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What now? Dolphins should learn a lesson

We could use this space to discuss why the Dolphins folded like a cheap lawn chair against the Saints Sunday after building a 24-3 lead. We could discuss why the Saints were able to tie the record for the greatest comeback in franchise history, outscoring Miami 36-10 in the second half and 22-0 in the fourth quarter.

I can tell you Tony Sparano and his coaching staff blew that time out situation just prior to halftime -- allowing Saints coach Sean Payton to change his mind about kicking the field goal his team was already lined up for and get a momentum-swinging TD instead.

I can tell you Ted Ginn Jr. once again proved he's not ready for prime time -- as he turned a catchable pass in his hands into a bobble that got plucked out of the air by a defender and eventually returned for a TD. I can tell you Ginn later dropped another pass in a crucial fourth-quarter situation.

I can tell you Anthony Fasano continues to be the incredible shrinking tight end -- turning what was a fine season in 2008 into a distant memory in 2009 as he regresses with dropped passes or fumbles.

I can tell you Gibril Wilson continues to struggle.

I can tell you offensive coordinator Dan Henning must have blown a mental gasket, calling 20 run plays in the first half in helping the Dolphins take a 24-10 lead, but calling only eight more runs in the second half as the Dolphins watched their lead evaporate in the hot evening air.

All those are reasons the Dolphins blew it Sunday, and if you want the graphic details click here to see why this team continues to lay Ostrich-sized eggs against good teams.

But let me quote a wise Dolphins receiver here:

"Every time you lose there's a lesson to be learned," said Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo. "Every time you win there's a lesson. There are lessons to be had. We'll look at the film and we have to learn the lessons. We've lost too many games. If you do't learn the lessons now, you keep losing games."

So what are the lessons we've learned from this season's 2-4 start?

Let me start with the receivers. Guys, it is time to bench Ted Ginn Jr. I'm not saying cut the kid. I'm not saying punish him in any way. It's not his fault he's not up to answering the call most of the time as he drops key passes, or plays scared, or fails to make plays any good receiver would make.

I'm saying the experiment needs to end.

He needs to stop getting snaps in key, pressure situations. By benching, I'm not saying he should lose his starting job. I'm saying he needs to lose snaps. I don't care if he's in on the first play or not. I care that he's not there for the important plays.

Brian Hartline is today already a more productive receiver. Think about it. Ginn had eight passes thrown his way Sunday. He caught two for 16 yards. Hartline had five passes thrown to him. He caught three for 94 yards. Ginn is faster. But Hartline is better. Give the better receiver more plays and let the faster receiver go return kicks or something.

Or here's another idea: How about you make Ginn inactive and play Patrick Turner, too? I don't know exactly the reason Turner hasn't been able to earn playing time. He's been inactive every game. But each of those games Turner sat out, with the exception of the Jets game, Ginn has proven he is not the future for this franchise.

Turner might be in the future.

I say the Dolphins should get about the business of finding out if Turner is part of the future. Bench Ginn. Play Hartline and activate Turner and get him some snaps. They can't be worse than Ginn. Learn the lesson!

The Dolphins obviously made a mistake on Wilson in free agency. I predict that, barring a swift turnaround from his current course, he will not be with the team next season. The guy is always a step slow in coverage and does not tackle well. How's that for a great combination?

His attempted tackle of Jeremy Shockey on that 66-yard gain Sunday was a clinic on how not to do it. Afterward Wilson talked about how "Shock is a great player. It was Shock being Shock."

Well, why haven't Miami coaches tired of Wilson being Wilson?

Tyrone Culver seems better to me. And, with Chris Clemons active for the first time this season on Sunday, the hope and expectation is that he is on the come. So try Clemons also, if you must. The point is, Wilson has had six games to resolve his myriad issues.

He has not done it.

