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Can Dolphins give Brady another difficult day?

I interrupt the Internet discussion about whether the Dolphins should sign Chris Chambers (a moot point anyway) to discuss a player the Dolphins truly do have on their radar and must seriously study and concern themselves with this week:

Tom Brady.

'Memba him?

He's the guy living the great life winning Super Bowls, and throwing TDs, and marrying supermodels, and spending his bye week last week on South Beach. He's also the guy whom the Dolphins have owned throughout his career.

Ok, so maybe the Dolphins haven't really owned Brady. But they definitely have leased him throughout his career.

Consider that during Brady's career he has an impressive 34-8 record against AFC East opponents. Well, five of those eight losses came against Miami.  And, yes, the Pats are 9-5 against the Dolphins with Brady at the helm dating back to 2001.

But even in victory, Brady has suffered some rough outings against the Miami defense. On Oct. 4, 2004, for example, the Patriots beat the Dolphins 24-10. But Brady completed only 7 of 18 passes (36.8 percent completion rate) for 76 yards.

The fact is Brady has had a QB rating under 80, the mark considered about average, in 10 of his 14 games against the Dolphins.

Now, to be fair, Brady has also had some fantastic afternoons against the Dolphins. He threw six TD passes in a 49-28 whipping in 2007. Brady could have thrown 10 TD passes that day if he'd wanted to. But Brady has also had five games in which the Dolphins limited him to one or fewer TD passes.

This Sunday's meeting between the Dolphins and Patriots marks the first that Brady has played in since 2007. Remember he didn't play last year while he recovered from a blown out knee.

But lately Brady has started to resemble the player the Dolphins saw in 2007. In his last five games he's completed 117 of 173 passes (67.6 pct.) for 1,438 yards with 13 TDs and 2 ints. That's a 113.3 passer rating.

It will be interesting to see if the young secondary the Dolphins put on the field these days will be able to follow other Miami secondaries and defenses in giving Brady a tough time. I fear they will not. I fear the Miami secondary is about to get exposed this week.

But, of course, the damage can be limited if Jason Taylor, Joey Porter and friends make Brady uncomfortable in the pass pocket. That, I believe, is the only way the Dolphins can continue their history of giving Tom Brady a tough day.


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What ever happened to the Wildcat QB named Tyler Thigpen?...think about it Belacheat

Well I think it's pretty clear how this one will play out, based on the last couple games: the defense will play lights-out for one half, and then give up big play after big play in the second causing stress-related heart failure in myself and all other Dolphin fans around the country. I trust this defense about as far as I can throw them (which wouldn't be very far, trust me), at least until they prove they can play for a full 60 minutes without folding like an old lawn chair.

One more post-mortem question about the no-class jet orginazation before we move on and take over this division starting Sunday. Which of the no-class ryan boys do you thinks will follow in the old mans footsteps and punch a coach, player or media person first?

The secondary will have a great challenge, just as they had it with Manning, Rivers & Brees, but what's most important is that our DL must apply pressure on Brady. That's no secret, so it must get done. On those games that you mention Armando in which Brady had bad passing days against the Dolphins, the DL was the main factor. They applied constant pressure forcing many incompletions. Our secondary is young but with plenty of talent. But if Brady has the time Sanchoke had last week, he will make any team look bad.

This is a MUST win for Miami!

Mando, I would also ad that the last 2 games Brady also played against possibly the 2 worst teams in the league in the Bucs and Titans. A nice way to pad the stats!

Indiana- My point exactly, we have let go talented players and got nothing out of it. I would just hate to see Chambers light it up in Kansas while we sit here and pray for someone to step up in the receiving corps.

To all:
Whats your most memorable Mia and Pats game ever??? Just for fun...I got mine, i'm guessing its the most popular too.

Oh, and I don't know who we drafted for that second round pick we got, do you???

Posted by: enrique1085 | November 04, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Actually - We got Samson Satelle

Off topic question.... Does anyone else hate the phins new website? The older one was so much easier to navigate. The aquavision sucks. Pain in the arse to find the interviews I wanna watch. I liked the older one SO much better. As far as Brady... Well he's a cry baby . I fear that if we do get any pressure the flags will be flying. The NFL protects him. They believe he's good for the NFL. This is NOT going to be a fair game. I just see it coming. But then again the refs have trashed us a lot this year. So expect the lady in the skirt to either have the time to throw OR the refs will march em down the field. The KEY is going to be what can WE do offensively. Go PHINS!!!!

enrique1085 - It has to be last year's Wildcat game or the game in which we wore our orabge jerseys against them (cant remember the year but guessing 2004)??

