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What now? Dolphins should learn a lesson

We could use this space to discuss why the Dolphins folded like a cheap lawn chair against the Saints Sunday after building a 24-3 lead. We could discuss why the Saints were able to tie the record for the greatest comeback in franchise history, outscoring Miami 36-10 in the second half and 22-0 in the fourth quarter.

I can tell you Tony Sparano and his coaching staff blew that time out situation just prior to halftime -- allowing Saints coach Sean Payton to change his mind about kicking the field goal his team was already lined up for and get a momentum-swinging TD instead.

I can tell you Ted Ginn Jr. once again proved he's not ready for prime time -- as he turned a catchable pass in his hands into a bobble that got plucked out of the air by a defender and eventually returned for a TD. I can tell you Ginn later dropped another pass in a crucial fourth-quarter situation.

I can tell you Anthony Fasano continues to be the incredible shrinking tight end -- turning what was a fine season in 2008 into a distant memory in 2009 as he regresses with dropped passes or fumbles.

I can tell you Gibril Wilson continues to struggle.

I can tell you offensive coordinator Dan Henning must have blown a mental gasket, calling 20 run plays in the first half in helping the Dolphins take a 24-10 lead, but calling only eight more runs in the second half as the Dolphins watched their lead evaporate in the hot evening air.

All those are reasons the Dolphins blew it Sunday, and if you want the graphic details click here to see why this team continues to lay Ostrich-sized eggs against good teams.

But let me quote a wise Dolphins receiver here:

"Every time you lose there's a lesson to be learned," said Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo. "Every time you win there's a lesson. There are lessons to be had. We'll look at the film and we have to learn the lessons. We've lost too many games. If you do't learn the lessons now, you keep losing games."

So what are the lessons we've learned from this season's 2-4 start?

Let me start with the receivers. Guys, it is time to bench Ted Ginn Jr. I'm not saying cut the kid. I'm not saying punish him in any way. It's not his fault he's not up to answering the call most of the time as he drops key passes, or plays scared, or fails to make plays any good receiver would make.

I'm saying the experiment needs to end.

He needs to stop getting snaps in key, pressure situations. By benching, I'm not saying he should lose his starting job. I'm saying he needs to lose snaps. I don't care if he's in on the first play or not. I care that he's not there for the important plays.

Brian Hartline is today already a more productive receiver. Think about it. Ginn had eight passes thrown his way Sunday. He caught two for 16 yards. Hartline had five passes thrown to him. He caught three for 94 yards. Ginn is faster. But Hartline is better. Give the better receiver more plays and let the faster receiver go return kicks or something.

Or here's another idea: How about you make Ginn inactive and play Patrick Turner, too? I don't know exactly the reason Turner hasn't been able to earn playing time. He's been inactive every game. But each of those games Turner sat out, with the exception of the Jets game, Ginn has proven he is not the future for this franchise.

Turner might be in the future.

I say the Dolphins should get about the business of finding out if Turner is part of the future. Bench Ginn. Play Hartline and activate Turner and get him some snaps. They can't be worse than Ginn. Learn the lesson!

The Dolphins obviously made a mistake on Wilson in free agency. I predict that, barring a swift turnaround from his current course, he will not be with the team next season. The guy is always a step slow in coverage and does not tackle well. How's that for a great combination?

His attempted tackle of Jeremy Shockey on that 66-yard gain Sunday was a clinic on how not to do it. Afterward Wilson talked about how "Shock is a great player. It was Shock being Shock."

Well, why haven't Miami coaches tired of Wilson being Wilson?

Tyrone Culver seems better to me. And, with Chris Clemons active for the first time this season on Sunday, the hope and expectation is that he is on the come. So try Clemons also, if you must. The point is, Wilson has had six games to resolve his myriad issues.

He has not done it.

Instead he has shown why the Giants let him go in free agency and then the Raiders cut him one year after they signed him. The Dolphins made a mistake on Wilson and that mistake was multiplied several times when one considers the team did not re-sign Renaldo Hill, did not sign Darren Sharper -- you know, the dude that had a 42-yard interception return touchdown -- and did not sign Brian Dawkins as free agents.

