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Dolphins beat Panthers to hit .500

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins accomplished something Thursday night they hadn't been able to manage since before the season began.

They put as many victories as losses on their record. They are 5-5 today following a 24-17 victory over Carolina.

The Dolphins got 119 yards on 22 carries from Ricky Williams.

They got great play from Davone Bess.

They got a TD saving tackle from Yeremiah Bell.

They got a couple of sacks from Joey Porter and great pressure from Cameron Wake.

Yup, the Dolphins got a great team effort.

And now they can lick their considerable wounds for the next 10 days. Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Nate Garner, Jason Ferguson all went out of the game with injuries. All but Grove returned.

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Panthers block field goal or punt and run it in for a touchdown. Then what would you idot agitators b-tch about then.

Sparano choose the safest play and it worked. Go join the Jet suicide watch because all you are here is a bunch of buzz kills.

Young team we gotta pay our dues!!!!

Wow! A lot of limping on our O Line. We were down to our 3rd string center!!! Carey even left the game at one point. Is Shanahan now an advisor for the Panther's D? He sure mastered the chop block on the other side of the ball.

No one escapes!

Fear rules the day b i t c h e s!

Marshall faulk is a class act

This is the Phins world!!!

The rest of the NFL lives in it!

Kicking a field goal with a patch-work offensive line and people who've never played particular positions is a shaky idea at best.... especially at that distance! I don't blame Sparano for going for it, but why not pass the ball if you're not going to take time off the clock anyway with a 4th down run?

Matt millen is pure trash

Henne the hero!!!!

just win baby...going to play the pats at 6 and 5 two back and beat them and finish with the same record but we dominate the east and win it the same as last year...and cruise to SB to face the Vikes.....Henne the Great...I think the Brown injury, while devastating, will hasten the development of Chad...he looks so comfortable and makes no mistakes....he is a perfect ball control West Coast pitch and catch guy...he is going to be something special...has great composure, is humbles and has a cannon, with underrated touch.....and never gets rattled....not sure why no one is as excited as me to have the best prospect since Dan developing in front of our eyes...too bad ronnie got hurt, because we are beginning to gel quite nicely right about now....secondary totally picking it up Gibril and Bell...they seem to to be rounding into form and Cam Wake absoulutely makes the rest of the LBs and Linemen more effective...he is a Mean Machine....sldo the benching of Peezy could have a tremendous impact on this team 2 sacks 8 tackles.....we are going to be tough to deal with down the stretch.....

Guys, the O-Line was messed up tonight. Going for a 47 yarder with the field the way it was needed perfection from the line.. Clean snap, clean hold and no one getting through. Given the line condition, I think going for it was the best play.

What I did not like was the play they called. The run gave them nothing from a clock management perspective and since the D was playing the run, it had no chance. A play action pass should have been called with those great short crossing routes that use the line judge as a pick.

Anybody who wanted Miami to try and kick a fg . doesn't know jack shyt about Football. MY GOD !

Shut yer hole.

Vancouver. fin fan. what happens when the fg try get blocked ? FOOTBALL 101. Pleae pick up a copy ! MY GOD. Un-f'n believable !

Side note- That field sucked. It was a mess, divots all over the place.

Do the Dolphins have anyone who can stand upright after this game? I've never seen so many players drop like flies.





This is where we'll see how good our back up players are.

In years past FINS have always had a big drop off in level of play once a starter was out for the season or on IR.

The back ups I've seen this year so far look much better.

Devone'S third down plays SAVED THE GAME and helped keep the chains moving to give Williams his scoring opportunities. Devone is the "go to guy" for 3rd down passing plays. Ginn vindicated himself somewhat today. Williams had a PLAYER OF THE WEEK GAME! Henne played better, no sacks or turnovers. Hilliard seems to have potential. What's with Haynos? It seemed he had three drops that were catchable. Where was Sperry?

As soon as they put that dude at ctr I said there would be a problem,luckily our child is growing up quick,I'm proud.



We got some depth at RB,atleast it looks like that to me.



Tony saided in his post game they didn't go for the field goal or punt beacause of their different linemen they had in due to injures and the fact they didn't have alot of time to work together on special team blocking he was just trying to stop something bad from happening on special teams I think it was a smart call

Porter SMASH!

Feald goal for B I T C H!


Ricky was a beast on offense and thank goodness for Yeremiah!!!!!!!!! Without him the secondary would have been lost tonight!

Finally a decent showing by the wideouts. Hartline had some big gains, davone continued to be the go to guy, and Teddy made so real tough catches near the sidelines.. It was really fun to watch.

