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What now? Dolphins should learn a lesson

We could use this space to discuss why the Dolphins folded like a cheap lawn chair against the Saints Sunday after building a 24-3 lead. We could discuss why the Saints were able to tie the record for the greatest comeback in franchise history, outscoring Miami 36-10 in the second half and 22-0 in the fourth quarter.

I can tell you Tony Sparano and his coaching staff blew that time out situation just prior to halftime -- allowing Saints coach Sean Payton to change his mind about kicking the field goal his team was already lined up for and get a momentum-swinging TD instead.

I can tell you Ted Ginn Jr. once again proved he's not ready for prime time -- as he turned a catchable pass in his hands into a bobble that got plucked out of the air by a defender and eventually returned for a TD. I can tell you Ginn later dropped another pass in a crucial fourth-quarter situation.

I can tell you Anthony Fasano continues to be the incredible shrinking tight end -- turning what was a fine season in 2008 into a distant memory in 2009 as he regresses with dropped passes or fumbles.

I can tell you Gibril Wilson continues to struggle.

I can tell you offensive coordinator Dan Henning must have blown a mental gasket, calling 20 run plays in the first half in helping the Dolphins take a 24-10 lead, but calling only eight more runs in the second half as the Dolphins watched their lead evaporate in the hot evening air.

All those are reasons the Dolphins blew it Sunday, and if you want the graphic details click here to see why this team continues to lay Ostrich-sized eggs against good teams.

But let me quote a wise Dolphins receiver here:

"Every time you lose there's a lesson to be learned," said Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo. "Every time you win there's a lesson. There are lessons to be had. We'll look at the film and we have to learn the lessons. We've lost too many games. If you do't learn the lessons now, you keep losing games."

So what are the lessons we've learned from this season's 2-4 start?

Let me start with the receivers. Guys, it is time to bench Ted Ginn Jr. I'm not saying cut the kid. I'm not saying punish him in any way. It's not his fault he's not up to answering the call most of the time as he drops key passes, or plays scared, or fails to make plays any good receiver would make.

I'm saying the experiment needs to end.

He needs to stop getting snaps in key, pressure situations. By benching, I'm not saying he should lose his starting job. I'm saying he needs to lose snaps. I don't care if he's in on the first play or not. I care that he's not there for the important plays.

Brian Hartline is today already a more productive receiver. Think about it. Ginn had eight passes thrown his way Sunday. He caught two for 16 yards. Hartline had five passes thrown to him. He caught three for 94 yards. Ginn is faster. But Hartline is better. Give the better receiver more plays and let the faster receiver go return kicks or something.

Or here's another idea: How about you make Ginn inactive and play Patrick Turner, too? I don't know exactly the reason Turner hasn't been able to earn playing time. He's been inactive every game. But each of those games Turner sat out, with the exception of the Jets game, Ginn has proven he is not the future for this franchise.

Turner might be in the future.

I say the Dolphins should get about the business of finding out if Turner is part of the future. Bench Ginn. Play Hartline and activate Turner and get him some snaps. They can't be worse than Ginn. Learn the lesson!

The Dolphins obviously made a mistake on Wilson in free agency. I predict that, barring a swift turnaround from his current course, he will not be with the team next season. The guy is always a step slow in coverage and does not tackle well. How's that for a great combination?

His attempted tackle of Jeremy Shockey on that 66-yard gain Sunday was a clinic on how not to do it. Afterward Wilson talked about how "Shock is a great player. It was Shock being Shock."

Well, why haven't Miami coaches tired of Wilson being Wilson?

Tyrone Culver seems better to me. And, with Chris Clemons active for the first time this season on Sunday, the hope and expectation is that he is on the come. So try Clemons also, if you must. The point is, Wilson has had six games to resolve his myriad issues.

He has not done it.

Instead he has shown why the Giants let him go in free agency and then the Raiders cut him one year after they signed him. The Dolphins made a mistake on Wilson and that mistake was multiplied several times when one considers the team did not re-sign Renaldo Hill, did not sign Darren Sharper -- you know, the dude that had a 42-yard interception return touchdown -- and did not sign Brian Dawkins as free agents.