So the Miami personnel department bypassed three better players in order to get Wilson.

The Miami personnel department is smart in that it quickly cuts ties with players that fail -- eliminating mistakes rather than nurturing them. The Miami coaching staff needs to follow suit and eliminate players such as Ginn and Wilson from the lineup so that the same sad story doesn't continue to read the same sad way in game after game after game.

That would be a good lesson to learn.


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sparano just said on his press conference will allen acl done for the year. he also said there workin with teddy and hes gettin better and theres alot that goes into those plays that we dont see hahaha thats funny. yeah right wanny all we see is ball hit hands then what a joke ball hit ground

the lseeson they need to learn is how to catch the damn ball and how to tackle - basic football.

Bench Ginn? Jettison him! - he contributes nada to the return game, he's unreliable in the clutch - i don't care how fast he is. One significant cath in 6 games is pretty awful.

what the heck sit fasanos butt too. hard to believe he's the same guy.

That last drive had a chance, it was blown by missinf the fundementals - Ricky gets a break -he had an otherwise great game

Cuban you want to know Where's Nj phin fan????
well I told every one he was Mando. Lol
Now he doesn't come out as much.

Man I could not sleep last night.This game toke a lot out of me. I aged like 10 year. We were RUNNIG the hell out of the ball.Then in the second Half we stopped.
I hope it's super cold on sunday in NY maybe this way WE RUN THE BALL and for get about throwing. GINN SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Wow, someone misses David Martin? I swear people have short memories...Martin was terrible...I miss McMichael, and his predecessor. Anyhow. I still think it's odd that we all have faith in the coaches and GM's, and coordinators. Seems to me the outside world, the layman's know more a lot of the time. THey should hire a consultant, that sits next to the coach during the game...Just an average guy that could look over and say. "Hey coach...Running the ball is how we got up 24-3, it's why we're STILL UP 34-24. Might wanna run the ball. Or, DONT CALL THAT TIMEOUT. Or, I know Wilson is young and all, but Darren Sharper, one of the best safeties to play is a Free Agent also...

Hey guy I can put up like $1,000. May be if we all but up some money. The Dolphins can cut Wilson and Ginn. We would pay for the cap hit.

This guy must have made a pack with the devil to get them in the NFL. They SUCK

Mando IF we get A petition going to get this to guy's cut would you give it to the BIG TUNA for us.

Lets go live now to burning building here on main street.

I'm here live with Fire Captain Fasano

There are reports of a man holding a baby out of the 4th story of this burning bulding!

Which of your Fireman will catch it? Ginn, Fasano, Bess, Hartline?

Please answer the question honestly captain!

Ginncredible- Ginnpy- DroppedaGinn-


Go Phins!

Just announced for the next Dolphins home game-

Special promotion and Give Away!

Tedd Ginn Jr. Bobble(Hands) give away

The first fifty thousand fans attending will receive a free Ted Ginn Jr. Bobble hands statue!

The head does not move around or bobble but the hands do!

The hands are made of authentic Stone!

It "does not stick to your refrigerator"! (nothing sticks to it)

Go Phins!

d dizzle...........mama maria would won last night that came up 24-3 thanks to henne then comes the defense my azzzzzz and fasano ginn combo plus the coach w/ the gum .

First I want to than Tony for calling a timeout so the Saints could go for a TD instead of the Field goal. Thanks Tony!!

Second I want to thank the officials for giving the Saints a TD instead of the touchback it should have been. But, hey thanks for giving us that 5 yard completion to Bess.

Can we finally give up on this Ted Ginn experiment. The guy simply cannot play. Three times he had a chance to make a big catch during the game and each time he couldn’t make the play. He is taking reps away from those that can actually catch the ball There have been 4 great opportunities for him in recent games to make a huge play and he caught one of 4. 25% is not good enough.

Meanwhile Hakeem Nicks is CATCHING a TD every week for the Giants, but hey we drafted a backup QB that looks like a high school player caught like a deer in the headlights every time the steps on the field instead.

As much as I love Ronnie Brown he does not have the vision of Ricky Williams. Ronnie got the same play call RW busted for a TD by cutting up the field. Ronnie had the same hole but chose to keep it outside for a 5 yard gain. Later in the game on 3rd and 2 if RB keeps it outside he gets the first down, but for some reason he cuts it up the field and gains nothing.

