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Dolphins beat Panthers to hit .500

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins accomplished something Thursday night they hadn't been able to manage since before the season began.

They put as many victories as losses on their record. They are 5-5 today following a 24-17 victory over Carolina.

The Dolphins got 119 yards on 22 carries from Ricky Williams.

They got great play from Davone Bess.

They got a TD saving tackle from Yeremiah Bell.

They got a couple of sacks from Joey Porter and great pressure from Cameron Wake.

Yup, the Dolphins got a great team effort.

And now they can lick their considerable wounds for the next 10 days. Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Nate Garner, Jason Ferguson all went out of the game with injuries. All but Grove returned.

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Ricky and pressure the difference.

MAYBE I'm first!


sparano is funny. he's like a cross between woody allen and al pacino

jason ferguson returned to the game???

I'm very happy about the win, however that decision not to kick or punt it was really naive. Let's hope we learn from our mistakes.
Go Dolphins!

Jason Ferguson returned to the game???

All hail the Miami Dolphins!!!

One of the most important plays was the interception in the red zone

great game! game ball to O-LINE first! RICKIE still got it! keep switching linebackers! and the houston texans only game that worry me! GO DOLPHINS

Great team effort, but it was obvious we need a top receiver. On about 5 or so plays Henne had time and looked right, looked left, looked right again then ended up throwing it away. Our receivers just are not good enough to get open (other than Bess tonight anyway). Crowder really has to pick it up too, he looked lost out there today. Nice to have a "backup" RB like Williams around! Run Ricky Run.

Ferguson returned? Really I didn't see that?

Ferguson did NOT return.

whew!!! too much unneeded pressure in the end there.


Ferguson returned? Good sign.

Guess there servers suck? at the Mia herld that is.

What a horrible call to not kick a FG to seal the game. How does this happen week after week with time management. I love that we won the game but can't shake the sick feeling I got seeing the Panthers almost pull the upset due to a bonehead call by the coach.

Boy would I love to play Atlanta again! We'll bury them this time around.

Wow!! what a nail biter...we pulled it out, now lets get to the training room and get these injuries under control...Henne what composure!!..Williams what desire!!! Phins what a win..oh by the way J. Porter thanks for showing up tonight good game Peezy!!

Did feurgeson return in this game!????????

by the end of the season half the dolphin fanbase will die of heart attacks

Ferguson did not return. We really got banged up this week. Not good.

I think rickys game ronite ended the debate in an ealier blog if our two backs were better than their two backs. Even at age 32 take ricky over their two backs anyday.

Ferguson went off on the MEAT wagon...Why the hell didn't Sparano kick a FG or pooch kick instead of going on 4th and 3 near the end?

Who need the Wildcat?

Not the Phins baby!

What is the deal on feurgeson???

Ricky is a BEAST!!

They should have kicked the field goal!!!!


Anybody who wanted Miami to try and kick a fg . doesn't know jack shyt about Football. MY GOD !

So glad to get a win I love my phins!!!!!

Ricky "THE MAN" Williams 21 - Panthers 17.
To all Ricky heaters an apology is expected. Including Mr. Salguero

Explain nj?????

Man you all SUCK!

Who won the game?


Fieid goal field goal


Also, get some new servers!

Yeah baby, we're still in the hunt. I agree that Crowder looked a little lost out there. But Ricky had a hell of a game. Hopefully our injuries are minor. But we have depth baby! Also, Vontae was right there with Smith on that TD. He overplayed the ball. He'll get that right, I think overall our young corners did well (especially on the last 2 drives).

sparano said in the post game that the special teams blocking setups were screwed b/c of the O line injuries. rather than having a missed FG or blocked punt, he decided to go for it.

Someone said would they fold after Ronnie was injured. We have our answer. A gutty, great win.

Today was a good day!

Agreed our DB's looked good they r getting better each game

Need to pay your TECH guys more money!

Good win! Injuries a concern particularly ferguson. Still should be able to crush bills to set up huge rematch with pats! Henne continue to grow. Run Ricky run!

i'd have to think ferguson is out for the season

Old tricky Ricky. You gotta love his play tonight. No matter who you are

A good win, the team needed it. The season is not over yet and I am encouraged with the grit this team displayed through a lot of injuries before (Brown) and during the game. Henne’s development continues to be very encouraging.

But lets stop talking about the need for a playmaker at receiver. If anything, we need some production from the tight end position. But really, every time the defense takes the field, I get nervous. This team really needs playmakers on defense. Particularly at free safety (obvious) but also at linebacker. First, I really liked the pressure from wake all game. And sure, Porter had two sacks which the importance of can’t be ignored. But for the rest of the game, where were the linebackers? JT deserves our eternal admiration but where was he? Where was porter making tackles? The best shot of Crowder was Smith laying him out. This team needs to get pressure on the quarterback and get off their blocks and get sideline to sideline on the run. Last, I hope Ferguson is ok.

I was worried but they pulled thru! Go Phins!!!

Here we go. Let's keep this momentum going. Amazing what happens when pat white isn't a factor in the game. Trade him....asap!

Pezzy in the house!

Po White: lmao...people need to leave the whining for losses!! Today we r victorious

Nathaniel-Your quest to be first is a struggle that only your inner self can judge.However I myself think that Veronica Lodge is the sexiest comic book woman in history.Tank tops are tops.But only a woman who can turn a small play area into a waterpark is worthy in my small book of must see not on TV and cannot miss action.Your thoughts?

Don't trade Pat

Akarojo! Right!!!!!

I love to rip on Ginn but he had two tuff catches.

I think Sparano wanted to bull a Belichek! Make it and you look like a genius, miss the first down and be second guessed all week.

They should have went for the 3 points. They would have taken the same amount of time off the clock and if you miss you are in the same field position as missing the try for the 1st down. Get the field goal and you ice the game same as getting the first down. The probability of Carpenter hitting a 46 yard field goal is better than getting 3 yards on 4th down and both plays have the same negative of exact field position and fumble probabilities. Should have kicked for 3! Dumb call but we won!

Would have liked to see Sperry, Sheets and Turner in the game plan. Did not miss the White sutff because it has not been much so far.

Go Phins!

If you are a Dolphin you KNOW NOTHING COME EASY!

Deal with it!

We Won!

Jason Ferguson's season better still be a possibility

Joey be keepin it real!





I'm 27 years old n I don't ever remember a easy not have a heart attack game!



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