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Can Dolphins give Brady another difficult day?

I interrupt the Internet discussion about whether the Dolphins should sign Chris Chambers (a moot point anyway) to discuss a player the Dolphins truly do have on their radar and must seriously study and concern themselves with this week:

Tom Brady.

'Memba him?

He's the guy living the great life winning Super Bowls, and throwing TDs, and marrying supermodels, and spending his bye week last week on South Beach. He's also the guy whom the Dolphins have owned throughout his career.

Ok, so maybe the Dolphins haven't really owned Brady. But they definitely have leased him throughout his career.

Consider that during Brady's career he has an impressive 34-8 record against AFC East opponents. Well, five of those eight losses came against Miami.  And, yes, the Pats are 9-5 against the Dolphins with Brady at the helm dating back to 2001.

But even in victory, Brady has suffered some rough outings against the Miami defense. On Oct. 4, 2004, for example, the Patriots beat the Dolphins 24-10. But Brady completed only 7 of 18 passes (36.8 percent completion rate) for 76 yards.

The fact is Brady has had a QB rating under 80, the mark considered about average, in 10 of his 14 games against the Dolphins.

Now, to be fair, Brady has also had some fantastic afternoons against the Dolphins. He threw six TD passes in a 49-28 whipping in 2007. Brady could have thrown 10 TD passes that day if he'd wanted to. But Brady has also had five games in which the Dolphins limited him to one or fewer TD passes.

This Sunday's meeting between the Dolphins and Patriots marks the first that Brady has played in since 2007. Remember he didn't play last year while he recovered from a blown out knee.

But lately Brady has started to resemble the player the Dolphins saw in 2007. In his last five games he's completed 117 of 173 passes (67.6 pct.) for 1,438 yards with 13 TDs and 2 ints. That's a 113.3 passer rating.

It will be interesting to see if the young secondary the Dolphins put on the field these days will be able to follow other Miami secondaries and defenses in giving Brady a tough time. I fear they will not. I fear the Miami secondary is about to get exposed this week.

But, of course, the damage can be limited if Jason Taylor, Joey Porter and friends make Brady uncomfortable in the pass pocket. That, I believe, is the only way the Dolphins can continue their history of giving Tom Brady a tough day.


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Here's hoping the Dolphins have set aside a few new 'wrinkles' in the Wildcat for this game against the Pats. Pressuring Brady wouldn't hurt and hopefully they don't give up on running the ball if they fall behind early.

The young secondary WILL be tested!

Go Phins!!!

You also have to put in account that the whole clip you posted was against the titans. Of there is any team in the NFL that could have made US look that good ut would be the titans. I can't wait for this game. Even if we lose it will be a great game. Great blog again Mando.

We NEED to get pressure on Brady. When he has time he finds his recievers but when pressured he looks average.

The only way to beat the Patsies and slow them down is to come after Brady I can't stand them I hate the a little less than the Jets but nonetheless I hate them. I believe if the weather is bad we still have a good chance because our offense is built to last in bad weather. I hope we stomp them!!! Go Phins!!!

review the giants SB win against brady. he hates preasure UP THE MIDDLE in his face. thats the place to come from. NOT THE CORNERS. he has an uncanny ability to feel the rush from the outside but gets rattled when the rush is in his face. LOTS OF STUNTS. then hope we can move the ball better then last week.

Hey we have played stronger or just as strong teams this year and hung in there so we can hang with these guys as long as its not snowing.. The Titians were beaten before the game started because they didnt want to play in that weather. We do and will .. I dont think its gonna snow on Sunday. We can beat this team up pysically but will lose if Brady has all day to throw the ball...

Jason Taylor is Tom Brady's papa, he had to come to South Beach to relax he so nervous.

We can beat these guys if we can get to Brady real fast. Up the middle sounds right. They don't really have a running game, but they are real good at getting teams to panic with a couple of completions. We have one some toughies against the Jets. So, knocking Brady around should strip some of the swagger.
Don't forget who they beat. Oakland and the Titans. Both of these teams are bad.

Pats Defense sucks we will run the ball all day and pass good but to win we have to smack Brady in the mouth put some fear in that Biatch Nigga that the only way you beat Brady! the only way.

Nice of you to highlight New England's dominance of a win less team. I truly believe Miami will come to play. Miami lays down to no one and has been very competitive on the unbeaten in this league.

On defense we mixed it up for the Jets I hope we do the same for the Pats us a 3-4, 4-3, 52 and that hybrid package with 3 Safeties and 2 down linemen that's throwing the kitchen sink at them and Blitz like crazy if nothing else works


Brady needs to be so close to our player that he can tell who showered and who didn't, who has halitosis and who has minty breath Tommy boy has got to feel like he's going to get gang rapped on that field, the only packet I want to see him in is JT's packet

Is Tom wearing his white skirt or the blue one on Sunday?