Instead he has shown why the Giants let him go in free agency and then the Raiders cut him one year after they signed him. The Dolphins made a mistake on Wilson and that mistake was multiplied several times when one considers the team did not re-sign Renaldo Hill, did not sign Darren Sharper -- you know, the dude that had a 42-yard interception return touchdown -- and did not sign Brian Dawkins as free agents.

So the Miami personnel department bypassed three better players in order to get Wilson.

The Miami personnel department is smart in that it quickly cuts ties with players that fail -- eliminating mistakes rather than nurturing them. The Miami coaching staff needs to follow suit and eliminate players such as Ginn and Wilson from the lineup so that the same sad story doesn't continue to read the same sad way in game after game after game.

That would be a good lesson to learn.


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When the Dolphins drafted Ginn I was shocked. They are getting exactly what they drafted.

Cam drafted Ginn... I wonder if he could talk baltimore into trading Ginn for Ed Reed?

Armando, ..you're blog title, shouldn't it be "What now?"

Lastly, can we end this Pat White experiment already and turn him into a receiver?

Are you kidding ?!? Pat White's not big enough, strong enough or fast enough. He needs to grow up or get out.

lets not forget that beautiful attempt at a tackle by davis on shockey during shockeys 64 yard reception, he completely whiffed on shockey, it was an embarrassment. everyone is talking about how long it took wilson to bring down shockey, at least he held on and did eventually bring him down, if davis makes the tackle it is only a short gain.

I almost forgot about the pat white thing. Stop that crap when we have momentum. That contributed to our end of second quarter dominance.

I have been one of the most critical fans of Channing Crowder. Back in the Indy game, I proclaimed him for Bum status. Well,,,he is officially a bum. Mike Bell absolutely plowed him over, he doesn't make any significant plays and he is absolutely horrible in pass coverage and Wilson is just as bad. That is proven by the constant big games that TEs have against us. The defense should be ashamed of itself. And what happened to the pass rush in the 2nd half? And was Wake in the game to rush the passer? One of my boys is from the NO and he said he couldn't believe how the Phins had his boys on the ropes and let it get away. He thought they were better than that in the 2ndary. I told him,,,I wasn't joking when I said the defense isn't that good and the 2ndary is even worse. One last observation,,,why were our corners playing so far off the receivers.

It's amazing, how good a team we are, and how miserable we are to watch. 24-3 guys. Do u realize that breed was 1-13 when throwing two or more picks. He had four turnovers. I fully believe that the dolphins main coaching staff is the only one in the NFL with this roster that wouldve lost that lead and that momentum and that game. Who's with me??

can we please cut fasano today, i have had enough of this guy. and please demote ginn since we wont cut or trade him, give hartline and camarillo a chance

I tried to hold out as long as possible... But it's official.... I'm on the "get rid of ginn" bandwagon

When you are playing a good team that can score quickly, you can't sit on a 3 touchdown lead. When they did, I knew before halftime that they would loose the game. You have to get a large enough lead on a good team where they do not even consider a comeback. The dolphins needed to score one more time in the first half and immediately in the third quarter. Then new orleans would have concluded that it was over. This will likely be the most painful loss of this season because we had them on the ropes and REFUSED to deliver the knock out punch in the first half.

Friends, it is morning and I have looked over this blog which I wrote at 1:48 and have corrected a couple of errors, such as replacing know for now in the headline.

In other words, I made corrections, and then benched the offending fingers that typed the mistakes.

Just like the Dolphins should do with Ginn.

Two things caused it all to unravel:

1) Sparano's stupid time out right before the half - enough said.

2) First drive of the 3rd quarter, Henne puts the ball beautifully in Ginn's hands (where it cannot be intercepted), but this poor excuse for a WR juggles the ball like the clown that he is, the Saints come up with the interception and run it back for a touchdown. Ted Ginn Jr needs to be demoted ASAP!

Ginn should not be out there, he caused the interceptions, Henne had the ball on target. If you have players out on the field that shouldn't be out there then thats on the coaches. Maybe Parcells made the mistake with Sparano ( the Penguin ). Paecells needs to do something.

