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What's happening at this hour in Dolphinsland

The Dolphins are about to go into team meetings and coach Tony Sparano has already spoken to the press. This is what's happening:

Defensive end Philip Merling is walking around the team facility with a protective boot on his left leg. He has an ankle injury, according to coach Tony Sparano. The coach did not want to say whether the injury is serious or not.

It looks quite serious but Merling said it is not.

"It looks worse than it is," Merling told The Herald's David J. Neal.

Merling said he would be back practicing later this week. Joey Porter, who missed Sunday's game with a hamstring injury, was also in the locker room today and didn't seem to be walking with a limp. He did not speak to the media.

Sparano is obviously in a better mood now that Miami is no longer winless. He talked about being pleased he was with the two points of emphasis last week. The Dolphins emphasized turnovers and third-down conversions.

On third down, the Bills offense converted only 1 of 11 chances (9 percent), while the Miami offense coverted 9 of 17 chances (53 percent). Obviously, the Dolphins won the turnover battle, 3-0.

The coach isn't too pleased with the fact Chad Henne was sacked six times. Sparano is concerned because the Bills got those sacks without really blitzing very often.

"They had three sack against the interior line," Sparano said. "We gave up one sack that the quarterback has to get rid of the ball, and we had another sack where a guy [Ryan Denney] jumped over a guy [Ronnie Brown]." 

The Jets come with blitz, after blitz, after blitz. Sparano said the Dolphins must prepare for that. Left guard Justin Smiley said he watched tape of last year's Baltimore playoff game the other day and expects to see practically the same stuff against the Jets -- including some players such as Bart Scott and Marques Douglas.

The Miami offensive line is interesting this week in that it must contend with Rex Ryan's defensive lab experiments. But it is also interesting in that Nate Garner seems to be making inroads at the guard spot.

Garner took some snaps at right guard Sunday in place of Donald Thomas. Sparano explained that Thomas has taken a lot of snaps at the position in trying to get caught up from the injuries he's had and Garner has earned some snaps.

"I thought Garner did a good job," Sparano said.

Notice that Garner has apparently passed Shawn Murphy, who was starting at right guard to start preseason. Murphy was inactive Sunday.

The Dolphins rushed for 250 yards.They are today the No. 1 rushing team in the NFL. But, again, six sacks is six sacks.

"It's a good game at running the ball and beating up the other guy," right tackle Vernon Carey said. "But we have to be better with our protection. It wasn't the best game we had. It was a little dirty. So we have to clean up some things."


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If what Merling is saying is true , all i have to say is THANK GOD ! , This is a good young player miami needs , especially with the jets and their run game coming up. Then miami has a bye in which he can rest up.

Wake rules! What a game. How did he look Armondo?

I wouldn't be suprised if Porter's hamstring is still "tender" at the end of the week. I'm guessing the coaching staff would like to see Wake get a lot of rebs again in this week game and see if what he did was for real. That would be hard if Porter is dressed. He'll want to be on the feild.

what makes me nervous is that henne doesn't seem to "sense" pressure in the pocket. the good qb's feel it and move their feet to buy time. he was sacked 6 times and looked clueless. can you imagine what the jets will do with their pressure blitz's. he has to wake up or he will get killed. i hope the qb coach can clue him in quick. playcalling will have to address his slow progressions. the jets play fast. thigpen is really better suited for pressure because he experienced the real thing last year.

nj phin =armando ...i bet my life on it

Greg z. Wants thigpen in there? Come on

Looks like we are getting a late start but better late than never. Play the he11 out of the rookies this year; get them experience under fire and we will reap the dividends next year. Henne might get us to the promised land; he will get better with time. Hallelujah!!!!

Greg Z. get out of here with you garbage! If you like Jets defense so much, go be Jet fan!

I don't know if you know this, but Jets have rookie qb who is turnover machine. If phins can handle Lee Evans and T.O., what you think they do to Jet bum receivers? Nobody can run the ball on Dolphins, they will have to rely on Sanchez and he will turn the ball over.

Henne is the man.

Also, Dolphins will run all over the Jets D. Even the saints run offense ran past Jets blitzing every play for big yardage.