So the Miami personnel department bypassed three better players in order to get Wilson.

The Miami personnel department is smart in that it quickly cuts ties with players that fail -- eliminating mistakes rather than nurturing them. The Miami coaching staff needs to follow suit and eliminate players such as Ginn and Wilson from the lineup so that the same sad story doesn't continue to read the same sad way in game after game after game.

That would be a good lesson to learn.


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Pricemaster is an idiot! Dont believe me? Read his comment. Plus Im pretty sure he's gay.

N.O. didn't shut don't our Wildcat, we did!

i agree big blackie. sparano is starting to look alot like me when things get tight. maybe thats why he loves practice so much you cant take boneheaded timouts in practice. hes starting to show a bad trend of coaching mistakes

100% right Big Blackie...with the right coaching deciisions we win that game...We let it get away and Sprano and staff need to take a hard look in the mirror...playing a great half doesn't win games, that's the lesson learned

Take away the Indy game and Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn stats are 7 receptions 9 drops, WOW.....and lets not forget his falling down, man this guy is worse then bad, they have to invent a word for him, maybe we can just say when a player is horrid we could just say "Man that guys a Ginn"

To all you Jet fan losers...you beat a terrible Raiders team, so congrats! But, is beating the Raiders really an accomplishment?

Prepare to get your a$$ handed to you again by the Dolphins again this coming week!

Phinatic,(Not that there's anything wrong with that..)

I've lost confidence in this coaching staff. They got out coached in the second half. Why do they continue to play Ginn and Wilson??? THEY SUCK! Why did they stop blitzing Bell in the second half? Why did they call that time out at the end of the first half? Why did they not run the ball in the second half? I've lost all confidence in our coaching staff.

Why should I waste my time talking about issues that everyone knows about(Ginn,Wilson,Fasino,Crowder,White,and a few others i dont fell like discussing at this point)This team is on the right track. How many teams in the past have u watched and said they look good, they show flashes of great play, but they don't win close games, they give up leads, make costly mistakes, and dont know how to finish? These are signs of a team learning how to win, play together and play consistently for 60 minutes. It's called growing pains. Last year was a combination of a lot of things, schelule, influx of new players, luck, good coaching, and the wildcat offense. For some reason we expected the Super Bowl to go through Miami this year, and we would win it. While it is ok to have expectations of your team, those expectations also must be realistic. If we see the same from this team and coaching staff beyond this season and maybe the next. Then I will be the first to admit that this attempt to turn the Dolphins Franchise around, with this group of players,coaches and front office is a failure. I do have a quistion that i would like some feed back on. Is it just me or does the defense seem to be much quicker with Wake in there, and where was he in the second half?

I have been trying to give Ginn the benefit of the doubt because his strengths (which is not much) has been his QB's weakness since he has been a Dolphin. Now that he has Henne throwing to him and minus the Jets game has been a complete FAILURE. Yesterday was horrible game for him and he should be benched and released after the season is over...

It seemed to me that when we ran the wild cat in the second half. the corner covering henne would focus in on ricky when he came in motion and didn't bother with henne, I'm sure other teams will catch on to this. We do need to get rid of ginn, he's terrible, damn you cam!

N.O did bot shut down the run the coching staff did thoes 2 int from henne were not his fault they were where they needed to be and the recovers had there hands on both of them again ginn can't catch again our secondary needs to change idk whatthe coachs see but it's the same players week in and week out that lose us the game alls I know is that after this season they need to get rid of these guys that are losing the game for us end of story! But this loss is on our coching staff and I think u all can agree on this! We knew brees was tearing us up y didn't we run more like the first half y didn't we bring more presur like the first half it's like N.O paid us to let them win

Last time i remember the fins getting out coached week in and week out was with Dave(No testicular fortitude) Wannstedt roamed the side lines..(Now the sidelines are a place for the entire Ginn family to gather)

Bad, very bad day today.

GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!!!!! The DOLPHINS STILL SUCK. Knock off the BS wildcat and play normal football and they might win some games. The Saints cleaned their clock and it will only get worst. Parcels is not the answer, a new team is! Get rid of Pennington, Ginn, Henne, Taylor and Ricky Williams. Hell, scrap the whole team, they suck.

Gibril Wilson is an example of parcells trying to get players "on sale." instead of springing for a guy like dawkins (when we know we have secondary issues I might add), parcells and co try to get the bargain.. Hey sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but most of the time, Billy, you get what u pay for :P

This game last night make me feel like throw up and punch somebody at the same time.

Mike you sound like an idiot just stop talking. Im not even gone pull out the stats u dont deserve it.

Good post THRESHER!!!

If Dolphins beat Jets, the season is ok.

Does this sound familiar?

Dolphin will beat Jets.

I think maybe I'm starting to come around....

Oh no, here come horrible feeling creeping up again....

This game yesterday was like combination of Colts game, Texans game from last year, and Monday night comeback from Jets in 2000....

Kill the Jets next week

carlito, Don't do that, You'll get vomit on your Bruno Margulies....

Quoting Mando earlier this week "have the dolphins talked themselves out of an upset?" well I think they did the same with the fans. Obviously it's tough to lose a game when your up by so much, but it happens, especially to teams who give up long 3rd down conversions against offenses as explosive as the saints. People are completely forgetting the fact that we put up 34 against a defense that held an undefeated NY Giants team to only 27 one week ago, and as a team gave the saints there hardest battle of the season.
I'm not saying to overlook the dropped passes (fasano / ginn) and possible bad play calling, but the saints were trying to win by calling the right plays and executing them, they weren't just going to give up because they were down early. They are the best team in the NFL right now and before the game so a loss should not seem so shocking to the fans of a good but not great dolphins team.
Take some of the good from the game, the rushing game really is a great NFL tandem, Brian hartline took another step in the right direction, the newly implemented corners made some plays, and our young quarterback took the best team head on in his third start as a pro. Everyone needs to chill out and realize that we exceeded expectations this game and even tho there is plenty of bad tape to learn from, the fins did a lot of things well yesterday too.

WOW! Salguero!!! You have hit the nail right on the head!!! You're wrong about your politics, but boy, you're right about your football. Why are we letting these veterans fail and fail again? If someone is going to fail, at least let it be a rookie or a second year player, because they have the opportunity to develop and get better. Wilson certainly is not going to get better; and we've given more than enough chances to Ginn. . . he's not getting better. Hartline has the opportunity to get better with more snaps! Culver and Clemons can get better! Turner can get better!

As far as tight end. My goodness, what a mistake to waive David Martin. He's have been a great crutch for a young QB like Henne. Fasano has shown himself to be no better than average, if that.

Where's Nj phin fan????


you are a sweet heart , stick to football .i like you already .

Armando, what to T.S. have to say after the game?? I know he does not like to call out players but I hope in private he talks to Fassono and Ginn

Tommya, I hear you, but he was effective at OSU, he had a few great games, but, if you don't place confidence in a player they won't have confidence in themselves (see Jason Allen). Speaking of. I STILL maintain that Jason ALlen would be a better option than Wilson...

On a positive note Polite is the man! I can't get over how OUTSTANDING of a blocker he is...LB's surely can't look forward to gettin' hit by him

I never found girl cheating on me, or had someone leave me or something sad like this, but I have all the heartbreak in life I need from be fan of Miami Dolphins.

hey sparano coaching scared and coaching not to lose only assures a loss. you claim to have learned all about the history of the dolphins since youve been here well its starting to look like the only years you studied were the wanndstedt years.that timeout was brutal and you seriously looked confused during the comeback

Ummm...hello...the saints seem to be the best team in the league and battered the vaunted giants defense the week before. I think the offense played well....remember when Chad P. was our QB and we struggled to get to 20 points?? Our offense is potent....that performance yesterday would beat most teams in this league......God forgive me for the things I yell at Ginn....Things will be fine......

Excellent points, Thresher

I agree COMPLETELY with Mando's comments.

