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What will Dolphins do as trade deadline nears?

The NFL trade deadline is next Tuesday at 4 p.m. and most NFL teams can now be grouped in one of three categories: Buyers, sellers, and the Dolphins.

The sellers aren't hard to spot. The Oakland Raiders are willing to trade practically anyone on their roster that isn't a core young player. The Cleveland Browns are willing to part with whatever talent they have left -- as long as it's not Joe Thomas -- for the right price. The Kansas City Chiefs are selling. Same holds true for the St. Louis Rams -- literally and figuratively.

There are also a handful of other teams currently struggling that aren't selling wholesale, but they are willing to part with certain players.

And then there are the buyers. The Cowboys are looking around to help their defense. The Patriots are snooping around for help on both sides of the ball. Chicago still would like receiver help. Green Bay wants to shore up its offensive line, despite knowing few teams are willing to give up a good offensive lineman. The Chargers are also always willing to talk at the deadline if the deal is right.

And then we have the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are a tough team to figure out because, well, everyone is always on the market and available in trade for the right price -- except for a handful of players such as Jake Long, Chad Henne and, and, well that's it.

The Dolphins also are always looking to add talent any way they can do it, as long as the price is relatively cheap. They are, however, a very cautious trade team because they value draft picks and understand as well or better than most that the 2010 draft is loaded with talent.

So, as the deadline draws closer, I would not be surprised if the Dolphins bought, if the Dolphins sold, or if the Dolphins did nothing.

Understand that the odds are Miami will not pull the trigger on any mega-deal in the coming week. Trades are hard to make in the NFL and big in-season trades are even more rare.

But allow me to speculate for a second. And I caution you this is only speculation because it has nothing to do with anything anyone has said or whispered or screamed at me. It is only speculation.

If they are of a mind to do so, the Dolphins could go out and try to improve their receiver corps, or special teams, or the tight end corps, or their secondary. The fact is the Dolphins could use a boost in each and every one of those areas.

Players that could be available in those areas include WR Dwayne Bowe, TE Zach Miller, WR Javon Walker, KR-PR Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR Chansi Stuckey, and WR Antonio Bryant. Yes, I know Stuckey was just traded to the Browns. So?

And Bryant is making bigtime money from the Bucs this year but, frankly, is not producing. He got called out by coach Raheem Morris after dropping two passes in a 33-14 loss to Philadelphia. It is no coincidence the Bucs worked out five receivers on Tuesday.

If you'll notice, one of my adopted sons Anquan Boldin, is not on this list. The reason is the Cardinals are simply not going to give him away for anything lower than a second-round pick plus other considerations and, although he's been slowed by injuries and isn't producing to his usual lofty standards.

Not producing to his usual lofty standards for Boldin means he only has 23 catches for 252 yards and an 11-yard per catch average. Those stats are still better than any Miami receiver.

If I had to make a guess, if the Dolphins are going to add a player in trade, it will happen with a returner of some sort. The team just lost Patrick Cobbs to a torn ACL in his left knee. He's out of the remainder of the season.

That means the team could use a kick returner because until now, the team has been reluctant to give that job to Ted Ginn Jr. And he hasn't exactly earned it, either. So perhaps a trade for a special teamer could help matters.

Boy, getting Josh Cribbs would be great, wouldn't it?


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I don't think the Dolphin going to make any big splash before trade deadline.

We have great young player ready to start long winning streak.

Go Dolphins!

Henne the Hero!
Ronnie the Rabid Beast!

Rex Ryan is the fattest clown I ever see. That trick where all the clown come out of tiny car would never work with rex ryan. His rolls and chins would be hanging out windows

Did I not say, in this post, before the game, that the Jet's fan's faces would be urinated on last night?

My 2 cents. Build through the draft. Think longterm. Do not sacrifice key draft picks for the now. As good as we are I see us contending for the Superbowl in the next few years and not this year. Now if the guy comes cheap, do I

Woops I wanted to say, do it!

I don't see MIA going for a big receiver since they just drafted Pat Turner to become that guy. I would say that if you look at the receiver corps, they don't have a backup speedster behind Tedd Ginn Jr. That backup speedster would be the KR/PR we need. That's why Johnny Lee Higgins looks a lot more sensical.