How much longer must we endure with Gabriel Wilson not making any plays and missing tackles?

If Channing Crowder played half as well as he runs his mouth he would be All Pro every year. I’ve never seen a guy almost make a play as much as he does. Meanwhile the Bengals drafted a LB that looks to be a beast and has already made more plays this year the Crowder has in his career.

Joey Porter appears done. Lets give Wake some more reps, maybe he won’t be half a step to late.

Is it me or did the defense stop playing the way they had been in the first half? That 4 pt gift of Tony’s right before the half seemed to deflate his team and energize the other team. Thanks Tony!

Maybe the Fins should call Ty Law.He might be 80 years old but he has to be a better player than Wilson. Wilson is hard to watch.He "tackled " Dallas Clark on MNF only to see him score anyway.Then I saw him miss Reggie Bush and the Saints were were 1st and goal,even though we held them to a feild goal eventually.The Dolphins have to finish games.We play hard for 56 minutes and it's a 60 minute game.As for signing Sharper or other big name free agents it's easy to say they would be a good fit since they are on undefeated or good teams.That doesn't mean we would be better with them.But I am tired of Wilson &with Allen gone for the year the secondary is doomed if we have to rely on Gibril to help the rookies.I usually don't give up on my Dolphins players,but it's always the same tapeworms making mistakes,&it's annoying when we make plays &still lose.I hope we win the next 2 games as they are divisional opponents.I can't wait til Sunday.Go Fins!

Ted Ginn Jr. is a SLOT receiver...he is not and never will be a No. 1 receiver. Gibril Wilson needs to be benched, no question, but I wouldn't outright bench Ginn, just put him in the situation that suits him...


That was a hillarious post. Well done.

Why isn't Patrick Turner active? I was excited when we drafted him since he is 6-5 & I thought his size is perfect.Instead the same fruitloops are playing.I actually like Ginn,Camarillo & the rest of them but they have to be consistent.I doubt the Fins will sign anybody new this year but I hope they think hard about Wilson.He CAN'T tackle.I don't like him.

The bottomline is what Ive said in the preseason till now we cannot stop other teams from passing the ball!! We give up too many big passing plays when it REALLY counts!! Yesterday was crazy but miami almost always FOLDS when the pressure is on that is one thing they have been consisently good at over the years. No more excuses we are just a soft team with no heart and cant handle normal football pressure oh and running the wildcat 20 or so times when its not working beats me also!

Armando, this article is like the Bible (every word is TRUE). Ginn, Wilson, P.Turner, C. Clemmons; you nailed this time. The only positive thing out of this loss is that now we will habe the change to see our two rookie cornerbacks playing together, at the same time. Who knows, maybe another Surtain - Madison combination? So far Hennen and Hartline are playing well (rookies). Lets try Clemmons and Turner. Who knows


The reasons we lost this game is offensive playcalling and a secondary that cannot tackle or cover period.... Gibril come on man shockey ran about 50 yards all the while just smacking you in the face unbelievable!!! He could of taken out his legs 40 yards prior but like a true idiot kept trying to what arm tackle him!!! But the wildcat is starting to annoy me we ran it WAY too much yesterday to the point I think it cost us valuable time and possessions! Why pass when the running game was working so well I just dont understand our coaches and their gameplans. Any other team would have won that game why because other teams have the mental poise that the dolphins havent had in the 30 years as a fan i am sick to my stomach but HONESTLY I have seen worse!! Remember the monday night 4th quarter meltdown against the jets in 2000!! or the houston game last year!! Or the colts game this year!! Watch anyone of those games and you will see a team that should win, have the game basically won but still SOMEHOW lose the game!!! Its just a miami thing to implode during games i guess!! They have no confidence in themselves!!