Ted Ginn is a morale destroyer. If I were JP or JT I'd be hard pressed not to punch that guy. Keeping Ginn on the team, at this point, is like being a captain of a ship and allowing a saboteur that destroys the ship to chill with the rest of the crew, eating all the food- drinking all the wine- hogging all the pig feet(Friday), etc.

Mando I totally agree.

But I think we are overlooking Devon Bess's fumble right before the half. If we punch that one in we send them to halftime shell shocked!!! Another overlooked factor did anyone notice how the Saints where stacking the line right before the half when we ran the cat back to back??? Why didn't Dan H. let Ronnie throw it? It was obvious they were intent on stopping the run with NO regards to the pass!!!!


I disagree with whoever it was said our coaches weren't to blame, they just don't have the players to work with.
Yes, we have to upgrade Ginn, Fasano and Wilson(maybe Crowder).
But where the heck was the running game in the second half? No excuse for that. We are NOT the Colts! Henne played well enough to win, but the game shouldn't have been placed on his shoulders. Not with our receivers. And not with two of the best RB in the game!!!


Armando, Yesterday you had an interesting blog on how Henning has three different plays cards for the quarterbacks. While I'm in total agreement on Ginn, Wilson and Fasano not playing well enough to maintain their starting status, why is it that the coaches had such a great game plan on offense and defense for the first half? Then made no adjustments in the second half? The first half blitz packages worked so good, as did the offense(short field helped). Don't these coaches realize the opposition is going to make adjustments, and they should also have a different set of looks and plays?
With Allen gone for the year, it'll be hard to have Smith, Davis and Clemmons out there at the same time. But if they are the future, play them now. Same for Hartline, and Haynos. I'm not sure about Turner though. He was all the rage, till the hitting started. It could be why he isn't being activated.

heh heh, time to gloat a little. I went back and read a blog before the game explaining all the reason the Saints were going to lose, too hot, can't run, can't stop the run, can't play on the road, haven't beat anybody, it might rain... Seems like the better team just won. See you again in February, you hospitable Dolphin fans!


The coaches have to take the blame they picked the majority of these players!!! The play calling right before the half of every game seems to be a problem for these guys!!! This is not the first time!!


Sorry but this loss falls on the shoulders of the players. The coaches can only do so much. The players HAVE to show up, AS A TEAM, and win the game.

I can tell you offensive coordinator Dan Henning must have blown a mental gasket, calling 20 run plays in the first half in helping the Dolphins take a 24-10 lead, but calling only eight more runs in the second half as the Dolphins watched their lead evaporate in the hot evening air.

That's the answer right there. How many 3 and outs did we have in the second half? Keep Brees off the field.


You are preaching to the choir. Ginn has been a major disappointment. That pick 6 should have been a big 3rd down conversion and there was another deep ball that he could have made a better effort on. Big time WRs make those plays, Ginn is not. I always thought our biggest mistake in the off season was our failure to address the need for a legitimate #1 WR. It is time to see what Turner has. By the way I don't think Bess played well at all either. He dropped that one ball that was ruled a catch, his fumble in the 1st half was a killer and on all those screens he just never seems to have the burst to break one. Until we get a big time WR this offense is not going to take it to the next level. The one good thing is I think we have a QB that is capable of getting there but not with these WRs.


Well said!! Ginn is finished in Miami as well as Wilson! Time for the coaches to make the move and start the younger talent.

Conversations with select players:

Ginn: If I were OchoCincho I would say to you, "Child, please!". One question... are your hands considered metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary?

Fasano: You can block. You can fumble. You can drop passes. That makes you an undersized offensive lineman. Quit running routes, you are distracting Henne from finding a receiver.

Wilson: People downfield who can't keep up with WR's or make tackles should be carrying a whistle and a little yellow flag. Where are yours?

We all seem to find time to talk about the bust and all that. I want to take my space to give hats off to some outstanding players from yesterday.