Please don't forget that Wake was playing against a line that was help together with checken wire. Before you boot out Porter and promote Wake to Bruce Smith status please weigh all the facts.

greg z, you're right, the really good QBs can sense pressure and make (the right) reads. Don't know how long it's going to take for Henne to get there though. Some QBs seem like they never get it, no matter how long they play. Let's hope Henne isn't one of those guys.

Until he does get it down, the O-line has to give him some extra time.

I'm not worried at this time about Henne sensing pressure after the Dolphins rolled-up their biggest victory in 7 years! I'm also glad to see Cameron Wake looked great! Hope Joey Porter and Philip Merling get better soon, but remember, we're also building a winning team! Look at the positives, not the negatives, the Trifecta will take care of any negative!

Greg Z....what the ??? You gotta be kidding me....Henne is our QB... PERIOD! So he got sacked a few times in his first NFL start...so what! He was man enough to stand in there and he never got shook up over it...he stayed calm and cool! he'll be just fine....we have a QB that has set and can throw it any where he wants.....it's about time.....and we the fans need to stand behind and support him!


and third from the bottom in passing, yikes!

what's the scoop on Roth, can we expect him to be in uniform this season?

Greg Z. thinks we should put in a career backup qb who been here 5 days and don't know offense over future of team.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I can't even begin to tell you what a great week it has been. First off a great Dolphin win.

Second I won a little money on a one dollor scratchoff ticket.I'm headin straight to the pawn shop for more TV's and some shotgun ammo just in case this win streak stalls.

Third I cashed in my Camel menthol miles for some really classey gear.(A Belt buckle and a Zippo lighter...Dont be jealous)

Anyhoo its been a good week and you keep in touch.

Soiled :)

nj is mando

NJ is no amando, though i think NJ might be shawn(9-11)conspiracy's alter ego... Just sayin..

cuban is nj also=armando

its too bad we didnt have Thigpen earlier in the year because he has to know the offense in order to play, but i agree that he gives us the best chance to move the ball on offense THIS YEAR. Henne supporters this isnt a knock on the kid-when we get more weapons next year and he feels the pressure better he could be the better QB---but thigpen absoultly feels the pressure better now--doesnt give up on plays by takn sacks and has experience buyn time and lettin average recivers get open while thrown on the run----Henne will get murdered by the jets but hopefully we can run on them.----REMEMBER THE JETS GET CALVIN PACE BACK THIS WEEK-----henne is gonna look scared

Guy, Hrnne is our guy. Period. Greg, look at the game and you'll see that at least 4 of those sacks were unavoidable, even "sensing" the pressure. It was his first start too, and the Oline is solid on the run, but a bit weak on protection. Against the blitz, expect us to run down their throat or set up for nice screen plays or quick slants. The jets defense held NO pretty well, and that offense is mostly pass oriented. I call this week Phins 24 - Jets 13. Call your bookees. Lol

Will the Dolphins put out an official statement on Chad Pennington's condition after Friday's surgery?

Even Tom Brady looks pedestrian under pressure. Peyton does not play well with people around his feet.

So if you are a Dolphin's O lineman, I'm just sayin ...

for your info i am a big dolphin fan. i went to every practice during camp and watch every game. but like the coaches i am also a realist. i don't let my support blind me when i objectively look at a situation. the fact is that i've watched henne in practices and games. i loved the 38-10 win and i know the score wont fool me into thinking that we are ok now. henne didn't do anything that got anyone a positive glimpse of the future. the team won that game. there are troubles ahead we need to address like jets blitz pkgs. the bills sacked henne 6 times with half their starters missing.

Everytime Sprano said this year we need to clean something up, we have the next week...I really believe you will see this sack problem solved against New Yorks afterthought of a football team, the Jets come into town. I see Henne outside the pocket a little more Monday night, and a 2-3 record into the bye....Excellent weekend, it's all about the U, and the Dolphins.!!!!!

Let's see what fat head motormouth Rex Ryan says this week! HOPEFULLY Crowder with his motormouth can fire back and put it all on the field against the Jets. Sanchez is a rookie QB and is prone to make mistakes like all the rest. The secondary will really be tested this week.