Ginn is the perfect example of Parcells saying that goes something like "if they don't bite when their pups they don't bite". Ginn is not the man and never will be here or anywhere else if cut after the season. I am however a little tired of posts that run so hot and cold based on the last game. We beat the Jets and with our suddenly easier second half of the season (because of our opponents record this year) we were on our way to the show. Now it's the end of the world because we lost to an NFC team at home and six of our next eight games are on the road. The reality is starting 0-3 we have had very little chance of making the post season. The only sliver of hope requires us to win all of our division games. The next two on the road after a deflating loss to the Saints. Tough to do. Still will be enjoying the rest of the season to see what we have talent wise. Let's get Culver of the field for Gibril, Hartline for Ginn, Turner active, Clemons active and Nalbone for the tight ends. Ginn needs to stick to returns and he's not even really good at that.

Thanks for the great article Armando! It was right on the money.

I learned that Parcells bought the groceries and coach Sparano is trying to cook with them

or he's eating all the groceries

Relative to the "we will get that cleaned up" response...I raised teenagers and have heard that a few times...Relative to


Was tha G.Wilson that Shockey was carrying like a purse? Maybe we should give our safeties a new nickname like Duney and Burke or Gucci

Shockey reminded me of that uncle you pull off the couch as a kid...you know when the whole neighborhood is playing football in the street...you keep bugging him to put his beer down and come outside and play...he finally does and he drags 10 kids huffing, puffing and belching for a touchdown... That was Shockey yesterday...Dang!

Go Phins!

Mando,it seems like you were reading my thoughts;I just returned from lunch with a fellow,frustrated Fins fan and we both agreed with everything you posted. The Fins lost because the coaches abandoned the very game plan that netted the Fins a 21 point lead Why?! Second,why can't the coaches see what is obvious to everyone else--Teddy Ginn is a big bust!Third, Fasano has left the building and someone else seems to be wearing his jersey.So,bench Big Bust Ginn and Fasano and insert Hartline and Turner into the starting rotation.Oh! And give Clemons a shot as well.

Armando as a person that reads your daily blogs on my iPhone, I plead that you communicate with the Dolphins Coaching staff and have them take your advice and the advice of others, stop being so conservative...Let's take risk on the rookies because are vetrans are not cutting it. Trust I am a Miami faithful for the last 20 years but the pain of losses that should have never happen suck!!

I have said in this blog to give Ginn a little more time, well he has had it and he is not a number one guy. He at best is a 3rd wr kick returner. You have to make plays in traffic in the NFL to be a top guy and Ginn time after time has failed to make plays in traffic. As for Wilson I have never seen a safety play patty cake with a receiver for 30 yards, wow!

Oh look its a Ginnterception!

Go Phins!


It's Ginnpossible
to catch the ball with my hands
It's Ginnpossible
To be the open man
It's just Ginnpossible

Go Phins!

all I can say is AMEN Mando... AMEN...

armando let them know for us fans its time to bench wilson now and ginn well his scared. he is not made for the nfl. and i guarantee if the staff was to put jason allen as safty it would be an upgrade. BENCH THEM ALREADY!!!

P.S boy was that a stupid call by the coach calling a timeout right before half time. INCREDITABLE!!!

Notice how our division rivals won against handicapped teams yet NFL Live & the like will predict them to be in the playoffs.When Miami wins there are always 20 Excuses;we lose& we are just a bad team.The Fins can't win for losing.How appropriate:)I will feel better tomorrow cause it will be Week 8 as far as I'm concerned & Sunday's loss won't sting as much.Meanwhile,since I live in Upstate NY,I have to suffer through Bills highlights and the sports anchors are acting like they won the SB.Hopefully,Miami will get a win at the Jets next week & get our 1st season sweep since 2003.I also hope the Texans beat the Bills and drop them to 3-5.But as long as the Fins win.Go Fins!

Maybe in addition to turning Ginn into a Cornerback we gould give everyone a lesson in tackling.....Take their legs dammit! Not their chest!..lol.

I have had 24 hours to marinate and digest this painful loss. What a shame to spoil the night for a backfield that has not been seen in the NFL for years. The whole offense played like champions with the exception of one, Ted Ginn. What a shame that one heartless, over paid, player can blemish a what would be a steller night against a ferocious contender. The offense, once again, left everything on that field. It's time to move on and put the children to bed. Bench Ginn!!!