Lex Hilliard will replace P Cobbs. I don't see a trade coming.


I cant believe the Chiefs would trade Dwayne Bowe. He is young and very talented.

Regarding your blog post on Calvin Pace - He also didnt give the Phins any credit last year after they won the division. He cant give the DOlphins any credit b/c he knows he could have come to Miami if he wanted to put picked the Jets instead. So every time Miami wins, it is a slap in his face.

Also, you missed a few guys that arent on the trade block unless the Dolphins get an absolute blockbuster deal in return. The Dolphins arent trading (like any other team), young core players like Ronnie Brown, Donald Thomas, Smiley, Jake Grove, Langford, V. Davis, and Sean Smith).

They also would demand great value for some of their other young gems like Tyrone Culver, C. Clemons, N. Jones, P. Merling and maybe even Camarillo.

"..And Bryant is making bigtime money from the Bucs this year but, frankly, is not producing....." Wow, trade for him, he sounds good ! ha ha ha, thank the lord you are only a bad sports writer and not the fins GM.

Miami trades a #3 in 2011 for Shawn Meriman, Armando then begs me to be his new info source instead of Drew Rosenhaus.

I agree. Cribbs would be a heck of a catch.

Armando, I kid often, but I do think truth in journalism is a dying commodity. That's why I appreciate when you tell us that something is only speculation or when you say your are reporting something exclusively or when you differentiate between a team source or NFL source or NFLPA source.

Thank you for that. Wish your competitors would be so honest.

Culver, Clemons, Nate Jones are young gems? So a rookie that has never played a game, a nickel corner and a nickel safety are Miami's young gems.

No wonder you are a FAKE GM and not a REAL GM, Mr. Fake GM.

Hey Mitch, if Mando would allow me to speak on his behalf, blow it out your crapper loser.

I would trade Pat White for Josh Cribbs in a heartbeat. Failing that, I'd consider giving up a third-rounder for Josh Cribbs.


Fake Gm , culver , nate jones , camarillo and clemons are young gems ? LMFAO ! slow down buddy . :)

Bill Parcells hates Shawne Merriman and already passed on him once during the draft. He's not trading for that guy ever.

Mando, I'm still you're best unnamed source, buddy.

I consider myself somewhat of a draft expert. The 2010 draft is LOADED ! . I don't think miami parts with any draft picks. They might want to trade a Matt roth for somebody or Draft picks but i doubt it . It will be quiet trade deadline for MIAMI .

Any player can be had for the right price. There's no group of untouchable guys. If Al Davis called up an offered eight 1st round picks, twelve 2nd round picks, and Richard Seymore for Jake Long, I'm pretty sure that deal gets done. Who knows...that idiot might do it. The Raiders are the one team with a worse owner than the Dolphins.

I consider myself somewhat of a draft expert. The 2010 draft is LOADED ! -- NJ PHIN FAN

Um, I think I already said that in the post.

FAKE GM , I MEAN MANDO . UM, i concurred. don't be mad cause i called you out. :)

Can somebody calculate the remaining strength of schedule base on this year's record. With games left againsn Tennessee 0-5 Tampa 0-5 Carolina 1-3 Bills 1-4 My guess would be that the Dolphin's schedule is not as tough as it was being over exaggerated.

O and i thought of one other person who i think would also be a good person to get. Doubt the bills would do any in division trading though, but Roscoe Parish is upset in buffalo and he is an excellent special teams player as well. Wouldnt mind getting him. But i agree with NJ PHIN FAN. Next years draft is going to be loaded.