Armando - Don't think fergie came back unless you saw something i didn't. Can you comfirm this...?



Hey first of all, if you miss a field goal, the opposing team gets the ball not at the previous line of scrimmage, but from where the ball was kicked. That does make a field position difference.

Next, lets consider the possibility of kicking the field goal. Kick it and make it, win the game. But pick up three yards, win the game. There are many things that can go wrong on a long field goal, and there is NO certainty you make it. A three yard running play is more certain because it has less risk. If you get neither, then you trust your defense. Unlike Bill up on new england, Tony trusts his defense.

The right play was to attempt to pick up the first down because it had less risk to lose the game. Think about it. It only looked risky because the D is weak and we all came into the season thinking they were as good as last year.

Something bad was right around the corner,I wouldbe made the wrong call...

Great win and Ricky Williams was great tonight...Henne is improving every week and maybe finally the QB to build around since Marino.

Too many injuries in a W that shouldn't have come so hard. I hope Jason Ferguson isn't done for the yr

The wildcat is alive and well. Three wildcat plays, including one for a TD without Ronnie Brown. But, the panthers are weak up the middle so of course you'd see more conventional plays.

Fins did a good job with Teddy, he had some really good returns, clutch catches and the staff knew not to put him in a pressure packed situation.

Ferg never came back




I read HULK,I make the the voice from the action figure n I'm lol like a idiot,give me sum mo!

Ricky, Henne, Bess, Peezy, Starks, Wake, OLINE, Polite, WOW, Great team win today! Tough Tough bunch! Love these boys! GO PHINS!

Mt hood you said bill doesn't trust his d but Tony does...they both went for it on 4th though. In order to make that argument he wouldve had to kick the fg (he made the correct decision by going for it, because our d is shaky, as they proved in the last minute)




Listen to the post game idiots about kicking a field goal. It was a good call to go for it. Maybe not the play but overall good call. If they miss the panthers get the ball with 5 extra yards not the same yardage. If it's blocked and ran back could be game over. He put his faith in the D and we won. Quit complaining and crying like a Rex Ryan and enjoy the win. Jets suck New England swallows.

Despite what happens this season in order for this young team to succeed we need get a big play reciever(s) and sure up our defense down the middle. Secondary middle linebacker defensive tackle. 3-1 November is great but need to build and progress. Henne needs to do more of what he did in the 4th quarter, I am looking forward to him starting next year but he needs to continue To grow!!!!

Go Fins!!!!

Sparano has some 'splaining to do about the 4 & 4 call at the end of the game. Kick a fG and we lock down the win...miss it and you in the exact same place on the field! On top of that, we had an O-line McGyvered together with bubble gum and shoe laces for Gods sake! These recent calls have been very Cam Camaron-ish!

What a win!!! Now that's the type of games that makes me PROUD to be a Fins fan!!!

Quote of the night: Jets suck New England swallows. - Dolphancraig

If they go for it they risk not only field position but a misshandle due to oline injuries!

Jets suck pats swallow,amen!

Rather see the pats choke than swallow

great win, got a lil close there but i'll take it. not gonna kill coaches for not kicking fg, who knows blocked kick, bad snap Car player run it back... but maybe not run the play they did. i was hoping for a fake run up the middle, Henne keep it on a bootleg, worse case slid and turn over on downs w/more then 2 secs being taken off the clock... but we win, and 10 days off w/bills next! and i have ricky on my fantasy team!!

It was the right decision to go for it on 4th in my opinion because our secondary, especially vontae and smith, have tendencies to crack under pressure. And the argument if a blocked field goal returned for a td is pure bs, cus lex hilliard could of just as easily fumbled the damn ball, so learn about what you're talking about before you start chucking insuts around

Banged up oline!dats why u don't kick the FG!hello,McFly!

We go for it and fumble the snap and car pant run to the endzone good call tony

FAN34 sounds mad...

Great win on a short week where we lose Ronnie and have to change our offensive strategy. Henne was excellent today for a young QB. Bess, Williams, excellent!
I thought the play calling was very good as was the coaching all around.
Hats off to the O-line that kept on fighting!

With 10 days until our next game, we need to heal up, and take a look at our run defense...oh boy...but for a couple days, we can celebrate!

Most likely scenario;bad snap on FG attempt..

Of course he is mad; he's a Jets fan and he voted for Obama

Ginn did ok.

I voted for Obama too!

C'mom --you've been an O-lineman all your life and now you can't block for a field goal? I'd contend opening a hole for a running back is much harder to do.

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