Ginn has to go - I've been in his corner from the start - and the more I defend him the more he makes terrible play after play. Hartline is WAY better - Ginn should be on the trade block and dealt for a 3rd or 4th (or whatever they can get really) in the off-season.

Same with Wilson. He's absolutely terrible. Worst FA bust for the fins - I was very happy when they signed him but in hindsight - he's God awful... he can't tackle worth a damn - and what's the safeties #1 priority? TACKLE. He cannot do that - therefore he cannot be a starting safety in the NFL - cut him - cut the losses, suck up the guaranteed money - and go draft a new safety if there isn't one on the roster.

Fasano has been nothing but a hinderance since the ball snapped the first play of the season. Time to see what Nalborne can do...

And finally.... Joey Porter should be traded in the off- season. Let JT walk - and have Cameron Wake be the full time OLB. They can draft/sign another - and hopefully get some very good value for Peezy. Its not that I dont' like him or don't feel he's a good player - I just think he's past his prime and time to get good value for him. Next year will be the last year of his contract - if they can get a 3rd rounder for him they should take it.

Im not upset with Henne even though his performance was less than stellar. He GAVE Miami a chance to win - but his WR crop failed him and the defense failed him. The Saints are a damn good football team - let's no one forget that... but Miami had this game and COULD have won (should have won)... but the story of this season is the "games that got away". Miami could easily be 4-2 with wins over the Saints and Colts, instead they are 2-4 and the playoffs are looking like a distant memory.

I think Henne played way better than his stat's. The ball he threw in the 4 quarter was a must throw since it was 4th and a mile. If the balls he threw and hit the wideouts in the numbers would have been caught we would be celebrating like we were after the Jets game. The illegal forward pass was a killer, we lost yardage and we lost the down. Henne will be a great qb just get him someone to catch the freaking ball. I don't even care about yards after the catch anymore just catch it and fall down Ginn, you would have still had the first down. Cut/trade Wilson and Ginn ... trade Joey Porter give Cameron Wake the position let go of Will Allen start Smith and Davis... Start Chris Clemons at Safety he is a stud.

Thoughts on yesterday...

1. Loved the defensive gameplan in the first half... Reminded me of the Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl... Their would be 6 guys lined up on the line of scrimmage and NO did not know who was what because they were all standing up... Brees was confused and the pressure was outstanding. JT looked great. I think we should use this look throughout the rest of the year. If we can get 5 sacks and 3 INTs on Drew Brees, what do you think we are going to do to Jake Delhomme and Josh Johnson?

2. Chad Henne is a player. No matter how many times he is hit, receivers drop the ball, there is a fumble or pick, he just comes back and sling it. He has the "it" factor. I see him in the same vain as a Rivers, Ryan, Flacco right now... That second tier QB. Better than we have had in a long time... He has a chance to be elite...

3. Damn Ted! I don't know what to do with my Ted Ginn jersey but I thought about burning it a few times yesterday. Ted doesn't have "it". There are guys on the street who can play receiver better. Sorry Ted... I have officially given up on you.

4. What was up with the Sharper replay? He didn't make it to the endzone... How was that a touchdown?

5. Here are the needs for Miami's offseason:

1. There is one hole and two cracks in the Miami Defense. (Safety, MLB, OLB) We need a replacement for Gibril Wilson. We need a MLB that can cover, tackle and come up with a big play here and there like Johnathan Vilma did yesterday. We need another pass rusher... JT and Joey won't be around forever.

2. We need to stock the offense with playmakers. (TE, WR and RB) Fasano is not the answer at TE. The regime played that situation perfectly by not extending his contract. He will have to come back for modest pay. If we can get Vincent Jackson and Arrelious Benn in the offseason to play wide receiver along with Hartline, Camarillo, Turner and Bess I will be happy. I love Ricky but he said he will only play one more season. And Ronnie seems only dominant in the wildcat. Another back maybe needed in the rotation...