Why trade when ochocinco is a free agent next year.

teams remaining are 22-31 for a 415%. I predict miami wiil go 8-3 the rest of the way.

what about glenn dorsey from the chiefs. i seen the nfl network talkin about the chiefs might want to trade him. give them joey porter an a 3rd. let c.wake play .an we would have glenn for years. an there gos are dt needs

Forget about trading for a receiver. There will be a ton of them in free agency next off season. I say they should trade for a FS. Wilson is just not cutting it! Oshiomogh Atogwe or LaRon Landry? Maybe they will cost too much So what about Michael Huff? just about anyone would be better than Wilson.

look I know we won but our secondary played about as bad as calvin pace last night...i say we trade gibril wilson and get a draft pick and sign a free agent or give clemons a shot

We need a Free Safety, so Bell can play SS... If we can get Bryant for less than a third rounder and rework his contract (obviously a long shot), then do it. He's ultra talented, and w/ Henne throwing to a big target like that, we would be nasty

and mando i also doubt the fins would trade their wildcat trigger-man and star franchise player for anything...the knowledge of the wildcat cant be released to any other teams

You guys are missing the point. We do build on draft picks, but draft picks are a gamble. Josh cribbs, bowe, Roscoe Parrish aren't. Imagine, for a second, Josh cribbs. We get him for a second round and someone, and we now have the best game changer at returning kicks AND. A new better receiver. I would give up three picks for that. We are not even trying
To use Patrick turner, or pretending he will be active. Oh and by the way, we don't need draft picks when it
Comes to receiver. We need to contact the bengals. Also, I say we draft Taylor mays in the first round, if we can trade up. Any thoughts?

NJ PHIN FAN I think you right.8-3 or 9-2
But we have to fix our secondary. They get burned way too much.

Mando whats the chance Turner get a shot now that Cobbs is out.
In wildcat we will see Pat white take cobbs place.
Thats if Thigpen doesn't out play him.

We are loaded with LB that don't produce trade two of them get Safetys both of them suck donkey balls

Killerdolphins is right. We are not using Cameron wake enough or Phillip merling (who we should trade or start, but stop bringing in to pinch hit), but either way, we have the worst safeties in the league. Who is worse?

Also, Mando, can we get an update on matt Roth? Is he still alive? Have the brain trust finally realized it's not a physical problem he has it's a mental one?

Patrick Cobbs is a huge loss! He is instrumental in the Wildcat, many times you'll see him blocking downfield for Ricky and Ronnie. We'll miss you Patrick, get well soon!

If we trade for anyone it needs to be for a defensive player. We are getting run on and passed on.

I just love seeing all the fans back on the blogs,jumping back on the wagon after a huge win on national Tv, after giving up on the squad after losing to the colts. Welcome back!

Marvin Harrison is still available

Generally, I say we stay put.

Unless you can find a banging free safety. Wilsons head came up on the game the other night and it looked small compared to everyone else. In fact it looked freakishly small.

Small head equals small man and small man that has to tackle big giant man ain't gonna do so well. It is only physics.

Funny.don't remember reading any standley posts before.(If youhave I missed them and sorry)

Wonder if harrison has been working out?

payuengsgwings, i hear that marvins been praticing shooting his gun in the basement of his bar in philly, if that helps...

Was that what went by my head?C.M where ya been?

The nuts have taken over,killer has a twin,carlito don't know who he is and where is ODIE?

and NJ?well he is still in the swamps of....well you know

bandwagon people are here

Payuengsnwings, last summer some one used one of Marvins antique pistols and shot at someone(though it was never proven that it was Harrison himself that pulled the trigger) any ways the shooter missed his target(who iam sure was some one doing something that would get some one shot)...but your right, id love to see Harrison in a Miami uniform even if its just for the reminder of the year..

I would like the see the Phins get someone to help the team improve but not to the extent of giving away draft picks. Maybe trade Roth for someone?

He's a vet and can help all our WR's and maybe turner.

Someone might need to speak WR to him,might help speed things.

I thought we just got sheets from SF's PS?


No I'm not an owl...oh yea those guy's ain't here lol

Inimounts had a good point (1st page 4:25 of the pace blog)henne will show if he is worthy of any accolades in the near future.But we have to be patient and NOT jump ship(bandwagon).

Oh,on a side note GO DODGERS

Regardless of what we do now I know one thing. I will be pissed if th dolphins don't pay up BIG for Ronnie after this season!!

However I do agree that Cobbs was a big loss and will difficult to replace.

Anyone know our record with the orange jerseys? I think we are are undefeated with them.


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