They need to find a way to give Porter and Taylor more rest during the game so that in the 4th quarter they can apply some pressure, these guys are too old to be playing the entire game and still be effective in the 4th quarter. GIVE WAKE SOME MORE SNAPS!

AMEN!!! Give wake more snaps!!!

Wake has just as many sacks as Porter and he has only played what a few snaps. Armando you have the power to tell them we want Wake in there!

I see a good out come Sunday. Phins r gonna win but it'll be a close game. Plus 2 int. Lol

It will be interesting watching this game...some teams just play well against certain other teams and players...Pats played two crappy teams the past couple of weeks..their next five games are against the good ones...another division win puts us in the drivers seat with an easier schedule for us...GO PHINS

Why do you guys keep referring to the Patriots as the cheaters?

Indiana- The orange jerseys in 2004 for sure! and in second place was the game last season.

WAKE! WAKE! WAKE! He needs more reps in order for the defense to stay fresh, so does Wilson! I say that if we got the depth, USE IT! It's to our advantage!

Beerndrums- They are reffering to Belichick's spygate tactics, the Belicheats team of 2007!

Tom Brady will look like Hotdog lovin Sanchez this week.


Comissioner Godell on spy gate: " quick destroy those tapes of the Patriots* cheating, if the media gets wind of what's on these tapes we'll have to strip the Patriots* of their *Super Bowl titles"

Even being a southern team Miami is built to win in the snow and lousy weather... The Fins should hope for wind and snow because that will slow the Patsies down more than anything...

What is the word on Crowder? I think they should keep him on the bench, they didn't seem to miss him much vs the Jets.

Phinatic...LOL...exactly how I envisioned it going down in Godell's political office.

Workhorse , We got samson satele in the wes welker . Miami got CHAD HENNE in the chris chambers trade , I'll take that any day of the week.

welker trade . CHRIS CHAMBERS IS FINISHED ENRIQUE1085 , he sucks !

some chance for light snow on game day and that means ;

new england 59

dolphins 0

Anybody else take CHAD HENNE for chris Chambers ? LMAO !

Recipe for a Dolphins win Sunday. Kidnap the refs. This would cancel any and all tuck " Brady" rules. Bring the best pass rush they can muster. I'd play Roth and Taylor, using Wake on 3rd. downs. Use Porter as occasional relief for Taylor on early downs. Put a linebacker in front of the official about 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. Brady has a quick pass he throws to either Welker or Moss coming across the middle, where they cut in front of the official as the pass is thrown, forcing the cover guy to run behind the official. What this does is force a legal pick, as the official is part of the playing field. It's a big play for them.

henne the hero for chambers the chump? Thats a no brainer

I think PORTER is done! and can't understand why is he starting, he should seat until is healthy!

Best Pats- Dolphins game---- neither of those-----def opening day 1994

Vontae Davis is the answer to Welker and cover Moss with Smith and help over the top from a safety. Put Jason Allen at one of the safety spots to cover Watson. Take out one of your LBs and play Bell or Wilson at one of the ILB spots.

This would definitely speed up your D which I think is needed against the Pats. I don't think they can run on the Fins, and may not even try too.


I'd feel much better if we were facing the Patriots of 2004.

Jason Allen can't even cover his shadow.

The Chambers trade was a slam dunk for Miami. Chambers was a god send all the way around. he was one of about 4 Wannstedt drat picks that had any kind of return and he brought back a good player in a trade.

But he looks finished.

Thank god Ak Finfan is NOT miami's DC. LOL ! :)

Mark Sanchez loves the weiner! lol

Dolphin fans,

As someone who has owned Patriots fans since 1977, and knows exactly what to say to them to set them off, get them going, and really get under their skin because they are such tools and frauds, here's a little secret for you that has been going on since the late 1970's. Going into a Patriots/Dolphins game week, the more Patriots fans are scared of the Dolphins ability to beat them, the more the Patriots fans and their shill media will badmouth the Dolphins, call them names, say the Dolphins stink, they are no good, they are frauds, the Pats will win easily and so on and so forth. The more nastiness you hear from Patriots fans this year when the Dolphins play them means the higher the level of fear they have of us. It's when their media and fans don't trash the 'phins, say basically nothing, is when we should worry, because that means they are not concerned about beating us. I have this joke of a newspaper column last year from NE that said the Dolphins were not in the Patriots class even with Matt Cassell at QB for NE, and the Dolphins would not come close to winning the division, and well we all know what happened. Remember Patriots fans live in the "armpit of the universe" otherwise known as Massachusetts. They are angry frustrated people who are disappointed with their lives, and the only thing they have to look forward to is Sunday's Pats game it basically is their life. So, remember, the more noise from Patriots fans, the higher the level of fear, the less noise from them, the higher the level of confidence. They are actually quite predictable and boring. All 20 straight years they lost to the Dolphins in the Orange Bowl, all I heard was how "this would be the year they broke the streak." Sad.