Great article Armando, speaks well to the issues facing the offense. Truth is that we have problems on defense as well! Where's the secondary? Brees did the same thing Manning did! He tore right through us and even opened up the running game for New Orleans. Henne was pressured the entire second half and I kept wondering whatever happened to the wildcat that was so successful in the first? It's about ball controll and when you're three and out with passing, you should go back to what worked best and that's Ronnie and Ricky. Why the rush to throw downfield after the Saints scored just before the end of the first half. We rely too much on an unproven quarterback with a few starts to his credit! What happened to the offensive line, it fell apart in the second half!

In addition to dropping the passes, Ginn AGAIN, early in the game, ran out of bounds a yard an a half from the first down marker. He obviously does not like getting hit. Also, from where I sat, it was apparent that he seemed to get his hands all mixed up ( I don't know how else to say it) when trying to catch the ball, particularity on the one that got intercepted. Its as if he does not know where his hands are. They are surely not in a position to catch the ball. He also did this against the Colts on the second drop in the end zone.

Maybe he is thinking about getting hit rather than getting his hands in proper position to catch. So instead his hands are in position to ward off the defender when they should be in a position to catch the ball. Maybe that is why he seems to be able to bring the one in over his shoulder, like he did last week against the Jets - because he knew he was past all the defenders and was not concerned about getting hit.

well its 1130 time to watch wannys (well get it fixed) press confrence tell us the stats tony thats all youre good at

Who's left on the schedule that has a great Q.B that will carve up the defense like a thanksgiving turkey???

Today a friend taught me this new expression for me.

coulda, woulda, shoulda

I now know this expression and don't need any other examples of it please.

Who's fault it is that Ginn continues to fail miserably?

It's the coaching staff's fault now. Sure, at first it was Ginn's because everyone was waiting for this 9th overall choice to actually display the skills that are common from a receiver drafted that high. However, Ted simply doesn't possess those. As Mando said, it's not his fault. Do you expect him to say no I'm not playing today and bench himself? He is similar to Jeremy Hermida in that sense.

As is often said, Ginn is what he is...an average to below average receiver with elite speed. He's not clutch and you simply can't teach being clutch. It has to be in your DNA. Ted doesn't have it and most likely never will. The sample size is large enough now to conclude that he probably is a bust and in no way deserves to continually be placed into situations where he has proven time and time again he can't handle.

Again, it's on the powers that be to make the call and end this experiment as well as others. Will they?

Honestly, Dan Henning, Ted Ginn and Gibril Wilson cost us the game. Why was Hennin calling so many passing plays when our strength is running; forget bout Ginn--I have been screaming for him to get benched since the Colts game when he was dropping passes. We couldn't really tell bout Ginn's talent cuz Pennington didnt have a strong arm but with Henne, he has NO excuses!!! And Gibril Wilson, he's another one--he was a bum with the Giants and the Raiders and they should know that IF the RAIDERS cut you, they you are a scrub!!! Deep inside I'm proud of them but we need a few more pieces, like an Andre Johnson or something, and we will be fine...

Yes, Ginn has to go. He's a whimp and scared. So would I be, but I'm not getting paid millions not to be.

Here's the lesson: you need a real receiver. If they had gone out and gotten Boldin or another real receiver we are 4 and 2 right now. Boldin would have come down with the ball in the colts game and won it. He would also have made the catch intercepted yesterday. It would make all the difference. Plus, a real receiver can not only concentrate in traffic but also even get separation sometimes. God, this loss is just killing me this week.

One more thing: I agree with someone above that Henne has been throwing great. And Ronnie's fake and then throw to Fasano yesterday was exceptional. That's a guy you CAN trust in the clutch. I feel real good about Henne.




Henning's play calling was indeed dreadful in the 2nd half, BUT it wasn't all him. Sparano admitted during his post-game presser that he was disappointed in the play calling, but he had a hand in the run/pass deficiency. During that stretch where they threw on 6 straight downs he said he used his head coaching run/pass option, apparently used when Henning leaves it up to Sparano to make the call, and he chose to pass. Who knows if he (Sparano) made any other similar choices. If he felt during the game that they were straying away from what proved to be a successful gameplan in the 2nd half, then he should of spoke up. I hate this after the fact crap that coaches often pull. You're the head coach, speak up.