Perhaps the Ravens will give us a second rounder for Ginn. What'd say Cam? Huh, can't hear you.

It could have been worse. We could have took Brady Quinn @ number 9.

face it man we are fu##*, Soprano should have run run and run again. Fu*^#

This is a 60-minute game, not a 29-minute game. The lesson to learn is to bring-it for 60 minutes. I can list everybody on the team who had their part in the meltdown from Sparano, Ginn, Fasano, and the defense; but I also have to give the Saints credit for their mental toughness despite starting off flat. They starting believing it was possible to turn the game around while we panicked and acted like a bunch of masochists who enjoy being punished. This was more painful than any loss the Dolphins experienced including the Miracle at the Meadowlands because it was at home.

SParanop says that good game play gets more playing tine. That sounds good to me, but we have not even seen Pat Turner. I want some time for him. I like the idea of trying to get Clemns out there to earn some tyime too.

Again another second half meltdown but just couldn't bring myself to turn the channel and end the pain again,, Why do Fin fans want to reach into TV's and choke the life out of a coach because they don't stay with a plan THAT IS WORKING!!! Time to cut Ginn and Wilson, there are other play makers on the team that want to make a difference !!!we ran the pig skin all over them and they couldn't stop it,, Go Ricky and Ronnie, beautiful running yesterday guys, that's I case nobody told you,,,

These are the same comments that we say and hear year after year. These are the same mistakes that are made by coaches and management year after year. And it isn't that we should expect a complete turnaround two years after replacing the most inept coaching staff this team ever had, who in turn replaced another inept coaching staff, who in turn replaced another and another, and another. No, we should not, but we should expect to see the coaches and managers acting intelligently. Replacing ineptitude in the field would be a sign that the coaching staff is acting intelligently, but they have not. Expending all the team's capital in players' energy and plays in less than two quarters in a game is not a sign of coaching aptitude either, but that's exactly what they did last Sunday. Is there any hope for this team? After so many years rolling non-stop down hill, I seriously doubt it.

I don't expect BP to keep wilson or ginn around for another season. This is Ginn's third year and he is still playing like a scared punk! And Wilson has been a huge FA waste of money. Our first 2 picks in the draft next year need to be FS & WR we should also consider bringing at least one ILB and OLB I'm not too sure about crowder and porter...

You know what's really funny is, they played that soft defense in the second half because they didn't want to give up a big play on a blitz. This defense gives up big plays when they are not aggressive. They must try to dictate tempo or get burned. I haven't seen the stats, but I'll be this D has given up more TD drives in under 2 minutes than any other D. I'm not going to say anything about Ginn, it is obvious. Poor coaching and poor play equal losses. Every time I think this team has turned the corner I end up eating a shite sandwich. I just keep coming back to "Same old Dolphins." It's depressing.

"I can tell you Gibril Wilson continues to struggle."

Struggle? STRUGGLE?!?!?!?!?!?

Are you kidding me Mando? Struggling would be a compliment for Gibril. He cost more games than Ginn has. He might as well do the endzone celebration with the other team.




I was waiting all season for you to finally mention Hill or Goodman. Folks we dropped the ball on this one. We had a backfield with chemistry, added two rookies to groom. Why did we let them go and now they are kicking butt for denver.

I have loved "the Tuna" for years but he has to realize that todays' NFL requires an outstanding quarterback to have a winner! Otherwise, as Drew Breese would not win so many games with his arm alone!

Armando I'm on the same page. Hartline to start and give Turner a shot.

Put Guinn back to returning kicks - his specialty in college and plug up the holes in the secondary. You moronic jet fans - we know this is not the Fins year - duh but it's not your year either. The pecking order has been established as it always seems to be in the AFC East - NE on top and Miami at the bottom - the jets may come up with a wild card but I doubt it and if they do, they will be eliminated in the first game because Sanchez is a loser - everyone knows it rarely works out for a rookie QB to start in the NFL and be successful. The only good team the jets have beaten is NE and that was a fluke so enjoy their success for now. It won't last long. GO FINS...win a few more this year and next year the Tuna may work his magic.

Zach would not have let Brees jump over the top...saw him blow that play up many times..point is that Channing is no Thomas.


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