I'm not so sold on Henne. That he did an "adequate job" is not very assuring. If the running game is not solid game in/game out, then we are in deep trouble. While I will cut him some slack as a rookie with the fumbles and sacks (o-line clearly at fault on some of those sacks, but others looked like Henne was hesitant), for me the telling sign of Henne's capabilities was those deeper throws that he missed. He missed badly! For someone who is being hailed for his great arm, touch and accuracy was not his forte yesterday (the Hartline TD excluded). The Dolphins need to show that they can go deep. It will keep defenses honest; Henne did not show me that he can really throw the deep ball with accuracy. And that should give everyone pause.

mando is my lover

Why in the world would we start Thigpen in lieu of Henne when we have to face the Jests again this year? Wouldn't it make sense to start him regardless-even if Thigpen was signed in pre-season and knew the offense better?

And allen, Thigpen had Bowe and Gonzalez-not exactly average receivers. But I do agree that we should use screens and runs though

Speaking of SHAWN , where is that dirty sanc hez loving , dolphin fan Hiding. Shawn , how's that " garbage " sanchez looking to you now. Oh yeah , i think he leads the league with 6 int's. Only a fool/idiot would take sanchez after 4 games over penny. Where you at ? Hiding under a desk ? Sanchez = garbage . LMFAO! :)

Obviously, the Dolphins need to be able to run the ball against the Jets. It should be easier than running aginst the Ravens because of no Lewis or Ngata.

I hope Merling's OK. He's great at times. It's about time Wake got on the field. He was unblockable in the pre-season.

Interesting take DevilDog. Well we know they are probably gonna blitz, they know they are probably gonna blitz. To me blitzing is like playing chicken. Who is going to blink.

Another question is - is Rex is bringing his daddy's 46 defense?
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/46_defense ) What does Tony have in store for his punk àss? Gotta love it - strategy at its finest. For those of you that remember (Armando - this would be a nice column) Buddy Ryan brought the same defense to yes, Miami on yes Monday Night Football in what 1985? Da Bears were undefeated
and Shula did something we never saw since: He rolled Dan Marino out away from the strong side of the 46 D. The Bears had one loss that year and rumor has it Ditka and Ryan almost came to blows at halftime.

We don't have Dan Marino, but we have something you can run rollouts with and even traps, draws and a ton of other things - its called the wildcat. We rarely throw out of it. I'd like to see some of those wrinkles Sparano has been talking about. This game could be fun, kids.

NJ I love it ha ha I was at a sports bar yesterday watching my Dolphins,and all I could see was Jet fans around me.For some reason they were saying that the Dolphins shouldn't even be on TV, and laughing at every good play we made.They really feel like they are going to the Suporbowl ha ha I hate the Jets...all I want for Christmas is a Win over the Jets on Monday Night:) I think for us to beat the Jets our defense has to make some big plays like they did this weekend.

Good Game for the D! great game for the running back's like always! run ricky/ronnie Run!

Blitz sanchez next week please!!!!!!!!!!!

I like reading the comments about Henne sucking because he got sacked 6 times. How many of you idiots have played QB beyond pee wee league. 1 week with the starters and you expect perfect timing. Give him at least a couple of weeks before you criticize his performance. I would like some of you to try do better in a Division III college game.

Henne just needs to throw the ball away if the play ain't there or check down a little more, all around nice win

Yes they have the son of a son of a redneck as a coach, no, they don't have the ravens personnel. Not too worried about this game in the least.

Henne was a good starting QB for the Fish on Sunday< we need an ifficient Qb who can lead the two headed monster of Ricky and Ronnie on third downs when needed and the young QB showed he can complete the efficient short pass for 1st downs. good job next phase the deep throw. watch your back side on Monday Henne the blitz is coming!!! Bess and Camarillo should be ready for those quick slants.

The Dolphins are still in transition mode. They've had a lot of changes, even from last year. A new secondary, new quraterback, new offensive line. They are still searching for a recieving corp. This is a work in progress with a long road ahead.

MojoMark is right. We have gotten away from the plan we mapped out last year; a little success and we think we are finished retooling. We are a year or two away from where we need to be; play the rooks, give Henne time under center, draft a number one receiver (& ILB) and success will truly be at hand.

