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Can Dolphins give Brady another difficult day?

I interrupt the Internet discussion about whether the Dolphins should sign Chris Chambers (a moot point anyway) to discuss a player the Dolphins truly do have on their radar and must seriously study and concern themselves with this week:

Tom Brady.

'Memba him?

He's the guy living the great life winning Super Bowls, and throwing TDs, and marrying supermodels, and spending his bye week last week on South Beach. He's also the guy whom the Dolphins have owned throughout his career.

Ok, so maybe the Dolphins haven't really owned Brady. But they definitely have leased him throughout his career.

Consider that during Brady's career he has an impressive 34-8 record against AFC East opponents. Well, five of those eight losses came against Miami.  And, yes, the Pats are 9-5 against the Dolphins with Brady at the helm dating back to 2001.

But even in victory, Brady has suffered some rough outings against the Miami defense. On Oct. 4, 2004, for example, the Patriots beat the Dolphins 24-10. But Brady completed only 7 of 18 passes (36.8 percent completion rate) for 76 yards.

The fact is Brady has had a QB rating under 80, the mark considered about average, in 10 of his 14 games against the Dolphins.

Now, to be fair, Brady has also had some fantastic afternoons against the Dolphins. He threw six TD passes in a 49-28 whipping in 2007. Brady could have thrown 10 TD passes that day if he'd wanted to. But Brady has also had five games in which the Dolphins limited him to one or fewer TD passes.

This Sunday's meeting between the Dolphins and Patriots marks the first that Brady has played in since 2007. Remember he didn't play last year while he recovered from a blown out knee.

But lately Brady has started to resemble the player the Dolphins saw in 2007. In his last five games he's completed 117 of 173 passes (67.6 pct.) for 1,438 yards with 13 TDs and 2 ints. That's a 113.3 passer rating.

It will be interesting to see if the young secondary the Dolphins put on the field these days will be able to follow other Miami secondaries and defenses in giving Brady a tough time. I fear they will not. I fear the Miami secondary is about to get exposed this week.

But, of course, the damage can be limited if Jason Taylor, Joey Porter and friends make Brady uncomfortable in the pass pocket. That, I believe, is the only way the Dolphins can continue their history of giving Tom Brady a tough day.


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No problem with giving me grief, I enjoy it. As far as I can tell it is all in good fun.

The only problem I have with Canada is the expensive beer!! :-)

Carlito, they burn whale fat in special generators???? Let's throw Rex Ryan in there then, he should be good for a yeears worth of heat

Ryan can power all of Alaska!

Ya, our booze and tobacco is taxed to death, probably to pay for out socialist health care.

Then again, out beer offers 5% alc while the US version offers 3. To get a buzz, it's almost like getting 2 for 1. Not that I drink beer though, I'm a vodka man.

I am more of a fan of products exported from British Colombia.

Republicans are retards...now can we please get back to football? I saw Rex Ryan last week and he asked if I wanted an autograph I said hell no, then he ate my wife, which was cool because she was cheating. The end.

US beer is 6% you ignorant Canuk.

Watching those Titan lowlights is depressing man.
The Pats have lost to the Jets and Denver, two good teams, but we did beat the Jets twice, so that gives me hope. However, if we don't double cover Moss and if we don't pressure Brady, it will be ugly up there Sunday. Should be a good game.

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Everyone knows it - you have to pressure Brady. No secret there.

I would bet there will also be a heavier dose of Pat White in this game. This is what he is being saved/prepped for. I know he hasn't looked great yet, but he is improving. Maybe slot him into Ricky's role in the Wildcat jet sweep. Pass/Run option. Let Ricky take some of Cobbs duties in that formation. It could be special.

Man we need this game or the rest is pretty worthless. Need to sweep NE and then bag a bunch of "easy" games in which we'll be favored (TB, Car, Buf, Jax, Ten). That would give us 10 wins and a chance to bring it home the last two weeks against Pit and Houston!

sorry....***percentages****not percetnates

Inimounts is all pissed because of the bashing of left wing nut liberal democrat socialized health care comments. LOL !