Brady has as much a mental stigma against Miami as Miami had against the Jets. He won't have a day like he had against Tennessee. And don't get too caught up in the ridiculous hype of the last couple weeks; beating up the Titans in the snow and then Tampa isn't saying much. That's Belichek's way of trying to intimidate weaker opponents. Whatever!

Miami is a real team and we have hung with the best (and yes, we beat N.O., count 14 points for the refs). I expect for either Henne or the ground game to have a solid day, maybe both.

I don't think Tom Lady is as good as he used to be...the last two games have been played against weak teams...we all know how the Pats love to run up a score ha Brady isn't the best QB we have faced this year...Manning and Brees are the top two QBs in the NFL. Our Defense has to hit Brady all day...we have to make sure we stay away from roughing the passer flags...the refs love to give Tom Lady those weak calls.The Ravens actually lost to the Pats because of three weak roughing the passer flags.No doubt our D has to pick it up.

We have to get Ronnie going early...he needs more touches.

Henne has to play better this week.
Ted Phinn needs to play off of the confidence from last week.
Sean Smith will be tested this game

We got this WIN Phin Fans!!!



Their last 2 games were against the bucs and titans... Not saying it's going to be a walk in the park but we should cause some problems and score some points! GO PHINS!

The next time Armando writes a piece for his blog I'd like everyone to hold off responding so I can be the first to comment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Putting pressure on Tommy has always been the key to stopping the Patsy’s offence. Tommy is a pretty boy, not a tuff guy smack him around and he will falter.

Put brady on his ass early and often and it will be a great day for Miami.

The friends should include WAKE. I am not getting why he has had so few plays when the results were awesome. How about mixing in Roth more on 1st 2nd with a rst for Jason now and then and Wake and giving Joey a few 3rd downs off. We want to see more WAKE.

JT can't wait to see Tommy boy again on sunday. He loves the challenge and has always stepped up huge in every game against the Brady bunch. Hopefully the O-line can creat big holes against that weak and young defense! Go Fins..!

Camron Wake anybody?

The Dolphins will double cover Moss and relentlessly blitz Brady, but he'll beat the pass rush with short passes to Welker and TE Ben Watson. That's the only hope for the Dolphins -- that they shut down the long game and win the battle at the line of scrimmage.

FINS will have their best game of the season. They WANT it more.
I predict that the offensive line will keep
Henne clean after last week's embarassment. Wildcat will roll out with new plays.
Defense will pressure Brady the whole game and record 2 to 4 sacks.

Don't have false expectations of this team. We still need a few more draft picks and FA deals to get us on top.

By all rights, the Pats should hang 50 points on us. Like a broken record, I repeat on weeks we're up against a good passing team- we have a terrible pass-rushing DL and DBs that can't maintain coverage.

I am more interested in the showing of our offense. I hope the OL improves and Henne keeps on the marvelous track he's on. And it is so much fun watching Ronnie and Ricky do their thing.

Its time to show Brady who will be chasing him for the rest of his playing days, unleash Cam Wake!

im drunk

Sorta off topic, but I have to vent. Chambers will once again show his skills in Kansas City. Great pick up for the chiefs as they have nobody that can catch and run after the catch. Cassel will find a way to get him the ball, and we will be happy for Chambers and upset with the Fins... Mark my words!
Oh yeah, we could.ve dissrupted Belichick's game plan by signing a guy like Chambers!!!

Wow mando did you stay up all night for that blog? Really if we don't pressure brady he's gonna kill us?

Neil, is that a new buzz or one from last night?

Everyone knows that the DOLPHINS are physical and very exciting team, win or lose. Brady doesn't really know how physical this team has become since the last time he played them. He will find out Sunday. Brady becomes a weak QB after he gets hit a few times. If he gets hit like that hotdog eater got hit last week. The headcheater might let tommyboy fake an injury so he can sit on the bench and save him for the rest of the season. Brady will get hit and hit often DOLPHINS 33 cheaters 21

Armando - Is there any word around the Dolphins facility about which one of our rookie corners will take Moss and who will take Welker? Who do you think should cover who?

enrique1085 - If Chambers could not succeed with Rivers, Jackson, LT, Sproles, Floyd all on his team there is no way he will do anything in KC...get real!! Miami got a good deal getting a 2nd rounder for him. He is out of his prime and will not do anything. I think it is a shame, because I liked the guy, but it just seems he doesn't have it anymore. He is averaging 1 catch/game with pass happy QB in Rivers...

We need to go into the Pats game with the same mentality as the Colts game...control the ball and keep Brady off the field like we did with Manning. If that happens Miami will have a different result with what happened in the Colts game.

Miami - 34
Cheaters - 27

Can someone tell me why are they not playing Cameron Wake?