No kidding, yes play 205 pound yeremiah bell as an inside linebacker.

AK is SEC country. I thought they were supposed to be sophisticated football fans down there.

We will look back on this year and it will be one of the worst memories for Dolphin fans. We will miss the playoffs because of late game crashes even though we have one of the top 6 teams in the AFC. The Saints will go undefeated 19-0 and break our record. Sorry, but I'm just preparing you all so you're not crushed come December when our games are meaningless and we watch the Saints roll over opponent after opponent.

realist - YOU MUST BE CRAZY!!

No team is going undefeated you fool

realist - you must be crazy because no team is going undefeated you fool!!

Watching last night's NFL Net Replay of Fins-Jets, I was struck by how well Vontae D played, not just as compared to Sean Smith, but in an absolute sense. He's quite the Big Hitter, in addition to covering well.

We need him, SSmith & Nate to step up huge Sunday.

One Game decides whether there's a reason for the season!

The Saints have NE, travel to Atlanta, and Dallas on their schedule. There is a lot of work that has to be done before they go undefeated.

the front seven has to put pressure on brady or this game will be ugly

i believe the D-LINE can and will get it done against the pats this sunday. flashback to the saints game, the first half we dominated breese and the passing game. how did we do that? the D-LINE were bringing it and were getting those HANDS UP, which not only blocked passing lanes, but added extra pressure and caused breese to float some passes. it wasn't until they added a fresh running back(bell) to the equation that opened freed up the passing game. answer, enter matt roth! we better have a plan b,c,d this time to hold on to the game.

Before long Vontae will be known as the baddest corner in the league.

However, he did make one crucial mistake while going for the big play that allowed a 50 yard pass. However, I can live with those mistakes for now because he is trying to make plays and be aggressive, it's not a result of being overmatched.

realist, I mean Nostradumbest, brilliant forecast.

Emo fin fan. vontae being a big hitter just struck you now ? Vontae davis's biggest strength ( no pun intented ) was his physicality , big hitting and tackling to go go with his great speed. Davis was rated as the best run support corner in the draft. He went lower because of maturity issues , otherwise davis would've been a top 10 pick.

Mark , Really ! i also think bell would be a pro bowl ILB. :)

why i have the feeling some one is talking to himself ?

Mark in Toronto

Calling AK SEC country is about the same as me calling Toronto a fine SOUTHERN City. Check you US state abbreviations AK=Alaska.

You southerners are all the same ;-P

PS How is that Socialized Medical System working for you all down there?

The hell do I know about the 50 US state abbreviations? I know some, but excuse me for mixing up Alaska and Arkansas.

By comparison, I would be impressed if people here could name more than 2 of Canada's provinces.

The medical system is great, you guys will enjoy it.

You guys have electricity and computers in Alaska? Who knew?

Come on mark and AK, fins fans need to get along. I think sascatchacunt is a province. JT or JP, please bust Bradys face early in the game. Go R and R express.

Some of these comments are so lame and so homies
that's amazing. Miami is a very good team, but to say that NE has won only against bad teams is downright stupid. Are Baltimore and Atlanta bad teams? You guys are in for a rude awakening. Very few constructive comments; most others basically add nothing to an intelligent conversation. And they you say that NE's fans are bad!

I have actually spent a lot of time in Toronto it is a great city.

Surprisingly we do have electricity here in the AK. No computer though, I just figured out how to connect my abacus up to the internet. I am just leaving now to go trade my dog sled in for a.... what are they called? Oh yeah, a car.


Yes they have electricity in alaska. They power they igloos from burn whale fat in special generators. Then they ride dog sleds into town to trade seal meat for goods and wares. Don't you know anything ;)

Ak, I'm just breaking your bollas because I get the same questions when I venture into the southern US. I love Florida and it's my home away from home, but man, some peoples need schoolin.

Vontae Davis is a real football player! This guy is tough, hits hard, is exited, and exciting to watch!

These two studs at corner are two guys I am not worried about on this Dolphins team.

Yes we can mando I hope we keep pressure on Tammy Brady we need to send him a cameron wake-up call early in the game.

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