1. GAME BALL goes to Nate Jones this guy was a beast yesterday!
2. L.Polite / R.Williams/R. Brown these guys played to win as usaual
3. V.Davis / S. Smith I think these guys are ready to be our starting #1and 2 CB's
4. C.Henne , this guy continues to impress, this next game against the WETS will be his first start after a tuff lose. Will be interesting to see how he reacts!!

Yes! Deactivate GINN AND WILSON and let's salvage the season ! Thank god we are only 1-2 games back in the divison . Patrick turner is the best reciever that USC has had . He can't be worse than GINN.



I said it all offseason – we need a receiver, we need a receiver... Lets get Boldin (specially when he wants to be a part of the team). They didn’t even make an effort to add a #1 Receiver and now we’re paying for it. Ted Ginn is the receiver version of Reggie Bush (he’s just a returner and a third or second receiver at best), so why the hell do we keep putting him in a position to fail? Let the man do what he does best and that’s it - which is return kicks and deep play action passes or screens in open areas.

But in both of those games - the Colts and the Saints, it should have never come down to putting the game on the line in Ted Ginn’s Hands (or butter fingers). Against the Colts, the Defense had to step up and make tackles, Manning didn’t beat us – we beat our selves by not making the routine tackles.

And yesterday – I blame that all on the offensive play calling. I understand they wanted to keep scoring points and catch them off guard by passing the ball but when you’re up by 21 points and you have the best running team in the NFL and you’re playing against the top scoring team in the league – you have to keep running the ball and take time off the clock (taking away their chances to score). Play calling in the second half was just terrible, no other way to explain it

Good news is we’re 2-0 in the division, and 2-2 in the AFC and we have the weakest strength of schedule left in our Division.

Strength of schedule in the AFC east for the remaining games: Fins - .463, Pats - .561, Jets - .517, Bills - .500 (stat boy status!) haha

“I’m sorry Dick Butkus……………

Who dat! Remember, you are still the Saints. Don't ge too cute!!! With the Saints history, you guys could easily blow the season. You guys are so use to losing that you don't know how to act when you are actually winning.

I found an interesting stat for ya'll to chew on, "Miami's wildcat netted 30 yards in 14 plays". Can you say "shut down"?


Ginn plays to weak to compete in this league and I do not see him getting any better. That is why he plays scared.

Pat White also looks like a boy among men


I said it after the Jet game. "Ginn should be benched until he learns that he must catch every pass that hit's him in the hands". He's got a bad habit of cris crossing his hands when the ball his him. Wilson just plain sucks.

This is the quote from "Friday" that Ted Ginn needs to hear:

"Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the godd@mn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chicken. All the pig feet. All the collard greens. All the hog maw. I wanna eat some of them chitlins! I like pig feet!"

I'd just change it around like this, "Every time we need to win a game, you drop the ball. In the goddamn fourth quarter. Then the next day you in the team lounge. Eatin up all the food. All the pig feet. All the collard greens. All the hog maw. JT and JP wanna eat some of them chitlins! Ferg likes pig feet!"

Ted Ginn can't catch a football with his hands. How did no one notice this before?

Good to see you coming over to the dark side Mando. We have been trying to tell you Ginn was not the answer for quite some time.

D@MN YOU CAM MORON AND DANDY FOOLER!!!!!!! I just got one question for them..............WHO DRAFTS A PUNT RETURNER IN THE 1st ROUND????????

Talking bout I've known the FAMILY for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I've given Teddy the benefit of the doubt, but, no more. I feel like we destroyed his confidence, as well as Jason Allen. Teddy was on the rise, we stripped him of return duties, Penny never looked his way...That's my theory at least...Of course, it doesn't matter now, but, I would def demote him at least and make him the primary returner.

You know, I was beginning to think that Miami was really turning the corner on the season when the played that first half. Somebody changed the coaching staff or something. Why did we abandon the run, when the run was killing them (and the clock). PLEASE, dont tell me that the Saints made the adjustment to have an 8 man front. As a coach with my best players coming off a rested bye week, playing the first half the way they did, I WOULD NOT CARE LESS if the put 11 man up front. I'd tell the line to open a hole and cram it down their throats until the stop it. I the very least it would have eaten up clock time and kept Brees off the field more.

