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Dolphins and Bills knotted at 7-0 in 2nd Q

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins have moved the ball effectively on the Bills.

The Bills moved the ball effectively on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins threw an interception on a questionable halfback pass call from the Bills' 2 yard line.

The Bills missed a 44-yard field goal.

So we have no points so far.

[Update: Henne just threw a 4 yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. Dolphins leading, 7-0.]


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Test-icle...go spew ur idiotic blogs somewhere else...same garbage over and over...Sprano is the best thing we have had here since Shula...

Dolphins should have 14 on the board. Still playing the fu****g wildcat?? That right there cost us 7. Coach's responsibility. LET CHAD HENNE PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid, and embarrassing that they're still running that bullsh**

Miami is missing clock mngt---receivers----joey porter----more consistent play calling-----I hate to admit it nut even our oline is not good enough with grove! Ginn not running them back with confidence again- He needs a pre game talk to prime him! Why don't we throw more to the one player with heart and consistency/Camarillo!!! Why is Turner and Sperry not in????? What ever happened to the idea of going to the hot hand? Miami spreads it around took much! Miami still needs a makeover and quick! Redemption could be next week but I doubt it! I am tired of this team not putting people away!!!!!!!!!!

David in san Fran

If WR catch the balls that slap them in both hand we would have scored

Nothing embarrassing about running the Wildcat...shouldn't have had Ricky throwing out of it on the three yard line


Ricky rocks!!!!

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