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Dolphins still in thick of a wild card race

A common thought among some Dolphins faithful is that the team will be hard-pressed to make the playoffs unless it catches the New England Patriots and wins the AFC East -- which, granted, is looking like a difficult task.

Well, not so fast my fine, football friends.

Below you will find the current race for the AFC's wild-card spots. Remember there are two wild-card qualifiers. The chart suggests the Dolphins are very much in this deal if they can beat the Carolina Panthers tonight and put some sort of streak together.

The Dolphins currently find themselves two games out of the wild card race with seven games to play. It is not an impossible deficit to erase. Three games out with six games to play is obviously a much more daunting assignment.

The fact is Miami has already lost to San Diego so they are effectively two games plus a tiebreaker behind the Chargers. Miami also swept two games from New York so they count themselves ahead of the Jets. The Dolphins have games remaining with Pittsburgh, Houston, Tennessee and Buffalo.

Those remaining games mean the Dolphins can find themselves one game behind those teams -- Pittsburgh, Houston, Tennessee and Buffalo -- but still qualify ahead of them if they beat those teams.

So the Dolphins find themselves in the middle of the AFC pack. But to be considered in the AFC race, Miami's overall record is key. So games against NFC opponents are also vital. It does the Dolphins no good to have a solid AFC record but not be in the hunt because they cannot beat NFC teams.

So far this season the Dolphins have a 1-2 non-conference record -- they lost to Atlanta and New Orleans but defeated Tampa Bay.

The bottom line here is the Dolphins are still solidly in the race for a wild-card spot despite losing their starting quarterback, a starting tight end, a starting running back and a starting cornerback.

What they do tonight, however, will obviously factor into whether they stay in the thick of that race.

Team       Record   AFC

Pittsburgh   6-3   4-2

San Diego   6-3   4-3

Baltimore    5-4   5-3

Houston     5-4    4-3

Jacksonville 5-4    4-2

Miami        4-5    3-3

NY Jets     4-5    4-4

Tennessee  3-6   2-6

Buffalo       3-6   1-5

[BLOG NOTE: There will be, as always, a live blog of tonight's game versus Carolina. Come here prior to kickoff for the latest news and notes from the stadium and the live blog itself.]


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Armando if you think this team has any chance of making the playoffs with Channing Crowder (200th in the league in tackles) and Joey Porter (17th on the team!) starting on the defense and without Pennington, Brown, a #1 WR or Will Allen.... YOU.... ARE.... CRAZY!!!!

Without Brown the defense is destined to spend more time on the field which is Miami's worst case scenario. Cleveland, Oakland and Kansas City have all allowed fewer points than Miami. Think about that for a second.

Only four teams have allowed more points than the Dolphins. Three of them, Detroit, St. Louis and the team Miami just struggled MIGHTILY to beat at home, (with Brown!) Tampa Bay, are all 1-8. The only reason the other team, Tennessee, trails in points allowed is because they were completely blown out 59-0 by NE and they're 3-6.

Now, do you REALLY think this team has a chance to go to the playoffs?

Okay, let's look at their schedule. They're 1-3 on the road this year with games @ Carolina, @ Buffalo, @ Jacksonville and @ Tennessee. Let's be optimistic and say they go 2-2 in those games. That'd leave them at 6-7. With their three remaining home games against New England, Pittsburgh and Houston. Miami would have to SWEEP those three games just to finish 9-7 and let's be honest even if that's good enough to make the playoffs they'd be bounced in round one.

Realistically, given their current injury situation anything better than a 7-9 record at this point would be a M-I-R-A-C-L-E.

(insert Jim Mora voice here)
Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?


do you like pork chops ?


Gonna be tough tonite, who's playing along side Ricky?? Hillard or Polite???

The only thing keeping us out of the WildCard race is the negativity of NJ & his ilk. Player-haterz all.

Stay Positive, FinFans! Say No to the Neg-Heads.

Posted by: Vox Verdad | November 19, 2009 at 12:07 PM

NJ read this and choke


marc is a pork chop and an ilejitmate child.bozo

anyone who doesnt think the wildcat is manly football is just straight up stupid. you have two big bruising sledgehammers taking turns punishing a defense it dont get much manlier than that. just because the formation is different from what your used to seeing doesnt mean its not physical "regular" football knuckleheads

If we beat bufalo and NE are we not division champ??? or the overall record matters? I think we still control our destiny in the AFC East

we need to make the playoffs!!
we need to get people in the seats!!
We need games on t.v.!!

We need a win TONIGHT

Take it one game at a time. We do have a shot at the playoffs, but zero chance if we lose the game tonight.


Does anyone know of a site where I can get the stream? I just looked at justintv and it has a for sale sign on it. Thanks in advance. I know it's on locally, I'm in Orlando tho.

Andy doesn't mean squat if you win ever game in your div. The team with the best record takes the div.... Unless its a tie, then....well there are a lot of scenarios

NJ Fin Fan why you steal or copy NJ's name?

That's the spirit NJ...

we are a 53 man team. we need to find ways to get more personell on the field. unleash the wildcat.

The Bills are NEXT week. The playoffs, DECEMBER. The draft, next APRIL!

TONIGHT it's Carolina.

Never say DIE!!!!

I'm sure we'll see a lot of Lex Luther tonight. Ricky will be gassed after mowing down Carolina for another HUNDO!

Luther! Luther! Luther! Luther!


the battle cry for tonight will be "Run Ricky Run!"