Greg z: since u r uncapable of seeing positive glimpses of Henne's future, I'll b a pal and help u out.. Arm strength in the out routes!!! With our mediocre receivers and young qb, that asset is incredible (see Flaco play.) With time, he'll stop being so conservative in his long ball and his pocket presence will improve.

Who the French toast is Nate Garner? Is that our 6th round draft choice?

IMHO, I think the Pat White Pick was a frivolous pick; we sure could have used a good FS or Linebacker at that pick.

Downer12 . believe Me , I know the feeling Living in the middle of giant/jet land . Don't worry , the jets are experiencing turbulence and are about to crash and burn as usual. :)

I don't understand Henne haters and bashers that want for bench Henne qb of future for "just some guy" Tyler Thigpen, career backup.

Whats wrong with people? They always love to complain about something, even if they don't know what they talking about, just love to hear themself talk or see them type... blah blah blah

Henne the Hero! This the Dolphins franchise qb that show plenty of skill, potential, and smarts. Give the man chance to develop and turn into qb he can be (he still good now though).

Henne gives Dolphins offense a spark that was not there this year before

You know, some people need to realize how and what Henne is expected to do...Parcells is at the helm so Henne is going to be expected to be tough, make the critical passes and lead, a la Phil Simms...The fins will have a big Oline, will run the ball hard and will have a big defense...Some people will be disappointed and expect an air it out team, a la Dan Marino... This is not how this team will be built or succeed....Henne did a really good job managing his position, but the winning record will come from pounding the ball and great defense...Expect nothing less from Parcells, and I honestly believe drafting or free agent reciever is not on the agenda, but maybe I'm wrong...

Ronnie 2nd leading the league in rush yards(thats spliting it with Ricky too.)(Ricky is 15th in yards.)

Ronnie 1st in first downs

Ronnie 3rd in touchdowns.

Dolfins 1st in Rushing yards.(almost 100 yards more than second place.

HOT RUNNING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, you are right sir. Henne's job is to be tough and smart and make good decision to move team down the field with two headed monster running game, but he also have the arm to give added deep threat.

Oh Mando, let me add to the my top comment. A few months ago. Ronnie told reporters he sees himself as "elite".

I believe that.

Ronnie & Ricky are Elite Running Backs!!!

Quick cutters, Fast runners, Strong Drivers, & good receivers! Elite!

Robbyhenz , ANDREW GARDNER was miami 's 6th roud pick. Nat Garner was a free agent pickup last year.


What are you thoughts on The Henne hater/ Thigpen lover nut jobs?

Miami is # 1 in the entire league rushing the ball while being # 2 in the entire league against the run . What does that tell you ? Miami isn't a bad team and the foundation of this football team is in place. Which bolds well for the future .

I predict another win for the Fins next week.

Jets want to blitz, blitz and blitz? Well, I think Henne torches them MOST times. Miami will work on its quick outs this week. Receivers are reviewing the tapes and will break off their routes early. By the second half they will come to respect our passing game and Henne.

Henne will show progress each week guys. I think we finally found the anointed one.

I think it should be noted that the Bills made Drew Brees look bad a week ago. Their defensive front 4 is solid and they rush the QB very well without blitzing a ton. Henne does need to get the ball out quicker, but that will come with more time and confidence. I don't know how you can find anything wrong with his performance - he did what we needed to do.. 38 points, 5 TD's in 6 trips to the red zone - not to bad for a guy getting his first NFL start. Next week we play a better defense, but winning by 4 TD's against any team in the NFL is reason to be optimistic.

comp-16 att-29 pct-55.2 ; yards- 172 yards ; per att-5.9 ; touchdowns-0 ;int-0 ;sacks-2 rating-72.8 , these where Drew Brees numbers against Buffalo , So I guess hes not a very good quarterback either , since his numbers are very similar to Hennes this week

#1 in NFL, Miami attempts: 147 yards: 734.
#2 in NFL, Ronnie Brown: 369 yards

#16 in nfl Ricky Williams: 248 yards & a mean stiff arm!

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