Think, Armando, think. "That asks them to do something they've never done in their pro careers"??? Vontae has played as much weakside corner as he has strongside corner in his pro career, since they were liberally subbing him for SSmith before Will Allen got hurt. A more reasonable response would be that Who says Vontae can't cover Moss... he sure boxed out Braylon Edwards well on that two point attempt that he intercepted. We might even see Vontae switching sides with Moss, and little Nate Jones (who has been playing better lately) switching sides with little Wes Welker. And Sean Smith playing "Free" (as in free to double Moss every play) Safety. The latter might be going too far, but it would dare them to take the ball out of Brady's hands. (Well actually, it would make him dump it off to Faulk or the tight end, so it's not exactly the parallel of putting nine in the box against the Dolphins running game... but at least it could be an occasional option to keep Brady off balance, or to force his hand, by mixing it up.)

those are not refs that work the patsy games, they are BBG's---Brady Body Guards

And Vontae could swing to Free Safety then if Moss comes to the weakside, where SSmith could cover him at corner, so that Vontae could get a chance to blow-up Welker on a crossing route. (Amd just make sure to get near or to Brady on those plays, just in case they're running around with their heads cut off!)

I was looking at the Game on my DVR again and let me tell you the times we ran the 4-3 we had good pressure on the QB we should run the 4-3 more often with a mix of personal

Is it me or is joey porter not holding his own?? i say rush jt against the left tackle and insert wake as the bookend to jt on obvious pass downs. i think joey is done.

Also loved the 3 safety package with two Down linemen

Did you read out how JT slammed the jets
fans by saying they take the cl out of class.
Also on Sirius radio he called their stadium
a hell hole and that it was outstanding running
back a touchdown on his last trip there. Winning
twice this year give him a little room to talk
but they won't stop stop talking, referring yo Ryan
saying the beat Miami the entire game and
Bart Scott referring Miami jokingly as super
bowl contenders . Ryan and company have
been running their mouths all year , I'm
glad someone finally stood up to those windbags

the plumber is at it again .the pipe master .

" And put davis at free saftey...... " , THAK GOD ! frank isn't miami DC ! :)




please do not use b@stard version of my name.

We couldn't sign Chambers anyways. He was claimed off waivers by the Chiefs.


Hahaha, nothing like making Americans upset by slamming beer. Didn't anyone above read that I don't drink beer, I actually detest all beer. Now if someone wanted to start slamming Polish vodka (although I'm not Polish), then it would be on.

Ya, Vontae at free safety, Bell at inside linebacker, Paul Solai at quarterback, and Tony Sparano returning punts. Now we have the secret to beating the Patriots. People on here might make fun of me for being Canadian, but come on!!!!

I can't wait til Sunday.I know the last time Tommy played was 2007,but I am tired of hearing about how special he is. We can beat New England;we just have to pressure him often & have lots of interceptions. And Gibril has to actually tackle players.I don't think the fins have to go overboard in trying to gameplan for the Pats.Everyone thought we had no shot to beat the Jets,& went on &on about Sanchez & Co.We won anyway.I know the Pats are not the Jets but so what.New England is not unbeatable.And on offense RUN THE BALL.Ted Ginn or Hartline or whoever needs to actually catch the ball when we have to throw &we should be okay.If we play mistake free football we can win & be 4-0 against the AFC East.Good luck.

My favorite Pats/Fins games were December 20,2004 when we won 29-28.Also the 21-0 shut out December 10,2006.

I thought Jets fans were stupid, but I think you guys have them beat. A thousand posts about how Brady sux. Take a look at the guy behind your center. LOL.

Mando, I usually love your blogs but what in God's good name would make you think that a Dolphins fan would want to see Patsie highlights?


Ya THINK?! of course we have to get pressure on brady

NJ, fact is you don't seem to be as bright as Vontae, regardless of what you think. I mean, the kid did score five points higher on the Wonderlich than Rhodes scholar contender Pennington. And it's not as if I did not qualify my plot by observing "just make sure to get to Brady in case" the rookies in that package are running around with their heads cut off. And regardless, I (somewhat facetiously) proposed it as a sub-package of a sub-package... just something to switch into a few times to confuse Brady (like it did you).

I belive the Patriots will have an edge this Sunday. First, they still remember being embarrassed badly last year. Secondly, the Saints (2nd half) and Jets were able to stop the Wildcat. Say what you will about the set, but when it is successful the team seems to play with added confidence. I suspect the Pats will shut it down as well. This is of course assuming we run the same formations as we have been. There is always the possibility Miami is saving something yet unseen for their northern friends from Boston. Let's hope so.

Key to the game for me is our offense controlling the clock and keeping the game low scoring. We know the Pats will get their share of points. The question is will we?

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