Its very simple pressure from our front 4 will be vital but COVERAGE will be the key to this game!! The cheats pass 99.9% of the time everyone in the world knows what they are gonna do! So tight coverage by our DBs will tell the tale because brady is gonna get time he always does and he always will as long as their oline can hold people all game and not get called for it!! But our offense doesnt matter in this game its pass coverage period....

We suck.

Indiana Dolfan:

Ever since arriving in Miami, Paul Pasqualoni has played a right corner and left corner and has not matched up one corner on one receiver that I can remember.

I understand it makes sense to put 6-3 CB Sean Smith on Moss and 5-11 CB Vontae Davis on Welker, but that asks them to do something they've never done in their pro careers and that's switch off sides. That also causes other issues in the back end of the secondary.

It makes sense, but isn't as easy to do as everyone thinks. If the Dolphins do it, it comes with some risks, especially considering the experience level of the CBs.

I think this sunday will be Sean Smith's first int of the season. He almost had one last week, but I think Brady might try to pick on him with Moss and get a surprise how good the youngsters hands and cover skills are.

Actually, boulderfin, the idea of pressuring Brady is fundamental. The manner in which the Dolphins accomplish it is a tougher issue.

The Dolphins have not been getting adequate and consistent pressure this year with their four rushers. Just hasn't happened.

Lately, they've tried to blitz more. When you do that, you expose your secondary because now they're playing man coverage.

So do you blitz Brady and hope he doesn't burn man coverage on Moss? Or Welker?

Or do you rush four and cover on the back end and hope Brady doesn't pick you apart.

Which one is it? The Dolphins will do both. But knowing which one to pick in certain situations is the key.

And yes, that takes a while to figure out.

So which sides did Smith and Davis play in college? Did one play the left and one play the right?

Thanks for the information Mando! What is your prediction for the game? Do you think Ronnie will get it going this week, because he has had a few below average games the past few...

Wake up Stinky Fish fans ,get ready for an old time Partriots ass kicking, the Fins wildcat is now just a lttle pussycat offence.Welcome Fin fans to Patriot Nation
NE 38 Dolphins 16

Indy, I believe the Miami offensive front will surprise the Patriots with how physical they are. I believe the Dolphins will be able to run the ball on NE.

You have to remember they no longer have Richard Seymour and Jarvis Green is out after knee surgery. So they are diminished up front.

I don't know what sides Smith and Davis played in college.

I know that with Miami, Davis plays the left side and Smith plays the right side.

Hey Richard...get a life and go to your own blogs you loser. You will become just like the worthless Jet fans that came on here a month ago and last week running their mouth and yet after we beat them not once but twice they don't show up!!!

BTW, what color skirt will Brady have this week? It is pretty bad when he has to beg for a penalty...you call that talent? There is no crying in football!!

Another thing to note is that Denver put in the wildcat just the week before the played the Patriots and ran it with success. They also have aonly ran it against the Patriots. Do you think McDaniels knows something about how Billacheat has troubles with the WILDCAT??

Richard - Go back to your own blog! You will be just like the Jets who come on here and trash talk, but after we beat them not once but twice in three weeks THEY ARE SILENT ON HERE!!!

Is Brady going to be begging for penalties again this week? Do you call crying for penalties talent? There is no crying in FOOTBALL!!


At least the Pats don't have too much offensive tape to study from last sunday

Mando - I am surprised you allowed a post with a poster cursing on here...you can ban him from here for two reasons:

1)being a Cheaters fan
2)being a douchebag cursing on this blog

I hope Solai the Sumo has another big game and sit on Brady and spirit of NE fan

Indiana fan- I hope you're right cuz as you should know by now, there is nothing more frustrating then to see your good players leave and see them thrive in other teams. Wes welker is a great example! Oh, and I don't know who we drafted for that second round pick we got, do you???

Indiana Dolfan,

If mando ban Pats fan from here, there is nobody to make eat crow when Tom Brady has to call the Dolphins his daddy

Carlito - if he sits on him Brady will cry for a penalty for illegal sitting on a QB and still get a penalty for his crying effort since he will be blowing the refs in pregame!

We got a QB I assume since we wasted a ton of 2nd rounders on QB's.

I would guess AJ Feeley or Culpepper..??


Yes you are right, and then next year Goodell will have to introduce the "sumo rule", fortunately this good have some effect on Rex Ryan as well.

I am fascinated to see how Chris Clemons plays on Sunday. It's great that he is at least seeing the field, that the coaches think he knows the scheme well enough to even be back there taking meaningful snaps.

I also hope Matt Roth gets more snaps. Say what you want about groin-gate, he is a young talent at OLB.


That is awesome! To ever speack or coach in the NFL a weight limit for coaches will be set.

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