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Dolphins and Bills knotted at 7-0 in 2nd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins have moved the ball effectively on the Bills.

The Bills moved the ball effectively on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins threw an interception on a questionable halfback pass call from the Bills' 2 yard line.

The Bills missed a 44-yard field goal.

So we have no points so far.

[Update: Henne just threw a 4 yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. Dolphins leading, 7-0.]


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i really thought this game would be comfortable to watch...and a shank by fields-great...Mando, is it windy up there?

drive killer henning

All i know is if miami loses , i have to wear a paul posluzny jersey all day tommorrow .

Just cuz henning calls the play doesnt mean Ricky or Henne has to throw it. They screwed that up

If we can't beat a team that's 3-7 with a back up QB and no offensive line, pack it up and call it a season

Come on Defence!!

Crowder is a waste! another missed arm tackle!

talk about playing down ...looks like Bucs game all over...DANG!

that 1st down play should have been picked and then the guy gets 5 more....2nd down the ball was dropped--fitzpatrick is looking all world against us...S A D

have to say this is quite a boring game so far

How do you score ONLY 7 points when in a half when you're running the ball at 6 yards a pop! oh that's right we have Dan Henning

Turnover would be nice

hey yo
i agree but the irony of that is
we have a back up qb and no offensive line
but we are still a good team

Stinky Rotten Fish getting SHREDDED by the Bills.

Now that is truly pathetic.

I'm tired of Crowder and his big mouth, I'm so dumb, listen to what foolish things I say act.....I NEVER see him in the backfield, causing sacks or creating turnovers.

That is not a catch.

no need for gimmick plays today. just pound it on them. short passes and rack up the score.

Sorry drsamii,

Its on Henning.

Shredded? Uhhh no.

maybe its time for sparano to tie hennings hands with all the cute plays. he has to take charge and tell him to call solid plays
ball hit ground

Aren't ya all glad you resigned that fat ass over weight trash talking Florida trash???

TV announcer is an idiot. They will put time back on clock if it's incomplete.

this is under review til christmas

finfan, yes that is true, but our back up is a 2nd Round pick who is the future of the team, not some journey qb from Harvard. Our offensive line is nowhere near as bad as the Bills OL.

Tied game at half and everyone is crying like we lost...did u think Buffalo would just roll over for us??? STFU

we need to go 6-10 this year

clean house

get some better players and a new OC/DC

The defense needs to step up...what the hell is going on here???

even if we make the playoffs, its 1 and done

snack time
maybe thanksgiving dinner time

What are they taking so long for? Hit the ground.

Dolphins bringing the house now.

No we don't need to go 6-10 this year and clean house...are u just stupid Test or know nothing about football???



here comes 3rd down fbrain fart

oh snap


Good point Bobby, but we should have had 14 points now

Could see that coming for quite a while.

i agree yo. we are definitely way better. but we can be proud that when we have diversity and injuries, we are still good. thats what makes championship teams.

Thank God!

I called it Mando!

Pick!!!!!!!! Bell!!!!!

guess we are gonna play for the tony fist pump FG...


Gotta get at least 3 now! Let's go Phins. Do It.

we knew that was coming! was it me or did it look like sporano was tring to call timeout after the INT??--LOL

Now Dolphins get two first downs and kick the FG.


bell finally makes a game changing play!!

One more coming guys!


ted ginn

with a god damn drop...

oh ginn

Ginn dropped a pass?? NO WAY

A Ted Ginn drop. Amazing.

Ginn has GOT to catch this ball man

drop #1 by Ginn of the day...the guy is terrified when his arms go up

Hey there's the ginn we know and hate

we found 19 again. he switched uniforms back

"Ted Ginn junior letting that go right through his hands"...big surprise!!!

WRs issues again!!

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