Simply.... I just can't say it.

Three things we now know after this game:

1. The Dolphins will not make the playoffs (nor do they belong in the playoffs).

2. Tony Sparano is overrated as a head coach (Note: If he spent as much time in the film room as he does at the buffet table we'd already be celebrating a Super Bowl win).

3. We need a new defensive co-ordinator. I don't care who the team is - if you're up by 21 on a team you should win the game. This isn't basketball.

j dizzle,

U got that right.

This is the best thing you have ever written. By far.

sad, sad, sad.


woe is the dolphins fan.

If this was China, Ted Ginn and the Gerbil would be execute.

i agree with alot of points about ginn and the recievers but as ive said before in my opinion the two inside linebackers are by far the weakest part of this team in a 3-4 defense you have to have two damn good inside backers and we have none. very dissapointed.



Please, let's not give Ginn any excuses. I know you're attempting to make sense out of this whole thing. But sometimes you need to call a duck a duck.

Ginn was never a #1 receiver. He never will be. We as fans gave him the benefit of the doubt. But at this point it's totally clear: Ginn hasn't earned what he's been given in the NFL. Time for the Fins to move on.

Thw wildcard has to go. Effective or not it makes us all, especially the players, look like h0-m0s.
Let the Dolphins play like men, win or lose.

As bad as it is...

At least dolphins can go into meadow lands and shut up Jets fans for rest of season

I hate that everyone here is so focused on the bad (Ginn, Wilson, Crowder, and Fasano) that they are overlooking the wonderful effort put in by Nate Jones. Someone commented on Allen's loss, and how worried they are, but I say that if the rooks can continue to step up, and Jones can continue to put forth that kind of effort, the CB position will be fine.

Also have to give a big A++ to Jason Allen on special teams. I saw him get down the field, and make the play several times. The whole coverage unit should be proud. They did great.

Ricky ran like a beast, when they let him. I just wonder what he could have done had we not gotten tricksey, and started throwing every first down, rather that busting them in the mouths.

Brian Hartline may have earned a starting job. I didn't see one major mistake from Henne. The final INT seemed to be a miscommunication on the route. I believe Hartline may have missed that he was the hot route, and didn't cut off his original route.

Great pressure from JT, and the Boys.

The worst that I saw was obviously Ginn, and Fasano on offense. Wilson was horrible on D, but I really am growing to hate hearing Crowder barking during the week, only to become the invisible man on Sunday. I can't believe a team with such a strong tradition of superb inside LB's would accept the subpar play from this guy without more of an uproar.

Hey Channing! Talk big AFTER you play big. Check that. Wanna say something special? Say it on the field. The crap with Fatso was funny during the off season, but now your pads should be sending the message, not your mouth.

What can I say? I'm pissed! What the helll were we thinking? Don't we have one of the best rushing offense in the league? So where was it in the 2nd half? If I aunt broke don't fix it! I am so sick of theses f*ckin Refs. Bess didn't fumble! His knee was clearly down. Every week the refs are putting their stamp on our games. Remember against the Jets? Those BS pass interference calls?we still should have won, but I'm sick & tired of bad calls every damn game. Can't wait to crush the jets so I can feel better.

i know cam wake looks like our quickest pass rusher but he aint rushung that passer till he gets better on special teams duh... yeah that'll teach him

Hey pricemaster, your a homo for wanting to get rid of the Wildcat. The Wildcat is a real mans offense! Not for homosexuals like u. It's like were telling the D "we're gonna run the ball down ur throat, stop it if u can! Wow! That does sound gay... Lol.

N.O. should give the game ball to the Miami coaching staff. End of story!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should be very cocerned.Anyone notice the Saints shut down the Wildcat in the second half?

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