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Dolphins and Bills knotted at 7-0 in 2nd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins have moved the ball effectively on the Bills.

The Bills moved the ball effectively on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins threw an interception on a questionable halfback pass call from the Bills' 2 yard line.

The Bills missed a 44-yard field goal.

So we have no points so far.

[Update: Henne just threw a 4 yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. Dolphins leading, 7-0.]


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nice job D. pad those sack stats

The crowd is now booing the home team.

decent pressure there with only a 3 man rush

Our corners are gonna get a couple of INTs today folks!

Man we just get better and better this team has heart they will never give up love the dolphins here in ny

A little Ted Ginn PR action. That's the first time this season Ginn has been tackled inbounds.

Way to go DEFENSE!!! Keep it up baby!!


Love your blog!

Hate your servers!

Ginn returning punts? give hilliard some PT.

hopefully next week's game has some bearable announcers--these guys again are the "F" team for CBS and Tasker is a former Bill!!

Marc , direct TV Buddy.

seems miami is going to go with two returners in the punt return game, second time they've done it this year.... Guess is one of the best ways to keep Ginn in the game


dolphins game and works perfectly

lol Mando, you're funny about the Ginn thing...

They have no oline left

i love it when the opposing team boos. awesome

Once we blow this game up, can't wait to see the earthwake in there more often

yay ginN!!!! he came back!

Driving in Miami today. Is game on local radio? Anybody know the station?

WOW!!!! that was a bullet and Ginn held on!!

decent route by Ginn...

Omg nice catch ginn!

the Bills remind me of the 2007 Dolphins.

wqam 560

560 am!

Marc- I feel you man. It sucks not to be able to watch the Dolphins in Orlando. Here's a link if you need it though- http://eplsite.com/channel1.html

Ricky is looking like a beast, he's amazing!

ricky is gonna need iv at half. hes not used to all this running. hilliard should get a chance. we need ricky next week

Thanks... Go Dolphans!

LOL another proud henning-ginn moment

Trick play

stop being cute henning. just blow them down. stop w the garbage

again-getting cute!? WHY? we're doing at will against them

Getting to cute again.

Armando, please don't drag up bad memories...we don't need any negative mojo

I can't believe the reverse call

Go for it!

Who is #19 and what did they do with Ginn?

nice catch ginn. he was manhandled a hundred times. should have been a huge flag three times

That was a nice catch by Teddy. I don't know how he held on to it.

Ginn is catching balls across the middle! Gotta luv playing the bills

ginn just got mugged and he doesnt get the call? guess you have to make a name before you get the calls

Lmao Po

The reverse got them off schedule.

I think ginn had to get used to henne and his arm strength

We play hapless, againt and inept team. Let's go Ricky!!!

Damn ricky already has 13 carries. How many does he get today 25?

ricky runs twice for 10 yards then they take him out and get tricky and blow it. why not hand it to hilliard and let him pound it and wear them out more?

OK Armando, I blame you for that stall. No more 1-15 references please. Just kidding....

Mando this 2nd qtr blog just showed up what's with the delay?

i mean hilliard could use the reps. we need him ready for next week too.

bills are playing terrible, we are smashing the football down their throats, sacking them every other play. Then we do stupid things like have ricky throw and ginn end around and thus we are only up 7 points. good thing bills suck

That's okay, we'll stop them here and get the ball back.

Texans 17 Indy 0

Wow, the screen plus a lame blow to the head of the QB by Jason Taylor. Bad call IMO.

this is ridiclolous... im all for safety but cmon

jason you owe us now
dont be stupid

It is depressing that the Dolphins D is not dominating this team.

They are ticky tack penalties but WHY are we hitting their QB in the head a whole second AFTER he has released the ball. Seriously.

NJ, I work for a satellite company, albeit mobile VSAT, but, I'll stick to cable, which is NORMALLY on, but, is out till Tues. Using my phone as a modem now...Links actually working on 3G...Amazing

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