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Dolphins and Bills knotted at 7-0 in 2nd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins have moved the ball effectively on the Bills.

The Bills moved the ball effectively on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins threw an interception on a questionable halfback pass call from the Bills' 2 yard line.

The Bills missed a 44-yard field goal.

So we have no points so far.

[Update: Henne just threw a 4 yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. Dolphins leading, 7-0.]


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put fitzpatrick in a skirt....two bs calls

On a play designed to go left, Marshawn Lynch runs wide right. Interesting. And stupid.

jason....dont make me crazy now
this is not a practice game guys
even if it seems like it

Remember when QB's were actual football players and not p''ssys

Miami playing down to the opponent once again. It's f'n ridiculous.

God I hate that Brady call!!

What is up with these BS roughing the passer calls. What a bunch of crap...thanks Brady you puss

Are you kidding me


are u kidding me


That was bad!

Nice work twinkle toes.

What a douche bag.

porter just gave them a td

time for another junk play Henning ...

Reggie Torbor had the angle and couldn't catch the QB on a 31 yard run.

how come the d plays great til we score then they cant stop the other team??????????/

Who said the bills were an inept team again? I wouldn't be so quick to say that.


fire tony and henning and paul asap

Tampa bay,

You said it!

Oh boy...not what we needed, first we blow our first TD and now we let them back into game

DEFENSE again gives it up

lol "we need to give these guys flags now"


Torbor got beat..

QB's run on us and score ALL THE TIME... that is this guy's career highlight-always sgainst us.

Not sure how this game is tied-but it is...



miami better wake up. poor defense there. porter didn't help at all. he got swallowed up with the offensive lineman, and i use the term offensive lineman lightly, and let them score. some day we are going to learn hot to put teams away and not give up points offensively and defensively

Leading rusher is their QB?? How does he get that big of a run....WTF??

indy just might get that loss

We are tied up because of two to cute plays.

That is on the O.C. Pure and simple!



playoffs ? PLAYOFFS ?

that was Ryan Fitzpatrick's career long run.

you are awesome tony and henning and paul

keep calling those dumb a## plays

Cuban Menace back as Tortured a''hole again

why do I drop $ on Miami?

bills are inept. they still are beyond horrible.
dolphins are just sleeping
they start strong see they are way better then sleep
hope the wake up again in the fourth
not a good pattern for us to continue
same old fins every game

TorturedDolphan - - SHUT UP and get a life LOSER

Well let's see how good we can drive the ball down feild!

Why would anyone think we would "put this team away"? We only had one blow out last year...versus New England at Foxboro and this year we only blew out Buffalo at home.

These guys will play hard for Fewell.

we give every team hope and can never hold the momentum. you can really see we are a year or two away from being elite. should be at least 14-0 right now but its 7-7 and buffalo regains momentum.

Well enjoy your home date against the Patsies on Sunday night after a devastating loss to Fuffalo. Oh sorry I forgot its not on Sunday because no one cares about the fish.

If your so tortured go wash your car or something.

That missed opportunity might come back to bite us. I hope it doesn't. We need to play smarter defense than that.

Is it just me or does Ginn look like he starts his run off real slow...he should be turning on the burner right from the get go. Maybe if he had a head of steam he could break a few tackles and get more yards...just saying!

Let the offense go with play action ONLY;

We will win.

always playing to the level of their opponent...game day coaching is really, really bad at times (which is unacceptable in the NFL)...

oh theres tortured...he only comes out of Belicheks butt when something happens but during game or after win..hes safe sound crawling up deep...LMAO

I know that Parcells cant believe this either...

We NEED a decent drive here. Momentum is against us right now.

Bills are all fired up now. You give a bad team life and a potential blowout becomes a fight for four quarters.

Don't feed the troll.

at least tony is good at something: playing down to the opponent

now the bills are fired up...


"It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins will not lose."

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk.

Thats what i'm takin about!

Woohoooooooo!!!! Take that Buffalo!!!

Henne comes up huge right there

Mando-in 30 years of watching this team, I am curious as to how you could have come out and called this as a sure win for Miami. This franchise never makes things easy--NEVER....

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