Are you guys in Miami serious. Those DBS you have could not cover Mother Teresa, and the sisters of mercy. As a former raiders great db, your secondary would not even make my former raiders teams. As a matter of fact, as bad as the current raiders team is you do not have a db right now who could start for the raiders.

Ricky has done a great job as a back up for the last couple of years but what I fear is what will most likely happen and has happened with him in the past and that is he will fold under the extra stress of being the man. I hope like h*ll I am wrong but don't let it shock you if I am not. Hope that new rb is as good as the newest TE Sperry, nice suprize from him last week

I didnt mean too lol, i just picked it. from NJ and i love the dolphins. I go to every game vs. those dang jets.

WOW a RAIDERS fan...

Game needs 1 six pack of bud, 1 bag of bud,1 bottle of bacardi, 1 bottle of Wild tukey.... Odin im i missing anything??

only 1 six pack of bud? what the heck are you gonna drink with us?

Turkey and Bacardi...

Cuban Menace? Bag of Bud? I thought you were police? If so, it is a shame and you just like the polices in Golfito.


I heard you and Jack Tatum were two all pro backfielders......when it came to playing hide the salami!

Carlito, That's a joke my Costa rican amigo, like Nancy Reagan says" Just say NO!!!"

Game needs 1 six pack of bud, 1 bag of bud,1 bottle of bacardi, 1 bottle of Wild tukey.... Odin im i missing anything??

Posted by: cuban menace | November 19, 2009 at 05:17 PM

Sounds like a good starting line up to me!

If it turns out we're coming up short, I got your back. Can't say enough about quality depth!

cuban is not a cop that is insulting to the men in uniform, he is a god damnnn security guard. NJ FIN FAN you are a copy bazzztard, trying to irritate the real NJ. Pick your own name you pizzz ant

we are still in the playoff hunt it will be tough without Ronnie but we have been in every game with a chance to win so it is not impossible to see the dolphins go on a run if we just had some receivers who could catch our record would be better, go phins


Ricky the Rhino!
Grove the Grunter!
Henne the Hero!
Earthquake Wake!
Angry Anderson!
Vontae the Vulture!
Sticky Fingers Smith!


What about Lex Luther?

This guy has a big pair of cleats to fill.
Just like Henne, Davis Smith and Sperry did, Lex might be the biggest suprise of all.

asd, Does that stand for "A STUPID DORK"??? just wandering...

I am ready to see if Kory Sperry can follow up with another good game!


I think it stands for "@n@l scratching device"

I would have said "A STUPID DICK" but mandos people would delete it..

Your probably right Carlito..

Cuban Menace,

Who do you pick for surprise player for game?


We battled back from a lot of adversity in strength of schedule and injuries.
We hung around and hung around.
We have the opportunity to even up our record on a nationally televised game. The stage is set.
I'm not worrying about making the playoffs. I'm concerned with us taking that next step!


Carlito, I think maybe its time to unleash Chad(Fat neck) Henne tonite...

Let's see what happens!

Anyone know where to watch the game online?

Ricky's a punishing runner, the more you give him the ball the more that defence tires,wouldn't be surprised to see Ricky break a long one in the end of the 3rd or in the 4th quarter..

Panthers have a very bad run defense, like 24th in league.

Panthers have a good run offense, but Dolphins are very good at stop the run.

This is where the game will be won/lost

We Can do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

From a non-Phins fan...where's Pat White? Will the injury give him any action?

28-17 Miami wins Ricky 2 TDs Sperry 1TD Davis 1 TD int..GO Phins!!!!

jake delhomme hasn't threw a pick in 3 games. miami's pass rush will change that. jake's blindside defender is out . miami can handle carolina's running game. panthers run d sucks. ricky and lex will be all over that defense 2nite.

The Dolphins aren't mathematically eliminated of course. When you have to start rooted for other teams to lose in week 10, you're playoff hopes are pretty thin. They're essentially 3 games behind San Diego and San Diego has an easy schedule (and they're playing good football).

Joey Peezy may even start but I bet we see Anderson and Wake more than in the past. We need some ILB's to make some plays against the run and not grasp at air when making the tackle these guys need to wrap up and play good fundamental football something they have not been consistently doing. Thats why we will see one if not two new players at that position next year. Torbor is the only one i think that when given the opportunity plays descent to good within the system fro Miami.

Now the cat may no longer hold Chad Henne back and the Dolphins might get more regualar set formation he can throw out of.
But there is a void left by Brown and thats running the ball. Ricky will carry the load but there will be help from Louuuuu Saka Polite and Lerx Hilliard he should get about 10-15 carries. Also Pat White and the pistol/option formation might have a bigger role throwing out of that formation when White does get in the game.

Comes down to this the Dolphins must contain the Carolina running duo. Less than 125 yards and the Dolphins should win. Dolphins DB's match up well against Smith and Muhammed. And they have a ok TE which has been our problem all year handling very good tightends. Like I said we need new ILB's cause these just dont play good sound football-average at best. So I hope their tackling techique has improved cause Williams and Stewart will make you look silly if it hasn't.
Dolphins 24-17

OK guys enjoy the game and have a "PHINTASTIC" nite...

Phins 34
Car 17

Not sure why but I feel comong out party for White.

Solid performance by Henne

Tough solid Ricky

Ginn will have a big game (I feel it not sure why)

Defense will create turnovers

Go Phins!

go screw off menace

Hey Mando, you forgot The 7&2 Bengles. Your Chart needs some more work.

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