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Dolphins and Bills knotted at 7-0 in 2nd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins have moved the ball effectively on the Bills.

The Bills moved the ball effectively on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins threw an interception on a questionable halfback pass call from the Bills' 2 yard line.

The Bills missed a 44-yard field goal.

So we have no points so far.

[Update: Henne just threw a 4 yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. Dolphins leading, 7-0.]


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sexy lexy

they gave this pathetic team some life and hope and now they THINK they can play....

First down!!!!!

lex would not be denied

Huge first down. Bills would have had the ball at the 35 or 40 on that exchange.

Hilliard might have saved us two weeks in a row on 3rd down.

get ready for the drive killing dumb play

Get your facts straight...the game is on Sunday! You must care enough to come to our blogs and post stuff

Agreed Mando, but that wasnt a broken play it was a designed as a run being the 2nd option

Ricky's the man! He loves to kill the bills. I love it!!!

poor ricky. hes gonna die. let hilliard run it. he is very exciting w the ball

That was just dumb

polite should have dropped that sucker

Henning has had better days.

and there is a dumb play drive killer

a dumb screen on FIRST DOWN

holy crap...our running and passing is so good


every drive we're having one of these busted plays that kill us

THAT was on Henne!!!

That Mangey Monkey doesn't learn his lesson.. that @ss Monkey is dumb as dog sh*t

That was a BAD throw by Henne. Polite is covered 7 yards in the backfield. Seriously, throw it away or down the field deep there.

What is this crap just play football fire hemming now

This is some of the worst play calling i have ever seen

Run Ricky and eat up the clock, defense not looking to good, we need to score on every drive to be safe, lol

They need to take chances down field not east and west

Funny listening to all the fish fans calling the Bills Pathetic. Pot. Kettle. Black.

WTF? Pass it to the guy covered 3 yards behind the line???


called it

dumb play drive killer henning

rickie and micheal jackson both have sons named Prince!!! wow

Henning keeps calling plays that get us off schedule.

Ricky has more yards running then henne throwing

radio just said there isn't enough of a pass rush to do a screen. OC lost his mind. just run the dang ball down their throats. they haven't stopped it all day. what is the big problem? what don't they get in that. I will help them
hand off
hand off
hand off


Sparanos pissed

stop blaming henne

henning called a fullback screen



And I have no clue why Sparano wanted to run another play before the two minute warning when our chances of converting now are very low.

Tortured, your mother is calling. Time for dinner.

we are running it well and throwing the ball well....

henning calls up: a RB throw = drive killer
a reverse - drive killer
a FB screen (lol) - drive killer

Sitick to the ground, too many negative plays

Did Gibril Wilson really play on offense and catch a ball?

Wow Henne...how could you throw that with that coverage, geez


For many of us, the next quarter blog takes 10-20 minutes to show up after you announce it - today, it showed up at 2 minute warning of half.

wasnt it our OC that we tried several others before we had to take him? didn't we try to get several other guys first and it didn't work out. I think I remember we didn't have much choice when it came down to it

play action on 2nd and 17...nice

Joe Berger gives up a sack.

wow this is pathetic

Bad blocking from the center, he got rocked!

Playoffs ? Playoffs ? LMAO

did i mention
hand off
hand off

nowhere in there was a

WTF! cant let the sorry bills hang around!

we will never be able to beat new england playing like this

Just an NFL.com mistake I believe. They have him down for the 11 yard pass...

The phins look disinterested

We cannot lose to this pathetic excuse for a team...can we??? Really Fins???


You knew the Dolphins weren't going to pick up a first down throwing when Bess was the only WR on the field and three TEs were on the field.

at least we left them enough time for a drive.

3 too cute garbage play calls = 3 drive killers

drive killer henning needs to be fired

great post finfan23


Really 3rd and 24 and we run with our FB......

we are totally disinterested. we just think we will win at the end so they give half effort in the beginning. scary way to play. never know what might happen, who might be injured. we have to put games away and early

THAT was a give up play.... It's funny, the last two games against Buffalo, Ginn has abused their secondary and he isn't in the game on a 3rd and 24? This is hapless!!

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