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Can Dolphins give Brady another difficult day?

I interrupt the Internet discussion about whether the Dolphins should sign Chris Chambers (a moot point anyway) to discuss a player the Dolphins truly do have on their radar and must seriously study and concern themselves with this week:

Tom Brady.

'Memba him?

He's the guy living the great life winning Super Bowls, and throwing TDs, and marrying supermodels, and spending his bye week last week on South Beach. He's also the guy whom the Dolphins have owned throughout his career.

Ok, so maybe the Dolphins haven't really owned Brady. But they definitely have leased him throughout his career.

Consider that during Brady's career he has an impressive 34-8 record against AFC East opponents. Well, five of those eight losses came against Miami.  And, yes, the Pats are 9-5 against the Dolphins with Brady at the helm dating back to 2001.

But even in victory, Brady has suffered some rough outings against the Miami defense. On Oct. 4, 2004, for example, the Patriots beat the Dolphins 24-10. But Brady completed only 7 of 18 passes (36.8 percent completion rate) for 76 yards.

The fact is Brady has had a QB rating under 80, the mark considered about average, in 10 of his 14 games against the Dolphins.

Now, to be fair, Brady has also had some fantastic afternoons against the Dolphins. He threw six TD passes in a 49-28 whipping in 2007. Brady could have thrown 10 TD passes that day if he'd wanted to. But Brady has also had five games in which the Dolphins limited him to one or fewer TD passes.

This Sunday's meeting between the Dolphins and Patriots marks the first that Brady has played in since 2007. Remember he didn't play last year while he recovered from a blown out knee.

But lately Brady has started to resemble the player the Dolphins saw in 2007. In his last five games he's completed 117 of 173 passes (67.6 pct.) for 1,438 yards with 13 TDs and 2 ints. That's a 113.3 passer rating.

It will be interesting to see if the young secondary the Dolphins put on the field these days will be able to follow other Miami secondaries and defenses in giving Brady a tough time. I fear they will not. I fear the Miami secondary is about to get exposed this week.

But, of course, the damage can be limited if Jason Taylor, Joey Porter and friends make Brady uncomfortable in the pass pocket. That, I believe, is the only way the Dolphins can continue their history of giving Tom Brady a tough day.