Bench him. And send a stinking bag of $hit to Cam Camermoron. That idiot. My god, between Saban letting Welker go and Cameron drafting Ginn they have killed us. Ginn is just not good enough to play in the NFL as a #1. If I was the O Coordinator I would have him running nothing but fly routes every play. That's all he can do.



Satan didn't let Welker go. Cam MORON and Dandy FOOLER traded him to the Paties!!! And all we have to show for that is Paul Solia who was selected with one of the picks from that trade the other guy is Samson Stale and he was traded for Jake Grove!!!

how come the defense was BETTER last year then COMES THE MENTOR IN CHIEF JASON TYLOR and every thing becomes trash .LMFAO

Mando, I agree with pretty much everything you said bro... it can now be yelled from the mountaintop as as I'm concerned: Ted Ginn is a bust. BUST. The experiment is indeed over... officially now. This guy is not an NFL WR. He's a track star that plays football, and he couldn't catch a cold in the Canadian Rockies stark naked. And don't even get me started on that piece of shit Wilson... I wanted him benched after the Indy game with his horrible tackling- now I just want him cut. I feel like someone shot my dog... I actually woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep for 2 hours because of this fucking game. One of the worst losses we've had in a loooong time. Which is saying something, with all of the brutal losses we've had over the years.

Why does everyone want to jump on Ireland without adding Parcells to the 'must go' list? I'm not saying I want either guy gone, but do any of you honestly believe that any personnel decision that occurs on this team is not, at the very least, given the go ahead by the Tuna? He makes the ultimate decision. Saying Ireland must go makes no sense.

I can't watch ESPN for a week now...NEWMAN!!! Ginn....sigh....If you still are in the starting lineup...I'll root for ya...but...damn man.

Anyways, Play Chris Clemmons. This is Chris Crocker all over again. Hell, Get Jason Allen back in there, at least he can catch and tackle and has some damn speed.

They better SIGN RONNIE BROWN LIKE YESTERDAY!!!! LOCK HIS ASS UP!!!! Clearly the best player on this team...did you see him pump fake, scramble, reset and throw that perfect strike?! Man I miss David Martin.

Its hard but and it will take a while but lets get ready for the mosthatedjets. Go Dolphins.

I love how the Jets fans come on here and gloat about beating up the Raiders. The freaking Raiders. We played the Saints and put up double the points they did in their loss to them. Can't wait to smoke the Jets again.


Sorry bud but if we go 5-1 in division we aren't assured playoffs. still need to win outside the division too.

But are you seriously thinking playoffs anyway?! be realistic! We have a horrible schedule and a young, rebuilding team.

i never understood sparanos philosophy on not letting guys like wake play until they prove themselves on special teams.i know special teams are important but what the heck does it have to do with a guy playing linebacker if a guy can rush the passer put him in the game for god sakes


That was a low blow!! JT actually played well yesterday!! He did his job ..........created pressure and most importantly he DIDN'T MISS ANY TACKLES!!!

Mando is it official is Will Allen done for the season? These injuries are becoming blessing in the fact they are forcing the younger guys to step up. Its gonna be interesting to see how V.Davis ....S.Smith and my no name favorite Nate Jones step up to next weeks game!!



sign me up for ginn on practice squad. I'd say keep for returns like some people but i'd hate to waste a full spot for just special teams returns. I say let the new kid from purdue handle kickoffs and keep bess on punts. I'd like to see if he can block better than haynos too. ..and stop leaving qb in on wildcat damnit, or at the very least have white or henne actually block or maybe even throw in a jam-route for them to run...having henne there just to back off line and set loose the defender to fill the end takes away the main point of running wildcat.

Would someone please tell Stephen Ross that if he wants celebrity owners maybe he should include Lenny Kravitz in ownership so Ricky might stay after this year.......

Everyone keeps saying we didn't run the ball in the second half... We did. We didn't get first downs. That's why the numbers were different. We didn't convert so we didn't get to run more.

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