into the draft and free agency.

Armando, you read my mind, ginn is killing us!!!! Wilson is horrible, bell isn't even that impressive either. This team is a few
Players from greatness, they need a saftey, a reciever, and maybe one more linebacker, this year we are going to be a .500 team, next year when they address those issuies, we will be great. I agree, bench ginn, please !!!!

Hey Mando,

Does anyone think that JP will be back next season? If Roth finally makes it back healthy and CW is playing hard, maybe even JT and JP are seeing the chopping block via the Trifecta's strict "you must be this young to play for us" rule.

Secondly, Ted Ginn is garbage. Thanks Cam for another wonderful addition that we can't get rid of... yet. I firmly believe if we cut off Ginn's hands and replace them with rocks, that it will be an improvement!

Thirdly, how is Patrick Turner with his progression? I don't see why the coaching staff doesn't throw him into competition, but in the Trifecta I trust.

Guys...the sky is not falling!
We just got beat by what is probably the best team in the NFL, and we bot beat by a few dropped passes by Ginn, and possibly one by Fasano.
That was a HUGE game for the Fins.
Given that some of the other players could play better, if Ginn were just a good receiver, we would be the team all others would fear. I'm sure many already do.
Ginn just has to go...I predict he won't be a Dolphin next year.

I say put Ginn on the practice squad and hope that one of the teams in our division picks him up.Besides being a lousy receiver he has no heart and looks a lot like chicken little most of the time.It should be obvious to the coaching staff that they need to keep him off the field and develop Hartline and Turner.

Ted "Stone Hands" Ginn. What a joke. Drop this bum...

The season is over I'm not getting any younger I wonder if they ever will win a super bowl in my life time

Well change Ginn back to a CB then. Tell him kick returns and CB no more WR. Maybe he can be a good CB with his speed but he cannot catch period.

The lesson to be learned is that the players will always make an excuse after a game they should have won. Even after being up 21 points. We, as fans in the stands could feel it coming. We knew all of those Saints fans would get the best of us in the end. We have no confidence in bums like Ginn, Wilson, and Fasano. We deserve better, JT, Ronnie, and JP deserve better.

Ginn, Wilson and Fasano need to go now. The Tuna needs to get off his Fat A.. and shake things up. On Porters pick 6 , Gutless Fasano could have tackeled him on the 5 yd line, but gave up. Watch the replay......

Wow...24-3 lead blown at home...not good at all, and that folding lawn chair creaked loudly indeed. Ted Ginn has had so many chances to make plays this season, and he hasn't--unless the ball is PERFECTLY thrown. This is the NFL, not the Big Ten. I can't explain how the Fish lost yesterday...outplayed and outcoached are perhaps the simplest reasons. And now, the Jets loom, fresh from walloping the Raiders and eager to avenge their last-second loss. 6-10 looks to be realistic for this season--don't expect a .500 result. The only solace is that the Fish CAN play with any team in the league--but they have yet to prove they can consistently close out and WIN against them.

The moral of this game is "Those that dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it..."

Right on target Mando. But I disagree with last paragraph. Should read: The Miami personnel dept. is smart SOMETIMES in that they cut ties with players who fail pretty quickly- eliminating mistakes rather than nurture them. Other times they seem like they cannot admit failure.

you can't stick a third year player on the practice squad. learn the rules. Just cut his sorry ass and be done with it.

Crowder sucks so much it was like watching last years Huston game. He let Drew Brees walk into the endzone just like he let Matt Schaub last year. Miami is lucky they didnt get beat worst because Shockey was open all night long and had the nastiest mismatch on Crowder. The only exploited it in the 4th and we should be thankful it was only the 4th cause had it been all game this would have been ugly from the get! The Phins need to cut these sorry players and put in people that want to play with heart and want to win! Everyone knows you cant rely on a gator in the pros! Now not to just pick on uf alumni I dont need to go on rant about Ginn. We saw him punk out after the opening kick return in the 2006 NC game and yeah we have seen him punk out his entire pro career! enough said. GET RID OF THESE punks!

Am I the only one that realized the typo in the title?
"What know?"

That makes no sense, my man.

Posted by: Sohail | October 26, 2009 at 04:37 AM

Know, you're not. Armando had a couple of typos, but I'm sure his head was just as close to exploding after the game as us.

Hey i said fire the cordinators all year, but what do i know... We lost, because of horrible coaching decisions plain, and simple, we shouldnt have been in the situation to count on Ginn, instead should have kept running the ball, and forcing NO defense to stop it, instead we kept doing what they wanted, which was throw throw throw, and we blow blow blow. Hartline is the only wr i like, Camarillo can go kill himself now, after that play, and Bess tries hard, but lost a step when it comes to catching everything. PLEASE LET ME COACH THESE BUMS!! I KNOW HOW TO GET IT DONE!

Wow i couldnt have said this better myself! Well written mando! I just hope the dolphins personnel can see this!

Good Morrning my friends.
good morrning ted
good morrning fasano
good morrning wilson
good morrning coaches from hell

good morrning shaggy my friend .

GO yankees

we should do billboard thing like in Buffalo asking for tedddys head, or just bench his butt for that matter.

Ginn is a bust ... please inactive this guy ... he is just quickly ... but his hand is worst than mine ... that never seen a football .. yesterday the dolphins show how to lose a won game ...

Wilson is playing poorly put clemons ... and make a better team for the next year .. this is year is over ... for Dolphins sorry ...


In the last draft, Miami should have draft Hakeen Nicks instead of Vontae Davis. Sorry, our need was really a WR and this problem hasn't been corrected.

In addition, Miami has done nothing this season to improve this position (Edwards, Marshall, Bowe, etc..) It's high time to add talented players at this club (Jackson or Boldin).

Biggest lesson of them all Mando was...

Play calling... We abandoned the running game. We abandoned the Wildcat.

Ronnie had 48 yards, and ricky with 80(because of a 72 yarder).

We didn't run the ball in the second half. Henne is not peyton manning. he can't be throwing the ball as much as he did. we are a rushing football team.

Running the ball would have helped with clock control, keeping Brees off the field and resting our defense; which looked tired by the 4th quarter.

We scored three rushing touchdowns, and in the second half we abandoned the rushing game.

It doesn't make sense.

armando were 2-4 not 2-6 but we have to get more consistent pass rush. Also ginn has to go next season and hopefully we can sign vincent jackson and draft dez bryant.

Ohh I forgot...play action doesn't work, when you don't run the ball.

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